Chicken Coop Inspiration

I lied to you.


I do not have any pictures or videos of chickens for you today. If you’re suffering from it, you can re-look at pictures from the day the chicks arrived.

I will however, have  them for you on Monday.

You’d be shocked at what a time suck baby chicks are.  I couldn’t get anything done this week what with looking at the chicks and cleaning up after the chicks and playing with the chick and feeding the chicks and cleaning up after the chicks and refreshing the chick’s water and cleaning up after the chicks and playing with the chicks.

It’s taken me all of 5 days to realize whatever kind of chicken coop I build … it has to be easy to clean.  That is priority #1.  Plus, it has to be aesthetically pleasing to me.  I do not want a chicken coop that looks like a miniature barn.  I want something that will blend with both my front and my back yard.

My backyard as you might remember is quite contemporary.  A few years ago I took it from  this …


To this …

You can see the whole process of me doing my backyard over here.

The front yard is a very traditional English country garden.


The side yard – where the chickens will be going – is literally, physically, in between the front and the back.  It consists of some slate flooring, a 7 foot high horizontal fence and the side of my house which is antique red brick.

So I’d like a chicken coop that’s kind of a combination of contemporary and country.

So far, this is what I have for inspiration.   Thanks to many of you for sending in some of the links!  If you click on the link beneath each picture it’ll bring you to the original source site with even more information on the coops.

I love how this one seems to float.  I also love their black chickens.

Architect Mitchell Snyder’s Modern Chicken Coop as seen in Dwell

Rustic chicken coop.  Perfect in this setting.

The Cadillac of Coops.  Every detail is well thought out and practical.

Heather Bullard’s perfect chicken coop.

Wow.  Just wow.

Frederik Roije’s Super Modern chicken coop.

This is a funny little brick hen hut.  If I had enough spare bricks, I love the idea of a brick chicken coop.  I love the rustic feel.

I don’t love that it looks like it’s probably filled with centipedes.  Which I assume the chickens would make short work of.

Rustic Brick Hen Hut

I love the sunken cedar shake roof and the window box on this chicken coop.

Hansel & Gretel type chicken coop on Backyard Chickens.

And everyone’s favourite … the Nogg.

The Nogg.

I have approximately 4 weeks to figure this out.  Wish me luck.  And feel free to weigh in.

Better yet … send plans.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lynne says:

    Oh, my gosh! I love your style. I laughed right out loud. Have you written a book? I will buy it.
    Congrats on you amazing coup!
    You are the bomb! I’m older and behind the times – it means you’re amazing in Canada :)

  2. Carol says:

    I know this is an old post, but I found your 2nd coop picture while googling chicken coops cedar shakes. I love it (and we have the cedar shakes!) So I used your picture in my post and credited it to your website. Thanks!

  3. celia says:

    WOW! those chicken coops are so cool! kinda makes you think to get chickens. hmmmm

  4. amy says:

    Hello! We must be living parallel lives :) We got chickens for the first time several weeks (months?) ago and just finished their coop. It does look a bit like a barn, attached to a barn like shed, but if you are interested, you can see it here:

    we’ve found the most difficult part is the water…we need to find something that hangs from the roof that will self water…

    • Karen says:

      Amy – I LOVE your coop. It looks like a rustic barn. What I don’t want is a a coop that’s a big, red painted thing with that funny octogonalish roof. Know what I mean? I actually don’t mind those either, but it would look ridiculous in my backyard. I know exactly the type of water feeder you need. It’s one of those metal bucket type dealys that hang on a chain. I just went on a tour of my friend’s chicken coop and he had them. Most feed stores carry them. Not sure how much they are. Good luck with your girls! ~ karen

  5. Matt says:

    Hi, we are a small design/build practice in Oakland CA and have some experimental coops:

    • Karen says:

      Matt – I just had a *very* quick look at your portfolio. WOW. It looks like exactly the sort of inspiration I’m looking for. I’m gonna go have a *real* look right now. Thanks! ~ karen

  6. FlagirlinTN says:

    I’d live in the first one! Love how modern #4 is. Wouldn’t consider #3 based on how weird that chicken is.

  7. Thera says:

    I love the Nogg personally, also something to consider, which I have read a few times, with our Ontario winters, they may need to be in the garage when its really really cold, so the Nogg looks the most movable to me.

  8. Pam'a says:

    Why am I even weighing in on this? Probably because, as the daughter of a veterinarian, I feel compelled to comment on anything animal-related, whether I know anything about it or not. So:

    IMHO, some amalgam of #1 and the ultra-modern seem the most like your style. And apparently, the only creature using Heather Bullard’s is a Boston Bull Terrier. I’m just *sure* this is helpful info.

  9. dana says:

    I love the idea of using a rustic material in a very modern design, and I have a feeling you will come up with your own very nifty chicken home.
    Whichever coop you design, you need this for the run:

    Take lots of photos of those little peeps–they grow up so fast! One minute you’ve got them under your wing, and before you know it they’ve stolen the car keys from your purse and are graffiti-ing the local Chic-Fil-A! Fine feathered friends indeed…

  10. Those chicken coops are nicer than my house. I go for Heather Bullards. Since I’m an expert, my name being Chicky and all, I definitely thing that’s your cluck-spot.
    I don’t know if you like reading, but ‘The Woefield Poultry Collective’ would be very appropriate reading right now.Its by Susan Juby. They build a chicken coop. I reviewed on my blog. (

    • Karen says:

      Chicky – Well then, the decision is made. The Heather Bullard coop it is. Maybe. :) I’ll go take a look at your review, then possibly the book! Thx. ~ karen

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