The Nicest Refrigerators in the Land!
According to Me.

If I can impart one piece of advice on any of you it is this … never flush a bug with wings without putting the toilet lid down first and … don’t wait until your appliances have broken to pick out new ones.

Go now and pick out every single major appliance you can think of.  Browse online, go to stores, ask friends and then decide on what fridge, stove, dryer, washer or vibrator you’d buy if your current one broke.  Because once it DOES break, (and it will) you’re gonna be in fits and might not have the mental capacity to make a logical, informed, well thought out decision.

If you wait until your appliance breaks to buy a new one you might end up with something … ugly.

There are a variety of slippery slopes you could go down if you’re forced into picking out and buying a major appliance like a refrigerator in the 12 hours you have until your food spoils.  And if you’re not thinking straight, that slippery slope migt not be paved with an automatic ice maker.

My fridge broke a few weeks ago.  When I realized it was on the blink my head started to spin and I got a bit woozy.  Partly due to the fear of having to buy a new fridge and partly because I immediately started banging my head against the 13 year old appliance.  Sometimes that’ll help get things up and running again.  It’s the Fonzie move but with your head.

It didn’t work.  I am still without a fridge.  Actually, that’s a bit of a lie.  I now have a total of 3 refrigerators in my kitchen.  Three of ’em.  My regular, broken fridge, my niece’s bar fridge, and my mother’s miniature poolside fridge.  All in my kitchen.

Why no.  It isn’t crowded and annoying.  Why do you ask?  Why do you ask? Why do you ask? Why do you ask?

Sorry.  Sometimes the Xanax makes me repeat myself.

Tra la la.

While my first thought was to run out and get a refrigerator immediately so I didn’t have to live through what I’m living through right now, I restrained myself.  I would rather live for a month or so with completely inadequate fridge storage, a crowded kitchen and the soothing sounds of my Xanax drip than live for the next 10 or 15 years with a fridge I hate.

So every night for the past few weeks I’ve been looking at and researching refrigerators.  I now know exactly what I want.  I know right down to the last detail.  I also know … this fridge I have in my head?  It doesn’t exist.

More on that later.

For now … a look at what’s out there.  I need to come to a decision quickly by the way.  I’m overrun with carrots, beets and zucchinis from the front yard vegetable garden and have nowhere to put em.


The increasingly popular French Door fridge.  I was surprised that the cost of a full sized French Door Viking refrigerator was only a few thousand dollars. I would have guessed more.  Great professional style handles, nice clean lines and I’ll admit it, the Viking label up in the right hand corner kindda sucks me in.

Viking French Door

Source: Viking


I absolutely love the look of professional appliances with all of my heart.  This True column refrigerator is one of my favourites.  Sadly I can’t have it because it has no freezer.  I don’t need a big freezer because we have an upright freezer in the mudroom, but I do need something so I’m not always having to trudge 5 steps to the mudroom when I want ice or nuts for cooking or whatever.

The other downfall to actual professional refrigerators like this is they’re louder than refrigerators meant for the home.  They have fans in the top of them that run constantly.  They never, ever, shut off.  I would find that constant drone in the kitchen annoying.  I think.  I DO love the look of this though.  Hmm.


Source: True via Costco


This idea comes from a environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo.   This is one of the best ideas for chalkboard paint I’ve seen in a long time.  This could actually work in my 1940’s kitchen.  It would probably look out of place in a kitchen with new cupboards and shiny new things that aren’t … cracked and broken.

Chalkboard Fridge

Source: Daily Danny

This LG refrigerator is way too small for me but I thought it was so cute I had to include it.  Fantastic fridge if you have a tiny kitchen or need an extra fridge for the basement or pool house.  I don’t have a pool house.  I have an algae filled pond and a potting shed.


Source: LG


Get ready for the fridge I would buy even if I couldn’t afford it.  The only reason I will not buy this fridge is I don’t have room for it.  I would have room for it if I got rid of my stove, but then I’d have to go on one of those raw diets where nothing is cooked and I happen to like my chicken cooked.  My beets too. I could probably go either way with cookies.  This fridge exterior is by the Italian company Meneghini with the inner workings by high end German refrigerator manufacturer Liebherr.  It’s the Ferrari and the Mercedes Benz of refrigerators.

Meneghini Off White

Source: Meneghini

Oh.  And as you can see from the panelling you can also get a woody.

Meneghini 2


Wow.  WOW.  How do things like this exist and I don’t know about it so I don’t care that I don’t own it then once I realize it exists and I get depressed  because I don’t own one.  How does that happen?


By the way you’re only allowed to keep Guinness, chips and leftover takeout curries in this fridge.


Source: Smeg


I’ve been seeing the “armoire” refrigerator more and more lately.  I wasn’t able to find a manufacturer of one, but rather people have bought high end refrigerators (Sub-Zero) and had the armoires custom built around them.  Something like you see below would cost approximately $20,000 for the Sub-Zero fridge and then the custom cabinet made to house it.  I’ll admit they’ve done a great job on this and I actually like the look of it.  But I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen.  The same way I wanted to make sure my vegetable garden looked like a vegetable garden, not a bunch of vegetables disquised as flowers … I want my fridge to look like a fridge.



Now we are at the closest thing to the perfect fridge I could find.  Allow me to introduce you to the …

GE- Monogram

Source: General Electric/Monogram Series

I realize this is the sort of thing that would scare a lot of people away, but I have wanted a glass front refrigerator for years.  And I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t immediately think “everything has to be perfect inside it“.  I really don’t think that’s the case.  There are some precautions I would take to ensure it looked nice, but I definitely wouldn’t worry about  having mustard bottles on display or other everyday items.

The one thing it WILL have to be is clean at all times.  The fridge above is the General Electric Monogram and it’s the closest thing to the perfect fridge I can find.

It has a glass door, comes with a freezer, is made for the home so it isn’t too loud and it’s stainless.  IT HAS LED LIGHTING ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SIDES OF THE INTERIOR!  But it’s out of my budget.  I think.

Because I spend a HUGE amount of time in my kitchen I plan to spend a lot on my fridge and I won’t feel one bit guilty about it.  My fridge and stove are my toys.  They’re my vacation and my workhorses.  I use them every day and I use them a lot.

When I see magazines filled with pages and pages of kitchens boasting Sub-Zero refrigerators and Wolf or Viking stoves I think … but you don’t cook in that kitchen.  I can TELL you don’t cook in that kitchen.

There aren’t a lot of men out there buying Ferraris to just look at them.  So why do so many women do it with high end appliances?


This next fridge is similar to the GE Monogram only definitely out of my budget.  The Sub-Zero glass door fridge has a little larger glass area than the Monogram, which I like.  The more glass the better.

Sub Zero

Source: Sub-Zero


So … if the more glass the better, that would make this fridge the very BEST, right?  It’s perfect in so many ways, yet so wrong in so many others.  Full glass door, but no freezer, plus it’s a genuine commercial refrigerator so it would have the constant humming of a fan all day and night long.  BUT, it’s only $1,500.



Source: Frigidaire via Costco


We’re going on a month with no real refrigerator here and I still have no idea what I’m going to buy so tonight I’m going to proceed with my last resort.

Before I tuck myself in tonight I’m putting a zucchini under my pillow and keeping one eye open for the elusive Glass Front Fridge Fairy.



  1. Kelli says:

    i dunno Karen – a frig is a frig is a frig. Not being a culinary goddess like yourself, as long as it works and looks halfway decent, i’m good with that. *shrug*

    And there’s no way i’d get a glass front frig as nice as they look…i’m too much of a slob and apparently like to grow science experiments in my own refrigerator. Eeew.

  2. Donna Flores says:

    I think the Meneghini is what Nigella Lawson has in her kitchen (or fake/studio kitchen for her shows). Looks awesome there, and it’s even more beautiful in the paneled wood. Such pretty choices! I don’t know if I could pick just one.

  3. designlove says:

    I have the narrow LG cute tall one in my laundry room. I use it for beverages! Looks fab!


  4. Jenn says:

    i <3 home renovation porn.

  5. Laura says:

    Whew! Sooo glad to see my dream fridge on your list (LG) Although glass doors are my fantasy, too!

  6. Patti says:

    Hi Karen, here’s my 2 cents on the french door style…I bought the GE profile french door fridge with the freezer on the bottom and I hate it. None of the doors close on their own and with a couple of kids in the house that becomes a big problem. And the freezer drawer is really not spacious and it’s inconvenient to get to stuff at the bottom. Next time around I’m going back to the side by side.

  7. Aly says:

    I love when you show us your research! You really are into the art of doing stuff.

    I don’t know if you had a show called Felicity up there in Canada, but it was about some kids starting college in NYC. The “hot” boy lived in a gorgeous industrial loft, and they had the coolest glass-front fridge that I have coveted ever since.

    Now I need to go to Netflix and watch some old episodes…

  8. Amy in StL says:

    I’ve always had a traditional freezer on top fridge. The house I’m in the process of buying has a new french door model and I’m not sure how I feel about it. My niece has one of these and it always seems awkward to have to root around in the drawer for something. I’ve always wanted a side by side with ice and water in the door – I drink a lot of water – and there’s even a company that offers one that has cubed, crushed and shaved ice in the door so you could have sno-cones or frozen beverages without using a blender.

  9. Lourdes says:

    Karen, we have the first one (Viking). Spendy, but a great refrigerator. However, if we ever get another one, I DO NOT want stainless steel. All may appliances are stainless steel and they’re a pain in the posterior to keep clean. Want my next fridge to have wood doors to match the cabinets.

  10. Sandy says:

    A few years ago we bought two fridges at the same time. One is in the kitchen, the other in the laundry room. Kitchen fridge is a Maytag Plus, with a bottom drawer (2 large pull out baskets) The other is a Kenmore with the freezer on the top. The Sears delivery guys said they’d never delivered 2 fridges to one house before. I like them both, & even tho there’s just the two of us, it’s great to have lots of food and drinks when the rest of the family visit. We went for price, not “pretty”.

  11. Trysha says:

    I lust over the orange smeg fridge. I love it, but I would probably pick something safe, like the silver smeg.

  12. Anne says:

    This sounds similar to my couch search – took me about 8 weeks to finally bite the bullet and just buy one after looking at HUNDREDS of couches.

  13. Bonnie says:


    Get a grip. It is a refrigerator! Do you have commitment issues?

  14. KimS says:

    Ok…I have a GE that is very similiar to the Viking with french doors. Mine is counterwidth. Less than 1 year old. Really, I hate that the crisper drawers are not tall enough for a medium head of cabbage. There is a “meat/cheese” drawer that goes the width of the fridge part…which is totally stupid because you have to open BOTH doors to open the meat/cheese drawer. If they would have had it just half width, then at least 1 crisper drawer could have been taller. Probably an engineering thing.

  15. FLP says:

    I have the same fridge that you have and mine stopped working again this week. Mine is just 7 years old and has been a total lemon. Actually, frozen lemons are just the beginning of the problems. I went to three stores today to have a look and realized that I am afraid to make a mistake again.

    Any thoughts on French door counter depth fridges?

  16. Barbie says:

    I have the GE Monogram in my kitchen….I will admit it is beautiful and stainless (don’t have the glass front one) of which I LOVE… and I agree with you on the fact that it would look better not so organized! …but I have had a lot of trouble with it (ice maker problems over and over) be sure to buy the extended warranty if you get it…it was ridiculously expensive and counter depth (of which I would NEVER do again) not enough room anywhere. If I ever needed counter depth again I would buy regular depth and extend the other side of the wall that it went into and make it counter depth that way….and I SO could have done that with this as the other side of the wall was available that way. I LOVE LOVE the Meneghini!!! But out of my budget too! I’d go with Viking if I could…Viking has been good to me! I love my stove and would NOT trade it for the world. It is always dirty because I use it all the time! Hard to clean but I don’t care! 🙂 Good luck Karen on your search! Let us know what you end up doing k?

    • Karen says:

      Barbie – Oh you can bet there will be trumpets and confetti flying from the skies when I get my new fridge. ~ karen!

  17. Heather says:

    I’ve been wondering about condensation in a glass door fridge?? Would the door be foggy all summer?

    With the heat and humidity we’ve been having this summer in Ottawa, everything in our fridge fogs up as soon as the door is opened.

    Just wondering?

  18. Adele says:

    Chalkboard fridge with the grocery list. Do you have to bring it with you when you go to the store? It might drip and get smelly. Then you’d have to get a new car too.

  19. Debbie B says:

    Love the Meneghini but there is no way I would pay that for a fridge. Oh how about for a Friday thing everyone sends in picks of their fridge and stove!

  20. Alex says:

    Oh why oh why did I have to see the Meneghini. Guess the kids aren’t going to college. Who am I kidding that’s worth more than my car!

  21. Hey Karen, did you get a fridge yet?!

  22. maryanne says:

    Karen, our 13 year old died too, but we called the repairman. We were ready to buy a new one but wanted his opinion first (we trust him). He said the newer ones would have more service calls than this older one….they don’t make them like they used to. So, we kept the old one and only paid $60 to repair it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Maryanne – Oh trust me … I did everything to kick start this fridge back to life. Tried to fix it myself, called a repairman, tried to fix it myself again when he couldn’t, went to the parts store to talk to them about it … She’s done for. 🙁 ~ karen

  23. Nicole says:

    Karen – you’ve gotta see this one:

    over-the-top-want-a-kitchen-it’ll-fit-in-nutsballs of a fridge!

    wish I could just post the pic…sorry for the link…I’m sure they bug the hello out of you.

  24. Rebecca says:

    Have been researching fridges/stoves/dishwashers since we moved in last summer. Living with a 30 year old, frosty mess that came with the house. Insert empathy here. Growing up with the Sears catalog as (what seemed like) the only way to shop, Kenmore has always been the ‘go to’, reliable choice. Have you seen the Kenmore Pro series? Luckily, we are gutting the whole kitchen, so I’m choosing the appliances FIRST.

  25. Sandi says:

    I love your blog. Have been researching for new fridge for 5 days! I went to Lowes (yuck) and Sears (yuck 2). All the models I wrote down have ISSUES! In fact, seems like all fridges today have repair issues. My Kitchen Aid..isn’t dead yet but is warming up to 60 degrees recently when we had a hot spell..time to get a new fridge.

    I must have missed the Model/Brand you purchased. What did you buy? So, curious after reading here.

    Could not find a Smeg for $1500 anywhere online. They all started at $2,000. I almost bought an LG but heard they are horrible and need repairs all the time. OY. Nothing I’ve looked at has a good rating for repairs. The motherboards zap easily after a year-2 years and will also go if there’s a huge storm which shuts off the electricity.

    So, my research shows they are all vulnerable due to the electronics running them. Manufactures must be making money because people are dumping them when they need repairs after only 2 years and re-buying new ones.

    • Karen says:

      Sandi – Here’s the funny thing … I replaced my thermostat for the SECOND time on a whim, *just* before pulling the fridge out to the curb … and it fixed it! So it’s still running but I’m still looking for a new fridge because this one has now lived through 8 of its 9 lives. I’m still liking the glass front refrigerators like the ones from True and G.E. Monogram. But they cost A LOT. ~ karen

  26. Sandi says:

    Karen, be careful with GE. They have had motherboard problems. I’m so dizzy right now from reading for days about all brands. I have not researched True. Oh dear..don’t know if I have the courage! Google GE motherboards to make sure before you purchase. I read it in several places but maybe they’re back on track after their debacle with a bad run of them.

    I thought I’d try the Frigidaire glass front commercial one and get a freezer but found out they heat up every 12 hrs and people have gotten rid of them for food spoilage. Too bad because that looked like a winner of an idea!

    Back to the drawing board.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sandi – I’d read that too, but to be honest I don’t really believe it. (the frigidaire’s heating up) They’re commercial fridges for stores and restaurants. They wouldn’t put up with a fridge that heated up every 12 hours anymore than a homeowner would! Seemed like a weird thing to me. Always remember. The Internet (and many people on it) are big fat liars. ~ karen!

  27. DEBRA says:

    Well ladies I too have been researching refrigerator
    so much that I am more undecided than before. So what refrigerator did Karen buy. OH yea I love all those you mentioned the viking, menghini, monogram

    • Karen says:

      Hi Debra – It’s me. Karen. 🙂 As it turns out I was able to fix my fridge. I replaced the thermostat for the billionth time and it finally worked. The fridge is still working and fingers crossed it’ll work for a while longer. I still like the G.E. Monogram glass front tho. ~ karen!

  28. Teresa Lansford says:

    Karen what did you buy. I have a 2007 48″ GE MONOGRAM which I would never buy again. I paid for extended warranty and it had to be used within a yr, GE stopped honoring it after 2 years. I’ve replaced motherboard, ice maker, compressor. I would love to replace this behemoth but I spent so much on it, and to fit the built in space, I’d have to spend another 12k – no thanks. So I’m fantasizing about the fridge I’ll get for our next home. I love the look of the glass fronts, but can’t imagine giving up condiment storage. What did you finally do?

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