There is absolutely no predicting people.   People who read DIY blogs, this one in particular, are as unpredictable as a cat in a butterfly conservatory. If someone were to run into any single one of you they’d probably think you were a perfectly respectable person at first glance.  A stand up citizen who refills their gas tank before it gets below 1/4 of a tank and who wears different underwear every single day.

But you’re not.  You’re a bunch of teenage boys.  A gaggle of pimply faced, adolescent teens, standing in front of the mirror looking at the 4 hairs on your upper lip which look exactly like the 4 hairs on the upper lip of your younger sister, only you’ve put a little mascara on yours to make them look more lush.  Which will attract all kinds of praise while you hold your place in line for the next Star Wars movie.

A few weeks ago I ran out of things to talk about so I posed a vocabulary question to you in a well researched and articulated post where I talked about pee pees.



Here’s a picture of a kitten for those of you who are getting uncomfortable.


A lot of you get my posts by email.  Every time I publish a new post, it immediately pops into your inbox.  If you don’t have this luxury service that I offer, you can get it by clicking here.  I can judge how much interest a post has generated based on how many of you open that email and then how many of you click on it to read it further.

You, the mothers, the wives, the daughters, the fathers, the uncles and brothers clicked on the pee pee post more than almost any other post in the past year.  So even though you claim to be interested in the more highbrow topics I offer such as The Frozen Yogourt Tampon  you actually just want to learn everything you can about wieners.

The post, in case you somehow missed it, was a linguistic experiment of sorts, requiring readers to state what terms they use to describe a certain male body part.  Like all of my posts, it was done in a most grown up and tasteful way which was instantly recognizable by the fact that I only used the word gonorrhoea once.

I also had a record number of people opt out of receiving my informative emails after the pee pee post was published, which is GREAT because it means you and I can continue to be fun and laugh and build things and make fart jokes without worrying about any people with actual standards trying to stop us from educating ourselves on topics of global importance like why getting a full Brazilian wax means you’ll never be able to muffle your toots.

It’s a well known fact that Brazilian waxes (distinguishable from regular waxes by the Brazilian waxer’s calling card, a crown made out of pubic hair ) involve removing all the bodily hair that runs between your chin and your toes.  Front and back.  Yes, that includes the anus.  You probably didn’t realize that those hairs serve, especially for ladies, a very important sanitary purpose.  When a lady farts, those anus hairs gather together and form a loving, hairy, sound muffling hug around what has the potential to be an embarrassing bodily noise.  The hazy, wind blowing out of her bum at 7 mph can only be blamed on her husband, cat, dog or boss who happens to be standing beside her in the elevator if, and ONLY IF she can muffle the sound.

Once unceremoniously ripped up from the gas belching volcanus they’ve been guarding since adolescence, there’s nothing left to do their job.  Those hairs that have been stoically muting your lady wind chamber are forever released from their duties, or at least until new ones grow back.  Without so much as a thank you or an excuse me.

While most people have a difficult time distinguishing where sounds come from;  Is that my cell phone ringing or yours?, Is someone at the front door?  Is that the television or are you talking to your mother again? humans have an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly which bum bum a fart sound escaped out of.  I suspect it’s some sort of primal instinct dating back to when cavemen first tried out the pull my finger joke on their wives.

I just thought it was important to let you know about the potentially embarrassing side effects of a Brazilian wax for anyone who was thinking of getting a Brazilian wax because you think *hair* is embarrassing.  At least this way you’ll be prepared for what’s to come and might even be able to look into low cost solutions like little wearable anal wigs or something of the sort.  Putting half a shredded wheat down there might even do the job.

It is unfortunate that we lost a few of our ever growing members but we can all take solace in the fact that they are currently mortified in an elevator surrounded by a cloud of green gas with nobody to blame but themselves.

Have a good weekend!






p.s.  that oughtta get rid of the last of them.