I own backyard chickens!

Somebody … slap a pinafore on me and grab me a bonnet!  I’m one step closer to becoming Laura Ingalls.

I own backyard chickens!  I get all the fun and none of the Nelly Olsen.  It’s perfect!

When I got my chicks one week ago they looked like this.  Soft and cute and teeny tiny.

One week later they look like this.  Soft and cute and not quite so teeny tiny.

All 6 of them just barely fit in the box now.

This little fellow …

Looks like this after one week …

And the chick with the cute bum?

Her/his bum now looks like this.

This this little puffball …

Is now this little puffball  …

Don’t get your feathers ruffled in a knot, the chicks aren’t living in a cardboard container or an egg carton.  They’re roaming freely in the most luxurious of plywood boxes.  They also have their own warming light.   We hitched a good lookin’ kit up together  in about 5 minutes the day they came home.

First I had to rip into my potting shed which is always so smashed full of stuff I have to clean it 3 times a year for the sole purpose of keeping the producers from Hoarders off my back.

In just a few moments I managed to get a spot open on the windowsill.  Ya know.  An appropriate spot.  Right under the fishing rods and right beside the chop saw.



If you’re thinking of getting chickens also plan on getting snacks.  And beverages.  You see, the second you get chickens you get visitors.  And lots of ’em.  Most of them don’t think to bring their own refreshments.  And at least one of them will ask when the chickens will be ready to eat.  Then they’ll laugh hysterically at their own joke.  Guaranteed.


You should also get a picture of everyone with the chickens when they first come home because they’re only those fluffy little chicks for a couple of days. If you miss that small window of opportunity for picture taking you’ll be forced to get more chicks.  And thusly more snacks.  It’s a vicious cycle.  And a cruel one if you happen to choose to get Chicken McNuggets for snacks.


My niece

And a final warning for anyone thinking of getting chickens … chickens are also a time suck. You’ll spend more time watching them sleep than you’ll spend sleeping yourself. Somehow, that’s O.K.


Now if you’ll excuse me I have a bonnet fitting I don’t want to be late for. And Pa always taught me never to be late.  He also taught me that Nelly Olsen is a self entitled bitch and I was allowed to punch her if I wanted to as long as no one was looking.  Oh wait … no … that’s something my real father would have said.  Nevermind.


  1. Shanelle says:

    I’ve been driving my boyfriend crazy with requests for a puppy. To the point where he would dream of me surrounded by puppies and wake up screaming…(that’s how I knew it was working!).

    Two days ago he came home with two chicks in a cardboard box. They are about a week old and are the cutest things ever. I am completely smitten <3

    We are currently designing the coop! Its terribly exciting.
    I've read what you said about getting at least four chickens, so will drop that bomb tonight…

    I love your articles. Keep up the great writing!

    • Karen says:

      THanks Shanelle! Yes, for one thing one of those chicks might be a rooster! And then you’re out of luck because you’ll only have one hen which really isn’t nice for the hen because they’re so social. It’s hard when you’re getting chicks and not pullets because you don’t know what you have until they’re almost grown! Have fun! You’ll love them. ~ karen

  2. Art Shady says:

    Everything is a time suck, it’s time better spent I think than playing video games, watching soaps, etc. It’s just a matter of what’s important and prioritizing your time. That’s all a schedule is. I think you are spending your time wisely, but I am still an armature chicken owner. That’s why I am here. :-)

  3. Just me says:

    I’d never have guessed that watching somebody else’s chicks would be as entertaining as watching my own chicks videos, but I had to watch to the very end, hoping my hand would find my coffee on its own, so I didn’t miss anything! LOL

  4. Roselyn says:

    Love the nap time video!! Makes me want to break my promise to myself and have a clandestine hatch now instead of waiting for spring. Thanks for the smile, Roselyn

  5. Marshall says:

    I just found your blog and love it! I too have backyard chickens (Ezmarelda, Lady Kathleen and Tillie) and have just recently started getting eggs! What fun! We are having such a blast with these three that there is talk of adding two more (Bourbon and Terryaki – proposed names).

    Keep up the chicken updates!


    • Karen says:

      Thanks Marshall! I’m just listening to the girls scream right now. I’m not cleavering them. Two of them just want in the nesting box at the same time and are having a screaming match over it. ~ k!

  6. I am so jealous! I want some fluffy little balls of chickeny love myself. But there is a town ordinance against them . PTttht.

    • Karen says:

      Jenn – Um … heh heh. Yup. You wouldn’t want to go against a town ordinance. That’s be stupid. Heh. Um … nevermind. ~ karen

  7. Ryan says:

    Those are some cute lil fellas. I’m getting some chickens this summer if everything goes well. I just picked up a few books on how to raise chickens and now I just have to figure out how to build a coop.

  8. Annie says:

    They are so cute! I stopped by here after seeing you at The Nester…it’s one of the first times someone’s writing has so tightly grabbed my attention! I’m a new follower! :)

    • Karen says:

      Annie! Thanks for the writing compliment. I love writing. And I love my chicks. They’re only 2 weeks old now and they’re already getting to be like disgruntled teens. LOL. I’ll be updated about once a week about them. ~ karen

  9. Christina says:

    What if they are all boys? Or what if the one with the cute bum is a boy?! Or what if the little puffball is a boy?!


    • Karen says:

      Christina! Hah! I can’t keep the boys. The boys are bullies and they’re LOUD. They do that whole cock-a-doodle-do thing at 4:30 a.m. The neighbours 10 feet away from the chicken coop probably wouldn’t care for that. And then they might try to burn my house down. So … no roosters. :( And you’re right! Technically they could all turn out to be boys! However, I’ve already found a good home for all the chickens I can’t keep, so that gives me some peace of mind. I hope it gives you peace of mind too. ~ karen

  10. Micol says:

    Hi karen,
    What about the cats?
    Have they show some interest?
    Hugs from italy

    • Karen says:

      Hi Micol! Thanks for the hug. :) My cats are indoor cats so they won’t get a chance to get at the chickens. The chickens are outside in a warming pen in my potting shed at the moment. The only time they’ve seen the chicks is when I bring them in for 5 minutes or so to take pictures of them. So far so good anyway. ~ karen

  11. Carol-Anne says:

    More coops for your viewing pleasure; http://www.backyardchickens.com/chicken-coop-small.html

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