Washing your Canada Goose (or down) Coat

Can you wash your Canada Goose or other expensive down coat?  That was the question I had after years of paying for a dry cleaner to do it.  So I chucked it in my washing machine and I can tell you yes.  Yes you can wash your Canada Goose coat at home.  Read on.

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One of my earliest memories, although I have no idea how old I was, is of me standing in the front hall of the house I grew up in getting bundled up to go outside on a cold winter day.

Standing there in my coat, boots, snow pants, mittens, and hat, so protected against the weather I was more like a stuffed animal than a human.  Arms and legs locked into place by stuffed mounds of nylon, dacron and scratchy wool.  The final step before going out into the kind of cold that makes your nostril hairs freeze in place, was the doing up of the coat.

This step normally went well, but if Betty was in a hurry to get me out of the house she’d grab onto the zipper and tug it up fast and hard.  If I looked down at the wrong moment the zipper teeth would chew into my chin leaving me screaming and my chin angry .  That chin scar was how you could tell the kids of all the mothers on the street that had a job, soap opera or drink to get back to.  Those kids had the tribal scarring of a tiny red welt on their chin all winter long.

As a kid my coats were never down filled.  They had some kind of revolutionary 70’s era pillow filling in them that mainly kept you from getting wet as opposed to cold.

Now my two main winter coats are down filled.  The first one, is a white, down filled inexpensive coat known as The Upper East Side coat in New York.  Because …. everyone on the Upper East Side owns one. I got mine on Amazon and you can too.

The second one is a Canada Goose “Resolute”.  This Canada Goose has been my go to Canadian winter coat for the past 13 years.  The Canada Goose coats are the warmest coats known to mankind.  They were “the” coat to own if you worked in television and shot outside. For a time you could spot someone who was in television based on if they were wearing a Canada Goose.  Not so anymore.  This coat has now become one of the most popular winter coats in Canada and the U.S. despite their shocking price tag.

The only problem is … you have to dry clean it.

I have a thing about dry cleaning.  I hate it.  It isn’t the price, it’s the pain.

I realize it doesn’t take that much time and it’s really no harder than filling up your car with gas, but I hate that too, so I guess it all makes sense.

I’ve been washing my down Lacoste coat in my washing machine and dryer for years.  It’s a white coat. It gets filthy after about 5 wears.  It says you can machine wash it, so I do that and it always comes out perfectly.

For some reason, the Canada Goose coat says dry clean only.  So for 10 years I watched my beautiful red Canada Goose coat get dirtier and grungier and filthier.  I dry cleaned it a few times but figured there had to be an alternative.  I looked online to see if anyone had washed their coat in their home washing machine but couldn’t find anyone who had.  I guess the $1,300 price tag on the coat  is enough to stop anyone from taking the risk.

Until now.

Unable to stop myself any longer, and unable to wear the coat because of the bizarre black/grey/red colour it had become, over the Christmas holidays I said a little prayer, removed the fur collar (it just unzips), and stuffed my $800 when I bought it, currently $1,300! Canada Goose coat into my washing machine.

This is how it turned out.



How to Wash a Canada Goose (or down) Coat

My Canada Goose coat washed perfectly in the washing machine.  Perfectly.

Here however, are my disclaimers.

1.  If you wash your Canada Goose coat in your washing machine you void the warranty.

2.  If you let your coat get as dirty as mine was it might take several washes as well as working in a bit of stain remover. (I had to wash my coat a total of 4 times, using various stain removers in between to get it clean. I started off with the “delicate/hand wash” cycle to be safe then gave up and went full force.)

3.  To dry it, you need to add a few tennis balls or dryer balls into your dryer to help smash the down and let it fluff up.

4.  It will take around 7 hours to fully dry.  That’s your dryer running for 7 hours straight.  Just so you know.

5.  I’m  not responsible if your Canada Goose coat happens to fall apart if you wash it and you’re forced to wear leg warmers, a snood and oatmeal mittens to keep warm.  Not. Responsible.


Having said that, I can tell you I will never dry clean my Canada Goose coat.  I’ll be washing it  in my own washing machine at the end of every season while I fondly finger the tiny scar in the middle of my chin.


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Washing your Canada Goose (or down) Coat