The Christie Antique Show spring 2014




I hopped down the painted wood stairs as fast as my socked feet would let me. Painted stairs and socks are just one of the ways there are to break your ankle. There are exactly 57 common ways to break your ankle in your own home. And many more of course, they aren’t as common.

I did NOT want to break my ankle on this very important morning.

My name is Karen. I live in a small town, on a small property, in a small house. With a small but hugely slippery set of stairs. This particular morning as I ran in the most careful way down the black diamond stair hill I thought “Is there any luckier girl in the world than me?”.

Today was the day that had me dancing through the dew on the lawn, crowing like a Rooster and wrapping an elastic band around a wad of cash.

Today … was CHRISTIES.

The Christie Antique show is the event of all events for antique shoppers and general hooligans who like to wander around smelling fresh cut grass, musty trunks and hot dogs. I’d buy that air freshener.

Fish Pedicure, Pink tool belt, Betty and myself all smashed our way into my sister’s truck (because it would hold the most stuff) and headed off to the Spring 2014 Christie Antique Show.

As I do every year I have for you a selection of photos of a lot of the wares.  There are A LOT of pictures coming up.

Since going to places like this is really more about seeing what’s there than buying all the stuff that’s there, this should help those of you out who weren’t able to make it to the show, or don’t have anything like it in your area.





christie-antique-3 christie-antique-2 christie-antique-1

Reader Jody knew I’d be at the show and found me there. She presented me with a kitchen warming present. A bottle of her own Maple Syrup made from trees she tapped this spring.








And I didn’t forget the men.


boobiesOn Friday I’ll tell you what I was looking for at the show and what I bought. It might be featured in this post … and it might not be. You’ll have to wait and find out. I know. It’s extraordinarily exciting.

Just be careful. I know on Friday morning you’re going to want to bound down the stairs to wherever your computer is to find out what I bought. If you have painted stairs or just a propensity for clumsiness, do so at your own risk.

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  1. Jody says:

    Thanks….my almost 14 year old son really enjoyed the Boobies section.

  2. SarahP says:

    I can totally relate to you running down the stairs – I always say there are only 3 days a year where I’m up early: Christmas and 2 for Christies. I got there early (got a great parking spot) but alas, I didn’t buy a thing. My mom bought a large stained glass window from a door to hang over her bed – because she loved the one I bought last year. Back in Dundas, I did score a few things REALLY cheap at Antiques on Hatt outdoor sale.

  3. Feral Turtle says:

    Great shot of Betty with that weapon…and the casket shortly after…..hmmmm

  4. wisconsingal says:

    OMG – tell Betty to put down that ax!! I want to be at that show AND I want to eat hot, crispy fires with lots of ketchup AND to be as slim as you. This post may have pushed all the wrong buttons in me.

  5. Ashley W says:

    *drool* :)

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Thanks for making me smile today..I really look forward to this twice a year even though I can only go there through you..You could post 5 times this many pictures and I would be thrilled..I can spend a whole day browsing through antique malls and not buy a thing..I just love being surrounded by the past..I’m guessing you bought some boobies to go with your booby plaque on the better keep an eye on Betty the Axe Murderer..we already know how well she could swing that hammer..Now I am going back to look through all of your pictures again to see what I missed..Can’t wait to see what you bought..I’d love to see what all of you bought..

  7. Vanessa says:

    This last summer my family moved into my grandparents house. It is full of all kinds of really amazing “antique” stuff. (For example: We were at an antique store and they had this really neat old wire basket that they had priced for $650! There is one laying around our yard that my son uses to collect rocks in) I just need some help styling it all!

  8. Olga says:

    I wonder who was using that coffin previously…

  9. Karen says:

    LOVE the Christie Show, and NEVER miss it! This year I scored a 4′ tall canoe shelf (for my cottage bathroom) AND a really nice big metal breadbox (also for the cottage). Had my hands on a really cool camel-saddle that was repurposed into a footstool … but someone else had purchased it moments before, and I reluctantly had to release my hold. See you at the September show!

  10. janet james says:

    really –you wonder why we read your blog???? amazing stuff!

  11. Susan says:

    So much awesomeness, I can’t wait to see what you bought!

    Be careful on those stairs!! Our stairs are not painted, but stained and polyurethaned and plenty slippery. My son took a bad spill down them about a year ago and had a scrape nearly a foot long up his back. The next day, we went out and bought and installed a runner.

  12. Lisa says:

    JACKPOT! That looks like heaven on earth! Majorly JEALOUS!

  13. Yolanda Tomas says:

    Is your Mum getting ready for your next demo? She doesn’t look much like an axe- wielding serial killer.

  14. Liz says:

    I don’t even collect Jadeite, and that table blew my mind!…also, please say you bought the leather trunk? or the axe? Fine I’ll wait to find out…

  15. kate-v says:

    Looks like you and your mom and sis had fun. It’s scary how much I recognized; I even have some of those things. My favorites were the step stool under the spindles and the chest under the leather trunk.

  16. jeannie B says:

    Such fun! Great pictures.! I just love old things that have been owned and used and loved by others; most of whom have passed on. Could there possibly be ghosts lurking amongst the old goods? Could you inadvertently bring one home with you unbeknownst. Just wondering…….

  17. Cheryl says:

    I think the coffin would make a lovely raised bed.

  18. I was determined to go this year nothing would stop me…. then I got an invite to a vendor sale with my photography and I coyld not pass it up. Sale ended up a total and complete flop and I wasted a gorgeous day and missing the show…. so sad.
    Next year!

  19. Mary Werner says:

    Did you tell your Mom that you have finished your kitchen?

  20. Sheri says:

    Why do we not have something this fantastic in Calgary???? Cowtown!

  21. Teddee Grace says:

    I was scanning through there pretty quickly until I spotted the leather suitcase topped by the fedora and whatever style hat that other was. Looked a little short for a top hat. Anyway love, love, love the suitcase! If that’s what you bought I’ll be envious forever!

  22. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    You are such a tease…

  23. Karol says:

    Super jellie, I must admit! That jadeite looks like Martha Stewart is having a garage sale. I remember when she started collecting it, back when you couldn’t GIVE it away. One of her magazine issues showed her collection, and the jadeite world was never the same. Great pix, Karen. (I love Betty)

  24. mandy says:

    Seriously, how do you not buy everything? Even the boobies are fantastic.

  25. Carolyn Boyd says:

    Hey! Reader Jody has my hat on her head! She must shop in Chinatown; I got mine there for $5. All the years I lived in Toronto (most of my life), I never managed to make it to Christies; so very jealous. We have great antiques here in NS, but no big shows like in Upper Canada. Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  26. Dawn says:

    Oh the photos!

    The crystal cake plates, the thread spindles, the JADEITE!!

    I’ll take 6 of each,please.

  27. Nicole2 says:

    You missed the prosthetic leg! Or perhaps that’s what you bought and will show us on Friday. My daughter was there and she took a picture of it. It had a shoe painted on it. Hilarious!

  28. Beckie says:

    Betty is awesome

  29. mayr says:

    GOOOOORGEOUS photos. Thanks- a- mucho.

  30. jainegayer says:

    I’m with Ember on the leather trunk. I’d place it somewhere near the Eames chair.
    The photo of your mom holding the axe reminded me of her demolishing your kitchen wall.
    I’m glad you had great weather and can’t wait to see what you got.

  31. Su says:

    two words…. shopping. envy…..

  32. Susan Preston says:

    Argh! I double booked myself and went to the Dundas Museum Family Day! While I had fun selling cookies and butter tarts there I was mad I missed Christies! Not again! I’ll be more conscious of my schedule next year. Hope you bought something for me!

  33. Dagmar says:

    I guess the gods were good to you this year, not a drop of rain all week-end. I remember you ladies were all wet and cold last year. The Christie’s Auction looks like a place that I could spend days and days roaming through. I suppose going in with something specific in mind is probably the best plan… Adore the red chair in the last picture, and that incredible gilded mirror you took a photo of. And even though I don’t bake, those cake stands and about 10 tea light candles and one large candle one in the middle would make a fantastic table setting. And if you use the fake candles , then you could even use the cover and the light would reflect in many directions. Wow Karen, I think your DIY skills are rubbing off on me. What do you know?

  34. FlagirlinTN says:

    THE..RED..CHAIR. Also love the green deco canisters. Oh how I’d love to go to this show, just once!

  35. Jacquie says:

    All great stuff but is that chips and gravy I see for lunch? As a Brit, that’s like mother’s milk to me but struggle to find it outside of the north of England. Canadians are so civilised :-)

  36. Louise says:

    OMG, that photo of Betty with the axe is priceless!
    I’ll see that in my dreams/nightmares!

  37. Angela says:

    I want all of the cake pedestals. And my husband would try to convince me that we need the deer-hide stool. And also, those turquoise chairs in the background of the pic of the lamp are AWESOME!

  38. GiGi says:

    The bench with the jugs….be still my heart!

  39. Melanie says:

    Damn. I should have sent you my shopping list!

    (Please tell me you bought the Eames chair. I’m not a big fan of red, but looking at that just makes me happy.)

  40. Sakina says:

    Karen the pic of you taking a picture of the mirror reminds me of myself! I spend more time taking pics of my mirrors than actually looking into them! LOVE my new old- garage door- now- leaning- mirror. Need to actually start using it, instead of admiring it so much!

  41. ~gloria says:

    Hey, I have an ax just like that. Was my father in law’s who got it from his grandfather. I’m surprised she could lift it, ours weighs about as much as a small car. And I have those honey buckets too (chamber pots). I feel so validated. My kids think I’m eccentric for owning (and loving) the “odd” stuff that I do. I should show them this blog so they can see that there really is a market for all this oddness and stop wondering what to do with it all after the old girl kicks off. Or they could just set up a table at a flea market or antiques show.

  42. Christina B. says:

    So Many Cool Items!!!!!! :)

  43. Kelly says:

    Waaaahh! Why do you always tell us about Christies AFTER the sale??? Do you have a sadistic streak that causes you to chortle and rub your hands together with glee when you show us all the awesomeness that we missed? seriously, I am just mad at myself for not marking my calendar last year to check for the dates of this year’s sale. I’ll be up at 12:01 am on Friday to see what I missed, and what you didn’t.

    • Debbie W. says:

      I know me too Kelly!! How did I miss this AGAIN?!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Marking the fall show on my calendar right now!!

  44. Suzanne says:

    OMG – that jadeite! Swoon! And those green glass canisters in the first picture. Love!

  45. Ember says:

    I love the giant, old leather trunk!! Not sure what I would do with it, but its awesome!

  46. Debbie says:

    You need that tan and white foot stool for your living room. Thank you for the pictures. It’s sad we do not have a sale like this in Oregon. : (

  47. Call Me Patty says:

    Cy Twombly??????? Really????????
    BTW, that’s EXACTLY how I broke my ankle 12 years ago. It was NOT a nice thing to have happen.

  48. Amie Mason says:

    Those cake stands are AMAZING!

  49. chartrice says:

    Was that a casket I saw???

  50. Ella says:

    I’m drooling over that leather suitcase!

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