Before the thought eSCAPES me.
Trimming your garlic.

If you planted your garlic when I told you to last fall, chances are it’s now growing squiggly boos from the top of it.

These … are garlic scapes.


The scapes eventually turn into big, puffy, garlic scented flowers, which may seem like a fun thing, but if you let your scapes go to flower then it’ll drain the plant’s energy from forming proper sized heads of garlic. So, you need to trim your scapes.

In terms of when the right time to cut them off is … it’s pretty much whenever you notice them. But the absolute perfect time to cut off the scapes is once they’ve curled into one complete circle. They grow fast those scapes. One morning you have a regular stalk of garlic and the next you’ll have a patch of squiggly boos. Just use a pair of regular scissors to cut the scape off where it meets the first leaf it comes to.

You can throw the scapes into the compost pile, make a necklace out of them, braid them into a dog leash, attach them to a headband for a truly fashionable look good for driver’s license photos, school pictures or scape porn …

or … if you want to be a little more pedestrian you can cook with them.  If you’re boring and have no intention of making it big in Scape porn.

Garlic Scape Pesto is the way you want to go for cooking.  I make a batch every summer with my garlic scapes and freeze it to use throughout the winter.  Plus I eat some immediately of course.  It’s a light, bright, tasting pesto with a mild garlic taste.

So if you grow it, go outside and check for scapes  now.  Before the thought eSCAPES you.