Natural Yeast Infection Cure that Actually Works. Frozen Yogurt Tampon.

So about a month or so ago I got that itchy feeling “down there”.

What’s that? You’d like to go for dinner, handsome man? Sorry, but I have to stay home and scratch at myself.

O.K. …. I assume after that first sentence, it’s just us girls here now, so I can be frank.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t a mosquito bite and almost positive I threw my poison ivy underwear out, so it couldn’t be that.  This was looking more and more like a yeast infection.  I hadn’t had one in several years, but it’s kind of like riding a bike.  You don’t forget it and it can give you a funny feeling down in your nether regions.

It wasn’t what you could describe as “raging”.  I certainly didn’t have to sequester myself inside the house so I could scratch between my legs with a bottle brush, but it was definitely something that would need taking care of.

So … as I am want to do, I headed to the trusty (pfttt) Internet to see if there was some sort of home cure.  There were a bunch of suspect cures on there, suggested by obvious whack jobs, but there were also a few actual possibilities.

One of which was the frozen yogourt tampon.  Hmm .. sounds kind of plausible.  The more I thought about it, there was no way that perfectly reasonable solution was suggested by a whack job. I was gonna try it!

Basically what you do is take a plastic tampon, (remove the actual tampon) fill it with plain yogourt, freeze it, then shove it up your hoo-hoo.  The natural bacterial cultures, plunged deeply into your inner womanness then go to work like little vagina chimney sweepers, getting rid of the bad bacteria and building up the good.  Check out the video to see how it all turned out!  Yes, I said it; there’s a video.

Don’t worry … it’s safe for kids and the office. As far as I remember anyway … don’t quote me on that.

Natural Yeast Infection Cure.



All this scratchin’ is makin’ me itch. Testing out the theory that making a tampon out of frozen yogurt will cure a yeast infection!


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