How All The Skin Peeled Off of My Feet. Home Pedicure Review.

So this was your basic horror show. I ordered Grace & Stella’s Dr. Pedicure from Amazon.  A home pedicure kit that promises all the skin on your feet will peel off.  Which sounds great until you actually witness all of the skin on your feet peeling off.


Product review. Not a sponsored post.


Skip right to how to use Dr. Pedicure.

Maybe, let’s go back to the beginning of all of this.  First of all, if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know my feet are horrible.  They are block shaped fists of meat on the end of my ankles. I have a bunion and they’re calloused and for the summer months they have the added delight of also being stained with ground in chicken crap.  It’s probably compost, but it started as chicken crap.

I am therefore on a constant quest to do what I can to make my feet less repulsive. Not presentable because that would require a foot transplant – I just want to get them to the point that if someone sees them they only stare in horror as opposed to barfing on the spot.

I use CeraVe as a moisturizer, a pumice stone regularly (this inexpensive, archaic tool actually works by the way) and even a battery operated sanding roller which I reviewed a few years ago.  I have used Shea butter, flown to Thailand to allow tiny fish to eat away at the dead skin on my feet and went to bed wearing wet socks.  I’m not sure why I did that last one.

And yet I still have rough, shield your eyes, feet.  All of the things I do help a little (some a lot) but if I let things slip I’m back to square one with my ankle fists.

So the home pedicure search continues. In November it led me to Amazon and Dr. Pedicure and the new Canadian company Grace and Stella.

I wasn’t entirely sure what a “Dr. Pedicure” was but the packaging did say USE THIS AND YOU’LL BE SHOWING YOUR FEET OFF so I figured I was headed in the right direction.

It turns out that Dr. Pedicure is a single use skin exfoliator for your feet.  The box contains 2 plastic booties filled with special, scientific gunk that you wear for an hour.  Then you just remove the booties, rinse the gunk and wait for your skin to naturally peel away several days later.

(It takes a few days for the gunk to work its magic.)

There were several warnings on the box about this not be appropriate for people with thin skin (Diabetes), those who are pregnant, nursing and a few other things.

WARNINGS??? omg this was going to be fantastic!

I put the booties on immediately and the horror show began.  But the good kind of horror show.

Home Pedicure with Dr. Pedicure

Day 1

  1. Apply the booties and secure with included red tape.


2. Sit for an hour while wearing booties.

I would advise you to put socks over your booties because they are a safety hazard of epic proportions. Slippery plastic booties filled with slippery, gooey gunk.

Just put the booties on, cover them with socks, sit back and relax.  It’s not as pleasant as it looks.  For the next hour you will feel as though your feet are trapped in 2 cold, dirty diapers.

3. Remove the booties and wash your feet.

Day 4

It has begun.  For days 2 and 3 my feet felt really dry.  On the evening of Day 4 I pulled my socks off inside out and noticed they were filled with bits of Kleenex. I figured I must have accidentally washed a wad of them when I did laundry and it ended up in my socks.


It wasn’t Kleenex on the inside of my socks.  It was skin.


Day 5

More peeling. More grossness.  I loved it.

The remarkable thing, which I never even thought of as I was wearing the booties is it made EVERYTHING on my feet peel.  The tips of my toes, the tops of my feet, my cuticles … every-thing.

Day 6

My feet were looking so good I thought I’d really take the look over the top and paint my toenails.

I was ready for sandals.  Obviously.


Day 7

At this point I was starting to think about charging admission.

You aren’t supposed to pick at or peel your skin and you’re only supposed to moisturize your feet a tiny bit if you really think you can’t stand it anymore. You’re just supposed to let the skin slough off naturally.  Which it did. In my socks, in my bed, on the carpet.

Every time I pulled on a pair of socks it sounded like I was breaking open a crusty loaf of bread.

At this point I started sending out pictures because the most fun thing about getting a cut, bruise or any other injury is showing it off to people.  The first picture went to Betty.

My mother went from a position of absolute horror to considering the possibility of using it as a home facial in 1.2 seconds.

Please do not use Dr. Pedicure as a home facial.  I don’t think they’d even recommend that in China.

Day 16

A little over 2 weeks into this experiment it seemed like the peeling was finally finished.

This is not a great picture. I get that.  But you can see my foot a little bit and you can see there are still dry bits.

However they are much better than they were at the beginning of this process.


Does Dr. Pedicure work to peel dead skin away in 2 weeks?  Yes it does.

Does Dr. Pedicure work as well as a real pedicure?  I’m on the fence on this one. It definitely gets rid of more dead skin that an aesthetician could, like in between your toes and the skin on the top of your foot. But my heels still needed a bit of smoothing after Dr. Pedicure with a pumice stone.

Is Dr. Pedicure safe? I’m not a doctor of feet or skin so I can’t really answer if it’s safe or not according to the packaging it is.

Main Ingredients in Dr. Pedicure

Water, Alcohol, isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid a bunch of other stuff, and then a LOT of plant based acids from fruit like oranges, apples and grapefruit.  

Those seem to be the main active ingredients, but it also includes a lot of plant extracts from sage, lemons, clematis, meadowsweet, horsetail herb, chamomile and other plants and flowers.  In fact it has 17 extracts in it.

The product is indeed made in China but is distributed by The Grace & Stella Company out of Vancouver and first appeared on Dragon’s Den.

Get Dr. Pedicure here in Canada.


Get Dr. Pedicure here in the U.S.

At $17 it’s cheaper than a box of barf bags.

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How All The Skin Peeled Off of My Feet. Home Pedicure Review.


  1. Jenny Durling says:

    My feet are pretty hideous. My left is actually worse than my right with cracked heels, callouses etc. I had pretty much the same results that you did. You need to repeat the process in about 2 weeks and it will take care of what’s left. I don’t do it often or regularly enough basically because I feel like a leper leaving skin all over the house for more than a week!

  2. Jacquie Gariano says:

    I’m very fortunate in that I don’t have dry foot skin. But I don’t go barefoot hardly ever and use Nivea After Shower lotion. I also get a pedi (to spoil myself) about every 6 weeks. I started laughing reading this and couldn’t stop. You are so good to share all this trauma with us. I agree, you can’t stop blogging ever. We need you and your blog in our lives to entertain, teach, and encourage us in life. Thanks so much.

  3. Paula Clark says:

    I use to have terrible feet too. My worst problem was dry cracked heels so bad that they bled. Then I started making and using my own soap and it was a miracle. No more cracked heels. I don’t know what else to contribute the healing of my heels. That’s been about 15 years ago and no cracks ever for me. I use lard, coconut oil and mostly olive oil in my soap. I should say my husband’s soap since he got such a kick out of making it for me once that he has taken over the “scientific” process.

  4. jen says:

    I’ve used Baby Foot, which I think is the same thing. Barring using a belt sander, nothing will take the 4-inch layer of callous of my heels, so I feel you. When I go for a pedicure, I tell the poor person to put their back in it when they’re sanding away delicately.

  5. Robin Carter says:

    Hi Karen!!
    You probably won’t get to my reply since you have sooo many on this topic, But…you can avoid all the work as well as drama by using “Nivea Moisturizing Body Wash” CVS & Walgreens seem to always have it. My feet were so rough I wore my sheets thin (like see thru) from my rough feet “sanding” a hole in them! This stuff is amazing I use it everytime I shower and wash my feet with it as well. It only took 2-3 showers until I have the softest feet and all over skin that I’ve ever had and that’s NO BS!! They also make an after shower lotion although I’ve never used it since the body wash does it all! Hopefully, you read this and try it And no I don’t own stock in the company ;)

  6. Tamatha Mavraides says:

    You really made me laugh. Ankle fists!!! Hahahahahaha. Feet are gross in general aren’t they? I read the whole article because I didn’t want to miss one funny remark. Plus bonus, I got details about this pedicure kit. Awesome!

  7. Lynn says:

    Chicken poop?

    I first saw your post when I was looking for how-tos for using floor leveler, and I think you were barefoot in that post, too.

    I joke that my feet aren’t Lynn colored until at least mid September when it gets too chilly to stay barefoot outside.

    The o’keefe’s someone mentioned is awesome. Supposedly henna is, too, which can be fun and is slightly less messy then skinning yourself alive for beauty.

  8. You’re hilarious.
    But, the dead skin on heels is killing me. I’m going to try this Dr. Pedi!

  9. Patricia says:

    I’m so glad you’ve found my favorite foot cure! My daughter told me about it, I use Baby Foot (I’m sure it’s similar) and love the results. I too used all the things that you used, and still had alligator hide feet. No more. First time I tried it, I repeated it two months later. I think it has also slowed my toenail fungus. I file them down thin with a battery powered dremel and apply oil nightly. Now I can wear sandals and feel like I won’t send others screaming from the room.

  10. Lesley says:

    That first pic made me shriek, which frightened the cat. Then I picked up the phone and booked a pedi for tomorrow.

  11. Elaine says:

    Thank you, Karen, for this … um, interesting post! 😊 I may actually give this a try but have written down some of the other suggestions from your readers.

    Have you, or any of your readers, tried the “mouthwash” remedy that’s on Pinterest? I keep meaning to try it but haven’t taken the time yet. Due to back problems and too many birthdays, I no longer can bend/twist to pumice away my callouses and am looking for an easy remedy!

    • Gayle M says:

      Yep. I do it now and then. Works, really helps. Be careful what color mouthwash you use–my feet were tinged blue. BUT, i did soak for quite a while that first time–watching a movie. Now i use the amber color.

    • Karen says:

      Mmmm, nope I haven’t even heard of the mouthwash remedy. But I can tell you most of what’s on Pinterest is suspicious, lol. Not ALL of it! But a lot of it. I’ll have a look though and possibly give it a shot! ~ karen

      • Shauna Nikolaus says:

        I’ve don’t the mouthwash remedy. It’s equal amounts of mouthwash and apple cider vinegar. Yes, for sure use the amber colored mouthwash. I get both at Dollar Tree, so very cheap. Soak for a good long time. Watching a movie is a good idea. Then scrub with a stiff brush and /or use a pumice stone. Nice soft feet and kills out the fungus that causes the cracking in the first place. Yes, it’s caused by fungus. I do it a couple times a year. Keeps the feet nice and healthy without worrying about a nightly regime of lotions or potions.

  12. Angel says:

    Feet ankle-fists. 😂
    Best description. EVER.

  13. Maggie says:

    Hi Karen, Now that your footsies are peeled and looking lovingly refreshed I thought I’d share a product that I really don’t understand why it works so well and how it’s so cheap: Mane ’n Tail Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy. It’s like $4.25 on Amazon. I thickly coat my feet before bed, put socks on top and that’s it. I have feet like yours that will bleed when my soles crack. This is the only thing I’ve found that works and it’s fast usually healing in 2-3 nights. A friend also told me never to pumice or use an emery board on my feel when dry, never wet. At least for my feet, she may be right. To pretty, pain-free feet, painted toes and summer sandals, thank you for your thoroughly entertaining thoughts and sharing of life’s experiences! You make laugh and smile in ways that brighten my days.

  14. Cathy red says:

    I wonder if I could use it on my callous. Not sure my feet could handle a full on exposure to this stuff. It’s likely the Glycolic Acid Doing the heavy lifting here. But I’m happy to hear I don’t have the jankiest feet on the planet. Let’s do a contest…everyone post photos! Who’s in??? Prize could be a box of this stuff, eh?

  15. K Hamilton says:

    I was looking at this and my husband walked in and said, “What the hell is that??!!!” Then I had to explain why I was looking at it. He now knows I’m nuts.

    • Karen says:

      I’m surprised he thinks you’re nuts and not me. Seems to me he’s directing his nutsness at the wrong person. ~ karen!

  16. SusanR says:

    Bag Balm. No need to peel off dead skin, no need to do it at night. I just slather it on the bottoms of my feet, or all over my feet if they look like they need it, put on socks, and go about my day. No matter how hard and cracked my heels have gotten, within a few days they are soft and smooth.

    When I lived in Hawaii, there was no need for it, as just walking in the sand once a week took care of polishing my feet and keeping the skin soft. But now that I live on the mainland, every winter there seems to come a time when I find a need to get out the Bag Balm.

  17. Suel says:

    Hey Karen!
    Thank you once again for being willing to share your “sole” with us. I’m having trouble typing this because I’m still laughing. I’ve worked in hospitality, food chemistry and now in the medical field and I’m thinking you’ve essentially tenderized your feet. All those plant acids & vinegar could tenderize a really tough cut of beef (not sure how that would taste). But don’t get any ideas about using your slow cooker as a foot spa…

  18. Addie says:

    I am right there with you on the dry feet. Tried just about everything. Then I saw those
    really thick, course, wide, black nail files that say, “for acrylic nails only”. mmmm I thought.
    Well, they work fantastic!!! In the summer I do it in the backyard. In the winter I just prop my foot over the toilet bowl and file away. Then I will put thick moisture cream on. Once you get it together under control, you only have to do it once a month!!!! When done just rinse it off the file and it last for over a year!!! I have tried the pumice stone and I did’t like doing the balancing act in the shower. The file method is easier!!!
    Also, on a side note, I have a separate one and use it to file my dogs nails. She will NOT let any clipper or grinder near her feet…but this she loves!!! A couple of swipes and she is good to go!!!

  19. Lynn says:

    Oh my thank goodness I didn’t have anything in my mouth when I started to read this one.
    Dry feet is a definite delema for my husband, sorry to say he can not use those kind of treatments. I will try to get him to use the Vaseline treatment though. He has always had trouble with his feet, an is always trying new creams and such.
    Thank you Karen and all your other readers for the helpful hints.

  20. Erin says:

    My feet get so dry and cracked in the summer, I’d scrape/sand/moisturize, to no avail. Then my Chinese godmother (yes) said “vinegar and glycerin”. 2/3 vingar to 1/3 glycerin. Mix, and apply to feet every night before bed. I was skeptical, as this is the same woman who thinks burnt toast is going to give me cancer (long story), and says that she got sick because she drank ice water (another story).

    But I shit you not, my feet that nothing worked on (from expensive creams to plain ol’ vaseline) were soft and smooth about 2 weeks later. Just from rubbing this mix on my feet.

    Worth a shot?

  21. Alena says:

    As I fed myself the first tablespoon of soup, I simoultaneously clicked this post. I looked at your peeling foot. Fortunately, I am the kind of person that is not easily disturbed by such images (I am laughing at the people posting on Dr. Pimple Popper’s posts “Don’t eat while watching this!!!’

    A while, a similar product (or maybe a few similar ones) were all the rage on Instagram. I was very interested because I have suffered from horribly dry feet with cracked heels already in young age (I was not even a teenager yet). At first, I was really intrigued to try it but the review were rather negative (I think they stated that it either did not work or that it kept peeling until their feet were really raw) so I never did.

  22. Christine says:

    I have great feet! It only took me 60 years to figure it out.Walmart sells a product called Dermal Therapy,you can get it in other stores but pay you will pay more.Once a week with socks,day or night.Sally Beauty sells a red foot file,buy the more expensive waterproof version and use it twice a week in the shower.My cracks are gone and my feet are as soft as a child’s!

  23. Amy in StL says:

    Every winter I do Baby Feet, it’s the same thing just with a different name. I love it, but I pick the skin off. That’s the best part.

  24. judy says:

    OH MY! My thought on this dilemma is your Karma has given you multitudinous talents-really awesome and awe inspiring- energy- wisdom and phenomenal skills-Karma gives and it gets back. Your give back is squirrely looking footsies. IMHO small price to pay-I’d take that bargain in a New York minute.

  25. Barb Dickson says:

    OMG Karen. This post should have come with a warning, “Don’t eat breakfast while reading this post” I nearly lost my egg and toast when I saw your peeling feet. It looked so painful. Seems like lots of people have the same problem, especially in the winter. Good luck and I love your humour.

  26. A Guy says:

    Even including of your feet, nice gams.

    My girlfriend bought a similar product for me last year and put a Korean version (TonyMoly Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes) in my Christmas stocking this year.

    I used the product last spring and it worked nicely. Basically, it made them look better. Granted, I was only looking for a “manly” level of improvement.

    There is only a partial listing of ingredients in English, but the most troubling thing on the package is the statement “can transform an average-looking woman into an attractive lady.”

    A Guy

  27. linda in illinois says:

    I watched a YouTube video on a product called “Babyfoot”… it was like your photos.. too funny girl.

  28. Patricia Jaroslawski says:

    Awesome post as usual.
    I use the Cereve cream specific for feet and it is the bomb but it’s really hard to find around here.

  29. Louise Knight says:

    Wow!! I have feet like you .. have tried creams, socks.. everything except this .. I go religiously every three weeks for a pedicure and still my feet are vile.. I have chickens and horses too and although I dont go barefoot outside .. I look like I do .. fabulous post anyway .. thanks 👍

  30. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Karen, you can never stop blogging! The world needs your sense of humor.

    • Karen says:

      I don’t know about that. I mean there’s Ellen and Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell and David Sedaris … I think you’d do just fine without me. I’m almost positive. But O.K. I’ll never stop blogging. ~ karen!

  31. Claire says:

    I’ve used it twice and it really does work. I wish all the skin came off at once though. I was in the shower a few days after the first time I used it and kept thinking, “What on earth is on the floor of the shower?” The water had gotten beneath the loose skin and it was like walking on balloons. The next few days were uncomfortable. Not because it hurt, there was never any pain, but the cracked skin kept catching on socks and sheets and shoes and it just felt weird and aggravating.

    But what I REALLY want to know is how on earth you manage not to pick the dead skin off??? That was the best part!

  32. Bonnie Gutierrez says:

    OMG, I am elated to hear that another human has Fred Flintstone feet! Not sure about trying this remedy, but for me, one thing is certain: a regular (daily/nightly) routine is the answer.

    Also, I have discovered that being a woman “of a certain age”, with stiffness from arthritis, makes it difficult to maintain pretty feet without getting regular professional pedicures.

    Karen, you have made my day with this one! I guess misery truly loves company plus you are really funny!

  33. LeeAnne Bloye says:

    This “pedicure” might not be in everyone’s budget but it sure worked for me.
    1. Fly to Florida.
    2. Get to Turner Beach (North side of Blind Pass)
    3. Put on Water shoes
    4. Walk/stroll for 1.5 hours to the North, go in and out of the surf looking for shells
    5. Walk back and (remove the shoes if you develop blisters).
    6. Go home.
    About two weeks later soak for a hour in the bath. You will see about 1/8 of an inch thick skin peel away in your bathtub.
    7. Use a pumice stone to remove it.
    8. Paint toenails and show off your Turner pedicure to everyone. You shoes will actually feel larger.

  34. Maria says:

    I thought several things reading your article.

    Yes, well, this is the woman with the frozen yogurt tampon.
    Yikes. She must sleep alone.
    I hope she washes her sheets. Yikes

    I also have dry cracked heels and I use a sanding block. Like the kind you use for wood working. I bought mine decades ago at the hardware store. I insert a quarter sheet of 180 grit sandpaper into the block and sand the dry skin off my feet followed by lotion. It works for me and the single sheet of sandpaper lasts for a year or more.


  35. Christina says:

    We have the same feet/ankle fists. The best thing I found to maintain soft skin is Gormel cream from Gordon laboratories. The magic is It has 20% urea in it. I know, sounds gross but it works. My physical therapist recommended it when she was treating my foot and was horrified at the cracking and callouses. Slough off the dead skin like you have and then use this cream on your feet over night…every night. It will do wonders for your ankle fists.

    • Karen says:

      Based on how many people have said they put “such and such” on their feet at night and then put on socks I’m guessing you could put just about anything moisturizing on your feet and it would work as long as you’re religious about doing it every single night. But that’s just a guess. My problem is I just won’t do it every night. I know that I won’t, lol. I might go as long as a couple of weeks, but then I’ll forget about it until my feet are barfy again. ~ karen!

  36. Bonnie Harris says:

    Dermal Therapy Heel Care Cream — I get the big tube at Costco because I have horribly dry skin on my feet too. If I put this on at night with a pair of socks to protect the sheets, my heel and other skin cracks heal up in a couple of nights. It’s better than Vaseline for really severe problems. Pumice helps too, as you say. I avoid salon pedicures now, have had bad luck with them nicking my cuticles and slicing too much skin off my heels.

  37. Alice Woody says:

    Hmmm….wonder if I can use this on my elbows! LOL. Not gonna, but I bet it would work!

  38. Carrie says:

    Not sure if I’m as brave as you to try the product Karen, but if my feet continue to look like my Dads (I’m barefoot all the time….winter or summer…hate shoes!) I just may give it a whirl.Karen
    You’re feet ain’t got nothing on me girl. So paint those nails and walk proudly. There are much worse things.
    My feet haven’t been puked on YET! LOL😅😅

  39. rebecca says:

    If the last picture was the final result. Try Baby Feet. It literally took off all that too. My feet were nearly squeaky they were so ‘baby’. Though the peeling can go on for up to 2 weeks.

    Love your narration. lol

  40. Sam Cowell says:

    You have a great nack for making people laugh. Holy cow in this article I was on-the-floor laughing so hard. You are a total crackup! I always know I’m going to be amused everyday when your new posts come in my mailbox. Thanks not only for the great advice but for such a wonderful sense of humor! I love it! Keep it up, it’s working!

  41. Rene Walkin says:

    Good old Vaseline and a pair of socks over night does the dryness trick! As it’s a byproduct of Petroleum, not sure how unhealthy it is but it sure works.

  42. Cyd says:

    Several years ago Howard Stern was on the air, yammering on about a product called “Baby Foot”, which, he said, was supposed to remove layers of foot skin, revealing skin as soft and new as a BABY’S FOOT. Sounds intetesting, I thought. I like having nice, soft, feet, I said to myself, and continied listening. He went on go describe what would happen. After It puts the lotion on Its feet, wraps them up in the deadly, slippery plastic, and waits the specified amount of time to let the lotion work its magic, It removes the wrapping (OK, now prepare to embrace the horror), and IT STEPS OUT OF A KIND OF “SKIN BOOTIE” OF WHAT WAS ONCE THE DRY, CALLOUSED SKIN ON ITS FEET! The newly revealed skin is soft like a baby’s and no longer calloused and rough like, well, MINE. Shown below is a YouTube link where a couple of gals use said product and don’t end up with a “skin bootie” but start to peel the “old” skin from their feet in what seems to be a competition to see who can peel off the biggest piece of skin from her own foot. Enjoy!

  43. Tina says:

    Ok, I have 2 comments…when I was pregnant with my first baby, I started bleeding and went into the hospital (4 states away from home while on a business trip). It turned out I had placenta problems and needed to stay in bed, with my feet tied to the end of the bed and up in the air. When they’d untie my feet, I’d slip into a lump at the head of the bed.

    So after 4 1/2 months of this, I gave birth. Meanwhile my feet hadn’t touched ground in 4 1/2 months. The nurses had been washing them and motioning them but it never occurred to me that they would be like a baby’s feet! They were so soft and puffy and round that I had trouble standing up on them!

    My foot routine now is that I take my shower every night, wash my feet and then coat them in a couple of good squirts of Codi Lotion (find it at amazon or Walmart). Then I wrap my feet into a linen sheet and tuck them into bed to soak up the Codi. In the morning my feet are soft and ready to go!

  44. Jennifer says:

    I used to have rough feet but then I found Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I use it every night before bed and every morning, and I no longer have rough feet. It’s not an overnight solution; took about two weeks for the roughness to go away but now I don’t have dry cracking feet. I don’t have to do anything special to maintain it either. So no filing or scrubbing.

  45. Cynthia says:

    Hmmm- I have coated my feet in Vaseline, wrapped them in plastic wrap, put on socks, went to bed and the next morning my feet absorbed the goo and I had soft feet. The dead skin just rolled off. This worked for me but I must say Karen, your case of “good grief! ” feet might be a bit of a challenge. Maybe one day you can figure out how to get good looking knees! I sure could use some ideas😁 You’re a hoot. Enjoy your humor.

  46. Debbie says:

    I see your email come through as I am doing homework for my Master Gardener program. I had been looking at pictures of scale, gall, and how to prune trees and then see your feet. YIKES! You poor thing! That looks painful! Especially if the skin catches on socks, stockings, bed sheets, etc. They do look better in the end, but I am not sure the end is worth the means.

    BTW, quickly get O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet in the blue round jar thing (not in the tube). That stuff is great and will work wonders if you use it daily. (And no, I don’t work for them or own stock in their company). Really helps to keep my toe nails from splitting due to dryness and keeps my heals from cracking.

    • Sabina says:

      Thanks for that product tip Debbie, in the past few years one of my big toes has decided to split sometimes vertically, sometimes horizontally. Just when I think I’ve got it under control it splits. I’ve tried rubbing vitamin e, eucerin cream, bio oil, even olive oil, hydrating polish, nail strengthener polish, non-acetone remover, but it all seems temporary. I only paint my toenails in the summer but I’ve even stopped doing that figuring the polish and subsequent remover contributes to the problem. Nothing is helping so I am going to try O’Keefe’s!

      • Pegg Macko says:

        Yes, try O’Keefe’s. I use their working hands (because my hands are so dry from being in water cleaning houses all day) and I love that product. I probably should be using the foot stuff too!

    • Karen says:

      It didn’t hurt at all, it was just gross to put socks on with all that dry skin. All the scratching and catching as I pulled them on. bleh. ~ karen!

    • PMMK says:

      Kudos to you, Karen, for bringing this topic up. It ain’t pretty but it’s important.

      From one Master Gardener in Training to another, Debbie, O’Keefe’s is the way to go. I started using it about 3 years ago and got the Handsome-Man-Unit onto it too.

      About three or four years ago, while fumbling for change with my uber chapped hands that had ceased being able to grip anything, I dropped coins into the O’Keefe’s display at Home Hardware. I asked the ladies at counter if that stuff really works. They said it’s all they ever use and showed me hands that should have been a mess but weren’t. I then asked what if it doesn’t work on me or I don’t like it. They said bring it back and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. Promise. Now we have little green pucks all over the house and in our vehicles.

      When my ankles started cracking and bleeding from boot chafing I went and got the blue one for feet. Again, the best I have ever used.

      That said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep those feet exfoliated once you get the worst of it off and keep it off. As we age this becomes more and more important.

      My pedicurist says to put the plug in the drain every time you shower to get any dried skin softened and then scrape with a dull blade or the edge of a spoon (you don’t want to cut yourself) and then, when drying, rub like mad with a rough towel or washcloth. Heels, tips of toes, between the toes, cuticles – everything – till completely dry and no more loose skin comes off. Every single time. Then, rub in a small amount of O’Keefe’s.

      See The Meticulous Manicurist on YouTube for examples of why you don’t want to let chapped feet get the better of you. Ugh!!

  47. TucsonPatty says:

    The owner of my salon sells something like this and everyone talks about their baby feet! The nail techs won’t let me try it because I “…already have baby feet.” They say it is because I always wear shoes – always. Except when I shower. I have had so many surgeries, I can no longer walk barefooted except on carpet, which I don’t really have in my house – only two area rugs. They swear by it. (You could do it again just on your heels, if you saved any of the acidy gunky stuff.) Isn’t science wonderful!?
    Aren’t feet wonderful – no matter how they look!

    • Cathy Reeves says:

      Patty, how many? Let’s compare…I’m up to 3 on the Rt,2 on the Lt. and now I have floppy toes and a space that make my footprint look like I have a webbed foot!🤪

  48. Donna says:

    this product looks like something Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee) would like. I wonder what she would think about it?

  49. Edith says:

    OMG… You made me laugh out loud. Not sure I’ll try this but it seems to work. Your mom is a hoot.

  50. mia pratt says:

    You are brave; for me that’s way too much skin to lose without the involvement of a plastic surgeon and some anesthesia! Which is why we love you, of course! 😁

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