Chic Country Christmas Wrapping!
Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

In keeping with this week’s theme of ohmygodistillhavesomuchtodohowdidthishappen, I’m going right into today’s post.  There will be no funny.  None.  This here is a bare, bones post with pretty pictures.  And hopefully some inspiration.  And intrigue.  And maybe even a MURDER!

But probably not.

I have a great story about a bag of potato chips, an eye patch and a fainting goat but that’s gonna have to wait until I have more time to do it justice.

Because today is about brown paper packages tied up with string.  And you know what?  They really are one of my favourite things.


Tree & Gifts


A month or so ago, when I realized I’d be using pinecones as bows, I contacted the place that makes my chicken feed.  Homestead Organics makes … as you may have guessed unless you’re really stupid … organic feed.  And their bags are beautiful.  I knew I wanted to use them as my wrapping paper this year, but never in a million years were my chickens going to go through that amount of feed in a month.  So the kind folks at Homestead Organics sent me a box of their unused feed bags to do my wrapping with.

wrapping 1


It’d be a bit much if I wrapped every present in the feed bags, so I rounded things out with a buttery yellow paper and plain brown paper packages  Which of course I had to tie up with string.  Twine if we’re being brutally honest here.  Twine from the Dollar Store.  Brown paper … Dollar Store.

wrapping 4


You probably recognize the Pinecone Bows I made last week.  I added those to the presents along with the twine as ribbon and a long, fresh piece of white pine.

wrapping 5


The tags are thin pieces of wood slices, which I just drilled a hole into and wrote on with pencil.  ‘Cause Laura Ingalls would have used pencil.  It’s all in the detail.   And yes.  I got the slices of wood at the Dollar Store.  It was one of my great finds from last year.  I had no idea what I’d use them for at the time but knew they’d make an appearance in my life at some point.  If you don’t happen to have slices of wood around the house I’ll let you know what else you can use that you can buy just about anywhere.  In a moment.  But first … the obligatory cat shot.

Cleo Final 2


I think it’s really important to match your wrapping to your pets.  Just imagine how hideous this picture would be if I had a plaid cat.  Always match to your animals.

wrapping 6


If you don’t have the time or inclination to track down feed bags, can’t find slices of wood and can’t be bothered to hot glue pine cones together … I’m not sure what the hell you’re doing here.  But I do have another option for you.  Just wrap your presents in brown paper with twine, attach a single pinecone, and use these buff paper price tags.  Beautifulllllllll.  And it matches most breeds of cat and dog.

wrapping 7


And horses.

Tree & Gifts 2


So there you have it.  Just about the cheapest wrapping job you can get and if I do say so myself, probably the prettiest.  To wrap with the feedbags, I literally just stuffed the present inside and wrapped it up with tape, so whoever gets a present in a feed bag, gets to recycle the feedbag themselves as a garbage bag, table runner or pillow sham.  Yay!  Or … maybe I’m the only one who thinks that’s Yay!

So to recap ..

To Get this Look …

Wrap with brown paper (Dollar Store)

Tie up with string (Dollar Store)

Adorn with Pinecone (Dollar Store or the ground)

Tag it with a manilla price tag

Shove in a piece of long greenery (whatever your neighbours happen to have growing on their front lawn)

How’s that for a nice little wrapping job?  I murdered it.  Heh.



  1. Jules says:

    Love this look Karen! – I have been using Brown paper for years and bc its so plain- its easy to dress up! I love the pine cones you did but not sure I can get to that this year..I use old video tape ribbon too (Danny Tseo I think I got that idea from)..everyone has an old vcr tape..and it gives it some shine..but keeps it plain. LOVE THE FEED BAGS!!! thanks as always :)

  2. Liz S. says:

    Love a Country Christmas. It’s how Christmas is meant to be. We used nothing but Dollar General wrapping paper, but it all looks more country and traditional. I hate wrapping paper full of silly cartoon characters.

  3. Annabelle says:

    Oh Karen! You ARE funny.
    And you are the first to make me smile after my horrible horrible week.

    YAY! to the gift wrap idea.
    Simple yet lovely.

  4. Jennifer says:

    What I am wondering is WHERE are the blown-out egg ornaments on your tree?

    I have cut down spaghetti boxes (oh, that’s right…you use bagged spaghetti…but still…) for little jewelry and stocking gifts in need of a little box…also washing out a potato chip bag, turn it inside out…poof! Shiny wrapping bag…and stong enough for a mailing package.

    But then you would have to eat the chips first. Painful, I know.

    You need an egg ornament on that tree. Just sayin.

  5. Margaret says:

    all i can say is………..AWESOME!!!!!

  6. JennyA says:

    Those packages are vacuum!

  7. Love the packages, and your kitty is gorgeous!

  8. Thera says:

    Beautiful, the gifts and the skirt! I am envious as hubby still insists on cheap, cheerful and very colourful wrapping paper and our dog insists on pulling the tree skirt away from the tree and using it to sleep on -.-

  9. Langela says:

    Very pretty. I used brown paper one year and painted a pretty winter scene in one corner. If I’d only thought of pinecones it would have been perfect!

  10. Barbie says:

    I’m going to have to do this….it will match my Golden Retriever really nicely. Just LOVE the way these look. However again I must say that “your” dollar store is the bomb!

  11. Sherry says:

    Lucky you. I did a little decorating and it dried out and I took it down. I know. Bah Humburg. Ever time I went near it needles went everywhere. I’m going to fake. I bet I can get that shit at the dollar store.
    On another note your decor looks swell.

  12. Barbara says:

    I work with children,we docorate large brown paper grocery bags for wrapping.
    Their own art, or stencils if they like. Bright colors of paint, crayons, pieces of cloth, string, whatever they dream up ( markers don’t work so great). I use Acrylic on mine, It is brighter. Takes a while to dry and is not good for the younger ones,need close supervision.But BEAUTIFUL!
    One year, my sis gave me a ” brown paper bag tied up with string(twine), decorated, filled with twigs.It was a “Fireplace Starter” It was “one of my favorite things” because she made it! By the way Karen, my all time favorite movie!!!
    Thank you so much for starting our day with a laugh,smile and learning.

  13. mary c says:

    I second that first YAY!

  14. Katrina says:

    This has nothing to do with brown paper, twine, pinecones, fainting goats, or murder- but I love that little painting between your windows. :)

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Katrina – It’s actually a copy of some famous work that was done in … Japan I believe. There’s a bunch of people there that do these paintings over and over again. It’s painted on wood. The hilarious part is, it’s a BEAUTIFUL painting … really well done … but the eyes in all of the portrait paintings like this are Asian. ~ karen!

  15. Nicole2 says:


    When I use up my current supply of wrapping paper, I’m totally going that way!

    Love, love, love the wood slices. They would be nice as a place card too.

    The feed bags are amazing. Nice touch.

    And your cat’s eyes are stunning! Siamese are usually chatty. Is she a chatter? And what does she think of the chickens?

    • Karen says:

      Nicole2 – Thanks! My Siamese is pretty chatty, but only when you’re scratching or petting her. She never just walks around having conversations. ~ k!

  16. Phyllis says:

    Oh No…I cant find the advertisement for the linen sheets…how ever will Santa find her to bring me my express post gift?

    • Karen says:

      Phyllis – Should be right on the right hand side with the rest of the small ads. “Rough Linen”. They jump around so if you saw it on the top last time it might be on the bottom. If you can’t find it lemme know. I’ll hook you up. ~ k

  17. Mary says:


  18. marilyn says:

    love it karen and its so green too..

  19. Tracie says:

    Love it…definitely going to use it…my decorating is more on the rustic side this year too, so I’m very happy to see these posts. And I love your tree!

  20. Tricia Rose says:

    To be TOTALLY pedantic, if you matched your wrapping to your pet you would have a touch of blue in there somewhere wouldn’t you? I think you need to add sapphires – just a few, here and there. Go on.

  21. Sandy says:

    This is so up my alley!! Nice job.

  22. Marti says:

    I doubt that. You can’t handle the Marti-appropriate tree skirts! (Think “A Few Good Men.” Tom Cruise is on Letterman)

    Seriously, Karen, you have far better taste and way more fun with all of this. Of course, by January, you need another vacation someplace warm. Do they sell THOSE in your Dollar Store?

  23. Marti says:

    Sheesh. I think you could do better than “poly quilt batting” for a tree skirt, Karen!

    (Haha! Couldn’t resist!)

    Seriously, your tree looks great and those gifts are so beautifully wrapped!

    • Karen says:

      Marti – Wait’ll you see the pics from the rest of my house on Thursday! There will be a more “Marti” appropriate tree skirt. ~ karen!

  24. pve says:

    You really are living the “sound of music” life! I love this post.

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