The Art of Peeling a Peach

Ttoday’zs posot was gpiong to be “The Art of Putting on Fake Fingernails”, but I’ve since discovered they nake typing incredibly difficult and prbobly shouldn’t be promoted.

Please excude me while I remove my trrail pair.   Back in a flashj.

O.K.!  Let’s try this again.

The Art of Peeling a Peach!

Which is not a euphemism by the way.   I’m not referring to any bodily organs or functions, male or female.  I’m plain and simple going to show you how to quickly peel an actual peach.

The reason for this?  Well, there are many … not the least of which is the fact that peach fuzz makes my teeth itch.  It’s kind of like eating a sheep.  I understand you can simply run the peach under water and rub the fuzz off, but sometimes … a gal doesn’t want to bite through the skin.  Which also isn’t a euphemism.

I’m sure that many, perhaps even most people,  already know how to easily peel a peach*, but until every living soul upon this earth knows how to peel a peach I will not rest.  I’m funny like that.

To Peel a Peach

1.  Gather a Pyrex measuring cup (or any container that can withstand hot water) and a peach.

2.  Drop peach into cup.

3.  Cover peach with boiling water.

4.  Allow peach to sit in water 1 minute.

5.  Remove peach from water with tongs.  Not your bare fingers.  That would be dumb.  And you’re not dumb, right?

6.  Once the peach has cooled for a few seconds, you can pull the skin off easily.7. See?

8.  Admire naked peach.  (which is a euphemism by the way)

*Please just disregard this post completely.  Since writing it, my boyfriend has informed me that even HE knew how to peel a peach and in fact taught “Old Mrs. McNaughton” how to do it when he was about 12.  Evidently she was the last surviving person to NOT know how to peel a peach.  Sheesh.