What Is Your Fall Candle Scent? My Take On an Internet Scentsation.

Tomorrow is the day.  The first day of fall.  I would like to be the first to officially welcome you to #sweaterweather #applepicking #autumncolors #pumpkinpatch #bootseason #ilookcuteinflannel #itsgettingcold #turntheheatup #imsickofthis #imsocold #thissweaterisitchy #enoughalready #whenisspring And the first to ask you … What is your fall candle scent?




It’s here. Release the pumpkin scent.  All hail the cinnamon sticks.  Shove a nutmeg up your nose, whatever.  It is now your time to revel to your heart’s content in all things fall. 

TODAY is the first day of fall. So I hope you hung your stockings on the fireplace last night. If you did this morning they should be filled with regret and tears over the end of summer.

I may have given you the impression I don’t like fall  but it’s not that I don’t like fall.  It’s that I like summer more.

To give you a comparison that might be easier to understand, look at it this way.  If the seasons were men, fall would be Jeff Goldblum and summer would be Idris Elba.  That of course makes Daniel Craig winter and spring filled with wet dog poop in the yard and squished worms. So let’s call spring David Spade.

I love living in a climate that has 4 distinct seasons.  I just like to make sure I corral them into their appropriate months, which is why I don’t light my pumpkin spice candles until fall, as opposed to the first time I spot them in the stores, somewhere around July 3rd.

A few years ago Country Living magazine released a  “What’s your Fall Candle Scent? graphic on Instagram. I liked it and figured you would too, on this most auspicious occasion, the day before the first day of fall.

(Country Living’s Version of Your Fall Candle Scent)

From the Country Living Instagram account

Fun, right?  Now I’d like to introduce you to my version which I first shared a few years ago. I reread it a few nights ago and I have to say, I still think it’s hilarious and definitely worth revisiting.


The Art of Doing Stuff’s ‘What’s Your Fall Candle Scent?”


It was my pleasure to help bless you with a beautiful and refined new autumn nickname!







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What Is Your Fall Candle Scent?  My Take On an Internet Scentsation.


  1. Patti, aka Frigid Goose Poop says:

    Oh my goodness, this made me laugh.

  2. Sabina says:

    272 days until Summer 2019 :)

    Flaming Stew Toots

  3. Tara says:

    Omg! I just about spit my coffee out. You are definitely hilarious. This is the second time I’ve ever commented on a blog post (the first time was yours too). I dearly miss actual seasons – mostly fall- which we seem to skip over most years. I’m watching snow flurries come down as I type this and just got a text from my friend who is heading out in her winter gear to clear the last of the veggies from her garden :(. She also mentioned it’s 28 degrees in Barrie, ON!! Are you near there? If so, please send heat my way. Look forward to your posts.

    Overcast Man Cold (Seriously can’t stop laughing!)

    • Karen says:

      I think that’s a splendid candle name for you. Yup, I’m about an hour and a half away from Barrie and it was even hotter here today. 31 I believe and with the humidity it was around 40? ~ karen!

  4. Mary W says:

    Uncanny how your chart works! I’m sitting here in my chair as a couch potato with what feels like worms crawling in my stomach – can’t shake this flu. So as Mary May, the wormy couch potato, your chart is perfection and so much more fun! I love pumpkin spice all year long and take a break at Christmas for a month of pine and peppermint. Nothing tastes good right now but I do remember how much I enjoyed your squash soup for a couple months last year. The frozen jars warmed me with a nice little surprise each time I found one in the freezer. Wish I would find some nice frozen pumpkin spice latte in there. It was feeling way over 100 degrees yesterday until it finally dropped a few plops of rain and completely stewed me in FL.

    • Karen says:

      It actually felt close to that here (in Ontario, outside of Toronto) today. My neighbour came over and I said it was beautiful out but it felt a bit like Armageddon. ~ karen!

  5. Heidi says:

    Mine is Pickled Lethargy

  6. Jenny says:

    Melancholy Stomach Virus. I have actually had this a few times this summer and am intensely familiar with this smell already (the joys of being a parent to a toddler for some reason includes an increased likelihood of rotavirus apparently), so I will stick with the traditional Sweet Hot Chocolate instead, thank you very much.

  7. Jane says:

    Pickled stomach virus. Considering I fart a lot it’s very fitting.
    I hate scented candles.

  8. Angie says:

    Who-hoo! Pickled yard bag is much more me than Enchanting hot cider, though I have nothing against hot cider. I’m in Alberta, we have snow already, I can use all the cider I can get.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Fireside Nutmeg and Brown Corn field. Fun! But in actual fact I Heartily Dislike scented candles. Natural Beeswax is my final answer.

  10. Eileen says:

    hi from Flaming Cornfield! who almost snorted her coffee across the monitor. Or was that Crackling Nutmeg? (snort)
    Can I say I am already over winter? The supermarket was clogging my sinuses and making me gag with cinnamon pinecones 3 weeks ago. And there was an ad for fake xmas trees on tv the other night. That did it. I’m done. I think fall should go straight to spring (sorry Daniel Craig!).
    After an exceptionally soggy summer, interspersed with more than usual insane humidity and heat, worse mosquitoes, and the most pathetic veg. garden EVER, I was really looking forward to the 3 days of “pleasant sunny summer weather” they promised us for Wed. through today, before the start of fall. Except that it was cloudy all day yesterday and is drizzling and overcast now. WTF???

  11. Jenny W says:

    Idris Elba, Summer, Definitely!
    But after watching “The Mountain Between Us”, ( I may have/might not have, watched it 5 times :) )
    He manages to make Winter look pretty good too! :)
    Crackling Hot Chocolate vs a Flaming Stomach Virus – which to pick? Hmmmmm…

  12. Wendy says:

    Ha! I got “Brown Slug Damage.”

    Fall is Lenny Kravitz for me!
    Winter is Alexander Skarsgard.
    Spring … the guy who voiced JarJar Binks.
    Summer is Nicholas Cage circa 1988, which is the year Moonstruck came out and he sweated in front of a bread oven.

  13. Penny says:

    Genuinely laughed out loud at this. Thanks, Karen, I’m much more Fermented Goose Poop than Golden Salted Caramel, and number 1 son is DEFINITELY more Fermented Yard Bag than Golden Hot Cider!

  14. TucsonPatty says:

    “Fireside salted caramel? – I’m not a fan at all, but “Brown Goose Poop”?!?!
    I love that so much! 😂😂 This was the best thing all week!! Love you, Karen, for looking out for us all!

  15. Rene says:

    Hello Brown Back-fat-you never ceae to raise a smile! I a delighted that you arrive in my inbox with such regularity.

    Autumn wishes from White Back-fat ( because our Summer across the pond was not as great as yours and on the good days I was at work! We did have a good run but it suddenly got wet and cold early. I am now knitting………

  16. Hazel says:

    I prefer your candle scent. The Country Living one involved Vanilla Spice. Bleaurgghh.

  17. I am Fermented Flu which makes me want to keep going with the F’s.

  18. Bev out west says:

    Good one. My CL candle scent isn’t worth mentioning (hint: there was latte in it). My ADS is Wormy Leaf Mold. I’m in! hahaha-haha.

  19. Robert says:

    The hashtags are EVERYTHING!!! 😂

  20. Tina says:

    Screw the candle scents, I made my infamous pumpkin muffins for breakfast tomorrow and made a batch of pumpkin pupcakes for the dogs. Oh, and a pot of chicken veg soup. Fall is officially here!

  21. Rachel says:

    Hah – not sure which one is better. ‘Moon-flannel or ‘overcast hockey bag’!!!

  22. Wendy Walker says:

    LOL! Mine’s Bright Sugar and Spice for Country Living and Musty Slug Damage as per you! They both suit me!

  23. Debbie says:

    OMG! You are a December baby too? Isn’t December the WORST month to have a birthday? You never really get your own birthday. It is, “oops, I was so busy with Christmas, I forgot your birthday.” “Here is your Christmas and birthday gift combined.” My birthday is the week between New Year’s and Christmas, so no birthday parties, etc., because of the date. Hopefully, yours is in the beginning of the month and not the end. Signed Brown Moose in the House–do Moose come in other colors than brown???

    • Kim Domingue says:

      Hello fellow shortchanged person! Born December 29th and like an idiot chose December 6th as our wedding day. Yes, very screwed. Sigh.

    • Bonnie Cramond says:

      Me, too. Dec. 31.

      • isabelle desbiens says:

        Me too! December 31st !! Apparently, I was born during a huge snowstorm (I am from Montréal).

      • Lori Hope says:

        Me, too, December 31st! I was referred to as “your daddy’s little tax deduction”, and could never have a slumber party on my birthday because my parents always went out that night…nevertheless, I have grown to appreciate my birthday.
        ~Brown Nasal Drip

      • Angela aka Frigid Yardbag says:

        January is just as bad. Everyone is over the shopping by then!

      • Frigid Cornfield says:

        You are so right! By the time my birthday comes around No one feels like shopping so I get gift cards to stores that have very little merchandise left after the holidays.

    • Karen H says:

      My son’s birthday is Dec 29 and, I have to say, he absolutely loves it! That’s because, I have made sure that his birthday is always celebrated (usually on the exact date) in a BIG way including ample birthday presents never wrapped in leftover holiday paper. No way is he going to be slighted!!

    • Jane says:

      My grandson’s birthday is Dec 21….. he and I celebrate his half-birthday on June 21. He knows he will get a present in summer….. doesn’t even miss one less gift in December……

    • Melissa says:

      Try having a birthday only every 4 years. No one remembers because it doesn’t exist.

      Also, my poor mom’s birthday IS Christmas.

  24. Terri J. says:

    Loving this and laughing like crazy!

  25. billy sharpstick says:

    I was in Wisconsin recently. I was in line in a Family Dollar store(the only place to buy socks within 50 miles). The cashier was bragging about ” . . . our four glorious seasons in Wisconsin!” I replied, “I’m from Florida. We have two seasons, summer and January 7. January 7 is cool enough to wear pants. I have a pair of pants, but if I can’t find them, I just stay in the hot tub that day.”

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