Salad Dressing Made Easy

Salad Dressing

We eat salad pretty much every night.  90% of the time it’s homemade salad dressing, the other 10% it’s Kraft Greek dressing.  I’ve honestly never come across a Greek Salad dressing I like more than this bottled stuff.  (please don’t send me Greek Salad dressing recipes, I’m actually pretty happy that 10% of the time I don’t have to make my own dressing)

Here’s a quiz for you:

Most people don’t make their own salad dressings because:

a) They’re stupid

b) They’re lazy

c) All of the above

If you chose c) you’re right.  I know this because I used to be both stupid and lazy.  I couldn’t remember the 4 ingredients of my salad dressings for the life of me (stupid) and I couldn’t be bothered to look them up and make the dressing (lazy)

So I came up with this handy solution so you too can be brilliant and ambitious as opposed to stupid and lazy.

Write the measurements on a glass bottle.

Yup.  That’s it.

Salad Dressing 5



You’ll need to measure your salad dressing recipe into the bottle once.  Measure out and add the required amount of  vinegar, then mark a line for vinegar.  Add the required amount of oil, then mark a line for oil.  And on and on.


You’ll also need the appropriate pen.  It needs to be an oil based paint marker.  You can use a Sharpie Oil Based paint marker for instance.  Amazon sells them on-line and craft stores and sometime hardware stores carry them.  They’re around $5.  ATTENTION!  The big, fat liar known as the Internet will lead yo to believe you can just use a regular sharpie then bake the bottle in the oven for half an hour to make the Sharpie permanent.  This is a big, fat Internet lie.  This technique may work on ceramics that have a slightly rougher surface, but it will not work on smooth glass.  Won’t.  Will not.


Salad Dressing 4


Then every time you make salad dressing, all you have to do is grab the bottle and fill with the required ingredients to their fill lines. No measuring.  No trying to remember what goes in it.

Salad Dressing 6

The one thing you have to watch out for is the oil. Pour your dressing from the opposite side of the jar that the writing is on. Rubbing with water may not be able to remove the writing, but a drip of oil is dangerous.

Interested in making the super-delicious salad in the picture above?  Here’s my recipe.    It has spring mix, strawberries, spiced pecans, brie cheese … and is pretty stinkin’ delicious.


Hey you.  YOU THERE!  You’re kindda brilliant and ambitious. Good for you.