The 10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean.

Yup we’re all unique flowers and snowflakes.  Except when it comes to our dreams.  The top 10 dreams we all have and what they mean.

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In the great tradition of people who bore other people by recounting  their dreams, I … am going to recount my dreams to you. Don’t worry. You’re gonna get the chance to bore everyone else, including me, later.

Since I was young I’ve had nightmares. Lots of them. Death, destruction, chasing, kidnapping, murderous heart pounding dreams. You name the nightmare and I’ve had it. Oftentimes over and over again.

In the past few years I’ve switched over to general anxiety dreams that are still very disturbing but not quite as death filled. I’ve never thought much about these nightmares of mine. They’re just who I am and believe it or not, and this will sound really insane, but … I find them kind of comforting now. I’m sure there’s some sort of subconscious appreciation of how my dreams are dealing with the real life problems that I don’t even know I have.

That’s generally what dreams do. They deal with all the stuff you aren’t dealing with in your waking life because you’re too busy packing lunches and wondering where you hid the vodka.

According to the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders only a small percentage of people have nightmares on a regular basis. Nightmares aren’t just scary dreams, they’re terrifying.  They can wake you up and the fear can stay with you. Here’s a bit more about them  from the psychological perspective.   About half of all people who suffer with nightmares also suffer from psychiatric disorders. I don’t think I have a psychiatric disorder, at least not one fierce enough to cause nightmares every night so I’m more inclined to go with the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorder’s other rationale for people with nightly nightmares which is the fact that artistic or creative people are at a greater risk of nightmares. Mainly because they have better imaginations.

The past two years have seen an increase in nightmares that revolve around cloudy, scary, turbulent water.  I’m in that water.  Which makes sense because it was almost 2 years ago that the fella ran away from home.  The dreams are me finding my way.  Which is really strange because I’ve never been happier.  I guess the nightmares are doing their job.

Update:  3 years have passed since originally writing this post and the anxiety dreams are gone.  Poof.  Now I mainly seem to dream about buying vegetable seedlings.  Sooooooo not nearly as exciting.

It’s amazing that there are so many of us with such different brains and personalities – yet we all have the same themes in dreams.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a look at 10 of the most common dreams.  I’m guessing you’ve experienced at least half of them.

If you’re looking for a little more information on dream interpretation get The Dream Dictionary for Dummies.


Being Chased

Being chased in a dream can mean you feel threatened by something in your life or you’re avoiding something.



If the water is calm and clear, you’re at peace obviously.  If the waters are murky or turbulent you’re struggling with equally turbulent emotions.


Teeth falling out

Teeth rotting or falling out in your dreams?  You’re afraid you’re losing control over something.  It’s a symbol of powerlessness.


 You’re super high.  No wait, it means you’re experiencing a newfound sense of freedom or control.

Plus you got a new cape, so …


Exam time/Audition time

The ubiquitous “I have an exam or test and I never went to class and never studied” dream.  The test could be in another language or you can’t get into the exam room … whatever the case it’s a test and you’re anxious about it. This is a classic anxiety dream and usually means  you feel like you’re being judged or evaluated by someone in your life.

I have both exam and audition dreams.  Audition dreams happen more often than test dreams in people who went to performing art schools or studied music and acting.  I have them because of my work in television.

omg i’m naked

You’re feeling exposed or ashamed of something if you dream you’re naked in public.  It can also mean you’re feeling vulnerable.  Or you’re a hippie.



 Dreaming that you die means you actually died while sleeping.  Just kidding.  My 12 year old self couldn’t resist.

Dreaming of your own death signifies starting over.


Cheating dreams are another common anxiety dream.  If you dream your husband/wife is cheating it can mean you’re literally worried about them cheating.  It can also mean you have trust issues with them or are feeling insecure for some reason.


Dreaming about sex means you want to have sex.  Seriously.  Well sometimes it does.

Gay Sex (when you’re not gay) means you’re secretly gay.  No it doesn’t.

Same sex dreams often mean you need to get in touch with your feminine side (if you’re a gal) or your more masculine side (if you’re a dude). So break out the nail polish or start swinging that hammer.


Dreams where you’re falling are also classic anxiety dreams. They usually mean a situation in your life is spiraling out of control. It could be your job or  a relationship.

If you’re falling but aren’t afraid, it means you’re in control of your situation and will easily get through it.

Keep in mind dreams can be interpreted in a few different ways.  Also keep in mind some people think dream interpretation is a bunch of hoodoo.  But if that was the case, then chances are we wouldn’t all be having the same dreams as each other.   A dream may mean one thing for you and another thing for someone else but as long as you know what you’re going through in your real life you should be able to figure out what your dream means to you.  If you don’t know what you’re going through in your own life you’re very, very dead so it doesn’t matter.

If you want to delve a bit further into your dreams (and who doesn’t) I can recommend 2 books to keep on your bedside table.


The Dreamer’s Dictionary was published in 1986 and has sold over a million copies with the majority of hundreds of readers on Amazon giving it a 5 star review.


The second book is The Dream Dictionary for Dummies and it includes not only dream interpretations but also techniques for dreaming more and remembering the dreams you do have.

More recently someone came up with a REALLY good idea.  This dream journal makes keeping track of common themes, recurring dreams and sleep patterns easy. And fun!  Seriously, mark it as a potential Christmas present for any dream obsessed people you know.

It’s now time for you to bore everyone with your dreams!



  1. Martha Monkman says:

    I dreamed that I was asleep in my childhood bedroom comma and was woken up to noise in the living room. I opened my door and there were people ripping up my brand new carpeting. When they saw me they jumped over the staircase ran away. Then I notice that my grandmother’s Diamond Channel set ring had been stolen from my hand. My mother had passed away last year, and I had found that in a tiny box in her dresser. Then someone called me and said I had to come and get this lady’s baby, because she had not come home from work.

  2. Samantha says:

    I’m dreaming that my childhood home is going to be sinking to the ground from the basement up and everyone’s houses around us and we can need to pack only important things I’m packing most everything of mine in bags and it my stuff I own now as a grownup and don’t live in that home anymore I also grab all my brothers stuff and everyone is waiting but I’m asking for help packing up the dog and cat but no one helps I go inside to get food and water for the pets but keep putting dry food in water bowls. Then the stove keeps turning on and I look out the window and cars are pulling up with people I don’t know and all their cars are full of clothes I can’t seem to move fast enough and you dog is running around. I wake up before knowing if I got everything in the car.

    When I fall back asleep I dream that planes are dropping bombs on the area I’m driving at and we need to get home and pack up our stuff but my BF keeps telling his friends they can get a ride I said no since my 16 year old and dog and cat are with us and there’s no room and then I’m in the bank withdrawal all my money when I get out my car is gone my BF let his friend take it to pack his stuff we argue about why he says it’s my car as we are walking down a lot of stairs I’m yelling where is my 16 year old and pets he keeps walking then I hear my dog whining so I go down a dark street and he continues to walk away then I wake up. ( I keep having this dream each night well it’s my second night now)
    Can you help explain this please? Thanks

  3. Daisy says:

    I had a dream that I was having dinner with my teacher and a few of my friends but the rest of the people I didn’t know and then someone or something got one of the people I didn’t know really mad and they had powers all of the sudden he was trying to kill everyone there I was running and I got out but one of my friends didn’t so then me and these two other girls where running and my eyes started to turn purple and I didn’t know what was happening then the girl that was next to me started to have these sparkles follow her and then the girl in front of us just stared at us and then said “I don’t know where we are or how to get back to my house” then I replied “I don’t know either” but the I started to recognize where I was at then I said “you can come to my house and my parents can take you home” then she started to walk with me well run with me and the other girl. But as we were walking I was starting to get confused because I didn’t know what was going on with the girl that was next to me there sparkles practically following her and at this time i didn’t know that I had purple eyes. But then we got one a certain street and the girl with the sparkles following her just stopped and stared at this one house and said “I almost died there” and at this point I was already scared because scared because we were being chased by A maniac and this girl is saying she almost died at this house and I was wondering how did I get myself into this situate. Then a girl wearing all black approached us and said “funny seeing u around here” to the girl with the sparkles. The girl with the sparkles didn’t reply but she looked at me and said “carriage” then I said ” um ya I guess” I was really confused and the girl other girl that couldn’t find her house just disappeared but I wasn’t really worried about that I was more worried if I was gonna die today or at that moment even so then the girl looked at her finger and then all the sparkles around her just tured into a carriage so we got in it and the girl wearing all black got into the carriage and just started talking to the girl with the sparkles but I couldn’t really understand what they were saying so then the girl with the sparkles said “can I have directions please” to me and I said “yes” but then It was like she read my mind because she just went straight to my house and got out with the girl in black and my dad wasn’t out side so we started to walk.

    Then I woke up.

    What does this dream mean?

  4. Tinkerbell says:

    I used to be afraid of nightmares to a pint where I had stopped sleeping in my room alone. I’d find excuses to fall asleep on the couch or I’d watch educational videos on YouTube till my eyes would force shut just so I didn’t have to fall asleep in silence. My nightmares consisted more of fires and my body detaching itself from my physical body. I’d feel trapped and would struggle to get back into my body on my bed and freak out that in the waking world I died. And I was trapped.

    Over the last 6 months something has changed dramatically in my life. I’ve been travelling and began meditating.. not to overcome fear but as a lifestyle choice. Meditation helps me declutter my mind. Infact I tend to meditate myself to sleep.

    Ie meditation of breathing.. as I sleep I focus on my breathing embrace a sense of peace and bam. I’m knockout.

    The shocking bit is that my recording dreams are now me seeing nightmares but somehow they change into nightmare happening to other people not me and the story then somehow changes. My recent reoccurring one was people being swallowed by a giant shark… it was gruesome and I seen the water stained by blood from the cut but then magically it turned out that these people went into the sharks mouth to take out a piece of a giant piece of lemon that was killing him.

    It’s then a whale.. or two actually two whales offering me to ride on their back to take me somewhere. I was timid and afraid and kept saying no. They told me it’s fine and to trust them… the second whale spoke and said GO. So I did I jumped on the first whales back and we went for a swim. It was euphoric I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Sometimes I wake up laughing now. It’s a massive change from waking up in a state of fright.

    I think our dreams represent out subconscious fears. Try focus on how you feel.

    Ie I thought this dream tells me to GO and do the things I want to do. Start the business and not worry about it.

    But as I’m writing this it can also mean that i should consult my doctor about my reoccurring back pain …what if there’s soemthing else that’s causing it?

    I’ll be doing both:)

  5. ANNONYMOUS says:

    Well i don’t know what is this its not like normal*
    i was in the house ( i was not like my look in real life )
    and 2 BIG fat TALL girls stand front of me and i started kicking her butt and she was okay
    BUT i even in real life when i see people doing Se i feel like its gross
    but this dream was not gross it was like cool

  6. Jordan says:

    I was dreaming that me ands my whole family cousins, aunts, uncles everyone was out by a big lake. We were sending out boxes full of memories and we were letting them drop to the bottom. Well I was one of the people that got to push the box out into the lake well when it sank to the bottom I fell with it. I started to drown and hoping someone would come save me. It felt like life time, b4 I was brought up. My dad and cousin had to do CPR on me to bring me back to life. When I woke up I started to scoot my way back away from the water but my family acted like nothing happened they just laughed it off and made me feel like a outsider that I made it all up. I woke up crying just because it felt so real and my heart was beating fast with my chest feeling extremely heavy.

  7. Annej says:

    I had a dream where I was being chased down a dark alley by a man with many tatoos and he had a long beard. I one part I got away from him and I was hiding behind a wall. I pulled out a small mirror or shattered glass whichever it was and caught sight of him. Unfortunately he saw the glass or mirror. He began to chase me again finally catching up to me and grabbing my throat tightly in his hand. I woke up sweating and crying. Then the next day I was walking through walmart and saw the same guy with the long beard and the tattoos sitting on the bench by the girls restroom he was staring right at me. His gaze never left mine until I ran to my mom. I am 16 and this happened three months ago. What exact;y does that mean???

  8. cat says:

    hi, can anyone help….I dreamed that i was overseas in a big country i had never visited before and i went to a hospital were i met a friend of mine who lives in texas now.We spoke for a few seconds then i left. I went up on the road to go in to town and when i turned the corner all i saw was a big cliff and seawater surrounding me i turn back in the direction from where i came and it was the same thing i was blocked ..i had to make a path out of the bushes then i found the main road was on my way to town then i wore up?????

  9. Carly says:

    I had a dream, where I was stuck in a basement. Whith someone, but when I woke up I completely forgot who I was with, but I knew that they were helping me. I was being chased by someone. So anyway.. We were stuck in a basement, and then we saw Windows. For some weird reason we took off our shoes. Then I started to crawl out the window. There waiting for me was my chaser. I think it was a man, but I’m not sure. When I woke up I didn’t remember anyone’s faces.

  10. Sara says:

    I had a dream that I was kissing someone, passionately. And when I woke up, but I had no clue who I was kissing.

    Does This Mean Anything?

  11. Geno Robledo says:

    Geno needs mad help. My dream goes into mad details. This is how it all began, I fell asleep and was on a rollercoaster ride. I got off and headed home but ended up seeing the middle school marching band playing a tune but all you here is the drumline. I started to walk home again and went to my room. I heard the voice of the girl I like; I go to check and she was getting inspected by my parents in the living room. She had hickeys all over her body except her face. (P.S, this girl doesn’t know my parents and me.) My parents then offered to take her home. I asked to go with and my dad said yes. Out of know where, I take my bike and end up at the local park. My dad calls me and asks where am I. He had already dropped the girl I like off. I told him ok then hung up. I then see friends with a drill crane. They start drilling the ash fault and I was curious. I keep getting in the way but I am wearing the same pajamas as I went to bed with, except, I was wearing slippers. The start the drill but I get another call from my dad. I jump across the drill and my pg’s pant legs came up and every spark hit my foot. I have never been burned by a spark before and I felt the pain like it was real. I start cursing up a storm and blaming everyone around me even though it was my fault I got hurt. I walk away a few seconds later like nothing happened. My dad asks what happened. I told him nothing and I ask him why. He said I was supposed to meet him at the barber even though he never told me to. I start waking up with sadness because there was stuff I wanted to give the girl I like. Example of that was a teddy bear. I just stare at the teddy bear. Then I wake up. Please, I can use some help here. I have dreams that tell a story very often.

  12. Kiarra k. Smith says:

    Okay, so what if you have a dream and it’s dark musky and kinda like mist inside the house no lights but it almost seems like it’s shining outside but the windows are boreded up and no finiture just a tv on static and there’s a few people in there with you wandering about, then you get sad and sit in front oh the tv and start crying and you feel alone and your teeth start sharp pains and ship and grow into new teeth and then it all stops. When some guy you think you who it is sits next to you and holds you as you cry telling you its okay the static stops and you can’t hear anything but that voice and then all of a sudden you have uo eyes beat red from crying and your looking at the celing trying to remember who that guy was..? Please I’ve had the same dream about 37 times and I have bad anxiety. So not knowing is killing me.. please help.

  13. Joanna says:

    I keep having these dreams but I’m still awake at the same time. I try to scream but barley any can come out try to move but can’t with the overwhelming fear. What dose this mean

  14. Audrey W. says:

    1-29-16 I was sleeping and it felt as though my legs were in a tornado I could see my PJ by my feet blowing I the wind next I was raised up high with arms stretched out not horizontally but vertically
    i kept screaming top of my voice for my husband to look at me. But he was sleeping below me and couldn’t hear me. I was very cold. then a while later I woke up to use the restroom. I fell right back to sleep and it happened again for the longest time.

    what is this called and what happened to me.

  15. Neo Tselaesele says:

    i dreamed myself getting married but i did not who was marrying me

  16. Xanadu says:

    Hello! So this just happened and to be honest im a little creeped out by it because i never really have these sort of horror dreams or scary dreams. I forgot how the dream started but i remember running down a road with my family and we were running to a house being chased by (this will sound stupid but) ZOMBIES. ZOMBIES like hundreds of Zombies. im not even kidding you right now. I remember turning my head back at them and seeing my younger sibling calling for help so i ran back to get them and caught them up to my dad and they went inside the house i mention, then i remember my mom calling for help and i ran back to get her and then i woke up. Seeing it was really late i went back to bed. Only to have a dream of zombies AGAIN. This time it started with looking for a sign saying ‘ vexot exit ‘ whatever the *bleep* thats supposed to mean. I don’t even know what a vexot is and its not a street name I’ve seen in real life. We found it and then i remember going into the house and my family was gone after that for the rest of this horrible experience. The house im talking about looked like a blue house litterly from ‘ Road to avonlea’ which is a little house on the praire type show lmao and when i went inside my friends and their family were in it. I asked if i a could stay but their parents said no so i ran out the door and looked for my ipad mini ( i don’t know why…) i saw our family car and looked in the windows and saw a infant as a zombie and a man laying in the trunk as a zombie. Really weird… I banged on the window to see if they were alive (because i got some skills from the hit show The walking dead. You cant just wing that door open un-armed like a crazy man of Borneo ) so i banged the glass and i saw the man moving so i ran away and i ran down a road that was similer to my grandmothers dead end road and the way it looked. I ran past a pad ( like a feminine product pad) just in the road. Sittin there. ALSO REALLY WEIRD. I can’t explain that any better then the zombies. Oh i forgot i think i remember walking up to this house prior to this second time before but nobody seemed to be home just to let you know. But anyway i walked up to this house and knocked on the door ( for a second time) i heard nothing and the lights were off from the windows view. I noticed two other door so i opened the one closest to me and called ‘ hello?’ Into the house and nobody answered. The house seemed like a house i been in before in real life but i can’t be sure. Anyway, i heard rustling around and i got scared and this woman (maybe around 60?) walked around a bedroom door and walked towards me zombie-like. She also looked like someone i seen before. She looked like martha stwert a little bit lol. and i think she might have collapsed to the ground i forgot kinda … but i shut that door and hualed butt out of there! and then i woke up. And thought to myself ‘ WOW WHAT DOES THIS MEAN’ and instantly grabbed my ipad to google it. I guess you could say im young now im not an adult yet. Ive had some scary dreams i still remember when i was Very young too. I looked up stuff about dreaming of zombies and being chased by zombies ( nothing for the people that acted like zombies like the martha lady) but it said that im running from problems and etc etc and that isnt helpful at all i don’t have problems. Siriously i don’t like no problems at all. Im not bullied. My family is a wonderful family. I live in a nice place. I have nice friends. Like no problems. So that was very unhelpful. Maybe someone can relate to my story? Im really mad too because i woke up 2-3 times. Really anoyying lol

    • Xanadu says:

      Just to add this on I’ve been watching walking dead for a long time and it doesnt scare me at all and ive never had this sort of dream before so its not because of the tv show Lol

    • Karen says:

      O.K. for real, I have NO idea about that one, lol. ~ karen! (not a zombie, martha stewart or maxi-pad)

  17. shally says:

    can someone explain me this…. i always dream really bad things but 2 days ago, i was dreaming that i sleep with a big brown bull, he was just laying down next to me and then he desapears, i wake up and the left part of he bed was really warm, i just cant forget that dream someone knows what does this means?

  18. Adriana Morales says:

    My dream was that my family and i were talking about my grandpa’s death,when we going to visit his grave.It was a building to watch movies so we gave the lady our tickets went inside…..After that the WHOLE building was on fire and a white bird came out,then i just woke up frightened….

  19. Pam says:

    I have two reoccurring dreams since I was little one is that I am in a old house that I used to live in and I’m hiding out & the new owners are coming home and I’m sweating and trying to hide so they can’t see me.
    Another dream I have is is someone is chasing me and I’m trying to think of a plan, My kids are asleep upstairs and how to get the kids out of the house without the people killing me or hurting the kids and I play this over and over in my head how I’m gonna get the kids out safely, and sometimes I can fly in my dreams that happens a lot actually and they can’t reach me because I’m flying so high.

  20. mariam says:

    I came across your site while looking for the meaning of a dream I never had before. I dreamed that I dreamed I was eating my own feces with a spoon. I discovered what I was doing and thought, why am I eating this? I woke up from that dream within a dream and then from the overall dream.

    I also dream a lot that I have forgotten to feed my chicken. I used to have a Banty as a pet. My fave is the dream of flying away while people bothering me on the ground get smaller!

  21. Rain says:

    It was a horrifying chase by a serial murderer that was ever illusive, until my boyfriend let him in to our apartment unknowingly and he accidentally left his phone behind. Though I was afraid for my life, I began hunting him down through the numerous revealing texts and email trails in his phone; the real break occurred when I ran into the former serial case detective at the local gyro shop – I hugged him tightly and said, “It’s happening again…”, and we booked it to my car, only to find the stalker revving up to run me over… Stopping just before he hit me, I jumped in onto his lap, showed him his phone saying I knew EVERYTHING… and he began to bargain for HIS life and freedom. Then I woke up, hoping to fall asleep and finish this amazing, action-packed thriller!

  22. i once had a dream a really weird dream. i was on pijamas on public with my laptop. then i saw my bus i was running to try to catch the bus but i didnt i was too late.then i went home while going home i saw a guy with a grey blanket over his head he tried to stab me but he missed i took his knife stabbed him then i threw my laptop at him then ran as quick as i can home then when i woke up i was scared to go to the streets because i was scared of that the guy [in my dream stabbed me] i dont know what this means…. I AM 12 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE NYCTOPHOBIA [It is triggered by the brain’s disfigured perception of what would, or could, happen when in a dark environment] i am really scared and dont know what to do CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE

  23. Auntiepatch says:

    When I was small I dreamed that I could fly. For the last 50 years I have dreamed that I’m on stage with actors who don’t know their lines and I have to keep “feeding” them their lines. I had to do this in real life and it still scares the bejesus out of me.
    Now that I’m retired, I dream that I’m at work and can’t find parts that I bought, and I know they have come in. I run around the building trying to track them down and, sometimes I stop at that ladies room to do my business, only to find that there are no doors and the partitions are only 3 feet high! AND it is woman/man combined bathroom!
    I often wish I could go back to flying……….

  24. Chrysta says:

    I don’t have dreams too often, but when I do they are usually about me getting what I want even if I didn’t know I wanted it. Not like sex or relationships. Just like literally being given stuff. It’s been like this all my life. When I was three I’d have dreams of what toys I want or what I want to do for my birthday. Nowadays I’ll randomly find something I like, like incense sticks then I’ll dream about finding thousands of them on the side of the road. I’d wake up from the dream and have no clue if I actually got it or not. It will be just like a memory. However recently I’ve been having bad nightmare of my biggest fears. In the dreams something horrible will happen like a bomb will drop on my town and I’ll have to find a way to survive it. These dream happen like three times a week now. I think it’s starting to really affect me too every now and then I’ll get these nasty fears and I’ll have to have someone with me or I won’t be able to do anything. A couple of weeks ago I had one of my dreams and I shot straight up shaking and slowly walked to the halfway point of my stairs and I couldn’t move because I was so scared. After about thirty minutes I couldn’t take it any more, I had to call my neighbor and have him come comfort me for three hours. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. I want to figure it out so I can get it to stop and move on with my life.

  25. Cat says:

    I have had a recurrent dream of a guy I used to date. For some reason everytime I miss him his tongue feels aweful in my mouth. It feels mushy like.

  26. Cresencia Fernando says:

    I drempt I was angry with my parents and I left the house. Did not have a place to go met my students to whome I helped alot and asked me to give a place to stay, they ignored and went away. On the way I heard one of my cousins met with an accident and died. Finally one of my friends told me another friend of mine was dead and her parents will accomodate me. I went there and they accepted me to accomadate.

    please tell me the meaning of this dream.

  27. Sylo says:

    I always have this recurrent dream that my husband left me, but actually in my dream we didn’t get married yet, but he left me and i feel lost and sad. In reality my husband works in Africa and comes home every few months. what does that mean?

    • Karen says:

      I’m sorry I’m not a dream expert Sylo. But it sounds to me like you’re just working out dealing with him not being home the way most men in a traditional marriage are. Nothing to worry about. Just your brain helping you along while you sleep. 🙂 ~ karen

  28. Karen says:

    I dreamed a coworker killed me….we were talking and next thing I realize is blood just gushing out of my chest…I said call 911 and he says ” I’m sorry baby, I have to do this ” And he just held me till I woke up..
    plzzz explain that…!!

    • Karen says:

      LOL, sorry. I have *no* idea! Although a good guess would be you don’t like your job and feel like it’s killing you. ~ karen!

  29. Rachel says:

    Every dream I’ve had for the past couple of weeks involves a death or near death experience. High places and situations gone awry. I fall usually to my death or I’m just in a high place about to fall. Last one involved a storm on the ocean and I was inside of a massive blow up thing that was about to go down
    And I was clinging to the side of it

  30. Natale Q. says:

    Hi, this was a dream I had a few nights ago. I dreamed I was in our apartment (I live with my family) but there is no one around, I’m all alone. I went to close and lock the door, and I notice that the doorknob is on the opposite side of where it usually is (our doorknob is on the right, it has moved to the left now). I go to lock the door, but there is something wrong with the knob. I try fidgeting with it, turning the doorknob and both ends fall out. I notice there is a piece connecting the two doorknobs on both sides that is either loose or broken, and it won’t connect the two. I try multiple times to put the piece back and join both doorknobs together so I can successfully close the door, but it keeps coming apart and falling. I also feel this sense of urgency, like I need to close this door immediately or else my life might be in danger. The atmosphere is also eerily quiet. I like silence, but in this particular dream, it was scary how silent it was – like there was no one else in the world. What was I afraid of, then? I don’t know, but it was a very confusing dream.

  31. Jessica says:

    I always dream of being chased; or chasing someone whom. aparently has my children cause I can hear them screaming… yet can never open my eyes!! I try everything I just can’t open my eyes!!

  32. Cheryl says:

    I wake up exhausted because I dream of cleaning and it’s in so much detail that it’s rediculous.. And the other dream is about having to be somewhere and I get lost and can’t find my way . Elevators don’t go where they should, train takes me so far I don’t know where I am .. I wake up and can’t figure out where I am or what time or day it is for a few minutes

  33. T says:

    I had a really disturbing dream the night before last and I just came across this site while I was trying to make sense of it by googling other peoples ideas and posts. I had a dream that I was with my mother who I don’t see very often anymore, in the dream she died unexpectedly, I was with her quietly watching while everything happened while I could do nothing about it, I remember seeing her afraid and confused and trying to understand and make sense of what was going on while my mind was searching for explanations too, the jumbled vision I came up with was another family member who is bitter & very angry with her in real life, an older lady who in my dream shot her, although they have a very bad relationship I know that that would never happen so I’m not sure why that was part of the dream, but as she was dying she was very afraid and I was trying to comfort her but it was tho I couldn’t say anything at all it was silent as tho I could only watch, she could not be helped and I just wanted her to be at peace.. I woke up very upset I sat up in the bed thinking about what a horrible dream that was, then I had a strong urge to lay back down and go back to sleep because it wasn’t finished which was very strange, as if there were no question about it I had to go back for it to be finished. Right away I went back to sleep and resumed the dream, this time visually everything was much darker I couldn’t hardly see her but instead I could see many bright and linear colors everywhere in the darkness.. so many colors, I could also hear voices, so many voices, they were quite loud but I could not make out what they were saying, at this point she also knew what was happening and she said I’m afraid, I told her she has to go now and at this point we were both crying, it was so loud I wasn’t sure if she could hear what I was saying. I told her she needs to go towards the light and crossover although the bright light I was looking for was only a dim light that seemed very far away and deep down I was as unsure and afraid as she was but trying to exude a brave & confident front, eventually she just seemed to be gone & then I woke up crying hysterically. I woke up around 4am & it took me a good half hour to calm down. I know I was asleep and I know it was a dream but it was so real and emotional I cannot explain it. Never in my life out of all my strangest dreams i have ever had ive never had a dream like this. While this was the strangest dream and most intense and unexplainable, prior to this my most unforgettable and strangest dream was 20 years ago when I was 15.. I had an ominous dream, I woke up, I wasn’t very upset or crying but extremely confused. I remember calling my mom and telling her about it, I said I was at a funeral and there was a tiny white coffin and everyone was putting pink flowers on it, it made me very uncomfortable. About an hour later one of my best friends called to tell me one of my other best friends 8 week old daughter passed away in her sleep. A few days later at her funeral she had a tiny white coffin with pink carnations. The other similar incident I had involving death occurred while I was awake I was 17, I lived down the street from my grandparents who I was very close to, and while police and ambulances and fire trucks going down the street weren’t anything new, I heard a fire truck/ambulance coming & looked out the window and watched them go by & knew they were going to my grandparents house because my grandfather had died. I called my mother at work and told her to please call my grandparents right away and told her what I feared, I could not bring myself to call because I was afraid of what my grandmother would say when she answered… So now after telling you about those other two incidents you should know I was completely horrified & convinced that someone that I care deeply about had passed away during the night. Around 6 AM I texted the few family members I have that I am still close to, eventually over about an hours time they all responded and let me know that they were OK. I am extremely relieved that everyone’s OK but now I am concerned and confused about the dream. I wish I knew what it meant, is my mother about to die? Am I about to die? Someone close to me in my family? I don’t know I just have to sit and wonder I guess, I currently have two possible explanations for the dream that I can come up with.. My 18 year old son are at odds about him purchasing a motorcycle & ive asked him to get rid of it now or get out, before you judge me you should know that he means everything in the world to me along with my other two children and I’ve worked in the medical field and I’ve seen countless fatalities due to motorcycles he recently got his license it is not the best driver, he doesn’t pay attention enough and he speeds and I’m just trying to look out for him and hope he makes the right decision. I’m very afraid that he won’t and it crushes my heart to imagine his future and him being in an accident and us being estranged. I don’t know if my dream is a representation of the end of our relationship, or another thought that makes more sense to me than anything right now is when my grandmother passed away from cancer about 10 years ago my mother and my aunt were fighting horribly while she was ill, my aunt kept stealing things from the house for fear that after my grandmother passed that she wouldn’t get what she wanted, Everyone knew this and it was very upsetting she also argued horribly with my mother about not wanting my grandmother to have pain pills although she was in excruciating pain because it made her lucid and she couldn’t talk to her. All this was going on I stayed by my grandmother side as much as I could while trying to get my three children to school and deal with my own problems at the end of her life I was by her side as much as I could be. At the very end I laid in bed with her my arm around her part of the time party time just laying next to her trying not to disturb her, later that night while I laid with her she seemingly passed away peacefully in her sleep. All the while her children said in the other room arguing and being hateful with each other. that alone is upsetting I tried to just focus on my grandmother as she was my best friend & as it seemed her own children were fighting in the background as she passed. I don’t know if my grandmother was trying to share with me somehow what it was like while she passed? And who I thought was my mother was actually a younger version of my grandmother? Or if that night a part of my mother died with her? This was very emotional for me & ive been crying almost the entire time I typed. I don’t know but at this point it’s the only explanation I can come up with. Please let me know what u think.

  34. Nina says:

    Oh God, I feel so much panic and fear! I’ve got to scream out right now and warn them!! It’s life or death, I must act quickly. I can’t seem to get sound out! Why is it so hard to move my mouth, is something in it, am I paralyzed by fear. I’ve got to scream out. I don’t know why I can’t scream out. Finally I am screaming it out, but I’m not screaming, why is it such a strangled sound? Too late; I’ve woken up.

    I have dreamed this for years now in all different types of dangerous situations. Twice in the last month; I have woken up screaming out loud. Wonder if this means I am finding my voice or who I am.

    Funny, I didn’t realize there were people that had so many pleasant dreams. Mine are all dramatic. Ummmm

    • Karen says:

      I can relate. I’m a nightmare kindda gal myself, lol. I don’t know the meaning but that not being able to speak or scream one is reallyyyyy common. ~ karen!

      • cat d says:

        its called dream paralysis it where evil entities or an evil spirit is attacking u while you dream u scream n cant make a sound u try to move but cant u just have to pray and they will go away

  35. Karen says:

    I made a decision of ending a 15 year relationship, and that same night I dream of watching babies at a field. then two women came to give me a bathroom break, I’m walking tours the bathroom and I see a plane landing on the field. Then I’m inside a bathroom with no door and see 2 green snakes inside the toilet . First I’m scare and try to get out through the window but then I grab the snake I scream for help but no one hears me then I just throw the snake through the window. Then I woke up. Hopefully someone still fallow this post

  36. Abbey says:

    So Im kind of looking for some help right now… Today I had a soccer game and I lost and I was very upset about it so when I came home I just slept. And everytime I woke up and went back to sleep was because I have these weird ass nightmares but one actually made me curious.. I felt like my eyes were open, and I shit you not, the room was tilting with the bed and it was tilting backwards where you would get a head rush. Anyways, I couldnt really move but as I saw the room tilting I actually felt myself sliding backwards. I also felt all the blood and tension in my shoulders and arms. If anyone else could help me or let me know what kind of dream this is, Ill very much appreciate it.

  37. Rob says:

    I should be more specific. I hardly remember my dreams when I wake, like most people. But I know my teeth fall and I spit them right before I wake up. It never hurts. Just feels like hard flavorless candy in my mouth and then I spit and wake.

  38. Rob says:

    For the last couple years I’ve had dreams of all of my teeth falling out and I spit them out by the mouthful. Or I have sex dreams (opposite sex) and I never see her face or climax. I used to be chased as a kid and as a teen I fell. But this teeth falling out is getting out of hand…

  39. Mia Lucy says:

    Okay so I know you said to write only a few sentences but I have two dreams and I want to know what is wrong with me. I have been questioning my sexuality (I find that I am attracted to both guys and girls). And one dream I recently had I was in the car with a boy and his friend I have a romantic connection with (but he is going to a different college) and then we drove to my old high school and we walked into a classroom where all senior boys were present along with one girl from my school who was the hottest girl in school. She was wearing a revealing shirt and everyone was staring at her, including me. I was jealous but aroused and then I woke up!
    Okay, so then a few days after that dream I had a dream that this guy’s penis went inside me and I had images of attractive men and was aroused. Then I woke up after that dream as well. I don’t know know how to take these two dreams because they were both so close in time to each other? Btw: I’m 18 and will be going to college in a few days.

  40. alexi says:

    I had a dream about having friends I didn’t even know and then time traveled/sleeped for the past 20-30 years. And they had other friends and made me really sad. We were also in the streets/small place made out of sticks and rugs in Paris

  41. Bai says:

    I had a dream the other night about me carrying a little girl and running away. I don’t know what from, but her and I were both absolutely terrified. I have 2 daughters of my own, but I’ve never seen that little girl before. I woke up the next morning exhausted and apparently had cried in my sleep all night long. I can’t figure out what it meant though. I’ve searched everything on the internet, and I just want to know what that dream meant, or at least something close.

    • Karen says:

      Sadly I have no idea Bai. Dreams of that nature are usually analyzed as anxiety dreams though I think. So there’s probably something you’re feeling anxious about. ~ karen!

  42. Nancy says:

    I had a dream that I was adopting a baby and when I would drive to go see the baby I missed my turn and drove off a cliff. Before I hit the ocean the exact dream started all over again 3 different times from the beginning until I woke up. The last movie I watched on TV before going to sleep was Passion of the Christ.

  43. Sharon says:

    just dreamed that I was strangely angry and decided to hack my hair off in retaliation, I even yelled at my hair and said ” you know what I’m done with this junk it’s to much for one person to handle! In real life my hair is medium brown and all the way to my butt, but in the dream it was dark brown and I cut it to a bob, I could some how SEE the bob, yet my hand holding the knife never even nicked my hair.

    I always have recurring dreams of water+my kids and of course something horrible happens to them mostly always just to my kids and shortly after I always have cops banging on my door. (my kids aren’t ever hurt but still)
    and if I’m moving to a new place and I happen to dream that I’m actually in that house or touring the house, I can pretty much guarantee some force or other will NOT let me get that particular house. the only dreams I hate the most really hate are those where one of my loved ones dies strangely be the way and I some how always walk past or see it uncaring or devoid of ANY feeling, just nonchalant. Then I wake up to run around checking rooms and counting kids and scared spit less.

  44. bassey david says:

    I dream of an unknown woman which just appear in our room in a night and we lock the door, for her not to go outside, and people out side was telling us to open and if we did not open the door that she is going to catch us and my sister was at the side opening the door for her in my dream, for her to go out on her going out side she bit on my sister skin and my sister stated performing wrongly to my side. What is the meaning of my dream

    • Karen says:

      I’m afraid I have no idea David. I’m not a dream analyzer, just someone who wrote a post on some of the more common dream interpretations. ~ karen!

  45. terri says:

    I resently had a person in my life go to jail due to drugs and other things, i had this nightmare the other day about him relapsing and going to the point. Where he was ready to kill me and my parents. We gave him what he wanted. E left and stole the car. All of a sudden this huge guy shows up atthe front door trying to kick it down to get to us.. i woke up sooo scared. I dont know what it means . Do it mean i feel like when he come home theors no limit to the things he

    • Karen says:

      Im not a dream expert unfortunately Terri. In fact I’m not sure anyone is. 🙂 But if I had to guess I’d say its your subconscious telling you you’re a) terrified of him relapsing and b) think his returning isn’t a good thing. ~ karen

  46. Valentin says:

    Okay, I hope this is okay to post here. I’m desperate, okay?
    I woke up not too long ago, I also had a strange dream..
    There were four of us, my boyfriend, his two friends and I,
    We were going underwater to look for a sea creature, I didn’t mind, I was excited.
    So my boyfriend and I headed off our way and the others their way,
    There were a lot of sharks, of course and we went into this building, I remember what he said,
    “If you hear me screaming or anything like that, do not come back for me..”
    I nodded, he and I searched the building separately, I heard him screaming, I stayed put and he shouted and told me to hide, I did so I hid in this small bathroom, I heard him screaming, he sounded so terrified and shocked at the
    same time, he screamed repeatedly “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and so on so on, I heard a women chanting
    and shouting and then I wake up.
    I’m so curious on what he saw, I know it’s just a dream but damn.

  47. corners says:

    Sometimes if you get an uncomfortable feeling around your butt area, like you have to poop. Mens you probably have to poop.
    You aren’t being violated in your dreams, your dreams are just telling you to go use the bathroom.

  48. Laura says:

    I had 2 dreams last night…one of this guy I really like and we were on this trip around water cause his shirt was off and he had a tattoo of a dragon on his back (all though he doesn’t have tattoos in real life). He then wanted to go take pics of something ans he has this black coat on and he wouldn’t let me go with him, but instead told me he set up a boat ride for me. I woke up after that cause od the stupid dog barking…

    My second dream was of this guy showering my sister with flowers, money, ans stuffed animals, and some were where you could record your own message on them and he would tell her how much he wanted her and all kinds of stuff…but in real life she is not single, but still married to her soon to be ex husband and is engaged to someone else…

    What do these dreams mean?

  49. Nancy S in Winnipeg says:

    The first spring I was in my house I dreamed that I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood checking out other peoples back yard gardens. So I set off shoeless, wearing one sock and my nightgown (the worn, faded one that belongs in the rag bag). Spring hadn’t really come yet, so I was walking around the bits of ice in the back lanes. Then I came to one that was full of puddle and had to turn back – I only had one sock!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I think it’s funny you remember you were only wearing one sock. That HAS to mean something but who knows what! ~ karen

  50. Kathy says:

    In reality I did not have several large flower pots against the wall by the front door. In my dream I came to that
    wall from a hallway and the pots contained dry stalks of dead plants. And I could recall how they had been, all
    healthy and green. I can still see the image 20 years later. I got myself to a therapist for a few sessions. We had good talks. I suppose you can die inside in a bad marriage and that marriage had to end and it did. Glad I
    had that dream.

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