What Is Your Fall Candle Scent? My Take On an Internet Scentsation.

Tomorrow is the day.  The first day of fall.  I would like to be the first to officially welcome you to #sweaterweather #applepicking #autumncolors #pumpkinpatch #bootseason #ilookcuteinflannel #itsgettingcold #turntheheatup #imsickofthis #imsocold #thissweaterisitchy #enoughalready #whenisspring And the first to ask you … What is your fall candle scent?




It’s here. Release the pumpkin scent.  All hail the cinnamon sticks.  Shove a nutmeg up your nose, whatever.  It is now your time to revel to your heart’s content in all things fall. 

TODAY is the first day of fall. So I hope you hung your stockings on the fireplace last night. If you did this morning they should be filled with regret and tears over the end of summer.

I may have given you the impression I don’t like fall  but it’s not that I don’t like fall.  It’s that I like summer more.

To give you a comparison that might be easier to understand, look at it this way.  If the seasons were men, fall would be Jeff Goldblum and summer would be Idris Elba.  That of course makes Daniel Craig winter and spring filled with wet dog poop in the yard and squished worms. So let’s call spring David Spade.

I love living in a climate that has 4 distinct seasons.  I just like to make sure I corral them into their appropriate months, which is why I don’t light my pumpkin spice candles until fall, as opposed to the first time I spot them in the stores, somewhere around July 3rd.

A few years ago Country Living magazine released a  “What’s your Fall Candle Scent? graphic on Instagram. I liked it and figured you would too, on this most auspicious occasion, the day before the first day of fall.

(Country Living’s Version of Your Fall Candle Scent)

From the Country Living Instagram account

Fun, right?  Now I’d like to introduce you to my version which I first shared a few years ago. I reread it a few nights ago and I have to say, I still think it’s hilarious and definitely worth revisiting.


The Art of Doing Stuff’s ‘What’s Your Fall Candle Scent?”


It was my pleasure to help bless you with a beautiful and refined new autumn nickname!







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What Is Your Fall Candle Scent?  My Take On an Internet Scentsation.


  1. Amanda Materi says:

    I got way too giddy to find that my son’s scent was Musty Stew Toots

  2. whitequeen96 says:

    In California, we actually do have 4 seasons, but fall is aka “FIRE SEASON!”
    I’m “Fermented Nasal Drip.” Yuck!!

  3. Jenny W says:

    Flaming Stomach Virus
    Sounds about right

  4. Musty Stew Toots….yup,that’s me!

  5. Musty Heating Bill it is, haha…

  6. SUSAN A HOUSTON says:

    My coworker makes the most wonderful soy candles and her fall scents are my favorite. Vanilla Bourbon and Brandied Pear! Yummy!

  7. Overcast Nasal Drip. Perfect!

  8. Amanda says:

    Roast hockey bag. Yeah, that’s me alright.

  9. Linda in Illinois says:

    Roasted nasal drip. Rolling on the floor laughing….

  10. Kelly says:

    You’re hilarious! Hockey bag….UGH!! The worst! It’s right up there with “rotting potato found in back corner floor of pantry”. LOL! I’m new to your blog and SO happy I found you! I’m binge reading your past posts and seriously going to make my very own cob oven. Thanks a bunch for keeping us laughing and learning!

    Your friend,
    Fermented Back Fat

  11. NanJayTee says:

    Overcast Hockey Bag

  12. Pickled mouse in the house says:

    Frazier Fir is my fall/ winter candle scent

  13. Randy P says:

    Frigid Hockey Bag here in Chicago says Happy Fall and “Death to Pumpkin Spice!”

  14. Karin in NC says:

    WooHoo!! Roasted Back Fat! Thank the universe that I, too, am a weirdo who detests scented candles (and pretty much anything else scented)!

  15. KimS says:

    Overcast Back Fat….how fitting in this COVID year 2. I was doing so good in year 1…then…I guess it just got so overcast I couldn’t see the end in sight and gave in. Thanks for something funny!

  16. Tracy K says:

    Frigid Man Cold.

    Also, I’m totally spreading your candle scent meme across Facebook after I finish typing.

    I had to dry my eyes from laughing at all your #fallhashtags before I could type though… holy fuck you bring joy to my day.

  17. Ahhaaaaa, Musty nasal Drip here. You crack me up!

  18. Babs says:

    Come on! Back Fat!

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