Traditional Town & Country Inspired Christmas Wrapping Ideas.

There aren’t a lot of years I just buy wrapping paper and ribbon at the store and call it a day with my presents, but this year that’s exactly what I did. I’m such a loser slouch.

Classicly wrapped Christmas presents in an eclectic room decorated for the holidays.

I should loser slouch my way through the rest of my life because I happen to love this year’s presents.  Loser slouch is the only way to go!  From here on in I’m going to loser slouch every aspect of my life. The next time you hear from me I’ll have a tv dinner in my stomach and velcro closure shoes on my feet.


I wanted to have traditional colours but not super-bright versions of them.  Gold, green and red. I really wanted a sort of golden moss green, 2″ wide satin ribbon with intermittent flecks of copper in it and no wire, but that’s surprisingly hard to find.

So I went with Moss green, a dark almost burgundy (which until today I thought was spelled burgandy) red and gold.

Christmas present wrapped in sparkly gold paper and a green satin ribbon.

I really, really didn’t want wired ribbon. I just wanted plain satin ribbon that falls and shines nicely, which is what I got for the green ribbons.

With unwired, satin ribbon you get nice flop so things don’t look overly fussy or perfect.

(p.s. Please ignore my bad, grainy photos.  I got a new camera!  And I’m just figuring it out. Actually I haven’t figured it out at all, lol, but I didn’t have time to redo some of my less than perfect photos. It’s a great camera, I swear. These were my first shots with it before knowing where all of the adjustment dials were, lol.  Sometimes you just have to dive in knowing you’re going to make mistakes.)

I don’t care anyway now that I’m a loser slouch.

Christmas presents wrapped in gold paper and green and red plaid paper with velvet and satin ribbons.

I also moved my presents out from under the tree this year because they end up covered in pine needles and it makes watering the tree harder than it already is.  A couple of vintage suitcases makes a better backdrop for them anyway if you ask me.

For the red ribbon I did go with a wired ribbon because I wanted velvet but I still wanted to be able to form it to look a bit sloppy. You can’t do that with regular velvet ribbon.

All the bows are plain, no double or triple bows and some presents don’t even have bows at all. Just a knot tied at the top of the present.

Presents wrapped for Christmas stacked on antique leather and wood suitcases.

I got bored with just the plain suitcases and presents so I added some garland.  Then I added lights to the garland.  Then I added massive pinecones to the lights and the garland.

By the way I used the C cell battery operated copper wire lights I got a few years ago and they’re still going strong and I STILL love them.  If you want or need wire lights these are the ones to get. They have plenty of wire and lights, the wire is copper not silver,  but best of all is the C cell battery pack.  NOT double A batteries, which means they last way longer before the batteries need to be changed. Plus they have a self timer and go off automatically after 4 hours. Honestly, they’re one of my favourite things ever.

Christmas gift wrapped in plaid paper with a slouchy red velvet ribbon.

If you think yeah those are nice, but where’s the WOW?  You can take a look at these, these and these wrapping ideas from years past.

You know, from before I was a loser slouch.

How did you wrap this year?


  1. Jacquie Gariano says:

    Love the packages and ribbons. It all looks so festive and bright. I wrap and be-ribbon everything. I learned everything from my Mom. She used to go to Black Friday sales and buy paper, ribbon, cards, orniaments, etc. etc. When she died I got boxes & boxes of stuff. I didn’t have to buy anything for years..LOL. I love to make the packages as festive as possible, but mine are a real slouch next to yours. You are so creative, you inspire me all the time. I just love reading your blog. I have tried in the past to recycle the wrapping paper but kids (and adults) just tear into the packages in their rush to get to the gift.
    I can’t wait to see how 2019 goes for you and what you come up with to delight us.

  2. Hannah says:

    DANG that is some beautiful satin ribbon, I am very heart-eyes over it. Loving this year’s wrapping aesthetic.

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