An Amaryllis and Tomato update.

In case you were wondering, yep.  They’re both growing. 



Amaryllis Update

I have a feeling my timing might be a bit off. Not my comedic timing, that’s spot on. Of course I can’t think of anything particularly funny to say right now to prove my point, but maybe my brain’s just saving up its funny for later on in the post.  Just you wait.

No, the timing that’s a bit off is my amaryllis timing.  A few weeks ago I made wax dipped amaryllis bulbs giving zero thought at all to when they might bloom.  I just wanted to experiment with treating the bulbs with wax so they don’t need soil or water to grow and bloom.  Now I have a 5 amaryllis bulbs all in various stages of growth.



But most importantly, they’re growing.  And flowering!  The dream of course is to have all these amaryllis bulbs at peak flowering on Christmas Eve when I have my Christmas Eve party, that isn’t really a party so much as a bunch of people sitting around eating and then going home.  I’m quite a hostess.

However, taking a look at the bulbs I’d say that I can file that dream away in the who are you kidding dream folder right behind the files on marrying Idris Elba, suddenly sprouting to 6′ tall, speaking with a South African accent, and being fluent in cat.

I’ll keep you updated on Instagram with the amaryllis progress.  Also if I marry Idris Elba I’ll probably do a quick Instastory on that as well.

Aerogarden Update

Now onto the tomato update.  On October 15th I planted my Aerogarden with tomatoes. Precisely 2 months later that cherry tomato plant is COVERED in tomatoes. You can read my first post about the countertop miracle that is the Aerogarden here.

They aren’t ripe but they will be.  One day.  Possibly the same day the Amaryllis finally bloom.  Or the day I grow to 6′ tall. You can’t appreciate how many tomatoes are on these two Aerogarden plants by the photos. They’re in behind and at the sides and underneath all the leaves.

One tip I can give you if you’re growing tomatoes indoors is to buy the pollinator from Aerogarden. A pollinator is basically a little stick that vibrates quickly and when you touch it to the plant it forces the flowers to send pollen all over the place.

I have one of those nose, neck, and ear trimmers the fella left behind (O.K. I also use it myself but I feel like as the genteel lady that I am, I shouldn’t admit to having hair that grows anywhere other than on my head.)  I use it to pollinate my plants.  It vibrates violently, so I just touch it to the stems of the tomato plant and pollen goes flying.

Tomatoes are self pollinating (meaning they pollinate themselves, they don’t need bees) but the plant does need to move and shake around in the wind to properly pollinate itself. In the house there isn’t a lot of moving or shaking going on so you need to help it pollinate itself.  You can shake the plant or tap it or rub  your hand over it to help with pollination but little stick pollinators do a muchhhhh better job.

Again, I’ll keep you updated on Instagram over the holidays (I know I’m getting ahead of myself) on the progress of the tomatoes.

And Idris.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Kathy DeWitt says:

    do you soak the whole bulb, including the crown?

  2. Kat - the other 1 says:

    “…fluent in cat…”
    I read that as “flatulent”
    Who wants THAT?!

  3. Marna says:

    Looks great! I thought my amaryllis had finally died off, and there was a bit of green one morning, it is now about 7 inches tall. It is special to me, given to me by someone who passed on.

    I have some bulbs in dishes with rocks, look similar to the one in your photo.

    I splurged for myself and bought one of the Aerogardens, think it is the same one you have. I will plant after the holidays. So glad you reviewed it, and have shown photos and updates, thanks. :)

  4. Hope says:

    Totally unrelated…..This morning I was getting some candles out and found the remnants of my Thyme Fraser Fir candle. So putting off the urgent to-do list I had just made I “played” and made some tealights with the remaining wax. Such a brilliant idea of yours! Thanks! You should showcase this idea again on Instagram or something!

  5. Heather says:

    Hi Karen
    The technique with the amaryllis is clever and beautiful and I will probably try it next year. But regarding the Aerogarden— I would like to suggest you work on developing a non synthetic fertilizer. I would love to grow organic veggies. I have an aquaponics set up I bought but haven’t set it up yet for that reason. But I have always wanted and Aerogarden!
    Thank you for all your fancy fact finding adventures. Makes me wish we were neighbors—you’re doing things I have wanted to try but haven’t got there yet. Although there are a few of your posts that have inspired so much I actually took action. That’s impressive!

  6. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Soooo if I’m readin’ this right….. you gave your tomato plants a hand job? I’m amazed nobody else picked up on that. Or maybe they’re just too polite?

  7. Tarra says:

    There’s a combo nose & ear trimmer?

  8. Benjamin says:

    Oh Honey, we need a post about edible glitter…

  9. Idaho Girl says:

    So…. After reading your 1st post about Amaryllis bulbs, I picked up a couple bulbs at Home Depot on Black Friday (that were already trying grow their way out of their boxes), and at only $5 each I couldn’t pass the deal up. With visions of trendy wax coated bulbs in my head, I soaked them both for almost 8 hours, and was about to melt wax when I was interrupted (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it). Anyway, 3 weeks later, they’ve never been finished, but I put them each in their own pretty glass bowl and they’re both blooming like crazy. No soil, no gravel, no moss – nothing, and I just add a tiny bit of water when I think about it. Based on this experiment, I’d say the long water soak is the key to your bulbs, whether you wax them, plant them, or throw them in a container, because these are blooming better than any Amaryllis I’ve attempted in the past! Thanks for the inspiration, maybe I can survive them until next year and complete the wax portion of the project…

  10. Rktrixy says:

    Your timing is not off, it’s perfect. Instead of a tacky all at once bloom, you will have a continuous show of blooms. Very smart. You are a genius!

    Your dining room is beautiful. I’m sure you will have a very Merry Christmas party and season.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the update!
    I’m considering asking for an aero garden for Christmas.
    I’m curious, do you think it can grow one tomato plant and also lettuce in the other planting holes at the same time? Instant salad!
    I also found you can use this kit to use your own seeds:

    • Karen says:

      Yes, you can get empty pods to fill, but I’m sure you can fashion some yourself as well if you want to. The tomato plant gets BIG. Not tall, but wide and vigorous. With the same garden I have which is a 6 hole garden, there’d be no room for lettuces. Maybe with the bigger garden. I do have a basil plant growing in it and 2 tomato plants, but the large tomato plant is officially choking them both out, lol. ~ karen!

  12. Suzannelh says:

    How do you keep the waxed amaryllis from tipping over when they are in full bloom? Love the way they look.

    Your hydroponic grower is made locally to me, my nephew worked for them for years. Good to know it works

    • Karen says:

      Hi! When you wax the bulbs you just press the bottom onto a flat surface like the counter or a table while the wax is warm. That flattens the bottom out completely and makes it very, very stable. There’s no chance of tipping. And yes the garden does indeed work and it works well! ~ karen!

  13. Carrie says:

    I forced some paper whites with the same vision of them peaking at Christmas. I put 11 bulbs in a variety of holders, read Wegword China cups, and silver creamer!
    I have all of them blooming now! Just a little early.
    But they look great and smell great. Just not in time for Christmas!

  14. Mary W says:

    My timing – way off, also. I haven’t even made it to the store to get the bulbs. I wish my spirit animal wasn’t a sloth. In my lowly opinion, I love to see all stages of growth so your mantel display is just perfect for me. Potential is a marvelous thing. Almost as good as impeachment. I still treasure your post about having out backs – love you!

  15. Maggie L says:

    What is growing in the white bowl in the background?! This I need to know :)

  16. Bonnie says:

    Amaryllis smamaryllis! What’t This about you and Idris? I’ve had my eye on him for a long time. Of course, he would never have his eye on me—much too old for him. So, I will just stay it’s my vibrating pollinators.

  17. whitequeen96 says:

    I’m so happy to see the amaryllis bulbs are doing well. I’ve been buying them at Trader Joe’s here in California and giving them as Christmas gift. At $8 each, they’re not too expensive, but I’m going to try making them myself next year. Then I can give out more!

    Oh, and maybe I’ll make some to give at Valentine’s Day or Easter in a few months! So thanks for the tutorial!

    • Jo Hill says:

      I bought mine at Trader Joe’s. They are spatular – even though I didn’t do them myself, I felt the price was right. I want to wax them next year and gift them. I learn so many things over the years from Karen, even what not to do or buy. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  18. Julie Anne says:

    Thanks to you, I have my 2019 Christmas gifting planned. I’ve marked it on my calendar to buy the amaryllis bulbs in October.

  19. Jani Wolfe says:

    Thanks for the info on tapping the tomato plants. I ordered the Aerogarden but haven’t planted anything yet. Will start after the holidays.

  20. Dana Studer says:

    That is alot of tomatoes. Impressive.
    I just dug up my amaryllis bulbs last week. They should be in bloom by Easter. My timing is way off.

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