Toilet Paper. Over or Under?

Have an opinion on toilet paper?  I’m sure you do because we ALL do. Now you have your chance to make your voice heard. We all know there’s only one right answer to the age old question …



Toilet Paper Over




Toilet Paper Under

I know which way is right. Do you?


  1. Kinsey says:

    Over for sure. Thank goodness my husband is equally passionate about toilet paper positioning.

  2. Cindy G. says:

    Under, because when I go to rip it when it’s over, I always end up unrolling some of the roll, which drives me crazy. I can use the weight/mass of the roll to rip against when it’s under, so I don’t have to re-roll the roll!

    And, even though I know that over is the “right” way, I decided that this was a minor rule to break :)

  3. Uncle Shifty says:

    Neither. Use the napkins you took from Tim Horton’s.

  4. kathryn says:

    i can’t remember such a heated debate since we last discussed the correct pronunciation of the word “controversy”. X

  5. Anonamousey says:

    Wow, such strong replies. So many replies! I thought I’d leave this infographic for those who want to read into it more…

    YES, there has been major studying done here!

    BTW, Karen, rather than seeing how you dispense your TP, I want to know if you ‘creatively’ store your TP.

  6. sera says:

    In the house it’s definitely over. However, I used to work in a place where there were those dispensers that have two rolls stacked in them, and in that case, always under because once that top roll drops down a little it is too difficult to unroll and over roll. Does that even make sense?

  7. Tara F says:

    doesn’t matter. it still wipes the same.

  8. Anita says:

    Prefer over, but don’t wig out when it’s under. My preference for over was validated when I read that people who live in scorpion territory should put their TP over so you can see a scorpion hiding out on your roll before you use it! No scorpions here, but spiders are a good enough reason for me!

  9. Jonalynn says:

    Over and for those that use the excuse that someone or something unrolls it when it’s in the correct position~ if you flatten the roll a wee bit, it doesn’t unwind as easily. Problem solved. ;)

  10. Amanda says:

    Hahaha…wow, I had no idea that people had such strong opinions about this! I have had people call me a liar before because I like both chunky and creamy peanut butter (apparently you MUST feel strongly one way or the other), but who knew it extended to toilet paper? I just put it on any ol’ way.

  11. Pat says:

    Under? Why bother asking. BTW – is that really your TP holder? Love it.

  12. Tess says:

    Such passion for TP. It’s UNDER folks. But if the hub puts it on, there is no right or wrong; I’m just grateful.

  13. Oh mag gah, OVER! I don’t understand this “under” budiness. It’s too much work. And I don’t like to work when I’m on the toilet.

  14. Mindy says:

    Um yeah, I just put it on whichever way it ends up in my hands. I don’t need to add another thing to my list of things to obsess about, certainly not which way the TP is “supposed” to be on. I had no idea people were so adamant about this. Too funny.

  15. Lorri-Ann says:

    Under-under-under. My girlfriend and I have been arguing this for years. We finally came to the realization that ease of use depends on how you spin the roll.

  16. Molly says:

    This is a constant battle in my house. My wife puts it on under, I change it to over. Every. Single. Time. My mother in law does the under thing too… I just don’t get it.

  17. Another Karen says:

    Back when we used regular TP holders, I kept it over.

    After remodeling the bathrooms, I placed the holders vertical (not horizontal) and now the rolls stand upright, so we are left side/right side rather than over/under.

  18. Anna says:

    UNDER!!! I even change the ones at work because I can’t stand over!

  19. elaine says:

    For convenience and entertainment, we have a free standing paper holder. One way it’s over, spin the unit around, and it’s under. Justice for All! OVER.

  20. Emily says:

    I’m new and am enjoying your posts, very funny stuff. I’m an OVER gal but my man is an UNDER – he learned this from his mother! I say whoever puts it on the roller can decide (although I always switch it if they put it under). My sister once said “people who put it UNDER have a sh**ty outlook on life”. Don’t know how true that is.

  21. Alicia says:

    The answer is OVER. Unless you have a toddler or a dog or a cat who likes to play with toilet paper, then UNDER is appropriate for those areas.

  22. ruth says:

    Just in case anyone is in doubt now, over. Thank you, Karen, for raising this very important topic.

  23. Liz S. says:

    Over in our bathroom, on the counter in the child’s bathroom. If the roll is sitting where the child can reach it… let’s just say it’s a mess.

  24. Becky Lippert says:

    Over. Duh.

  25. This is a no-brainer, yet HUGELY important to many. So much so that when I moved into my first apt. my dad and mom helped me and my dad set up the bathroom, including the TP. He told me that he debated for awhile because he didn’t know if over or under was right. He must have guessed wrong because it came up about an hour later.
    OVER is correct for me. Most public bathrooms here have it wrong.

  26. Nancy says:

    I agree with cat Susie could care less what position it is in..she can shred the role quite efficiently either way…but I prefer that she shred it in the over position..

  27. Jan says:

    I always, always, always put the TP to dispense over until I got one of my two current cats. Now it’s under or I come home to a whole roll of toilet paper in the floor.

  28. Maggie says:

    OVER!!! according to my husband. I, on the other hand, could care less.

  29. Amanda says:

    OVER. OMG, OVER. My puppy shreds it if it’s over or under, so I might as well go with what’s…ahem…right. ;)

  30. Lara says:

    Definitely over. Before we got married I ran this question by my husband–just to be sure we were compatible after all. We were, and we are.

  31. Jillian says:

    It depends on how the bathroom and roll holder is situated. I’ve used both over and under and it all depended on how the bathroom and roll holder were designed. What happens if it just sits on the back of the toilet and you don’t have a choice? Are you not going to wipe? lol
    BTW, a good trick if you have little one’s or animals….if you smoosh the roll so it becomes oval instead of round it slows the paper from unrolling at warp speed.

  32. Veronique says:

    i USED be an OVER girl. But then I had a baby, who turned into a very nosy 1 year old, who’s favorite hobby is to unroll the toilet paper. When it’s UNDER, it just keeps turning round and round and doesn’t unravel. So for people with babies/toddlers…



  33. Laura says:

    My puppy just takes the whole roll off and shreds it into little bity pieces…he doesn’t seem to care if it is under or over! Maybe this is his way of telling me it should be under?!

  34. mechi says:

    I’m with the first post. I am an OVER, but for now its sitting upright on our towel bar out of the reach of our toddler who likes to unroll it while she is sitting on the potty!

  35. Britt says:

    ALWAYS over!!! Am I such a freak that I actually change it to “over” when I am at friends and families houses….?

  36. Is it bad that I am totally liking the toilet paper TWIG HOLDER ?! haha ! I did the same thing in my fancy dancy outhouse. Toilet paper on twigs. It’s so funky, I don’t even notice which way that toilet paper is going.
    Ok, Ok, OVER is where it is at.

  37. Jody says:

    Under is easier to tear with one hand. I have short arms. I don’t want to have to reach across & have my hiney in the air.
    Most man don’t care.

  38. Michelleas says:

    I’ve always known that there was quite a debate about this topic, but I can honestly say I couldn’t care in the least. I live by myself, so can have it either way if I wish, and I don’t pay any attention when I replace the roll. There are much more important things to worry about – like how my stash of British Cadbury’s got so depleted :(

  39. Original Nancy says:

    final answer….I am sure, sure…it’s OVER!

  40. Jen says:

    I don’t care just so long as it actually gets put on the holder. Three kids and a spouse who rarely replace the roll; I’m too freakin’ happy just to see it hung to care which way it’s on there.

  41. kate says:

    For sure over…it is right. Saw this on pinterest and plan on embroidering it and hanging it in my washroom…just in case anyone changing the roll needs a reminder as to the “right way”.

  42. susan says:

    Over…no doubt in my mind and it appears the crowd agrees!

  43. Stephanie says:

    Under. Definitely under.

  44. celia says:

    I’m so OVER this! ;-)

  45. Blue says:


    I don’t think there are any die-hard UNDER people, are there? I thought it was more of an issue of

    OVER people, who pay attention, put toilet paper back on roll correctly.

    WHATEVER people, who don’t care, so ~ 50% of the time, roll ends up backwards, irritating the OVERs.

    SUPER WHATEVER people, who don’t even bother to replace the roll. Universally reviled.

  46. Becca says:

    Cats could care less, boys have passed the toilet-paper-monster stage… over. Husband still in training.

  47. Langela says:

    Since I was corrected by my mom, aunt, and grandmother- who all insisted under was the correct way- I figured I’d be outnumbered in my belief that OVER is the best way. You use less and don’t have to fumble around looking for the end. It’s not really a debate in our home either as I’m the only one that replaces the roll. If by some fluke one of them actually puts the roll on and it’s wrong, I just flip it around, thankful they got it on there at all.

  48. susan w says:

    Because everyone else seems to like over. So long ago I decided under.
    I rearrange things that others put in the dishwasher as well.

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