My Pot Brownie Story.

Set your eyes on these chocolatey, gooey brownies. I bet they’re delicious. Not that it really matters.


I currently have a freezer full of pot brownies.  This is what a pot brownie looks like.  Looks pretty good!  Unfortunately I have no idea what they taste like or whether they’re chocolatey and gooey or not, because I don’t smoke pot.  Or eat it.  But when given the opportunity to cook with an (at the time) illegal ingredient procured from an elderly woman with a Christmas obsession …  I wasn’t going to say no.  You just don’t say no to something like that.  Just like I didn’t say no to cooking with and eventually eating corn warts.

I’ve given many of these pot brownies away but when I ask about them, no one has ever described how they taste. Mainly I get comments like, Best night’s sleep of my lifeMagical!  Or Do you have any more?

They look just like a regular brownie so I assume that’s what they taste like. And since they look remarkably similar to a regular brownie I’m very careful about labelling them.

There will be  no confusing these with anything other than pot brownies in my freezer.  As an added precaution I also never ask any  dyslexic people to go rooting around my house for brown pots.

So if I don’t eat pot brownies, or smoke pot, how did I end up with a freezer full of pot brownies?  Here’s how …

Last year when I was in the thick of some ridiculousness I had to make a run to my local hardware store.  I needed to pick up some flat, black spray paint for something or other.  Just as I wormed my way into the very busy paint aisle my phone rang.  I scrambled to pull it out of my purse and looked down to see it was my mother calling.  I decided I had better answer it.  She’s old and God knows what kind of trouble she could be in. She may have had a funny cat story that needed to be told immediately or couldn’t find Jeopardy on television. Any number of tragedies could be impending.  So I picked up.

I should emphasize at this point that my mother has the projective speaking voice of a partially deaf theatre actor.  When she gets on the phone it’s on par with the sound level of an air craft carrier.  As I stood there in the paint aisle, sandwiched between 7 or 8 perfectly respectable looking people in need of paint, my mother started describing an old people party that she had been to the night before.

I pushed the phone a little harder to my ear to drown her voice out from the people around me. My mother was speaking at a frenzied, excited pace. And loudly. VERY loudly. I squished the phone harder to my face but it was no use.  Everyone around me could hear her retelling the story of the night before.


Within seconds I’d scrambled out of the paint aisle crowd into a less populated area of the store. I let her finish telling the story and immediately asked for her friend’s name, phone number and address.  I don’t smoke pot but I do love an interesting adventure and trying new recipes.  If they both happen to be illegal then that makes a great story and I love those too.  My mother was not sure about the whole venture and at first withheld her friend’s phone number.  What would her friend think of me?  Looking to buy butter made with cannabis.

After unscrewing my face from the wtf are you TALKING about look it had frozen into I explained to my mother that it was her friend who would be selling me her own canna butter.

Yes. I know. I don’t want my friends thinking you’re some druggie. Was the answer I got.

At this point I had to remind myself I was dealing with the elderly and had to explain to my mother that her friend, the one making the pot butter in her own kitchen, with Wheel of Fortune blasting in the background wasn’t going to think less of me for buying her pot butter. She would only think less of me when I told her I wasn’t going to try it myself.

It took some convincing but I finally coaxed the name and phone number out of her. My canna butter dealer had been secured. Now I just needed to actually score it.

My drive to the pickup point took me through a maze of terrifying streets.  Perfect homes set on a perfect lawns filled with perfectly suburban people.   It was a horror I tell you.

Within a couple of days of the paint aisle I found myself in the kitchen of an older woman and her husband as they eyeballed what they thought might be a half a pound of canna butter.

They dumped the butter into a Ziploc baggie, and then that baggie into another one filled with ice and proceeded to give me a tour of the house including an outline of how they were planning to decorate for Christmas in 6 months time. We said our good-byes as she pressed a brownie recipe into my hands.


Pot Brownie Recipe

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Pot Brownies

These brownie are made with Canna Butter.  Canna butter varies in potency so make sure you know what you're doing before mixing up a batch of these.
Servings: 24
Calories: 188kcal
Author: Karen


  • 8 ounces chocolate squares, unsweetened
  • 3/4 cup butter 1/2 cannabutter and 1/4 unsalted butter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/4 cup cocoa unsweetened
  • 1 cup nuts hazel, walnuts or pecans chopped
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tsps vanilla extract
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbps sea salt flakes


  • Heat oven to 175 C (350F) 
  • Melt the chocolate, cannabutter and regular butter in double boiler or in microwave.
  • Stir in sugar, eggs, vanilla and nuts. Mix well.  
  • Incorporate flour and salt to wet mixture.
  • Spread the batter into a parchment lined pan. (9 X 13") 
  • Sprinkle the top of the batter with chopped nuts and bake for 30 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and sprinkle the top of the brownies with flaked sea salt.


Be very careful and conscious when cooking with any cannabis product. Cannabis oil is sticky and all utensils and pots need to be thoroughly cleaned and scoured a few times after use.
Remember not to lick the spoon or test the batter and please don't make recreational pot brownies with children around.  They are INDISTINGUISHABLE from regular brownies.
Wipe all counters and cutting boards maniacally.  

Hopping in my car I made my way out of the survey.  I rolled down the window, hung my arm out and tried to find a song on the radio that was appropriate for the occasion. Maybe some gangsta rap or hardcore punk; something to illustrate to those around me exactly how much of a badass I was – rolling low down the road in my V.O.L.V.Oooo.

Several months later I pulled the butter out of my freezer.  A family member was coming to visit and as a child of the 60’s, they were known to embrace all that came with that era.

That night, I thew on an apron, some Bob Marley and a respirator mask (being a badass doesn’t mean you have to be careless) and proceeded to make some brownies I would never taste.

I’ll let you know when I figure out pot potato chips.

Have a good weekend!






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  1. Erika says:

    Ha! I love that you’ve had this up your sleeve. Good precautions on working with the canna butta – I’m not an expert but that stuff is lethal.

  2. Wendy W says:

    Thank you!

  3. brenda says:

    it appears we now need the recipe for the canna butter (finger tap finger tap finger tap)

    • I’m interested in the butter recipe. Hint: you can substitute powdered pot leaves for some of the flour. Thanks for the many enjoyable articles.

    • Kathy Z says:

      Yep, just what I was thinking…

    • Karen says:

      Ha! I won’t be getting into that I don’t think. It’s quite a procedure with paying attention to temperatures etc. And I’m guessing it would make one’s house STINK even if it’s done in a contained slow cooker. ~ karen!

    • PMMK says:

      They sell canna butter makers on Amazon. They look like electric kettles but work like slow cookers, I think. I have not ever made canna butter so I don’t know if they are any good. Check it out here:

      I was gifted a large hunk, 3 or 4 cups, of home made canna butter by a caring young person in my inner circle. I think it was made in their home in a crock pot from home-grown weed. It is very green and the stinkiest stuff I have ever had in my kitchen. I made the mistake of warming it and pouring it into ice cube trays and storing it in my freezer. There was a lot of scrubbing, rinse, repeat involved in getting the utensils clean. It took a few days to get the last traces of its “fragrance” out of the house.

      I have no idea how potent it is (is there a standard?) so I haven’t worked up the courage to make anything with it yet. Besides, I eat gluten free and I didn’t want to end up wasting the expensive ingredients.

      I did try a small dab (green pea sized dab) in a cup of green tea a couple of nights. Sure, I slept well but it still stunk. I think I will need the dab to be even smaller. It is very dehydrating and, yes, it can cause a hangover.

      Is this even legal? Is there a place we can look up the new October 17th rules?

      Our old peoples group has the nearest cannabis clinic coming to speak to us in a few weeks. Maybe they can tells us. I’m pretty clueless for a boomer.

      • Karen says:

        Canna butter is legal to make yourself, but I don’t think edibles are legal to sell yet. Also, yes you do have to be careful because there’s a HUGE range of differences in potency. I had an Uncle who likes this sort of thing try it out a bit at a time so he could let me know how much to tell people to eat. NOT very much apparently. 🙂 ~ karen!

      • Nicole says:

        The deal with edibles is that they take awhile to kick in. The first time I tried an edible, I waited 30 minutes and nothing happened. So I ate more and waited 20 minutes. Still nothing. I ate the rest of the caramel and went to bed. At noon the next day I was still high and it was perhaps the worst night’s sleep I ever had.

        Now I have a square of cannabis chocolate every night (sometimes 2 on weekend nights – woo hoo!) and I fall asleep easily and, most importantly, STAY asleep until morning. I buy the 2 to 1 (2 parts cannabis to 1 part THC) but I am going to try the 1 to 1 soon because it’s cheaper. Plus, I’m asleep so it doesn’t matter if I’m a little high.

        I’ve had insomnia for years (decades) and my sons have tried to talk me into using marijuana for a long time. When it became legal in Oregon to use weed recreationally, I decided to go for it. I hate smoking/coughing so edibles are definitely the way to go for me. Now we “grow our own” so I’m going to try to make my own edibles and, hopefully, I won’t be able to taste the marijuana because I really don’t like the smell or taste.

    • Tina says:

      I make cannabutter but you’ll never have the same results twice. You’ll always have some pot that’s more or less potent. I don’t like ThC so I usually get a pure CBD pot for mine. (I’ve had some mistakes…see my comments below).

      Basically pot is activated by heating. Your pot needs to be dried. If you got it from a supplier, it will be pre-dried. Otherwise dry in a low temp oven until it’s crumbly. If you buy pot for your butter, I just get “trim” which is the bits trimmed off the buds by the grower or supplier. You don’t need good bud for your butter. You need about an ounce of pot for a pound of butter. Trim is much cheaper than bud and if your supplier or grower is a friend, they’ll often just give it away.

      Put about a quart of water in a heavy pan and bring it to a low boil. Add your butter and melt it. Add pot. Continue to heat VERY low, just barely simmering, for about 2-3 hours. The butter should absorb some of the color and your house will smell.

      At this point, I strain the butter water. You can save the solids for another use, if you make lotions or oils. Leave the butter-water to solidify. Lift out the butter, the water can be used for soup or anything. Clarify the butter, as usual.

      If you have questions, hit me back.

  4. canadamsel says:

    In addition to the toothsome morsels on them.. I love your dishes!

  5. Tina says:

    I have ingested my share of this and that but have almost never smoked. I have a real mental problem about breathing anything that’s not pure, fresh air. But I have a good friend who makes wonderful candies, oils, lotions, etc. One day he gave me a big bag of “trim” and I made 3 pounds of butter, clarified it nicely and made brownies for my brother’s birthday. I ate one brownie the evening before, you know, to make sure they were edible.

    So I ate a quarter of one brownie, since I was unsure of the potency. About a half hour later, I ate another quarter, maybe they were pretty mild. Then I was watching tv and lost track and nibbled the rest. It was very tasty!

    Then about an hour later I thought it was time for my cereal snack before bed. My kitchen was nice and clean and I got down a cereal bowl, took out a spoon and then reached for the cereal box. I turned back to the counter and thought what the hell? I’d cleaned the kitchen! Why was there a bowl and spoon out! Damnit. I’ll clean up the kitchen before snack. So I washed the bowl and spoon, put away the cereal and wiped the counter.

    Then I remembered it was time for snack so I got out a bowl and spoon and turned to grab the cereal and wouldn’t you know, the kitchen was a mess! I had to wash the bowl and spoon and put away the cereal and wipe the counter!

    I know I eventually had my cereal because the milk and cereal were still on the counter in the morning. And there were NINE sets of bowl and spoon in the dish drainer.

    • Beh W. says:

      Hahaha, this is how I expect any of my edible adventures might go should I ever wish to try some

    • Carswell says:

      And so it goes in the world of edibles. LOL. Way back in the dark ages of illegal marijuana my brother made some pot fudge once. I tried it because not being a smoker of anything else I find pot very harsh on my throat.

      Suffice to say that I was waaaaay more stoned than I ever had been after a couple of puffs on a doob. After trying to watch something on TV and giving up because I kept losing the thread, then trying to read a book but not being able to coordinate my eyes to scan the type properly I decided the only activity worth pursuing was sleep. I can say that I slept well and woke with no hangover or other ill effects.

      No more edibles for me, it is waaaay to easy to overindulge.

      • Tina says:

        Carswell, on a day of flying, I had a gummy bear my friend had made. I hoped it would allow me to nap but I was awake the whole flight. Then I got to where I had to change planes and it was all I could manage to get to the next gate! I kept getting distracted and losing focus…I learned my lesson about flying with a load on.

        And another time I had just a tiny fraction of some magic marshmallows I’d tried to make. Thanksgiving was coming and I thought I’d make some “adult” sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I ate a tiny piece and later I was sitting in my recliner chair and could feel the sides against my thighs. It was so weird, my skin was so sensitive!

        But I’ve learned to always try it out on myself before sharing.

    • T on Fire says:

      Thank you for this cautionary tale. I very literally “lol”ed. HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      And that folks is what’s known as a cautionary tale, lol! ~karen

    • Pat says:

      Ha, ha, ha! Tina, you rock! First person to make me LOL while reading the comments section. While eating cereal I might add. My CBD oil is sitting at the post office waiting for me to pick it up (because I wasn’t home to sign for it when the postie came to the door). Here in BC we currently have ONE official government run shop open and it’s a two and a half hour drive from where I live, so online I went on the first day of legalization. Told my adult children I wanted to be part of Canadian history and they chuckled at mom and her cannabis purchase. As a chronic pain sufferer, I think it’s all uphill from here as I can now investigate the elimination of my current medications.

  6. Beau says:

    how long did you bake them?

  7. Ella says:

    How do you make canna butter?

    • Karen says:

      It’s a bit of a thing that involves clarifying the butter and heating it to a certain point because you want the THC activated. I’m not entirely sure but I”m sure Google is filled with answers. :)~ karen!

  8. Sam C. says:

    You never cease to make me laugh out loud! I loved the story! And some of the comments are equally hilarious! Keep ’em coming.

  9. Melissa says:

    Methinks she protests too much.
    Never tasted them?!

    • Lez says:

      Me agrees! I think she mentions too many times that she doesn’t smoke it or taste them! LOL!
      Come on Karen, you’re our heroine & a Warrior Girl, you rip up floors for fun, & de-maggot chicken bums, surely you’re not scared to have one teeny bite!
      Please make sure your mom is video-ing it though, for us! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Ha!! No, if I tried them you’d know about it. I’ve shown a video of me shoving frozen yogurt up my vagina to try to cure a yeast infection. Trying a pot browning would be the least of my intimate moments shared. ~ karen!

      • Melissa says:

        I love the visuals from the paint aisle, lol!

        Advice from a 1970s herbal remedy book: garlic clove wrapped in cheese cloth and inserted into the area will also cure a yeast infection. NB- do not nick the clove.

      • Markus says:

        It’s after the pot brownie that would be your most intimate!
        (If in the right company)

  10. Renee says:

    Perhaps, might I suggest…The Art of Doing Puff! The puffless version of course. Next recipe up, chocolate truffles, whoops, puffles!

  11. Chistina says:

    Thanks for the recipe, looks delicious. I fear for my ability to not lick the bowl clean though…

  12. Lora says:

    Way way back in the day. . . Yes I’m a child of the late 60’s early 70’s we use to make pot brownies but have never heard of canna butter. We just would mix up some brownies and dump a “5 finger lid” ( an ounce, “OZ” of “shake” the bigger shade leaves or “trim” of the plant) 😂😂 of weed into the batter and bake it. Magic brownies we called them and my oh my they did the job! Best sleep of my life! And yes , so many of the experiences like Tina and her cereal bowls and clean up 😂😂😂 , thank goodness for being young and having a great metabolism in those days or I would of been a baby blimp 😂😂 and of course also kicking back listening to the great tunes of the era, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Eagles, Carol King,. . . yes I was a mellow flower child 😂😂
    As the song goes 🎶🎶 those were the days my friend 🎶🎶🎶
    Nowadays not so much , but if my state ever gets on the bandwagon and make it legal boy howdy I’m all about being able to get a good night sleep and put an end to this fibromyalgia and arthritis pain and misery!

    • Amy Watson says:

      I agree!!! a good nights sleep and no back pain….I’m all in, if they would get off their butts and legalize it!!!! I too am a peace living child of the 60s…reefer madness and Jesus Freaks !!!! I’m still a Jesus freak and proud of it!!! He is my Lord and Savior.

  13. Carol says:

    Seems one needs to be VERY, VERY, VERY careful about all this, as determining the dose of THC in each brownie is extremely difficult and an overdose can have uncomfortable to tragic consequences.
    Here’s an article worth reading:
    Here’s more info:

    • Meg says:

      I read that article, because I had never heard anyone overdose on pot before. Guess uh, I still haven’t.

      If someone who didn’t know what alcohol was bought a handle of vodka and expected to drink a whole glass of it, they’d be in pretty sorry shape, too.

  14. Ann Roberts says:

    As some one who makes and uses cannabutter, let me give out just a warning or two.

    Unless you know exactly how it will affect you, start very very very slow. Edibles take longer to digest and start to actually act on you. If you eat some now, then 30 minutes later eat more, cause you don’t feel anything, then 30 minutes more, you could end up sleeping for days, LOL when it finally hits. You may NOT like that feeling. So first time out, or if injecting someone else’s cannabutter, just eat a little

    Depending on the cannabutter, it can have a nasty taste or be quite mild. Depends on a good number of things. First of all, the quality of the cannabis used. There are literally hundreds of strains out now. First it can be indica or sativa. Indica is more for medical. Sativa for recreational. Indica is considered sleep inducing/muscle relaxing. Sativas are the ones that make your mind race, give you the giggles and the munchies. And out of the 2 main catagories, there are many strains with differing amounts of all the important chemical compounds.

    2nd of all, it can depend on how well the plant material was cured. Good curing takes the bite out of the bad taste of the plant.

    Then it can also depend on how much plant material they use per pound of butter. Or if they use other things along with the butter. I personally prefer to make a cannacoconut butter instead. My recipe also calls for organic non-soy lecithin. Both are supposed to make the end result more absorbable for the body. And at the cost of procuring cannabis for medicine being so high, you want to absorb all you can from your canna product. The coconut oil version also is the only one I know of that does not use any water. Water pulls chlorophyll out of the plant and into the cannabutter and that DOES make it taste hideous. The darker green your cannabutter was the harder it will be to disguise any bad taste. The cococanna product never has water involved and the end result is a much lighter paler color, indicated the lack of chlorophyll. I can almost use it without trying to disguise the taste at all. Since I use a dose every single night for sleep, and also don’t eat many carbs, having a brownie every night would never work. So I titrate all mine into capsules that I keep in the frig.

    I know a serious comment on Karen’s page, LOL. I will try to not let that happen ever again

    • Karen says:

      Yes, I meant to put in the recipe to only eat a tiny bit and wait for at least 1.5 hrs before eating another bite. ~ karen!

    • MaryPat says:

      So again, I add to the chorus, how about a recipe please.

    • PMMK says:

      Thanks for these great tips, Ann Roberts. I was almost ready to give up on edibles due to the foul flavour of the canna butter I have. I just might be better off making my own by following your guidelines.

      I have celiac disease so eat a low carb diet to manage both my weight and inflammation. I have been able to convert many dessert recipes by substituting almond flour for the wheat flour and an erithrytol and monkfruit blend for the sugar. The sweetener mixes in best if you first whiz it to a powder the blender. And I weigh all my ingredients because the devil is in the details with this kind of baking.

      Now, I wonder what I can do with this supply of butter that smells like I just have my driveway paved.

      • marli says:

        Could you put it in capsules and take it as a supplement that way? I don’t know, as I’ve not done any of this before.

        My daughter and her guy grew 6 plants over the summer and just harvested them. Boy I wish this article came out prior to the trimming!! Ah well, next year I’ll get the trimmings from them.

    • Tina says:

      Great info…

  15. danni says:

    As someone who used pot at the end of chemo, at the point when it’s really tearing you up, I can attest to the medical side. That was over a decade ago now, when the only option was sneaking into the bathroom, exhaust fan on, blaze it up and try not to cough too loud. Now in Massachusetts we can grow legally and I’ve made canna oil, very low tech and easy to do. I could cook with it also but usually just put a small chunk in a warm drink at night before bed.
    Ingesting gives you a body high, not a head high, takes about an hour so, and it’s lovely.

    • marli says:

      I’m a Masshole as well and while it’s nice that it’s legal, smoking hasn’t been my favorite thing. My daughter grew plants this summer but I didn’t know until now about using the trim. Next grow I will definitely get some from her!

  16. Liza says:

    I saw the title of this post and thought “oh, this is why she tried to style her hair like Charlize Theron” – then I read it and realized you never had one of the brownies, so there really is no excuse 😉

    • Karen says:

      That’s the saddest part of the tale, lol. Also a bit of an explanation as to why I’m not all that interested in getting stoned. Can you even imagine the horrors that would follow? ~ karen!

  17. Tj says:

    Love the story..
    But do someday try…

  18. Amy Watson says:

    OMG….when I saw the labeling I spit coffee a over the hubby….listen, I want a recipe for the “butter” it’s obviously not yet legal here, but we just survived a cat 5 hurricane and I could use some butter right now ….for toast….no power still…your blog never fails to make me laugh, much needed right now

  19. Christine says:

    I have made cannabutter in the slow cooker but now l am thinking Instapot.l smoked enough pot as a teenager that like you l never touch the stuff now.

  20. Dave says:

    Someone who does their fair share of cooking with the Devil’s lettuce told me there are certain parameters of temperature you need to bake at. Too low and it doesn’t activate the herb, too high and it kills it. I don’t know the numbers and I’m not sure how true that is. I’m no rocket surgeon, so he could be full of it.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Dave! That’s taken care of when the butter is made. It’s heated to a certain temperature. He’s probably talking about when you’re baking with actual pot. You need to heat it enough to activate the THC. When you smoke it, it’s heated through the lighting of it. ~ karen!

  21. Mary says:

    Years ago I had been visiting my parents and stopped in at my sister’s house before beginning the four hour drive home to hubby and kids. There was coffee in the pot and brownies on the table. Two cups of coffee and four (I do have a sweet tooth) brownies later my sister said, “you are staying the night, right?”. My thoughts of grabbing a coffee to go (not a lot of Tim’s around at that time) and leaving shortly went out the window when she pointed at the brownies and said, “Pretty good aren’t they”. I should have known, she should have said, I shouldn’t have been such a pig. One quick phone call (no texting, no cell phones) to change my plans and shortly thereafter it was morning. My sister still brings that up. I still have a sweet tooth but always ask first when I am at her place.

  22. Doug says:

    Only to say, ” I Love you, Alice B. Toklas”.

  23. Trish Kinnee says:

    Our mothers get dangerous!
    About three years ago my own mother had her first “unintentional” taste of pot brownies! We were vacationing in Florida and my mother found my sister’s brownies on the table and couldn’t resist taking a bit. It was so good she wanted another — that’s when my sister’s jaw dropped to the floor and she pulled the rest of the brownies away!
    My mom had such a great time that night. But she just didn’t like it when the brownies were grabbed from her.
    I explained the next day she had her first pot high at 89!

  24. Nic says:

    A few years ago I worked at a gas station. It was part of a grocery store chain, and everyday the person who came in just before 6am would go up to the grocery store to stock up on donuts from the bakery section. On this particular day the manager was working an afternoon shift, so when she came in at around 1 she commented on how all of the donuts had already sold. Right after that, the same guy who had picked up the donuts that day offered to do the comp check (that’s checking the competitor gas prices, it’s a ten minute driving trip that happens a couple of times a day at a gas station). He quickly came back into the store panicked because he had taken an edible that morning before he went to get the donuts, and lo and behold all of the donuts were still in his backseat. (The manager was in the back during this conversation.)
    I think I died laughing. I told him that if he wanted to load up the donut display that I would swear up and down that it had been that way the whole time and gaslight our boss with him, but he needed to make a decision and BE QUICK ABOUT IT. (The manager was very cool, one of my favorite bosses ever. It probably would not have escalated into a big thing if we’d tried to go that route.)
    He decided to just pay for them himself and not have to fess up or fake anyone out and I got some free donuts!

  25. Patricia C says:

    Gosh, I haven’t made pot brownies since the 60s and back then it was real hit and miss. The finished product had leaves, stems and twigs. It wasn’t for the faint of heart. But we were kids, what did we know. Yes I tried them, they tasted like regular brownies that someone had accidently put yard clippings into. Not the best tasting and the high was more ‘subtle.’ So for all the trouble it was, our group decided to stick with the original method of ingesting pot.

    And that was then and this is now. Now if I have a Pellegrino with lime, it’s a BIG night! Times they have changed.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  26. Darla Ragland says:

    Love your adventures!! Also love all the comments to this post!! Medical is now available in Oklahoma, but not recreational…so I guess I will have to wait a while to try it. I have heard that what you buy now is a lot more potent than what we had as kids.

  27. Marilyn Meagher says:

    It can really help with sleep deprivation and if you are careful it can be pretty funny, and less calories than wine or beer and no headache. We have had some pretty good laughs with brownies and a vape .

  28. Mari says:

    Some years ago (not THAT many!) a couple of friends and I had some pot for our 40th birthdays. Oh, my. That is a night that lives on in infamy! They had two drags apiece, I had 3. Most miserable hours of my life after that. I’ve since sworn completely off – the paranoia just isn’t worth it. So while I *could* make pot brownies I wouldn’t ever taste them either. We’ll stand together in the “NO THANK YOU” line together Karen!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mari! I’ve since learned that there are different strains and different varieties. Like mushrooms! (actual fungal mushrooms, lol) They all do different things and give you different reactions. There are some that make you feel rocked out high, some increase paranoia and some some just help you sink into the couch with pleasure for a few hours. I’ve become a quite a wealth of pot knowledge in the last little while. ~ karen!

  29. Jacquie Gariano says:

    I just love your Mom. I laugh so much at your posts and have to share them with my daughter.
    My kids tried to get me to try pop when they were teenagers. I took one puff and died. Cough, shortness of breath and tears. Then no buzz. The boys asked how I liked it and I told them I’d never try it again.
    Pop is now legal in California and enjoyed by many, flower child or not. And a blessing to many sick people.

  30. Vanessa Devoto says:

    I have the BEST story about pot brownies, my mother, how she thought she was having an allergic reaction to almonds (I sh*t you not, almonds! and she’s not allergic to ANYTHING) and a trip to the E.R.!
    Any word on how to make the canna butter tho??

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