8 great ways to incorporate a flat screen television into a room.

Without a doubt, without any bit of hesitation or yammering I can tell you that the most difficult decision I’ve had to make during this entire kitchen renovation is … where to put the stupid television.

I still hate where I put my television in the living room 2 years ago, so I can’t totally be trusted with this sort of thing.

I can’t decide if I want a big television, or a smaller one, should it be hidden, shown off, on the counter, on a wall?

I thought I had it all figured out. 3 times. 3 times I thought I knew exactly where the television should go and then some niggly little thought wormed its way into my brain and I reconsidered my decision.

I used hunks of cardboard and put them throughout the kitchen to see how I thought I liked them. Generally speaking I found I didn’t like hunks of cardboard anywhere.

You’d think that once televisions became ultra slim, flat, and only 3″ deep they’d be easier to deal with. But they’re still big black holes.

So I finally took to the Internet to see if I could come up with anything there.

I found a few things I liked and two definite possibilities, along with a bunch of other things that wouldn’t work for me, but were really interesting ways for incorporating flat screen televisions into your house or apartment.

Like this …

I don’t have any bookshelves in my kitchen, but I love this idea of putting a framed picture on a hinge that just opens up like door to reveal the TV.

The biggest issue I’ve always had with this sort of thing is that I’m not sure I’d ever be closing up the frame. I mean I guess I could close it up at night before I went to bed, but I’d probably be opening it up again the next morning.   So it seems kind of pointless for me.

This is another idea that won’t work for me but it’s brilliant and beautiful.    Black television?  Paint the wall black.  I love black walls to begin with and this gives me a reason to do it somewhere.  Which I might.  Mainly because it will divert my attention away from my current television dilemma.
black tv wall

Yet another idea I can’t use came to us from no other than Tricia Rose of Rough Linen! There I was browsing the Internet for interesting flat screen stands and up came a post from Remodelista.com gushing about Tricia’s DIY television easel.

700_diy-tv-easel-photo.jpg copy
See the full DIY here.

That post in turn led me to a slew of other TV easels.

tv-easel-axel copy



from Restoration Hardware


These were way too big for my modest sized kitchen. I mean I’m not Joan Collins. BUT … they gave me an idea.

I could use a small, tabletop easel to put my television on the counter.


CR1A copy This one is only $20 from Curry’s art supply store.


Or there’s this one that even has pull out drawers where you could put the remotes.
$50 from Curry’s

Both of these would work for me if I decide to put a small television on my counter in the corner, like this …

corner-tv copy

(no this is not my kitchen, and no that is not my Wolf stove)

I also looked into under cabinet televisions but they average about 8″ wide, so just large enough for a small family of moles to watch comfortably.   Then I discovered under cabinet television mounts!

4152wr438YL copy

from Amazon

With these you can turn any television into an under cabinet television that can be pushed up, out of the way whenever you want.

Another thing people seem to be doing, which would work really well for some people, is mounting their television on the inside of their cabinets, either leaving the doors on, or in some cases taking the doors off entirely.


from BH&G

Then there’s the option of using my big brick wall for a large television.

(please excuse the crap iPhone picture, and no … I haven not yet figured out the whole ceiling/wire/crown issue

and I just hung the wood pizza peel and 2 copper pots to see how I liked the idea of filling the wall with pots)


My brick wall is right across from my island (which you’ve seen tiny bits of in recent posts) but isn’t easily visible from any other part of my kitchen.  My sink is on the opposite wall so I’d have to turn my head completely around a la The Exorcist to see the television, and it’s also at a 90 degree angle from the rest of my counter.  So, 80% of the time I couldn’t see the television unless I made an effort.

But like my kitchen designer Carol Reed pointed out, it would look great on the brick, worked into a gallery wall.

gallery-wall-tv-disguised-as-artwork..from-lilac-and-grey-jpg copy

via House Revivals

f8c3845e7f2a copy

via DecorPad


via DecorPad

It’s a great idea and would look great but that wall could be used as a display for so many great things.  And I could change it up whenever I wanted to.  But not if I have a television in the middle of it.  But the television gallery wall would look great.  But so would copper pots.  But so would the television gallery wall.  But so would wood cutting boards and rolling pins.  But so would the television gallery wall.

Plus there’s the issue of wiring the television onto a brick wall.  If only I had a plug right there.  Oh wait.  I did.  In insisted my electrician, Dave remove it.

He said “Maybe you should leave this plug in case you ever need it“.

I said “NO.  Don’t be stupid.  I will never need a plug there.  I hate it. Remove it this instant.”

And so he did.

Regardless, I could work around that pesky problem if I ever did finally decide that I’d like a big flat screen television on that wall.  But I seem unable to make this decision.

So for the time being I’ll be in the living room, staring at a wall, holding a bucket of black paint.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I give up, OK, you want/need a TV in your kitchen.
    Many of my guests congregate in my kitchen. Would you be able to accommodate a comfy easy chair in there as well? I have one in my kitchen and love it.

  2. michelle romaniuk says:

    Do not put the tv on the counter, you need all the space you can get. Plus you will be cleaning the kitchen bits and grease from the screen (but then you might be a very clean cooker and not need to clean). I like the idea of the gallery wall surrounded by the objects of your desire……

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    No ideas for the TV but I love that brick wall..

  4. Barbie says:

    Admittedly I didn’t read “all” the comments today so if someone already suggested sorry for the repeat! ….but what about using your ipad in the kitchen? …and setting it up on a very small easel? We were going to buy my mom an under-mount tv for her kitchen until my sister said she just uses her ipad for the kitchen (gotta have dish I think) don’t know what the satellite deal is there for you in Canada.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve had pretty much every suggestion there is and yes, iPad was one of them. :) I can’t watch television on my iPad, and I’m looking for something larger as well. BIGGER is better. Except with feet. ~ karen

  5. Patti says:

    I have my kitchen tv on top of a free standing corner cabinet. Not the best place, but I really only listen to the tv when I’m working in the kitchen so it’s ok. However, if I had the counterspace I would definitely put it there so I could see it.

  6. Susan says:

    Wherever you put it, keep it away from heat. I cringed in looking at the photo of the TV in a cabinet ABOVE A WALL OVEN. That TV wouldn’t last very long. My personal preference would be a TV that folded up under the cabinet, that, when folded down, could tilt and swivel, but that’s based on the layout of my kitchen. If I recall correctly, your kitchen is sort of a straight line of cabinets along one wall, with the sink and stove within that wall of cabinets. So perhaps the right endmost wall (as you face the sink) would be a good place, with the TV on an arm that can be pulled out and swiveled so that you can also see it if you’re working at the island? If it’s important to not be able to see it, then build a little box around it that swings open to reveal it. If your refrigerator is in that location, then you could attach the box to the bottom of the cabinet adjacent to the refrigerator, and attach the swing arm to the back of the box. I also like the easel idea, especially as, if you change your mind, you can always use the easel elsewhere in the house for display.

  7. Kristin Ferguson says:

    I’m absolutely not asking this in a judgey way, but why do you want a TV in the kitchen? I find my eyes are always busy trying to make sure I don’t cut one of my fingers off or put the chopped onions into the creme brûlée custard. Or, rarely, they are busy briefly darting to my laptop to check a recipe. The kitchen, for me, is a room expressly designed for an iPod packed with fascinating podcasts, i.e. This American Life, Stuff You Should Know, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Maybe a little Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. But do tell what you watch on TV in the kitchen!

    • Karen says:

      Well, for instance, I was just in my kitchen doing a photo shoot for an upcoming post. It just so happens that I was doing it at noon when the news was on. I like to be able to have the news on and do my work at the same time. In terms of cooking, there are often days where I’m in the kitchen cooking for 8 hours. (See my tortellini series) This mainly happens on weekends of course, so it’s great to be able to settle into my 8 hours of cooking with a television. Also, during the evening if I’m watching television in the living room, I’ll often have it on in the kitchen as well, so if I run into the kitchen for something I don’t miss anything. And those are just the few reasons I can think of off the top of my head. :) ~ karen!

  8. DanaM says:

    Do you have a refrigerator yet? I’ve seen some that incorporate a tv into the door front. If that’s not an option, I would do a hybrid of the black paint and pot collage….picture a horizontal black stripe on the wall about the height of the tv so it blends in, with pots and kitchen items artfully arranged on the wall. This retained some of the crisp look of the white, hiding properties of the black and the art of the kitchen item displays. Of course you’ll have to get that outlet.

  9. Jeannie B says:

    What a dilemma! I have a small black and white TV on top of my fridge. It’s been there for over three decades. Only the fridge has changed. When I was making dinner, I could catch the news. But, I don’t think I can get anything on it anymore since TV went digital. Same as the little one in the bathroom. But it’s also a radio.
    Karen, what is that big screen on the Marilyn Dennis show? It often has seasonal scenes on it sometimes and is a great background?
    I heard today that if you eat your meals alone, you can now get a virtual partner on a screen, to dine with you. Invented by the Chinese I think. So you wouldn’t have to eat alone.

  10. janpartist says:

    I’m an artist and really think the cute little easel is a somewhat too over the top but if you get one definitely get the one with the drawer. I’m sorry but I agree with you that a TV is a must in my kitchen sometimes it’s a nice break to throw together a nice sandwich and grab a counter stool and munch while watching Nichole Curtis tear into a 100 yr old re-hab. My kitchen Tv is a smallish one that sits on it’s stand in the corner. I don’t really have all that much counter space but I never came up with a spot that sounded better-and besides if the TV wasn’t there I’d have some other kitchen gadget or flower pot or something else there anyway.

  11. kelliblue says:

    Karen, if you could turn TAODS into a television program (which, IMO, should be done in very short order) that would definitely give me a reason to put a TV in my kitchen!

    But first, I have to actually have a TV in the house to make that work…

  12. kate-v says:

    Well, other than a few pictures related to your kitchen renovation i.e. – a gentleman measuring what appears to be a counter space and the sight of your corner cabinet – sans doors or top – in a corner, I can’t remember seeing any pictures of your present in-progress kitchen – the one with at least some of the cabinets in place. It is hard to say where you’d want to put a TV without kinda having an idea of what gonna’ go where. You could put it where you can see it for now and just make a little cover for it – something like a pillowcase that opens across the lowest edge so you just drop it over the screen to keep it cleaner but still be very easy to lift off when you want to watch tv. you could maybe even have more that one little ‘pillow-case’ for your kitchen tv – use an antique (or retro) tea towel, or doily, or a picture of Walnut and Norma strutting their stuff, or a picture of your own home-grown poop shaped sweet potatoes, or…. My friend is a photographer and had some flower macros photos printed onto fabric which she made into a lovely handbag so you can get your pictures printed onto fabric to use for a tv cover that could be removed and it will take up almost no space at all.

  13. christine says:

    I must be missing something here – why have a TV in your kitchen?

  14. Ginny says:

    Why not do what a bunch of celebrities do? I’ve seen their bedrooms on TV (get your mind out of the gutter) where there is a piece of furniture at the foot of the bed. Press a button and up pops the TV. Press the button again and it disappears. You could switch it up and have it lower from the upper cabinet. Although, that would mean giving up a bit of space in the cabinets which for me wouldn’t work as I need all the space I can get! But I could see something like this working. Just a thought.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Why not combine the two ideas? Put your TV on the brick wall and instead of a picture gallery, make your pots, pans and cutting board your gallery. Do you have copper pots? They’d look amazing hung on a black brick wall. Just a thought.

    • Kat says:

      I think Stephanie’s idea is the best so far but will check back in later!

    • Pam'a says:

      As she already stated above, she’d have to crane her neck around like in The Exorcist to see the TV if it was on the brick wall.

      And, she wants a TV in her kitchen; none of you will talk her out of it!

      • Karen says:

        Thanks Pam’a. I’m not sure how my having a television in the kitchen has caused such a revolt, lol. Maybe people are confusing “television with” puppy mill.

        I’m a television host, I write for television, I write a website where I often include posts about what the best things to watch on television are AND I cook all the time (meaning I’m constantly in my kitchen). ~ karen!

  16. Korrine Johnson says:

    It seems to me that having the TV on the brick wall doesn’t work at all for you, except that it could look cool. It would be nice if it looked cool but you could also use it. I like the easel idea if you have the counter space for it.

  17. leslie says:

    There’s a pic of a Calgary kitchen remodel in Lynn’s post where they put a black TV on a black chalkboard wall- http://www.pinterest.com/ballardreno/how-to-hide-the-tv/
    THIS is brilliant and seems so you! Don’t you have just a piece of a wall somewhere that you could apply chalkboard paint to and stick your telly up there?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Leslie – It is very me! I’ve also had a chalkboard in my kitchen for 16 years so incorporating the two makes sense. :) But there really isn’t anywhere to do this. Not that would be convenient anyway. Looks great though! ~ karen

  18. I would love a big ass TV in my kitchen only because it is so warm in there with the floor heat. I would take my table out cuz no one ever sits at it and move my couches in there. Then I wouldn’t have far to go for snacks! I say go big or go home!!

  19. ~JackieVB says:

    Well I’ve been wiping down all the muck from the walls and cabinets in my kitchen to prep for painting.
    I didn’t realize it was that dirty till I started this, and I’m someone who at least wiped down the cabinets
    with some frequency. My point being that I don’t think you can escape the kitchen muck, no matter
    what you do so my vote is a small TV on a stand that you can move around to wherever you want it
    to be – which means it can be farther away when you’re cooking ‘mucky’ things. You could also have a
    ceiling hook/mount to have it up in a corner somewhere – although I don’t have any idea what type of hardware that would take.

  20. Ev says:

    If you put it on a cute little easel in the corner, you can always unplug and move it when you need that corner!

  21. Laura says:

    “When in doubt do without”. Do you accomplish more while multi-tasking or focusing? One more thing to clean in a forever being cleaned room.
    (Can you tell there is no tv in my kitchen?-No one would ever let me watch in peace, including my 4-legged friends, so hence goes the story.)

  22. Rachel Schindler says:

    I think you got lucky with your kitchen designer. I loved her idea. Can’t wait to see the reveal…

  23. Susan S says:

    If you have to turn or look up to see a tv don’t do it. Too many neck problems will occur. When we put the tv in the kitchen I placed a piece of cardboard the size of the tv all over the place too. We had to be able to se it from the kitchen prep side and where we eat (the tv is on a swivel wall mount). We moved that cardboard up and down while I stood and sat to get it to be the right height. We also bought a 22 inch tv and I wish we had got one bigger. Just saying….

  24. Lisa says:

    You could completely solve your issue by not putting a tv in your kitchen. If you’re having that much trouble figuring out where to put it, maybe that’s a sign you don’t really even want it!

  25. jainegayer says:

    My television is tucked away on the kitchen counter corner under the corner cupboard. It’s 18 inches from my sink and wherever I am in my kitchen (it’s a small kitchen) I can see it. I agree with you, I’ve had a TV in my kitchen for 20 yrs. and couldn’t imagine not having one in there. I would never just sit in my living room and watch the news but when the news is on in the kitchen while I’m puttering around in there, some of that news gets into my brain and I can converse somewhat intelligently with people.
    When my old box shaped TV dies, I am going to get a small flat screen TV and put it on an easel on the counter.

  26. Rose says:

    Take into consideration the pot lights spot lighting objects on the wall and casting shadows.
    My vote is an undercounter mount on the shelves by the stove. But it depends on how big a tv you have.

  27. Mel says:

    Oh dear! Don’t put a television in your kitchen. Cooking is enjoyable, enjoy the process of it instead of distracting yourself from it. I know you said that you have always had a tv in the kitchen, but I promise that you would get used to not having a tv in there pretty quickly. I know this because I debating canceling my cable for years. I didn’t know what I would do without it. Well after being cable free for two and a half years, I do not miss it unless the Olympics or Oscars are on. I know wonder how I could have had it droning on in the background for so many years of my life. So much better without it. Turn on some tunes and dance and cook. It’s so much fun!

  28. Irene says:

    Does it have to be a TV? Can’t it be a flat screen monitor wired to a computer that is not necessarily in the kitchen but in the room next door?
    The computer is so much more versatile, because you can have a software thingy that picks up TV (yes, I know, I’m a tech wizz), watch stored movies off of your hard-drive or USB port, play music, check out the internet…
    With a computer monitor, you can have a screen saver of your choice to avoid the black square of gloom when you aren’t watching; changing photos, a fish tank… whatever you choose.

    • Karen says:

      Nope. I want a television not a computer monitor. I’m don’t want to watch Netflix or Amazon. I want to watch the news and flip around to see what Lidia is cooking and what bad Hugh Grant movie is on if I want. Definitely television. ~ karen

      • Irene says:

        Ah! That’s why I said you can get a TV box, that turns your computer into a regular TV.
        That way, it being a computer, you get to turn the big black ugly into a pretty picture of your much yearned for SPRING, or a photo of your current drool worthy celebrity, or that amazing pic of your sister getting the fish foot treatment when you aren’t watching TV. Hehe!
        That actually was my main argument for a monitor, although I guess I didn’t make that clear. :-D

  29. Heather says:

    My house is 34 years old, but is brilliantly designed. The family room is adjacent to the kitchen, and there is a galley-style window opening on the shared wall. So I can happily be chopping away on the cutting board in my kitchen, and look through the “window” to watch the TV in the family room. Likewise, I can easily make snacks in the kitchen while watching a movie, without having to hit pause.
    I renovated my kitchen last year, and the cabinet maker asked if I’d be closing off that space so I’d have room for another cupboard. I answered “NO!” without hesitation.

  30. Fran says:

    It is difficult to decide. What about the digital box and all the wires? How do you hide that mess?

  31. Tigersmom says:

    Oh, and I have another opinion (surprise!). As far as hiding TVs goes, who are we kidding and who are we trying to impress? I think there is enough variety and quality in tv these days that the shame in having one is silly. They are part of our lives and I think most people who have them hidden by doors find that those doors rarely get closed.

    When the first flat tvs came out I thought that they should make them available with beautiful gilt frames (sorta like Margaret’s) and have images of fabulous paintings that you could have on the screen (like a motionless screen saver) whenever you weren’t watching it. They could even have a library of famous works for you to choose from the same way we choose ring tones for our phones.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. It’s not so much a shame thing, as the fact that these televisions are big and black. That makes them bossy in a room. If you walk into a room you spent a lot of thought or money into getting to look right, you don’t want the first thing everyone to notice to be the television. You want the whole room to be taken in as a whole. And big flat screens tend to hog all the attention. That’s why you want it to blend more than shout. ~ karen!

      • Tigersmom says:

        I never thought of you, specifically, as being ashamed of a visible television. You’re more of a shameless type in my eyes.

        And I agree with you, our big ass tv is bossy and hard to balance as far as decorating goes. And I can see where there is room for only so much bossy in one room. ; )

        Oh, and by the way, “Hello Pot, I’m Kettle, ” with regard to the bossy part. : D

  32. Tigersmom says:

    We removed the wall between our den and the kitchen and our big tv is on a wall that faces the kitchen. So, as far as help goes for you……..I got nuthin’.

    As far as opinions go however, I’m always stocked up. I think the easel with the remote drawers is totally worth fifty bucks. I like that it is portable so you can change the location or even just pivot it a bit so that you can see it from wherever you want.

  33. Gwennie says:

    My tv in the kitchen is inside one of the higher cabinets, which has doors I can shut (I think that has happened once in 8 years!). I like that it isn’t in the way, it doesn’t get splattered or accidentally knocked into. And I can see it from anywhere in the kitchen. It was a great decision when we gutted our kitchen.

  34. Cat says:

    Is it really a TV you want? Because nowadays, with Netflix and Amazon Prime, etc, a Tablet (such as an Ipad or Galaxy Tab, etc) might work just as well and would be much more versatile regarding placement with just a couple of command hooks…

  35. Louise Rea says:

    I’ve never understood TVs in kitchens, having never had one and no desire to do so…so I am going to be absolutely no help whatsoever. Maybe have it flipping down from the ceiling by remote with a fanfare?!

  36. Pam'a says:

    The easel’s cool-looking, but it’s another THING, meaning it’ll get schmutzy with kitchen gunk and have to be cleaned. And most TVs stand up on their own anyway…

    At first, I’d plop the thing on a bit of counter where it’s not too intrusive. Then, don’t waste another brain cell on it. Just try it for a while. Then make your final decision after you road test your new space. You’ll feel much more confident about what you decide, and in the meantime, your mind’s all freed up to contemplate that pot wall. Good luck!

  37. Debbie says:

    Love the counter easels. I must have a tv in the kitchen. I cook a lot, a lot, a lot and must have background noise in the form of human speech, which is why a tv wins out over speakers for music. Our tv has music channels, so I can go both ways if I really want to say, rock to the Golden Oldies (I will not reveal to which decade I refer).

    I love watching cooking shows when I’m cooking and I’ve been known to change a recipe midstream based on an ingredient from “Chopped”. One Thanksgiving I grabbed my muffin tins after seeing stuffing muffins made on Food Network. I also like forensic shows, but don’t change my recipes when they find dead bodies.

    I am often home alone when I cook and, while I think I am a good conversationalist, I have trouble having a conversation with myself as I always know what I am going to say. I used to be able to talk on the phone and cook, but since I became a Golden Oldie, I have to limit it to doing a dozen things at once. To add talking on the phone would make it a baker’s dozen, and unless I’m baking, that doesn’t work.

    Waiting for the big reveal!!!

    (I hope there are not typos, it is almost 3am.)

  38. Agnes says:

    TV over the fireplace is the worst idea ever..terrible angle since you have to strain your neck to view it.

    I really like the gallery wall idea. I don’t see why you can’t make it an ever changing gallery wall.

  39. Lynn says:

    Such a dilemma! I have a tv in my kitchen on the counter and it works great for me but I have acres of counter space. The living/family room is my problem. I hate the TV being front and center so I collected ideas and stuck them on a page. Haven’t decided what to do yet of course…. Maybe there is something there that will help you. http://www.pinterest.com/ballardreno/how-to-hide-the-tv/

  40. Rondina Muncy says:

    I have spent the last two years making this same decision. I inherited a kitchen that has a corner oven at a 45 degrees angle. They ran the new electrical behind the wall. Never buy a house with the over in the corner like that. Anyway, here is what I learned. First, the TV has to be easy to see from where you cook, prep, and wash dishes. Second, the TV has to be a SIZE that you can actually SEE from where you cook, prep, and wash dishes. Third, and this is very important—the TV has to be easy to see from where you cook, prep, and wash dishes. My kitchen is probably no more than 300 square feet. A good hundred of that is frig and two pantries. Yet, I moved the TV four times to find the ideal situation. (I hated it on the wall mount.) The little wedge of counter between the sink and the stove is where is landed. I just don’t use the left burners unless I shove it over. If it’s the holidays, no one is watching TV in the kitchen anyway, so I store it in the closet. It’s kind of nice because it has a wireless receiver and I pick up the whole shooting match and move it to the garage while I work on projects.

    • Karen says:

      I am waiting with great anticipation for the introduction of Fibe TV (wireless cable) to my town. Supposed to be some time this year. ~ k!

  41. Emily says:

    Well, if you want to watch TV in your kitchen, you probably shouldn’t put the TV where you can’t see it 80% of the time… no matter how good it looks over there. Because 80% of the time, you wouldn’t be able to see how good it looks there anyway.

    If you have the extra space in your upper cabinets, that seems like the best solution – you could put it on one of those extending / rotating TV mounts and it could pull forward out of the cabinet and rotate so you can see it better from wherever you are.

  42. Mother ship says:

    Much like Dana- you can make use of the reflection idea.
    I have this “hobby” of “noticing” the inside of people’s homes when I’m out walking. One day, years ago, there was one, otherwise cute, tiny beach shack that had the kitchen sink window facing the F-ugly trailer park to the back of the shack – one day I noticed they put a mirror covering that window -positioned at such an angle to take in the ocean view- I stopped in my tracks & stared!!!
    I quickly placed a huge mirror to the right of my sink – & my now teenage children STILL wonder how I know “who started it” in the living room. (Yeah – IF they did more dishes they might figure it out!) Bonus- I can see the living room tv while doing dishes.
    Maybe a well placed mirror or 2 would help make use of the brick wall…
    Without the outlets….
    If you want to commit …

  43. Pat Kichinko says:

    I vote for the easel on the kitchen counter. If you got tired of the TV there, you could put a photo or open, vintage cookbook there. We don’t have cable or Dish or channels, so I just use my laptop to watch Hulu or Netflix. I watch shows that have come and gone, but since I haven’t seen them, they’re “new” to me! So, no TV in the kitchen for me.

  44. Amy in Stl says:

    I’ll never understand wanting a tv in the kitchen. It’s like people who have to watch tv when they eat so their table has to have a tv positioned nearby. Eden I’m in the kitchen, I’m busy and can’t imagine having time to watch anything. However, that tv in the bathroom? I really want one in my bathroom! I just need to figure out where in my 1930s bathroom I can put one!

  45. Jane says:

    I love the easel idea if you have the room on your counter top. We have an old 20 inch TV sitting in a corner on our counter. It’s not that we sit in there to watch TV but it’s nice when you are cooking and you have your glass of wine with the TV on you can listen to the news, stay on top of the ball game, catch up on your soap, watch tomorrow’s weather report, or your favorite cooking show. I think we listen more than we watch. Point is, we like a TV in our kitchen.

    For the record, I love your brick wall and in my opinion you can do more exciting things with that wall than putting a TV on it. Just saying…

    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  46. Jamieson says:

    How about tv on the brick wall, painted black (the wall, not the tv).
    Or not paint the wall black but get a silver frame tv (mine is Sony), build your gallery wall around it and when not watching tv, keep a rotating gallery of artwork on display in the tv. Or the aquarium or fireplace channel. This way it’s not a big, black void. Or still on that wall but with doors that will open flush and not stick out when you’re watching tv, with something nice in them to look at when they’re open and something else on the outside of them to look at when closed. Or sliding doors over the tv, on a track, with something on them that’s nice to look at – like two picture frames that slide out of the way.

    And you could put a mirror in front of the sink so you can watch the tv in reflection. Hmmm maybe getting complicated now. But I don’t think you want to give up counter space. Does this count as a whole other post now?

  47. Karen says:

    Hi Valerie – I actually already have speakers in my kitchen. They’re wireless and also pot lights. They’re fantastic. https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/the-kitchen-renovation-the-high-tech-gadget-i-love/

    I’ve had a television in my kitchen my whole life and I very definitely know I want to keep one there. I think anyone who cooks a great deal and spends a lot of time in the kitchen would appreciate it. And of course, also someone who appreciates television, lol. I couldn’t live without a television in the kitchen!


    • Ev says:

      Tv in the kitchen is a must, kind of like the sink! For one thing, it seems like I am always in the kitchen from 6:30p to 7:00p, which is when I watch national news. I sorta like to know whats going on, you know, like when they are finally coming for us! I just want to watch the @#$%^&*news dammit, so must have kitchen TV!

  48. Valerie says:

    I once had a television in my kitchen. It was a burning desire of mine to have it there. I located it on a shelf above my microwave oven. Did I watch it frequently? No I did not. Many think they want a television in the kitchen but at the end of the day if you want to settle down to watch an hour or so of your favourite program, the kitchen is not the place for this to occur.
    Music yes, television, not so much. I would put up some white, small, high end stereo speakers. White speakers are difficult to source and may require that you paint them yourself.
    I have seen countless pictures of lovely living rooms and what is hanging above the cozy burning fireplace? A television. Not my cup of tea. Where ever your television ends up being located remember that you can, with patience, paint all the chords that drive that machine, to blend in with the walls behind.

    • Carole Moore says:

      i like the TV-on-the-easel and TV-on-the-wall with a grouping of art. For both of these ideas, there ought to be some way to have a “screen-saver” of a work of art so the TV appears to be a painting or photo when it’s off.

  49. dana says:

    I like the easel with the drawers but not for $50. I could think of 50 things to get before $50 for an easel. Oh & i am a tightwad. If u have a picture frame that opens I guarantee you will bonk your head. My 13″ tv in the kitchen is on top of a big free standing cupboard. I cant see it while standing at the stove so I look into the picture on the wall in front of me & the tv reflection shows in the glass. lol!! I also like the idea of the wall mounts for a tv. Its one of the things I like about being in the hospital. Haha!

    • Karen says:

      See? Now … you aren’t actually a tightwad. You would just choose to spend your $50 on something else. If you were truly a tightwad, you wouldn’t part with the $50 at all. ;) ~ karen!

  50. Ella says:

    I like the small easel on the counter top idea. When I saw the easel, I started thinking: for a kitchen, a cookbook holder might be neat. One of those wooden ones, to prop a little flat tv on… I suppose that would take up counter space.

    Thanks for all of the cool ideas!

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