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One of the many things I love about my house is how it isn’t all cluttered up with space sucking things like closets.  And linen cupboards.  And closets.  And any storage areas in general.  Yup.

That’s what you get when you purchase a 170 year old house.  A lot of centipedes and nowhere for them to hide.  I mean, unless you count the rubble walls in the basement.  But that’s really more of a party atmosphere for them, rather than a place to hide.

So when you have a house that was only intended to store a bonnet, a pair of lace up boots and some smelling salts,  you have to get creative with storage solutions.

Conversely if you buy a brand new condo, storage is also at a premium.  Basically unless your house was built between the era of Bewitched and Dynasty, chances are you’re out of luck in terms of closet space.

These are a few of the storage ideas I’ve used for the past few years that would work for pretty much anyone, anywhere.




Luggage.  Whether it’s nice vintage luggage like this stacked up in a corner, or your actual luggage in your closet, fill it up.  The top case is my sewing kit, the middle is my secret hiding place for small presents (which I suppose I’ll have to change now), and the lower, big case is for extra sheets and blankets.  I owned these suitcases for 5 years before it dawned on me I could use them for storage.  Because sometimes I’m dumb, and sometimes I’m brilliant.  All depends on the year I guess.




Bookcases were something I brought in when I did my house over a few years ago.  I got them for the sole purpose of storing the ridiculous amount of books I have.  This is one of 3 large units I now own.   BUT … the real storage solution here isn’t the bookcases themselves, but rather …




… all the bins on the bottom shelves.  Each of these wood Ikea boxes holds a ridiculous amount of ugly stuff that would look like a mess out in the open.  Things like tax receipts, craft supplies and a few sentimental items.  Some of the boxes even have smaller boxes from the Dollar store on top (like this one) to keep smaller things like seed packets separated and easy to access.



Moose eh

Slip away the upper seed tray, and underneath are the craft supplies.  5 of these boxes in a bookcase hold a LOT of crap, but keep everything looking neat and organized.




I love these jugs.  They’re among my most favourite things in the house.  They’re just inexpensive enamel jugs from Ikea, but the Scandinavian Modern farmhouse design is perfect.  I don’t have a lot of kitchen cupboards and drawers.  These utensils alone used to take up an entire drawer.  So one day I took every single kitchen utensil I use on a regular basis and put them in the jugs so they’re right at my fingertips beside the stove and freed up an entire drawer at the same time.   (which I’ve since filled with more kitchen utensils and a questionable amount of Tupperware)

This is how the purchase of these jugs went by the way.  (I’m so mortified by this story I’m going to tell it in the third person in an attempt to distance myself from it)

Karen goes to Ikea to buy all 3 jugs.  She decides she’s too cheap so she buys one jug.  The middle sized.  She gets it home and loves it.  At which point she goes back to Ikea to buy the little jug.  It’s so cute, she just has to have it.  Karen returns home with the little jug. A week goes by.  Karen can’t stop thinking about the biggest (and most expensive) jug.  Karen gets in her car and goes back to Ikea to buy the large jug. With each trip to Ikea, Karen buys more than just the jugs of course.   Each time she picks up candles, maybe some lightbulbs, a cute basket, and a kitchen throw rug.  She finds an orchid, laundry baskets, small ferns and modern black candleholders.   Each and every time Karen returns to Ikea she also purchases and eats a hotdog.  If Karen went to Ikea 10 times a day she would have to purchase and eat a hotdog upon leaving.  It’s a rule.  The moral of this story?  Don’t ever go to Ikea.  No.  Just kidding.   If you love it and you know you love it, just buy it.  It’ll be cheaper in the long run.



My house is still the same size.  I still only have enough closet space for a Ricketts cane and a buggy whip … but with a little bit of ingenuity I’ve managed to find space for all of my modern conveniences.  You know … like books.  And wooden spoons.  Heh.

If you’re interested in EXACTLY how to make an Ikea Hot Dog at home … click on my post about it here.


  1. Debbie says:

    Funny I just had that conversation with my hubby the other day why I have three sets of measuring spoons ☺

    I hope they give you credit….. When I reverse searched that photo I was amazing how it is all over the internet and pinterest. ☺


  2. Debbie says:

    Thought you might want to know your image is being used here:

    They are giving Ikea photo credit…

    thought you might want to know – I knew the photo was yours as soon as i saw it


    • Karen says:

      Thanks so much for noticing AND coming back to the appropriate post and letting me know! I have a lot of trouble with people not crediting that particular photo properly. I’ve left a comment for them. (mainly my biggest beef is they’re using my photo with something I don’t agree with, lol!) ANYONE who cooks knows you DO need more than one whisk, measuring cup and spatula unless you want to be washing utensils all the time you’re baking or cooking something. ~ karen!

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