If you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering how it is we’ve made it this far as a society without a tomato feeding robot.  A robot that sits quietly on your shoulders as you go about your day, dropping medium sized tomatoes in your mouth at regular intervals.  I mean, insulin?  That was an O.K. invention but it’s kind of limited in its use if you aren’t one of the lucky ones on the brink of a diabetic coma at all times. Really, could it compare to a robot that feeds you tomatoes?  From atop your head?

I think we all know the answer to that.

The reason I know this hasn’t been invented is because if it did exist I would have seen it during one of my yearly trips to the Christie Antique show.  Although there is a very slight chance I could have missed it while clumsily popping a cherry tomato into my mouth with my own bare hands like a barbarian out of Medieval times.

To recap, I went to Christie’s this year with a friend and we wandered willy nilly with me mostly looking for things for his house.  I’m kind of full up at the moment so it was a good chance still have fun at Christie’s with the added bonus of spending someone else’s money.  I’ll be doing a post in the next week or so, showing you what I did in his house with his purchases which were antique tools, plywood theatre seating and some metal and wood drawers.

For me?  Well, I didn’t really go to Christie’s for me this year, it was all for him.  A day to focus on someone else’s needs and wants and to chuckle quietly as his arms became fuller and fuller and his bank account smaller and smaller.  All the while my bank account stayed exactly the same and my arms swung freely at my sides, occasionally throwing food into my mouth.

Then I saw a rug.  Then I bought a rug.  And it all happened very quickly.

I don’t have a single rug in my house. I owned one once but I threw it out.  I do have a cowhide on my foyer floor but I’m not sure I can call that a rug so much as a barf receptacle for my cats.

A rug has SUCH an impact on a room that I haven’t been able to bring myself to commit to one.  I don’t much like committing to anything which is why I’ve never married, am not religious and am a very suspect person to make dinner plans with.

But there was something about this rug that made me want to commit to it immediately.  So there’s a chance for all you men and Gods out there yet.

What I need are large rugs.  Great, big rugs to go in my living room and dining room, but maybe buying this slightly smallish rug (it measures 3.2′ x 6.5′) will be the kick I need to get over my fear of buying the wrong rug.  After consulting with my neighbour who happened to be in the booth right next to the rugs (Amos had run off chasing an antique orchard ladder at this point), I bought the rug.

It’s a very clean, 100% wool Turkish Kilm rug made with natural dyes.  And I big heart love it.


Immediately upon arriving home I rolled the rug up and stuck it in the corner while I cleaned and tidied every room.  This is what I do.  I can’t trust myself to be able to see past the garbage, junk, and dirty dishes when I bring a new piece into the room.  I’m just not that good.

It’s home has ended up being in the sudo-hallway between my foyer and my dining room.  The only problem is I need to cut the bottom of my basement door off a little bit because it can’t make it over the rug.  So, until I do that I’m keeping the rug in my bedroom.  Where I’m discovering I quite like it.


Which means now I have a good old fashioned dilemma on my hands.  To leave it in my bedroom where no one other than I will see it, or put it back where I meant for it to be, downstairs where it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.

If only I had a tomato feeding robot to help me get through these difficult times.


Have a good weekend!


  1. SusanR says:

    My answer is the King Solomon solution, which is to keep it in your bedroom until you are having guests over, and then move it to the hallway where it can dazzle the guests, then when they’re gone, move it back into your bedroom! The rug isn’t that big that it can’t be hauled around on occasion.

    I’m betting that your guests all have their shoes off, or well-scraped and dried at the front door, before they’d even get to that position in the hallway. Your guests aren’t a bunch of hillbillies who don’t know how to properly clean their shoes before entering a house.

    If spillage is a concern, there’s Scotch-guard.

    This solution obviates the need for fussing with the basement door, as it probably doesn’t get opened when guests are there, it allows the rug to be shown off to others, as the rug deserves, and it allows you the pleasure of awakening to it every morning, as you and it deserve.

  2. Christine Ulyate says:

    Well, if you decide that it is not good in the bedroom or the hallway because it really is too small for the kind of rug you usually buy, my address is:

    ………………………………………BECAUSE I FREEKING LOVE IT!!!!

    It is beautiful = just what I want!!

  3. Nancy W. says:

    Kilim is my favorite type of rug, ever. A kilim actually led me to what I do for a living now!
    (It’s a long story…) I’m very happy that you bought the rug, it’s just gorgeous.
    I now have a second favorite, a felted rug. I’m staying at someone’s house at the moment and there are beautiful, soft, hand felted rugs here. They are comparable to kilims in craftsmanship and quality.
    Now I need a felted rug of my own, and will admire my antique kilim when I get home, which sadly isn’t floor worthy.
    Oh, bedroom. Hands down.

  4. Debbe Van Ness says:

    Oh, the bedroom. Not sure about anyone else, but I have often placed things throughout my house so that others could enjoy them when they came to visit (in addition to me), but neglected my inner sanctuary (bedroom). As I age, I am learning to nurture me. It’s a long damn process.

    • Elaine says:

      You hit a nerve, Debbe!! It’s taken me many decades to start nurturing myself, too!! I guess I’m a slow learner but now that I live alone in a new-to-me condo, I’m trying to just decorate for me … especially the bedroom. I hope Karen decides on the bedroom re her beautiful colored rug.

  5. Kelli says:

    Yup, bedroom. Looks great there. I think the cat barf outweighs the lawsuits that might arise from tripping over the rug in the hallway.

    Plus it serves as a great ice breaker for that potential date of yours. Wink wink nudge nudge. :)

  6. Kitten Caboodle says:

    C’mon people – not a single The Big Lebowski line? For shame. You’re all grounded until you watch that movie enough times you can recite dialog when it’s so desperately called for.

    In all seriousness, that rug does belong in the bedroom. It really ties the room together.
    There, now I feel better.

  7. I like it in the bedroom. Perfect size for that space! And, I’m sure…one of these days…someone other than “just you” will be in the bedroom to see it. (Get you some, girl) ;-)
    Best, Kee

  8. Ella says:

    I think you have a consensus….bedroom yes, hallway no. The hallway needs something narrower for sure and, IMO, a little shorter. It’s a lovely carpet though. Enjoy it in your boudoir…you deserve it!!

  9. mickey says:

    the bedroom

  10. Janet says:

    Love it in the bedroom. Just be careful it doesn’t slip on those wooden floors. I don’t want you breaking a hip. Put a rug gripper under it and enjoy the peace it brings into you bedroom.

  11. Ev Wilcox says:

    Brenda and Chris both had good advice! I do like the bedroom placement. The tomato feeder is awesome! You are a wonderfully strange person, Karen! Your readers prob fit that description as well. Enjoy the rug!

  12. Mary W says:

    Bedroom! You deserve to have a fabulous rug to wiggle your toes on first thing in morning even if no one else in the world sees it – you do. And you are important enough. You will enjoy that rug so much like I do enjoy turning down my covers on my bed about an hour before I get in – just for me. I feel special and enjoy that feeling too much to give up the nightly routine – just for me. Honor your own soul and toes – keep it in the bedroom. To make the treat easier to give to yourself, tell yourself you will only keep it there for one week. Then commit to another week. It takes 10 days, so I’m told, to develop a new habit. Go for it.

  13. Jenifer says:

    OHMIGOD! I covet your floors!!! I want them…I long for them!!

    I completely understand why you don’t have rug…makes perfect sense!

  14. Maryanne says:

    My vote is for the rug to stay in the bedroom too (in case my vote matters :) Like it was mentioned by another poster, I think the hallway rug could/should be narrower – and maybe extend a bit past the doorframe to draw the eye your amazing dining room!

  15. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Ok, 3 thoughts (aka opinions) by me:
    1. the rug looks fab under your riding boots but the scale fits your bedroom better, imho
    2. if you trim the bottom off the basement door, might that tell the centipedes they’re welcome upstairs and then they’d be running around willy nilly?
    3. I can’t believe “sudo” made it past your spell check! lol

    • Catherine says:

      Ha. Sudo is a real word, just not correct for this situation.

      ‘Sudo, the one command to rule them all. It stands for “super user do!” Pronounced like “sue dough”’. You use it if you have a linux or unix computer. It’s too bad it doesn’t work in real life.

  16. Lori says:

    I love it in the bedroom…a special treat just for you…. By the way..we still haven’t heard about the date you mentioned several posts back!

  17. Bedroom, it is nice to step on when you first get up and it is all about you remember. In the hallway it will get dirty quickly and will have to be cleaned constantly, leading to you either throwing it out/getting rid of it or putting it in the bedroom where it belonged in the first place.

  18. susan Whelan says:

    I think the bedroom should be our own little fortress of solitude and it should be beautiful. Who cares if nobody else sees it, it’s beauty for our soul. I have spent a lifetime trying to achieve that beauty. And somewhere along the way, I picked up three dogs who have spent a lifetime trying to undo that beauty. But my soul is happy.

  19. Carol Hogan says:

    Definitely bedroom. I agree with the first comment. I am a kilim addict. Well, actually I am a rug addict. I have designed many a room around the perfect rug. Now that you’ve broken the ice, I think you will find the perfect runner for that hallway, along with very expensive perfect additions to your living room and dining room, which will also serve as cat barf magnets.

  20. Leisa says:

    I like it in the hall because you’ll see it more often. Last year at Christie’s there was a booth full of rugs and I bought three because they were so well priced. Love Christie’s!!!

    • Karen says:

      That booth is there every year Leisa. It’s where I got this rug. I look in that booth every year but haven’t been compelled to buy until now. ~ karen!

  21. Sandra Lea says:

    Yes, in the bedroom. And who cares if no one else sees it, you are the one that loves it.

  22. Monica says:

    Yeah, it’s been mentioned by others before, but that rug is beautiful and you don’t want heathens trampling it with wet shoes. You’ll only grow to hate your guests.

  23. Catherine Vosper says:

    Love it in the bedroom where it can be caressed by bare feet just out from under the covers rather than in the hall where it will be abused by dirty shoes just in from the outdoors.

    • Grammy says:

      This is the correct answer. Karen, please give Catherine a prize.

      Besides, as everyone else with any sense has stated, the rug is better-sized for the bedroom, and looks better there. It’s lovely and I big heart love it, too.

      As for it not being seen by as many people if it’s in your bedroom — who are you kidding? How many pictures of your bedroom have you published for all of us to see? Anything you put in your bedroom for decorative purposes will be seen by your not-insubstantial following right here. That’s by far more people than have ever seen my bedroom in my entire life, and I’m old and was single during the late ’60s and early ’70s.

  24. jaine kunst says:

    I wonder if there’s a robot that’s pops pineapple chunks in your mouth or lobster even, my 2 favorite foods. I love the rug. Size wise fits your bedroom better, but those beautiful colors look lovely in both places.

  25. Marilyn Meagher says:

    I big heart love it too

  26. Gail Dedrick says:

    The bedroom, definitely. You need something narrower for the hallway.

  27. Chris White says:

    So of course I had to Google the robot. He’s real. He’s really real! And designed to be worn while running a marathon?! I think the only proper way to decide on the rug location is to don the robot and jog in place on the rug in both locations…..

  28. Lillemor Sköld says:

    The Bedroom 😻 Absolutely love it in the bedroom ! Sooooo I think you just have to find someone to share bedroom and also rug with and then you will be off the egomaniachook for keeping it in there -yes ? Yes !

    • Karen says:

      Hahahah. I like my bed all to myself. I don’t need some man drooling and farting all over it. The last one practically ruined my linen sheets with his sweat. ~ karen!

  29. Thandi says:

    That rug. Dear gods. It’s gorgeous and it will be gorgeous wherever you put it. Although I am joining team bedroom here.

  30. Marna says:

    I love it, so cool, colors and all! Love it in the bedroom. The tomato robot is so funny!

  31. whitequeen96 says:

    Fits best in your bedroom AND keeps you feet from hitting the cold floor first thing in the morning. I think you need something longer and narrower in the hall.

  32. Sherry in Alaska says:

    Yeah. Looks much more at home in the bedroom. But it’s your house, do what you like. I mean feel perfectly free to cut off the door and then decide you like it best in the bedroom….
    On another note, I set my tomatoes out today (this is central Alaska and we did have frost warnings the last two nights) and I strung them up following your method. I think they’ll be great. Last year they were a mass of vines and too much confusion. Thanks for the suggestion and instructions!

  33. Kiki says:

    Amos must have messed with your head!?! Your English and punctuation has ALWAYS been exemplary! Something is amiss when I read this. Its either Amos…. or the wine?

    1) If you’re anything like me you’ve probably wondering how it is
    2) so it was a good chance still have fun at Christie’s with the

    • Karen says:

      Blech hate wine. Sometimes I’m not even all that fond of Amos … so I think we can only blame the errors on being overworked. ~ karen!

  34. Amber says:

    100% Bedroom! Ties in much nicer, and keeps the main floor open and easier to clean with guests!

    I’m lazy and enjoy my wood/tile main floor, as all I have to do it sweep and it’s done. Having to whip out a vacuum for a higher traffic small area sucks up my precious 3pm couch power-nap time while the kids spill Cheerios and play-doh.

  35. Judy says:

    Screw the rug, we want to hear about Amos. I can be nosy because I’m old and live vicariously through others. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The rug is neat, I always have to try something for a few days in a couple of places until I decide, also.

  36. Brenda says:

    Every morning you could carry/kick it out to the pseudo hall for the day and every evening …

  37. Isabella says:

    I’d give up all rugs if I could have that tomato robot as a Summer friend. ( I like it in your bedroom, the rug, not the robot) but my taste runs towards the bizarre so really never trust me.

  38. lynn says:

    Love the colours in your rug Karen. I personal like it best in your bedroom size wise it is perfect for there, your hall needs a narrower runnner just same colours..

  39. Alanna says:

    The Christie’s Antique Show posts are my favourite!

    I say leave it in your bedroom. Just for you. In the hallway, there’s a chance that some bugger will spill on it.

  40. Jennie Lee says:

    And it’s an ANTHROPOMORPHIC tomato feeding robot, too! Wow!

  41. Brandy says:

    do what makes your heart happy!!!

  42. Melissa Stinson says:

    I SO need a tomato thingy…I mean, come ON! How cool would that be??

  43. Melissa Stinson says:

    Unless…unless you can find another Turkish Kilm??? Then? Two rugs. Voila, a Home with Rugs (plural…as in more than one)

    You can do it, I have faith.

  44. Robert says:

    Well how selfish do you wanna be? I’m assuming it’s going to stay cleaner on your bedroom, it would be something only you would enjoy and could possibly be a lure to get someone to your bedroom because you “have this amazing rug in it!”
    Or it will get trampled every time someone gets in the house no matter how many hoos! and haas! you get as soon as you open the door

    • Teresa Platt says:

      I agree with Robert….keep the lovely thing where you can see it first and last thing and mostly only for YOUR feet…..or, maybe, the feet of a special guest but only if they are REALLY special…otherwise they can climb in the bed from the foot :)

    • I am literally crying laughing at the idea of Karen telling a suitor, “come into my bedroom… and check out my rug!”

  45. Helen says:

    yeah, first comment! The rug looks great in the hallway. Looking forward to seeing what else you bought….

  46. Chris says:

    Definitely in the bedroom. The hall needs something narrower and longer which will probably solve the door issue.
    And it will be tricky to spot the cat barf on that pattern – believe me.

    • Tina says:

      Yup, ITA! It looks at home in the bedroom, like it belongs. It’s just not the right size for the hallway. I don’t like rugs (or upholstery other than leather) because my cats and dog turn them into fluff.

    • Karen says:

      It’s already been barfed on, lol. Uch. I’m such a messy drunk. ;) ~ karen!

      • Kris says:

        You crack me up. I rarely laugh out loud but you catch me off guard. Bedroom, so you step on it when you get out of bed (or in it if there’s barf🙄)

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