Maple Whipped Cream. Canadian Style, Eh!

Maple whipped cream recipe coming at you because not everything has to be pumpkin spice. To whip some up you just need some heavy 35% whipping cream, a bit of maple syrup, a strong arm and a whisk. Or an electric mixer if you’re fancy like that. If you’re even fancier, command your Martha to do it.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Karen.  The stupidest person that ever lived.  I’m sure this is quite an exciting moment for you if you’re meeting a stupid person for the first time.

Here I have whipped you into a frenzy about avoiding pumpkin spice stuff in favour of embracing maple syrup when deep down I know that the real reason for maple whipped cream is for plopping it on top of pumpkin pie. Which is filled with pumpkin spice. I feel like such a fraud.

Lounging on a pillow of maple whipped cream takes the edge off my shame.

If you’re having pumpkin pie any time this fall you should, without a doubt, flavour your whipped cream with maple syrup.

The success of this method is entirely dependant on whether you can pry the bottle out of your family members’ hands.  Several people in my family consider maple syrup to be a beverage.

My own maple syrup, which I make from tapping my own maple tree is secured behind a secret bookcase door that leads to a build-as-you-go stairway that descends into a state of the art, temperature controlled vault that can only be opened by singing any song from The Sound of Music. The bottles of syrup can be found sewn into the hem of the basement black out curtains.

I’m sure you have a similar setup.

Once you have your maple syrup secured, just continue on as you normally would to make whipped cream.

How to Make Maple Whipped Cream

  • Get your mixer (either a KitchenAid or hand mixer) ready.
  • Add in 1 cup of 35% whipping cream.
  • Mix on high speed until the cream starts to thicken.
  • Add in 2 Tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup.
  • Continue mixing on high until soft peaks form.

Now all you have to do is plop it on a piece of warm pumpkin pie and watch their eyes light up.

Or … if your family is anything like mine … forego the pain of making a pumpkin pie and just shove a cup of whipped cream at ’em. These people drink maple syrup out of the bottle … let’s face it, this is a step up for those animals.

Maple Whipped Cream.

Maple Whipped Cream.

Yield: 2 cups
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar. Perfect for fall desserts and coffees.


  • 1 cup of 35% whipping cream
  • 2 Tbsps maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  1. Pour the whipping cream into a bowl if using a handheld mixer or into the bowl of a Kitchen Aid type mixer.
  2. Whip until it starts to thicken.
  3. Add the maple syrup and continue to whip until soft peaks form.

Now I need you to calm down a moment because if you like the idea of maple whipped cream there will come a day when you’ll want to graduate to something more advanced, more delicious, more – mapley.

It’s hand stirred maple cream.

You need to really lower that heart rate with some deep breathing before you read about it because by the end of the post your heart will be a flurry of non-stop pounding, like a chihuahua on speed. If you were to start reading the post with an already elevated heart rate your most important aorta would 100% explode out of your eyes. No doubt about it.

Maple cream is like a maple butter that’s so smooth and velvety you can barely feel it on your tongue.

You wouldn’t even believe the hiding place I have for that stuff in my house (which I can’t tell you about for insurance purposes anyway.) All I can tell you it involves a hedgehog and 42 mattress coils.

Maybe I’m not so stupid.

Maple Whipped Cream.  Canadian Style, Eh!


  1. Steve R. says:

    Soooooo, 35% Whipping Cream – not Heavy Cream(which has 3% more fat) ? Hmmph! Mr. Kitchenaid and I will be whisking up a batch of this stuff, using Heavy Cream and Real Maple Syrup that’s produced right here in Iowa, on the Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie I make for myself. No, not a “pumpkin pie” made with canned pureed squash, a Pumpkin Pie, made with a pureed Pie Pumpkin roasted for the purpose.
    Let me know if you have questions about pumpkin Pie filling, Iowa Maple Syrup, or even if you’re wondering what Thanksgiving Day is (eh). Or better yet, just come and see for yourself. ;-)

  2. Baba says:

    I have a cream whipper and have been using pure maple syrup as sweetener for years. We all love it but my grandchildren especially love lying on the floor and having me squirt whipped cream into their mouths. Sometimes they are barely in the door asking if I have whipped cream.

  3. Lex says:

    I need this in some sort of recipe card so I can print and remember to do it!

  4. Janet says:

    I love the art of doing stuff! 5

  5. Alaina says:

    Adding Chocolate liqueur or some Kahlua does pretty well too :)

  6. tania says:

    Can I just say I am shocked and dissamayed that your maple syrup is from President’s Choice.

    I would think our Karen would have a local Canadian brand fresh from some Ontario sugar shack. Just saying.

    Heyyy, there’s how to get some good maple syrup, get sugar shacks to send you some from different regions. THEN you could get a crap load of the stuff and give it away on your website – to us goofballs. So ya they should send you two bottles, one for you to feature and one to send to …one of us happy posters.

    just a thought..or two..or three.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Tania! – not a bad idea on procuring the Maple Syrup! However, the President’s Choice Maple Syrup is 100% pure Canadian Maple syrup, medium grade. So it’s pretty darn good! In fact it’s very good. I’ve had homemade syrup before. Sometimes’s it realllyyyy good. And sometimes it has bugs and leaves in it! LOL – karen

  7. Janelle says:

    That price got me thinking…I usually spend about $20 on a bottle of wine to take to someone else’s house for dinner…I can honestly say that if I was hosting a dinner and someone brought me a giant bottle of maple syrup as a hostess gift instead of wine…I would be very pleasantly surprised. Still…flowers trump syrup, no?

  8. Pam'a says:

    Clever, clever idea, and it has made me curious: Is maple syrup (the real stuff) as pricey in Canada like it is here? I don’t mean to imply I couldn’t spring for a couple of tablespoons of the stuff; I just wondered.

    Also, I’d be happy to share my Pumpkin Pie recipe for people who think they hate pumpkin pie if anyone’s interested. I have many converts!

    • Karen says:

      Mmm … that bottle I show in the picture was probably around $13. It’s not cheap but I’m not sure how much it is compared to a bottle in America. The same I would suspect.

      • Pam'a says:

        Yup. Comparable. That size bottle wouldn’t last more than one meal around my crew, so they get pretend maple syrup.

  9. mimi says:

    Love that china cup.
    Also like the idea of that maple liquer added to the whipped cream, i’m big into adding liquer/alcohol to foods. Just see my recent two chutney posts!

  10. Lucy says:

    I am a
    Canadian now living in the States and did much the same thing regarding planning my week…..No menu, that hubby’s job, then went -S#^%- it Thanksgiving. Thanks for the reminder on the Maple Syrup and I will get the tea cups out.

  11. Amanda says:

    What a fantastic idea! Even though I’m not Canadian, I do love sweetening stuff with maple syrup (probably a side effect of having vegan friends). Plus, now I know that I can eat whipped cream out of a tea cup, and it’s way classier than sticking my finger directly in the mixing bowl.

  12. Tina in Cali says:

    So this is how uncreative I am in the kitchen. I never knew you could even make whip cream with anything other than sugar. Hello!?! Since I HAVE to follow receipes, I know have one. Thanks and I can’t wait to make this and use it as creamer in my coffee too!

  13. deborahinps says:

    Love your idea and plan on using it in NOVEMBER, you know, when those of us south of the border celebrate… :)
    Kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around having Thanksgiving in early October…Having Halloween out of the way so as to get the spideeee’s and cobwebs cleared off of the table and such makes my Auntie sooo much happier :-)
    I’m sure your Thanksgiving Pot Pies will be delicious!!

  14. judy cowling says:

    Karen, I will try your recipe next time but I make something that has become crack to my friends on the east coast. I call it Better Than Sex Whipped Cream. I add various amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, amaretto or gran mariner, brown sugar and vanilla to the cream while it’s turning into butter in the mixer. Kind of freestyle based on whatever I have around to flavor it with. It’s amazing…thus the name. Some people don’t even bother putting it on anything…they just eat it straight up!

    Thank you for all of your wacky, irreverent, hilarious, insightful posts. You are fabulous and I am a HUGE fan. I usually have my coffee and a laugh every morning while reading your blog.

  15. Melanie says:

    As a new Vermonter (lived here only 4 years) I fully support Maple Syrup Whipped Cream – you may have just changed my life. I use syrup in everything from Coffee to baked goods to…well…anything.

  16. Shauna says:

    I must try this, it will be perfect atop a pumpkin spice latte!! Happy Thanksgiving Karen :D

  17. JD Morley says:

    For some reason, whenever I make whipped cream, my family loses their mind. Even just the basic stuff is sooo impressive. I think if I did the maple thing they would all have seizures. Can’t wait to try it at Thanksgiving… which is luckily NOT this weekend. In Arizona it’s still about 95˚F. If we had to eat Thanksgiving food now I think we’d all vomit.

  18. Natalie says:

    Whoa I just had a moment reading this where you said you forgot about Thanksgiving, and then my brain did a double take. How could I have been unaware of Canadian Thanksgiving all of these years? (I’m American btw). I just had to wiki it. Your blog is so educational! :) That whipped cream looks delightful!

  19. Michelle says:

    You are not alone, I forgot it was this coming weekend also and so did a friend of mine. I’m pretty sure my mom forgot too as she has not asked me what my plans are (in a sideways effort to guilt me into coming over to her house)which is a normal end of September occurrence.

    I don’t know about you but I’m having a hard time switching from Sept to Oct so maybe that is it.

    Also apparently there are 5 Fri/Sat/Suns in this month this year which is some kind of phenom… perhaps it has cast a spell over canuckadia (creepy jug horn music)

    • Anj says:

      I seem to be missing a week or two of September. Yesterday one of the girls in the office was telling everyone that Canadian Thanksgiving was October 23rd weekend.
      I set them straight then I think they all stopped working and started making their shopping lists.
      If I hadn’t told them I wonder how many of them would have come to work Monday :)

      • Karen says:

        I haven’t come across anyone that isn’t shocked by the notion that Thanksgiving is in a few days. Someone might wanna check when Halloween is this year.

  20. Definitely on my to-do list for Thanksgiving. Except that’s not for another 7 weeks here… Maybe I will just have to make whipped cream with maple syrup for the hell of it!

  21. Karen Ashley says:

    Have you tried Sortilege, the maple whiskey liqueur from Quebec? I think it would be even better than maple syrup in whipped cream. I can taste it now!

  22. Rebecca says:

    I’m in charge of the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (I somehow got out of hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas this year) and I’m totally going to try this. I love maple syrup almost as much as I love my kids!

  23. Terri says:

    Yum!!! Definitely going to try this!

  24. Debbie Doodles says:

    Love the maple syrup whipped cream – will try it next op. My boys would all have it in a big bowl please. Another beautiful china presentation too. Great colors in this one.

  25. Leah says:

    Im from California and I ALWAYS make my whipped cream like this! Best method ever!

    • Karen says:

      I shall name you an honorary Canadian then. With that comes responsibilities however. For instance, you are now required to learn how to replace a sheared snowblower bolt whilst simultaneously eating handfuls of dill pickle potato chips. :)

      • Leah says:

        It doesnt snow here….so I wouldnt even know where to find a snowblower let alone how to fix it…..but I’ll accept your challenge of eating dill pickle potato chips. they sound delicious!

      • KG says:

        Trust me, they are not delicious. I love dill pickles and thought what an amazing invention to have crispy chips that taste like one of my favorite foods. WRONG… I rarely take things back to the grocery store but Trader Joes encourages you to do just that and so I tested it out with these chips. Success!! And since I only ate a couple of chips, perhaps someone else will be able to recycle my bag. LOL! I was very disappointed in the flavor and definitely NOT what I expected. I cannot recommend them!! Blech…

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