The Kitchen Hardware Cabinet is Officially Filled & Organized.

After a week of organizing, tearing apart and reorganizing, my kitchen hardware cabinet drawers are finally filled with stuff.  Finally somewhere to keep my … lawnmower sharpening kit?

I am slowly becoming an organized person. There have always been bits of my life that are incredibly organized (my freezer,  my dresser drawers, my collection of bobby pins which I cleverly keep in between the cushions of my sofa).  As a whole though, my organizing never feels completely organized. 

My new(ish) kitchen hardware cabinet has forced me into becoming hyper-organized because if I wasn’t, I’d never be able to find anything in the more than 50 drawers.  I spent a WEEK a little while ago organizing my dining room bookcase cubbies, my dining room cupboard and … filling my hardware cabinet. 

It all started with going through my dining room cupboards, which is where I keep a LOT of stuff.  It’s really my only storage area on the main floor so everything from Sous Vide machines to staplers are stored in the cupboards. 

I pulled everything out and and organized it by what it was. So tape in one pile, picture hanging things, flower vials and frogs, scissors … everything got organized by what it was.  All of the “smalls” (things that would fit in my tiny drawers, came out of the dining room and into the kitchen cabinet. And then, that freed up a lot of room in my large dining room cupboards for the big stuff like candlesticks, flower vases and wrapping paper. 

The organizing then seeped into the kitchen where I was able to move my baking supplies and utensils into the hardware cabinet, making room in my cupboards for all my small kitchen appliances. 

What’s in the hardware cabinet and how did I organize it?

The Dymo label maker for the win.  


I filled my drawers and labelled the sides of them so I could quickly pull them out and know what’s inside. Most of the drawers are above my eye level so this was important. 

I’m now on the hunt for a nice, antique clipboard to hang on the side of the cabinet where I’ll keep a comprehensive list of the drawers and contents.


About half the drawers are full, which is perfect because that gives me room for adding new stuff to them over the years.  Months.  Weeks.  Days. Probably the next few hours. 

The bottom drawers are bigger so more useful. One of them, and I don’t know why this thrills me to the extent that it does, fits all of my vintage pie plates.  The drawer to the right holds baking supplies like yeast, baking soda, baking powder and the all important sprinkles.  The drawer to the left holds lesser used kitchen utensils.

Little wrenches, pliers, and snips get their own drawer.

I look to see that I’m opening the right drawer by the label on the side and then just slide the whole drawer out so I can go through it looking for whatever I need. 

I have the drawers of some of the more common things I used memorized but come next year I’ll have no idea which drawer holds my lawnmower sharpening kit.  

The drawers are not filled alphabetically.  I filled them according to use. So sugar for my coffee is down low and directly across from my coffee maker and fridge.  All gadgets and tool related things are in the top two rows. Spices are near the bottom and down to the left of the cabinet, closest to my counter. Don’t you worry about it, it all makes sense in my life and in my head.

You want to know what’s in every drawer don’t you? Here you go.

  1. Pencil Sharpeners, pencils.
  2. Scissors, things that cut.
  3. Stapler, staples.
  4. Lightbulbs.
  5. Small screwdrivers.
  6. Wrench, allen keys, snips.
  7. Picture Hangers.
  8. Push pins, wire
  9. Tape, edge banding.
  10. Glue, Small Motor Oils.
  11. Hot Glue Gun, glue sticks.
  12. Flower vials, frogs.
  13. Eek.
  14. Salad bags.
  15. Coffee filters.
  16. Round cookie cutters.
  17. Jewellery making stuff.
  18. Pest control (ant traps, fly strips …)
  19. Label maker.
  20. Flower cubby.
  21. Mower sharpener.
  22. ——————
  23. ——————
  24. ——————
  25. Sugar.
  26. Spices.
  27. Spices.
  28. ——————
  29. ——————
  30. Beeswax paste & cloth.
  31. ——————
  32. ——————
  33. ——————
  34. ——————
  35. Plastic bags.
  36. ——————
  37. Spices.
  38. Spices.
  39. Snacks.
  40. —————–
  41. —————–
  42. —————–
  43. —————–
  44. —————–
  45. —————–
  46. —————–
  47. Tea.
  48. Napkins.

Lower drawers – Empty, Empty, Utensils, Pie plates, Baking Supplies, Cat food, Swear jar. My swear jar works different than most in that every time I swear I get to take $1 out of it to go buy candy.


I grabbed that pie plate with GLEE and  made a goat cheese and leek quiche in it. It was the most exciting day of my life next to the day I found all those bobby pins in my sofa cushions.

If you want to see the whole process I have video of it all in my highlights under the title “Organizing” on my Instagram account. You’ll see the whole thing, the dining room cupboards, the kitchen cupboards, the secret flower compartment in my cabinet.


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The Kitchen Hardware Cabinet is Officially Filled & Organized.


  1. Saviesa Home says:

    Why can’t we put the name tag on the front instead of putting it on the side? It will save a lot of time.

    • Karen says:

      You can if you want to, I didn’t want all those stickers on the front of my antique cabinet, that’s all. ~ karen!

      • Jackie says:

        I love, love, love it. And I’m glad you didn’t put the stickers on the front. That would have taken away from the beauty of the cabinet. I was wondering where you would put them, when I first saw the label maker. I didn’t even think of the side. What a great place to put them. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Jody says:

    Jimminy Cricket I love it. I covet it. And I love the tool organizing holder on the left side. Brilliant.

  3. Vikki says:

    Absolutely LOVE that cabinet and wish it was mine. Good idea to put the labels on the side of the drawers.

  4. Celeste says:

    Yeah, so what’s with Eek? And multiple folks asking about it, and just crickets over there. I’m trying to decide if this is charming coyness, or multi-layered passive aggression.

    Well, at least tell us why you’re not telling us.

    p.s. I love your swear jar. I’m going to get one.

  5. Leslie says:

    Love it! I’m so disorganized that I got a label maker 10 years ago for a present (I even asked for it) but have never tried to use it because, well, it’s low on my priority list.

  6. Su says:

    I love how you found this awesome cabinet without know what it might become, had it fitted to your space and now utilized . Love it! 😊

  7. JeanFB says:

    Love, love, love! Because I’m a wee bit OCD I have to ask…. were all of those small drawers made so precisely the same that you were able to shuffle them into different slots in order for the numbers to be in order after you removed six in the re-size? No sticking/rubbing/stubborn opening? Or did you just take off the numbers and shuffle them? I’m so jealous I don’t have a piece like this… or a place to put it. It looks like it was made for your home! (which I guess it was, kinda)

  8. Susan Warder says:

    What are salad bags?

  9. Mary W says:

    A huge, beautiful, decorative junk drawer! Organized junk drawer. I think it’s genius. So many little ‘things’ that are useful but too small to get a normal place of storage. Now I wish I had one of these instead of a pile of plastic boxes that have hand written contents on front. Easy to find what I need, but u.g.l.y.

  10. Georgia Girl says:

    I love the labels on the drawer side. They would have looked tacky on the front. Good work, Karen!

    P.S. are you growing out your hair? Hadn’t seen you in a pony tail before

  11. Christine Hilton says:

    I need a big favour.Could you take a second and see if you can “read” the labels with your fingers? My father has lost his sight and at 92 wont learn braille.He still throws dinner parties and cooks so l would like to label his spices to avoid another chili disaster.Thanks

    • Karen says:

      Oh my goodness! He is 92 and still has dinner parties? Good for him. I’ll check once I go downstairs, but I’ll warn you that I don’t have very sensitive fingertips after years of … well being me, lol. So I might not be good judge. The letters are raised though. ~ karen!

      • Beth says:

        Christine, it’s expensive but the Pen Friend 2 voice labeling system would be fantastic for him. A cheaper option is to get puffy paint and write the name of the spice on the bottle. Also, if he uses a smart phone, BeMyEyes is an app where you do a video call with a volunteer who will “be your eyes”. Other apps will read what the camera is pointing to.

  12. Bethany Jones says:

    All that organization just does my head in…so…cute sandals!

  13. Alice O'Connor says:

    Love your bread box – all my breads and buns are overflowing in my wicker basket so looking for something to keep them neat. Perhaps a post on breadboxes titled ” And where do you keep your bread?” Just a thought.

  14. Pat says:

    Love the drawers, but more importantly, you have an organized freezer? Do share, please. I’ve reorganized mine over the years and have never been totally satisfied with any system I’ve chosen.

  15. Lindy says:

    Joy! Lust! Envy!

  16. Edie Marie says:

    I’m totally impressed! (especially the label maker idea – I love to label!)

    Blessings for finding what you’re searching for in the drawers, Edie Marie

  17. whitequeen96 says:

    The cabinet looks so much better than I remember! Maybe it’s because of all the beautiful things you’ve stored on the shelves and on top – so artistic!

    I don’t remember you putting up a rack/hanger for silverware on the side. Is it for the items you use the most? It looks very nice.

    • Karen says:

      That’s a hanger and utensils that I never had room for in my kitchen before. They’re handmade from a company in the American south and they have weird things like marrow spoons etc. ~ karen!

  18. Kay says:

    Love your cabinet and your organization. Although I have a Brother labeler that I use a lot, I think your vintage-style Dymo labeler gives the right feel to your cabinet. It also brings back memories of my dad bringing it home from work for me to play with a few decades ago when I was about six.

    And I have the very same egg scale you have; it is my most cherished item that belonged to my M-I-L.

  19. Bonnie Harris says:

    Well done! and I envy you your empty drawers, that would give me huge happiness.

  20. KiwiKat says:

    What is Eek (drawer 13)?

  21. Tina says:

    LoL, I thought drawers 37 and 38 held spiders! I first thought, “why would you organize your spiders”? and then, “why would you need TWO drawers of spiders”?

  22. Rick Bradley says:

    You might like a Brother PT-1230PC label printer.

  23. Sue Burroughs says:


  24. 13. Eek

    is that an herb or spice or description?

  25. Martina says:

    Ummm…frogs? Shouldn’t they be near water?

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