Using Yogurt for a Yeast Infection WORKS

Does putting a tampon filled with yogurt in the freezer cure a yeast infection? It 100% does. I know because I’ve done it and scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed it. Hiding a porcupine in your underpants is unsustainable for the long term, so give yogurt in your vagina a shot.

This cure is all contingent on you remembering to remove the tampon from the freezer and shoot it up your whoop tee woo, you understand. I know whoop tee woo is not a scientific term, but vagina seemed a bit bold for the first sentence.

O.K. …. I assume after that introduction it’s just us girls here now, so I can be frank. One of the first posts I wrote for this website featured me testing whether yogurt for a yeast infection (bacterial vaginosis) really works.

Drinking water for a bladder infection worked, and those little home kits for pulling out the root of a plantar wart worked – so why not yogurt for your vagina?

The frozen yogurt worked. A 50 cent treatment made with something you probably have in your fridge right now. If you don’t have more than a teaspoon of yogurt, I can show you how to turn 1 teaspoon of yogurt into 4 cups of it by making your own.

So a frozen yogurt tampon worked to get rid of a yeast infection. But how??

For a couple of reasons.


A cold compress stops the itch from a yeast infection immediately. Topical cooling stops the itch because the extreme cold contracts your veins and cuts down blood circulation and you become numb.

A study published in 2018 by Boyi Liu and Sven-Eric Jordt very officially states:

“Cooling can decrease nerve excitability and conduction velocity and slow biochemical mechanisms essential for neurotransmission and neuropeptide release”

Liu B, Jordt SE. Cooling the Itch via TRPM8. J Invest Dermatol. 2018;138(6):1254-1256. doi:10.1016/j.jid.2018.01.020

In plain language, when cold touches the active, itchy agitated nerves it slows them down and calms their hysteria. It’s vaginal valium.

Yogurt for Vag

Yeast infections occur when the candida fungus population (that we all naturally have in us) grows out of control. It parties in a hard way. Candida is normally kept at an acceptable level by the bacteria in our own bodies. When our bodies can’t keep the candida fungus under control, we get raging yeast infections as the yeast colony grows and grows.

Yogurt, as we all know, is full of beneficial probiotics. Those probiotics include the bacteria lactobacillus which are what knock out the yeast infection. The lactobacillus in yogurt produces hydrogen peroxide which inhibits the candida growth. Yogurt bacteria stops the yeast from multiplying out of control.

This study on yeast infection treatments compared using yogurt and honey to using a commonly prescribed antifungal, Clotrimazole . Their conclusion was that yogurt and honey not only worked as well as the antifungal cream – it worked better.

This study indicated that the therapeutic effects of vaginal cream, yogurt and honey is not only similar with clotrimazole vaginal cream but is more effective in relieving some symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. 

Darvishi M, Jahdi F, Hamzegardeshi Z, Goodarzi S, Vahedi M. The Comparison of vaginal cream of mixing yogurt, honey and clotrimazole on symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. Glob J Health Sci. 2015 Apr 3;7(6):108-16. doi: 10.5539/gjhs.v7n6p108. PMID: 26153168; PMCID: PMC4803919.

What causes yeast infections?

  1. Eating a lot of sugar and carbs. (these are IDEAL foods for yeast to feed on, plus carbs often have yeast)
  2. A weakened immune system because of illness or cancer treatments.
  3. Drinking a lot of alcohol. (alcohol contains yeast, depresses your liver function and can turn your regular sedate yeast into party time cottage cheese discharge yeast.

Remember: Boozing = Oozing

karen bertelsen
  1. The pill (birth control).
  2. Diabetes
  3. Warm / moist environments (that’s why you need to wear cotton underwear).
  4. Stress. (which is too bad because that last thing you need when you’re stressed is the urge to scratch your vagina with a boar bristle hairbrush when you’re in public).

What causes vaginal yeast infections?

In addition to the causes of general yeast infections, vagina’s have causes all their own.

  1. Taking antibiotics. (that’s why when you take antibiotics for a urinary tract infection you usually end up with a yeast infection after the treatment)
  2. Peri-menopause or menopause (hormonal changes).
  3. Sex.
  4. Perfumed sprays, douching, cleansers.
  5. Leaving a tampon in too long.
  6. Wearing underwear that doesn’t breath (either too tight or made of synthetic fibres).

All of these things can contribute to your increased risk of a yeast infection.

IF by the way you do get urinary tract infections, I have a natural cure that works for that as well.

Are you convinced that yogurt for a yeast infection is a good idea?

Good. Because it is. Here’s how to get that yogurt where it needs to be.

I bet you were hoping there’d be a video of me trying this. There is. At first I didn’t think the technique worked but make sure you WATCH UNTIL THE END.




Since making this video I’ve come up with a tidier way to create a frozen yogurt tampon.

Getting Yogurt in the Vagina

How to put yogurt in there and keep it there is pretty easy. The solution I tried so many years ago was to fill a plastic tampon applicator with yogurt (no sugar added plain yogurt and check to make sure it does indeed contain lactobacillus.)

  1. Fill a syringe that has no needle in it with plain yogurt. For thick yogurt use a large syringe and spoon it into the top. If the yogurt is a bit thinner you can suck it directly into the syringe by pulling back the plunger.
  2. Squirt the yogurt into the end of an empty tampon applicator until it’s full.
  1. Get your yogurt tampons in the freezer and leave them until they’re cold and hard.
  2. Once they’re frozen you can insert it just like you would a regular tampon or you can pop it out and insert it with your finger.

I’m going to tell you something now. Pay close attention. A frozen yogurt tampon is COLD. Like, very cold. Eyes watering cold. But it works.

What if it’s too cold?

If you just can’t tolerate having a frozen yogurt pill thawing in your vaginal canal, you can skip the tampon freezing and applicator and just use the syringe to apply yogurt inside of you. It will still be cold, but less so.

What kind of yogurt?

Make sure you’re using plain, sugarless yogurt that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus. Almost any plain unsweetened yogurt will have that. Just look to make sure it has live cultures.

Can a home remedy really work?

Yes. We’ve been through this. To reiterate – plain yogurt is both scientifically and anecdotally proven to treat yeast infections quickly and in a cost efficient way.

And NOW if you’re interested, here’s the story of my own yeast infection.

Once upon a time I got that itchy feeling down there.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t a mosquito bite and almost positive I threw my poison ivy underwear out, so it couldn’t be that.  It was looking more and more like a yeast infection.  I hadn’t had one in several years, but it’s kind of like riding a bike.  You don’t forget it and it can give you a funny feeling down in your nether regions.

It wasn’t what you could describe as “raging”.  I certainly didn’t have to sequester myself inside the house so I could scratch between my legs with a bottle brush, but it was definitely something that would need taking care of.

So … as I am want to do, I headed to the untrusty Internet to see if there was some sort of home cure.

 There were a bunch of suspect cures on there, suggested by obvious whack jobs, but there were also a few actual possibilities.

One of which was the frozen yogourt tampon.  Hmm .. sounds kind of plausible.  The more I thought about it, there was no way that perfectly reasonable solution was suggested by a whack job. I was gonna try it!

So I froze some yogurt in a tampon, shoved it up and waited. It didn’t work right away. In fact I didn’t think it had worked at all. But 24 hours later I had relief.

 The natural bacterial cultures, plunged deeply into my inner womanness got to work like little vagina chimney sweepers, getting rid of the bad bacteria and building up the good.  

If you have a yeast infection, put that porcupine back in the forest and open the fridge. I bet you’re itching to try it.

Using Yogurt for a Yeast Infection WORKS


  1. Calliope says:

    Hi :)
    Thank you for this amazing article!
    For how many days do you have to do it?
    Thank you!

  2. Camille says:

    I learned about yogurt treatment from a kind lady who sold herbs and vitamins at a Las Vegas indoor swap meet. Using yogurt as a topical lotion helped relieve the itching too.
    Thank you for another helpful humorous article Karen.

  3. Gayle M says:

    I’ve read that the freezing cold not only tames the itch (numbing) but slso affects the reproduction process of the yeast. Idea: freezing the yogurt pop long enough to get a “shell” around a soft center of unfrozen yogurt. The chill might not last as long and you have the benefits of both the frozen “yogurt pop” and the fridge temp yogurt.

  4. Kelly says:

    Filling a douche with yogurt works too. Messy, but highly effective. Do it at bedtime, wear hubby’s boxer briefs to bed (did I mention it’s messy?) I learned about this cure about 20 years ago when I discovered I’m allergic to one of the ingredients in prescription cures (after having reacted to Monistat AND THEN Canesten in less than 3 days). It was godawful—raging infection, ugly-crying in my doctor’s office after two trips to emergency, two shots in the ass of Antihistamine. He told me if was desperate to douche with plain yogurt. After scooching out of his office like a dog on a carpet it’s been my go-to ever since. I agree that the cold yogurt is soothing, bet frozen is even better. Am definitely going to try this method. Thanks, Karen for sharing valuable information. You do all us girls a true service.

  5. Kat - the other 1 says:

    Where does one find syringes to purchase??
    I don’t recall ever seeing them anywhere (& I have actually been looking for them before).

  6. Heidi says:

    Oye ! This was good !
    Thank you for the much needed chuckling. As a holistic baba I love these approaches.

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