Let’s start things right out of the hopper with my great big photographic lie.  My windows are bare here because I still have my ugly curtains that I am unimpressed with, so I took them down before I started shooting photos.  My plan for the late summer or fall (which typically means late winter or early spring or maybe even in 10 years from now) is to build solid wood, interior shutters for my windows.  So it isn’t so much a lie to take down the curtains as it is a preview of how things are going to be.  Kind of.  Whatever, I took ’em down cause they look like crap. Suck it.

You may remember in the spring I went to the Christie Antique Market and bought a Turkish rug even though I wasn’t looking for a Turkish rug, wasn’t sure where I could put a Turkish rug and in fact only brought enough money with me to purchase Canadian french fries.

I kind of wandered around the house with the rug and finally ended up putting it in my bedroom.  Then my front hall.  Then my bedroom.  Then the upstairs hall.  You know how that goes. You buy something, you love it, but you can’t find anywhere that it actually works.

The very same thing happened with my favourite flea market lamps.  I owned them for 10 years before I my house evolved enough that I had somewhere to put them.

So this rug.  I loved it but couldn’t find anywhere to put it that was perfect.  Enter the weekend flea market.  A few weeks ago I went up to a flea market that takes place in this area from May until October.  I went looking for a small ironstone bowl to replace one that broke.

I wasn’t looking for a Turkish rug, wasn’t sure where I could put a Turkish rug and in fact only brought enough money with me to purchase one ironstone bowl and Canadian french fries.  Again.

Yet again, out I walked with a Turkish rug.  And another Turkish rug.  2 Turkish rugs.  I now had a total of 3 Turkish rugs and no real plan for them.  As it turns out that’s exactly what I needed to make my original impulse Turkish rug work make sense in my house.  It just needed some friends.

Layering Turkish rugs is now my new favourite thing.  I might just cover my entire first floor in them.  Walls and furniture included. And yeah, a tiny little one for the cat.

In real life it looks good, but looking at the photo above now, I can see I need to declutter a bit.  The table and buffet were fine before I had the layered patterned rugs, but now it’s a few too many objects.  I’ll either clear off the tulip table and just put one single thing on it, or simplify the buffet.  I already have an idea for that as I come excitingly close to buying my first piece of original art from a local artist.


The Turkish rugs have a feeling that other rugs didn’t have, which is why I’ve never got around to buying rugs.  In, like, 17 years.  That’s not true, I bought a shag rug from Costco once only to lose a ring, 14 Cheezies and a friend’s baby in there once.  The baby was recovered, the other items were almost immediately digested by Shaggy.


Nothing’s hiding in these rugs except my savings account.  Each of these Turkish rugs were about $350 each which makes the entire rug that measures around  6′ x 8′  a total of just over $1,000.  A big investment but that’s what they are. An investment.  They’re 100% handmade, with natural hand dyed wool.  I’ll own them forever.  They won’t end up in the dump, they won’t fall apart, they don’t even stain when the cats throw up on them because wool is naturally stain resistant, which is why I always say fingernails should be made out of wool.

The next big Christie Antique Show takes place in a few weeks.  I plan on going.  And I plan on only buying french fries.



  1. Tanya says:

    So…Turkish rugs do not show cat puke = Good! Always a selling point for my house. How well do they hold up to cat claws? (I may or may not be still finding random wool strands from the last wool rug I bought that went threadbare because our cats are crazy….)

    • Karen says:

      I can’t guarantee because I’ve only owned them for 4 months, but so far so good! No rips, runs, pulls or anything. ~ karen!

  2. judy says:

    this is gorgeous! I love all the stuff because it is interesting,each piece generates a question-where did it come from? was it expensive…etc. I agree with the comment about some of today’s decor is so copy-cat. Give me the person with some clutter that has individuality, beauty and style versus the sort of sleek bare rooms of greys and little art and even less furniture.

    • Karen says:

      I’m just staring into my foyer right now and I can tell you that the shiva statue on the buffet is the only expensive thing on it. The tulip table has a buddha head that belongs to a friend, an antler, 2 drumsticks from separate Ramones concerts from years ago and an antique Monk’s begging bowl that I bought in Thailand. Although I think the bowl is actually from Burma. It was moderately expensive. There you have it! ~ karen

  3. Cathy says:

    I’m glad you are pleased with the look. Personally it doesn’t work for me. I would probably try to hang them on a wall somewhere.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! That’s funny because that look wouldn’t work for me. :) I’m not big on things like rugs and tapestries being hung on walls. I do like them draped on couches or tables though. Not these ones. These ones are staying under foot. ~ karen!

  4. AnnieVee says:

    Just beautiful! I love all the colour!!! But I too would be tripping since I’m in such a small house and I’m a big klutz who lately can’t seem to lift up my feet probably due to my arthritic hips…. oh stop it Annie… anyhoo….
    I FINALLY got to Christies fall market two years ago and it POURED!!! almost the whole time we were there. I felt so badly for the vendors 🙁 But me and the hubs still enjoyed it… it was a day out 😉 I think we had French fries too 🤔 I’m gonna try to get there again… but only if it’s not going to pour. Hopefully I’ll find ONE Turkish rug for the end of my bed.
    PS… who’s the local artist? I happen to know a few around Dundas.

    • Karen says:

      For now my secret artist is … a secret. ;) But you can see his work at the Oswald Gallery in Hamilton right now. ~ karen!

  5. jaine kunst says:

    They look perfect!

  6. Jennie Lee says:

    I’m eager to see your photos of Christie’s, whether you buy anything or not. Your flea market photos are my favorite thing in your blog. I miss going to such events, and you allow me to enjoy them vicariously.

  7. Looks very nice Karen.
    I may have to follow suite.

  8. Elaine says:

    I never thought of layering the way you’ve done here, Karen, and must say, the three rugs add immediate character to your entrance. They truly are an art investment and will last forever. I hope to get up the road to Christie’s this Fall – thanks for the reminder. I love the many interesting artifacts laying around your home and, of course, your beautiful cat. I’m so glad to hear you’re going to add shutters; they will add (again, more “character”) to your home. Whenever I see photos of them used in decor magazines and such, the images transport me back in time to driving through the lovely villages of Cape Cod.

    This is turning out to be a bit “wordier” than I intended but I must compliment you on another subject. I used to read a LOT of decor blogs but have been losing interest lately. The reason is I find the homes are all starting to look alike. They all show the same cushion patterns, or wreaths on the door, or antlers on the coffee table or the same interior colors, etc, etc. While they are all very nice homes, the blogs have, sadly, become all very predictable! Your decor is unique and has its own personality.

  9. Elen G says:

    Oh, I like that. A lot. Beaut.

  10. NinaMargo says:

    Beautiful! As for the windows, I like the clean/minimalist naked window. (Unless you’re concerned about the view out, or people looking in! That changes the dynamic.)

  11. Sabina Missana says:

    Just another thought, could you share the name of the flea market too?

  12. Sabina Missana says:

    Love the rugs! Thanks for letting us know about Christie’s! I will be finding an excuse to attend, if for nothing but the french fries!!!

  13. Linda in Illinois says:

    Shutters !! I love them and the idea of inside.. I can’t wait.

  14. marilyn meagher says:

    Love the colours!!

  15. ronda says:

    HA! like THAT will happen! buy nothing????? hahahahahaha

  16. Mary W says:

    My tables are piled high with art supplies and projects and grandkids junk so I’m no one to listen to but – I would take everything off the round white table except the plant. I’d put the head on the tree trunk without the current piece. Love the layered look but what keeps you from tripping on them? I would be ‘fallen and can’t get up’ – continually. The white buffet(?) looks really good with the bare windows – they kind of mimic the squares. I think I like your bare windows unless they are ground level and you walk around half dressed a lot. I can’t wait to see the art you selected – over that white buffet would be an excellent choice between those lamps. Your always thinking, doing, planning. It sure is fun to watch you/it evolve.

  17. Deb Mac says:

    Those are lovely; not sure I’m into the laying as Id probably end up on my arse or toppling over the table.

    Love your flooring.

  18. Marna says:


  19. Leisa says:

    Picked up three at Christies last year and I’m addicted. Love them!

  20. LM Brisco says:

    It looks fab Karen! Do you not trip over them though? I only have one rug in the house & I’m always tripping on it! I could see myself tripping on yours & gouging out an eye on the horns of your Bull! :)

    • Karen says:

      Yeah. I’ve tripped a few times, lol. I just have to get a bit of non slip stuff to put at the corners. :) ~ karen!

  21. Sally says:

    Man alive – will you please stop showing us photographs of those lamps, I want them so badly!

    I vote for clearing off the tulip table down to one glorious large bowl or similar and leaving everything else alone.

    I would also like some Canadian french fries, please.

  22. Brenda says:

    When you took the pic from another angle it didn’t look cluttered … make people stand there is an idea

  23. Kim says:

    Looks great! I’m just waiting for my Turkish rug from an Etsy seller to get to me. It’s just a small one, as I am nervous about buying FROM Turkey. But they are cheaper from the source and the reviews are great. If all goes well I will be buying a much BIGGER Turkish rug. And of course I will layer: of course

  24. Laura says:


  25. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I like it…also they go well with Cleo!..So by my calculations you will be bringing home 3 Turkish rugs from the Christie Antique Show…Have fun!

  26. Susan says:

    Beautiful and inspirational! Im going to give it a try.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Susan. I”m happy with it. And if I get sick of them in the front hall, I can move them to the living room or just about anywhere else because I can change their size and shape in an instant just by layering the more or differently. :) ~ karen!

  27. TucsonPatty says:

    Awesome layering! I love it and never thought of layering in this way. Beautiful.

  28. Tina says:

    We (ex and I and kids) used to go to Marrakech each spring and every year I could find an excuse for “just ONE more rug”. And I loved the way they layered them! For some reason I never thought to do it myself. Congrats!

    As for the clutter, as I’ve gotten older, I like clutter far less. I’d clear off the credenza, except maybe the bull.

  29. Lisa says:

    They are gorgeous! I too am addicted to Turkish wares – but mine are more the couch (and me) covers. :)
    On another note – how do you get your wooden floors to look so wonderfully glossy? I used to use a particular brand of polish but I can no longer get it (old floors in the house I’ve been renting for 29 years now). Any suggestions – very grateful. PS: Love your cat too.

  30. Paula says:

    They look wonderful! What a lovely idea. I can’t wait to go to Christie’s this Fall, I haven’t been before because it is a bit of a journey.
    FYI- I heard on the news tonight that Idris Elba is going to be at TIFF.

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