Will They Eat it?!

My name is Karen and it’s been almost a year since my last Will They Eat it Video.

My apologies.

So today I have for you a Will They Eat it Video to make up for that lost time.

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a chicken eat a tractor tire.

Just kidding … push play to see the featured food item in today’s Will They Eat It?

Will They Eat it Mealworms

Will the chickens eat mealworms? A great source of protein for when your chickens are moulting.

You’re welcome.


  1. monique says:

    you have healhty chicken karen…fun to watch on a friday morning with a cop off coffee

  2. Kipley Herr says:

    my chickens love them of course… just got live ones at the pet store this week. A farmer acquaintance said it would help them through their molt…. do your hens molt? Mine are going through it now. One lost most of her feathers… nothing pretty about a nekid chicken butt. The others do only a partial.

    • Karen says:

      LOL, oh boy do my chickens moult, LOL! They’re just finishing up now. They moult s l o w l y my little chickens. They can be off laying for 2 months at a time! Two are finally back to laying and 2 more should be there soon. And protein like mealworms, etc. really does help get them moving along with their moult. I should run out and get a couple of packets tomorrow! :) ~ karen

  3. Patti Faast says:

    Chickens – they are too funny. Yesterday when my girls were out running in the yard, they found a frog and fought over it. I don’t think they ate it, I think it was just fun. I lost track of the game after they went around the other side of the house.

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