Tortellini en Brodo. It was all building up to this.

Let’s spend a moment recapping.

Learn how to make fresh pasta. Check.

Learn how to use our pasta rollers. Check.

Learn how to make tortellini filling. Check.

Learn how to form tortellini. Check.

How to eat tortellini. Shit.

I completely forgot to teach you how to eat tortellini. I can’t apologize enough to everyone out there sitting at the kitchen table with wide eyes and a bowl of frozen tortellini in front of you. Big, bulbous tears slowly splashing around you.

The thing about tortellini is it’s a LOT of work to make. So, you tend to become kind of nuts about it. I served some tortellini I made a few months ago and I generously doled out about 5 tortellini for me and 7 for the fella. ‘Cause he’s bigger. Then I got so angry that he ate all 7 tortellini I smashed a bowl to pieces. And it was Tupperware so it was really, really hard to do.  If there were some sort of International Tupperware breaking event I would be team captain.  And we would wear tortellini shaped hats.

To have a nice big bowl of tortellini with all kinds in the pot for seconds would be nice, but I’m a titch too protective of my homemade tortellini for that. And I imagine you will be too.

So I introduce you to the absolute best way to make use of your homemade tortellini. Introducing …




The best thing about this recipe is all the hard work (making the tortellini) is done. This is a meal you can now literally make in 5 minutes. There are 4 ingredients. Your homemade tortellini, beef broth, chicken broth, parmesan cheese.

[print_this]Tortellini en Brodo
Serves 4


Tortellini (approximately 20 pieces per person)

4 cups of homemade Beef Broth

4 cups of homemade Chicken Broth

1 thumb sized piece of parmesan cheese rind

Bring broths to a boil, add tortellini and parmesan cheese rind. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until tortellini is tender. Remove rind before serving.

Serve with Kale salad and a big, crusty round of bread.



By using the tortellini this way, you get away with using less than half the amount you would if you were to serve it in a bowl with a tomato sauce on it.

And yes.  You can make this with frozen tortellini from the grocery store and packaged broths.  So breathe a sigh of relief.  BUT … it won’t taste the same.

This is easily one of the most delicious soups I’ve ever made.  And yes, it’s also the most amount of work.  But if you spend a weekend making the broth and tortellini in advance (which is actually kind of fun) you can have what will be the best meal you’ve had all week ready in the amount of time it takes to make a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

So dry those eyes, roll up your sleeves and head straight to the grocery store.  Who’s kidding who?  3 of you are going to make the delicious soup from scratch and the rest of you are going to make the grocery store version.

To those 3, I welcome you to team Tupperware.

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