How All The Skin Peeled Off of My Feet. Home Pedicure Review.

So this was your basic horror show. I ordered Grace & Stella’s Dr. Pedicure from Amazon.  A home pedicure kit that promises all the skin on your feet will peel off.  Which sounds great until you actually witness all of the skin on your feet peeling off.


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Maybe, let’s go back to the beginning of all of this.  First of all, if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know my feet are horrible.  They are block shaped fists of meat on the end of my ankles. I have a bunion and they’re calloused and for the summer months they have the added delight of also being stained with ground in chicken crap.  It’s probably compost, but it started as chicken crap.

I am therefore on a constant quest to do what I can to make my feet less repulsive. Not presentable because that would require a foot transplant – I just want to get them to the point that if someone sees them they only stare in horror as opposed to barfing on the spot.

I use CeraVe as a moisturizer, a pumice stone regularly (this inexpensive, archaic tool actually works by the way) and even a battery operated sanding roller which I reviewed a few years ago.  I have used Shea butter, flown to Thailand to allow tiny fish to eat away at the dead skin on my feet and went to bed wearing wet socks.  I’m not sure why I did that last one.

And yet I still have rough, shield your eyes, feet.  All of the things I do help a little (some a lot) but if I let things slip I’m back to square one with my ankle fists.

So the home pedicure search continues. In November it led me to Amazon and Dr. Pedicure and the new Canadian company Grace and Stella.

I wasn’t entirely sure what a “Dr. Pedicure” was but the packaging did say USE THIS AND YOU’LL BE SHOWING YOUR FEET OFF so I figured I was headed in the right direction.

It turns out that Dr. Pedicure is a single use skin exfoliator for your feet.  The box contains 2 plastic booties filled with special, scientific gunk that you wear for an hour.  Then you just remove the booties, rinse the gunk and wait for your skin to naturally peel away several days later.

(It takes a few days for the gunk to work its magic.)

There were several warnings on the box about this not be appropriate for people with thin skin (Diabetes), those who are pregnant, nursing and a few other things.

WARNINGS??? omg this was going to be fantastic!

I put the booties on immediately and the horror show began.  But the good kind of horror show.

Home Pedicure with Dr. Pedicure

Day 1

  1. Apply the booties and secure with included red tape.


2. Sit for an hour while wearing booties.

I would advise you to put socks over your booties because they are a safety hazard of epic proportions. Slippery plastic booties filled with slippery, gooey gunk.

Just put the booties on, cover them with socks, sit back and relax.  It’s not as pleasant as it looks.  For the next hour you will feel as though your feet are trapped in 2 cold, dirty diapers.

3. Remove the booties and wash your feet.

Day 4

It has begun.  For days 2 and 3 my feet felt really dry.  On the evening of Day 4 I pulled my socks off inside out and noticed they were filled with bits of Kleenex. I figured I must have accidentally washed a wad of them when I did laundry and it ended up in my socks.


It wasn’t Kleenex on the inside of my socks.  It was skin.


Day 5

More peeling. More grossness.  I loved it.

The remarkable thing, which I never even thought of as I was wearing the booties is it made EVERYTHING on my feet peel.  The tips of my toes, the tops of my feet, my cuticles … every-thing.

Day 6

My feet were looking so good I thought I’d really take the look over the top and paint my toenails.

I was ready for sandals.  Obviously.


Day 7

At this point I was starting to think about charging admission.

You aren’t supposed to pick at or peel your skin and you’re only supposed to moisturize your feet a tiny bit if you really think you can’t stand it anymore. You’re just supposed to let the skin slough off naturally.  Which it did. In my socks, in my bed, on the carpet.

Every time I pulled on a pair of socks it sounded like I was breaking open a crusty loaf of bread.

At this point I started sending out pictures because the most fun thing about getting a cut, bruise or any other injury is showing it off to people.  The first picture went to Betty.

My mother went from a position of absolute horror to considering the possibility of using it as a home facial in 1.2 seconds.

Please do not use Dr. Pedicure as a home facial.  I don’t think they’d even recommend that in China.

Day 16

A little over 2 weeks into this experiment it seemed like the peeling was finally finished.

This is not a great picture. I get that.  But you can see my foot a little bit and you can see there are still dry bits.

However they are much better than they were at the beginning of this process.


Does Dr. Pedicure work to peel dead skin away in 2 weeks?  Yes it does.

Does Dr. Pedicure work as well as a real pedicure?  I’m on the fence on this one. It definitely gets rid of more dead skin that an aesthetician could, like in between your toes and the skin on the top of your foot. But my heels still needed a bit of smoothing after Dr. Pedicure with a pumice stone.

Is Dr. Pedicure safe? I’m not a doctor of feet or skin so I can’t really answer if it’s safe or not according to the packaging it is.

Main Ingredients in Dr. Pedicure

Water, Alcohol, isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid a bunch of other stuff, and then a LOT of plant based acids from fruit like oranges, apples and grapefruit.  

Those seem to be the main active ingredients, but it also includes a lot of plant extracts from sage, lemons, clematis, meadowsweet, horsetail herb, chamomile and other plants and flowers.  In fact it has 17 extracts in it.

The product is indeed made in China but is distributed by The Grace & Stella Company out of Vancouver and first appeared on Dragon’s Den.

Get Dr. Pedicure here in Canada.


Get Dr. Pedicure here in the U.S.

At $17 it’s cheaper than a box of barf bags.

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How All The Skin Peeled Off of My Feet. Home Pedicure Review.