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Halloween Craft

As most of you who read this blog regularly know, I love Halloween because it allows me to put my freak on display.  That’s a bit of a lie.  I do that every day.  Both lie and put my freak on display.

I’ve always had an affinity for all things creepy.  If I were to dig deep inside my sub-conscience I’d say it goes back to my maternal grandparents.

They were weirdos.

Honestly.  What made them dangerous was the fact they were also brilliant.  Freakishly smart people who sometimes used their brains for good and sometimes evil.  My grandmother suffered from some sort of agoraphobia.  She didn’t leave the house once for over a decade.  This made pulling pranks (one of her favourite things) difficult.  Difficult, but not impossible.

One of her favourite things to do was catch rats from the basement of her century house, put them in a box, wrap the box up in beautiful paper with ribbon … and set it on the front lawn. She’d then settle herself into a chair by the front window and wait for someone to steal the present and run off with it.

Looking back on it it’s probably a good thing she was agoraphobic.  She’s not someone you’d want running the streets of your town.

I’ve told that story before but it seemed  worth retelling.

My grandfather was a dentist.  His schooling took place in the 1920’s so all of his textbooks were from that era.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever looked in a book of pathology from the 1920’s but it’s … frightening.  I, as you may have guessed, looked in that book as a very young child.  It was horrifying.  The stuff that nightmares are made of.   It contained the kind of maladies and disfigurements that are now reserved for hit TLC shows.  But I couldn’t stop looking at that book, even though I knew it was going to terrify me.

I have the same problem with Honey Boo Boo.

It was that text book and those grandparents that shaped me into the creep loving freak that I am.  In turn … I like to pass that quality onto you folks. Think of me as your book of pathology.

This Halloween craft, my last one of this year is my creep gift to you.  I totally stole this idea from an art project I saw somewhere by the way.

You need a book.  This one happens to be about murder.


Eyes In Book 1


You need … some eyes.  Pluck them from anywhere you can.

I found mine in some rings that were at the Dollar store.  Old dolls, Halloween accessories or crafting stores should have them too.


Eyes In Book 6


Drill holes into the centre of the book.  You can use a drill bit the size of your eyes or you can cut the book with an Xacto knife.


Eyes In Book 2


Clean up the holes in your book a bit with some scissors.


Eyes In Book 3


Now just drop your eyes in.  And you’re done.  If you want to be.


Eyes In Book 4


If you want to take it to the next creep level start tearing away at the circles you’ve made.  The outermost circles should be the biggest, getting smaller and smaller as you get closer to the centre of the book.  You’re ripping out sockets.


Eyes In Book 9


Also upping the creep factor?  Using eyeballs that move.  Like these.  Which were $1 each from the Dollar Store. When you set the book slightly upright the eyes look up at you.  Creep.


Eyes In Book 7

Eyes In Book 8


Eyes In Book 11


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover.

You have to judge it by what’s inside.

I tend to agree.


  1. Netmiff says:

    ooooh, put a bookmark in it and close it; or leave it cover side UP on the coffee table … and then when someone opens it or picks it up – BOOOO!

  2. gloria says:

    Yikes, very creepy, but cool too. I think I might find a slightly larger book, then put both eyes on the same page, so they aren’t quite so far apart. I think that would give them a more realistic look. Then close the book and lay it on a table or somewhere where it’s sure to be picked up and opened…then wait for the scream.

  3. jenny says:

    You Are Brilliant 🙂

  4. marilyn says:

    crazy good, so creepy!

  5. Laura Bee says:

    The rat in a gift box story will never get old!

  6. Karol says:

    Holy crappity crap… right up my alley! I love it. And I love your grandmother. Years ago a fast food taco restaurant that rhymes with Schmocko Hell gave out those eyeballs with kids meals. They’re big and roll-y and will be perfect for that project. Thanks, Karen!

  7. Jodi. T. says:

    This is awesome… And tearing around the eyeball takes the creep factor WAY up… More realistic or somethin’!

    Thank you for being our book of pathology!!! 🙂

  8. Alex says:

    I like your Grandma. She’s my kind of people. That’s creepy and awesome and so fun to scare the children away from your porch so that you can keep the candy.

  9. Janet says:

    Gotta love the grandparents….they are inspiration that have mortified your parents.

  10. Another Karen says:

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being you!

  11. Nancy says:

    I shall now terrify the family. Thank you Karen

  12. Jake says:

    Thank you, I love this stuff.

  13. Jane C. says:

    Just wondering if the rat in the gift box was dead or alive? Not sure which one I’d find creepier…probably alive!

  14. Paula says:

    My daughter says pretty soon I will have more Halloween decorations than Christmas. I must add this one. I love it. I also added a black grapevine, snake wreath to the front door. It’s a Martha Stewart idea. You will have to check it out. It’s been on Pinterest too. Very easy project.

  15. Nan Tee says:

    Here’s a thought….how about mailing the book? Now to find my adddress book…..lol.

  16. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I have always loved creepy and scary..spooky is right up there too..My son loved this about me when he was a kid cause he liked to decorate his room that way..I was the mom who was out shopping for Halloween stuff to give him as Christmas gifts..he has sort of outgrown it but I haven’t..Love this one Karen..Great creep factor!

  17. Bonnie says:

    Very, very creepy. Very.

    But I love it!

  18. ev says:

    The unofficial Addams Family likes this lot!

  19. magali says:

    love it!!

    are you going to be showing us your pumpkins this year or is it over completely for Halloween stuff?

    • Karen says:

      Magali -I’m going to be showing my pumpkins from *last* year. They’re an easy … anyone can do it, but it still looks great and original pumpkin. 🙂 ~ karen

  20. FLP says:

    Eye reader, too creepy for words. I’ll stick with my ereader.

  21. Nikki F. says:

    You’ve finally given me a reason to buy 50 shades of grey…lol!

  22. Jan says:

    Love this!

    Here’s a great creep for you Karen. Halloween costume. Dress up like a nurse. Go buy a whole chicken at the grocery. Dry it off and fashion a doll sized diaper pinning it with old style diaper pins. Wrap the chicken carefully in an infant receiving blanket. For an added touch you can pin your favorite political button directly on the breast ofa the chicken. Voila! Your friends will get the surprise of their life when you –the baby nurse hand over your bundle of joy for their admiring cuddles and they fold down the blanket to reveal a headless chicken.

    This is a never fail — surprise creep Halloween costume.

  23. barbee says:

    I admire your creepiness-thanks to you I had to explain to my husband why there’s a bowl of old chicken bones in the garage.

  24. Auntiepatch says:

    Before I retired from my old job as an Electronics Buyer I use to put 6″ glow in the dark snakes in the envelope with my purchase orders at Halloween. I did it for years and then we switched over to faxing them and put a stop to my fun! I did get a LOUD phone call from a clerk who opened all the mail. She said she entertained the whole office dancing around the room when the snake fell out of the envelope and into her lap. Ah, good times!

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