Halloween Candy Ideas: Unique & Faves.

You’re not the average dullard on your street and the Halloween candy you hand out doesn’t have to be either. It can be as interesting as you are. Sure chocolate and chips are GREAT but if you want to stand out from the crowd I’ve compiled a list of some really good Halloween candy ideas.

Every year for Halloween I try to get the kids something a tiny bit different in terms of their candy.  Because I’m a tiny bit different.

When I was a kid all we got were Rockets and Kraft caramels.  And in fact, a lot of houses didn’t even give out “Kraft” caramels … they gave out no name caramels that were definitely used as inexpensive tooth extractors in third world countries.

If we got a teeny, tiny Coffee Crisp thrown into our pillow cases it was like hitting pay dirt.  Something to be squirrelled away or mashed into your mouth immediately, depending on what type of kid you were.  I was a squirreller.  Still am.

One year when I was rolling in the money I gave out full sized chocolate bars.  Another year it was Pringles as opposed to regular bags of potato chips (because Pringles are my favourite and that was back in the day when I could eat all the leftover Halloween candy if I wanted to.)

I’ve handed out mini cans of Play Doh, fortune cookies and those chocolates from Costco that are so, so good.

These days when I peek into the specially made, store bought, pumpkin stencilled, light up, ergonomically correct Halloween bags the kids are carrying around, all I see are chips and chocolate bars.  Chocolate bars and chips.

Only getting 2 different items in your Halloween bag makes sitting on the living room rug in your jammies, separating all of your goods kind of anticlimactic.  

2 piles does not a good Halloween make.  In my opinion anyway.

Sure they can separate the types of chocolate and chips but honestly. Is this what the world is coming to?  A world where kids don’t even have a BAD candy pile???

So if you’re looking to give out something a bit different (but GOOD!) this year I have a list for you.

Halloween Candy Ideas

Most (but not all) of these things ring it at around .50 per item.

  1. CANS OF SOUP – no seriously. Give them a choice between the regular candy and a can of soup. There WILL be kids who think this choice is GREAT.
  4. COTTON CANDY – so um, I bought this Cotton Candy machine during the trying times of COVID.
  5. SLIME – (Canadian link)
  6. HOT CHOCOLATE PACKETS – (Canadian link)
  8. GLOW-IN-THE-DARK BRACELETS – (Canadian link)
  9. PLAY DOH – (Canadian link)
  10. RAMEN NOODLES – (Canadian link)
  11. MICROWAVE POPCORN – (Canadian link)
  12. STICK ON TATTOOS (Canadian link)
  13. POP TARTS – (Canadian link)
  14. FORTUNE FISH – (Canadian link)
  15. HONEY STICKS – (Canadian link)

If I haven’t convinced you to move out of your candy comfort zone with those things and you’re determined to hand out something more traditional then take a look below at the list of typical Halloween candy listed in order of preference.

In the study that came up with these results, 1002 kids from ages 8-17 were asked what their favourite Halloween candy was.

According to the study on kid’s favourite Halloween candy you can’t go wrong with the classics.

The Best Halloween Candy

According to kids (who really don’t know much of anything because they’re kids) in order of preference.

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Snickers
  3. Twix
  4. Kit Kat
  5. M&Ms
  6. Nerds
  7. Butterfinger
  8. Sour Patch Kids
  9. Skittle
  10. Hershey bar
  11. Nestle Crunch
  12. Milky Way
  13. Starburst
  14. Smarties
  15. Candy Corn
  16. Tootsie Roll

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a blogger and part of my job as a blogger is to stay up to date on trends. And this year it looks like this Halloween thing is trending BIG as we all try to make up for the lost year.

The year that wasn’t.

The year that was a dullard.

But also the year I bought a full sized professional cotton candy machine and 10 flavours of floss sugar.

So last year wasn’t all bad, but there were a few sticky situations for sure.

Halloween Candy Ideas: Unique & Faves.


  1. Amie in Guelph says:

    Our neighbour does beer or cider for the parents. Our street is a hit ;)

  2. Marsha Marcarian says:

    Waaaay back in the early 1960s, I finished off my Easter basket before breakfast one year. So I just don’t « get » having any leftover candy! ALL your suggestions are great. LOVE Coffee Crisp. The States don’t know what they’re missing!

  3. Ginger says:

    I had an abundance of toothbrushes and tiny toothpaste on my hands and decided to offer them or candy one year. I was amazed that they all disappeared and I was the one with a bag of candy at the end of the night! I love your blog, Karen. No better entertainment than your resourceful creativity and wit.

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