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After years of knowing each other and months of working together The Art of Doing Stuff and Rough Linen are proud to bring you this essential bread baking tool.

I started baking bread on a weekly basis a few years ago.  I make only freeform loaves so I had to allow my dough to rise on the counter either on a floured tea towel or a piece of parchment paper.  It was awful.  My dough stuck, the loaves sank and generally ruined my chipper demeanour.

After months of sticking dough and ruined loaves I contacted my friend Tricia, the owner of Rough Linen,  and asked if she could send me some of her beautiful Rough Linen.  The natural slubby texture and close weave were exactly what I needed for proofing my dough.

Our version of the proving cloth has stabilized raw edges, not hems which would stop the cloth from draping the way it should and my cleaver logo embroidered in the corner.

Known as a couche in France, the linen proving cloth has been used by bakers for centuries.

And now you can use it too.

Measures 18.5″ x 32″

Made from 100% natural linen.

* click here to learn how to use your bread proofing cloth.