My Antique Show Scores. What I Bought and How Much I Paid!

What I bought this year at Canada’s largest antique show … and WHAT I PAID for it all!

A woman's hand holding up an red, antique Sears, Roebuck & Company egg scale at the Christie Antique Show. Green grass and cloudy blue sky in background.


Way back, a couple of weeks ago, I posted about my day long trip to the Christie Antique Show and asked you to have a look around the photos for what you think I picked up.  This egg scale is now in my house. The clipboard and sofa are not.  Those are the two things I intended to look for and buy at the Christie Show this year.  But a soon as my feet landed on the field grounds, both of those things flew right out of my brain and made their way home, leaving me there, overwhelmed with all the other options.

Red egg scale with egg in holder on antique hardware cabinet drawers.

vintage egg scale – $20

  Any of you who are regular readers with a good eye, noticed the egg scale in my post on organizing my cabinets drawers.

So that was an easy one.  But did you guess that I also picked up sticks?

Long sticks that are tied together leaning on rustic wooden sawhorse in front of blue tarp with wicker chair to the right.

Sticks – $1 each ($10 for 10 sticks)

That’s right. I was peer pressured by Pink Tool Belt to buy a bundle of sticks.  She walked out with beautiful white cast iron urns that were a fraction of the price they should have been, yet she encouraged me to pick up sticks.  I have a plan for them. I’m either going to build an onion/garlic drying rack with them for my front porch, or a hanging herb dryer for my kitchen.

Assortment of antique show finds sitting on a table including tall boot forms, shoe forms in a black cast-iron urn and antique brass candelabras.

And then there’s this photo. I could very well have bought ANYTHING in this photo and in fact almost bought the black cast iron urn (it came as a pair of urns).  But I didn’t get the urns, I let my sister Pink Tool Belt have them.  I got the ….

Antique brass candelabra with unlit candles on wooden farmhouse table in front of white painted brick wall in Karen Bertelsen's historic dining room.

Candelabras – $???

… brass candelabras.  Which both of my sisters didn’t like.  And were quite vocal about not liking.  I think they hated them. Which is weird because they’re everything all of us normally love.  I, on the other hand do in fact love them. 

Pair of antique brass candelabras with unlit candles and a white plate sitting on wooden farmhouse table surrounded by mid-century dining room decor . Modern white chandelier positioned over the table.

I especially like them with my farmhouse table and the white mid-century things in my dining room. The candelabras were $65 each, but now that I have them at home, I took another look at the tag and they were supposed to be $65 for the pair! So I’m going to have to email the vendor.  Luckily I grabbed one of her cards before I left.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have any idea who I got them from.

Embroidered cutlery pouches beside "The Gardener's Bug Book, Fourth Edition" on outdoor table covered with embroidered tablecloth.

This is another shot that could go either way. Did I get the cutlery pouches or the bug book?


The cover of "The Gardener's Bug Book, Fourth Edition" by Cynthia Westcott on marble counter top.

Bug book – $5

The bug book for the win. I was sold on it from the cover and subject matter but when I opened it and found it’s also filled with these great illustrations I decided I’d pay anything they wanted for it.  

Open book showing elaborate insect illustrations sitting on marble counter top.


The rugs …

White tent containing many kilim rugs on ground and hanging up at the Christie Antique Show.

This is the rug guy that’s at the show every year.  For the past couple of years I’ve bought a rug from him every time I visit the show. I use them as a long row of scatter rugs from my front door to the back of the house.


Patterned brown, tan, red and blue Turkish kilim rug bought at the Christie Antique Show on rustic wooden floor.

Turkish rug – $90


And this next photo. What do you think I got from here?

As assortment of finds at the antique show including rustic pink milk urn, wooden egg crate, antique traffic lights and wire baskets.

Egg crate – $40

I bought the egg crate.  Because as I fully explained in this post, I very desperately needed an egg holder.

And now a couple of things that weren’t in the photos from the Christie post.  I also bought a bench.  But not just any bench.  I’ve been looking for a bench for a couple of years now but they were either too much money or the style wasn’t just right.   Not that I knew what the right style was, I just knew what wasn’t the right style. 

The bench I bought is a Canadian Armed Forces bench from their training facility.

Painted white Canadian Armed Forces bench with foldable legs positioned on front porch of Karen Bertelsen's historic cottage home.

Armed Forces bench – $120

I love this bench. It’s painted and a little different than every natural wood bench you see in the way it looks because the legs are foldable. You can just fold them up and the bench turns into a flat piece you can store or carry anywhere.  

I  just like the way the hardware looks on it with the metal braces and the chains underneath.

Ironstone crock filled with flowers and greenery with beige linen towel draped beside it; both sitting on antique wooden hardware cabinet.

Ironstone crock – $25

Finally, as I often do, I bought a piece of ironstone. This is just an inexpensive jug (some of them are hundreds of dollars) for keeping flowers in throughout the summer. In the winter, it might graduate to a pot for a tiny countertop Christmas tree.

And finally (I bought a LOT this sale) … 

Cream enamel bread box with glass knob sitting on shelf of wooden hardware cabinet. Also shown: various white dishes, wooden rolling pins and black bowl.

I got a bread box!  A cream enamel bread box with a small glass knob.

There’s a little over 2 months until the fall sale, which gives me 2 months to save up and 2 months to compile a list of things I need but will inevitably forget about the moment I get there.

Have a good weekend! (and did you guess anything I got?)


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  1. Marna says:

    Great buys! I love them all!

  2. Safetydog says:

    Love the bread box! I always thought they were a bit of an affectation, but they do really keep breads fresh.

  3. Melissa says:

    OMG THE BREAD BOX!!!! I would have braved the rain for that!

  4. PMMK says:

    Dr. Cynthia Westcott was and still is a horticulture hero, IMO. Her bug book for $5! What a find. The kind of book you can read with your grand kids. Seriously, my 4-1/2 year old granddaughter is all over my bug books.

    Dr. Westcott got a PhD in Plant Pathology in the 1930s only to be told that it was no job for a woman. So, jobless, she gave them all the ultimate FU, started her own plant doctoring business and went on to become famous. Meanwhile, the world has completely forgotten the guys who told her she couldn’t.

  5. Claire says:

    Those are some pretty great finds! I too have a love for brass candelabras and was wondering…. how do you get your candles to stand so straight in them?! Every time I look, my candles are either leaning drunkenly or have already fallen out of the holder….

    • Karen says:

      I just kind of fiddled with them. The candleholder holes are a bit of a weird size too so I also had to shave the ends of the candles down. Because of that they’re really tight in the candleholders and a bit easier to wedge into place (straight). ~ karen!

  6. Barbie says:

    You really got some amazing things! Love that egg crate and especially the bread box!

    • Karen says:

      I’ve had a package of those cheap little round cakes for making strawberry shortcake in the breadbox forever and they haven’t become mouldy OR stale. It’s amazing. ~ karen!

  7. Deborah Burns says:

    Ooooo, the candelabras look fabulous with Margaret and the gilt mirror, such wonderful contrasts with the rough, white painted brick wall, warmly, homey farm table and sinuous white chairs! Luscious eclecticism!

    Perfect breadbox, the crystal pull is a lovely touch!

    I’d say you definitely scored some great finds, I think they must make up for the deluge at the show.

  8. Kathleen Heiss says:

    Loved all your picks!!!

  9. whitequeen96 says:

    These are mostly things I wouldn’t think of getting but, as always, you tie everything in together beautifully! That’s one of the reasons I love your house; it’s so creative and unique!

  10. Mindy says:

    I can’t believe you walked away from the giant copper pot. I’m still dreaming about it.

  11. Vikki says:

    I love almost everything you got home with!! I think you were smart to get those candelabra–they look great in your home. Shop On!!

  12. LeeAnne Bloye says:

    Put your list on your phone. If you forget your phone, well there is nothing anyone can do about that.
    GREAT score on that bug book!

    • Carrie says:

      That’s a great tip! My family members and I use the free Wunderlist app on our phones and tablets. It’s a great productivity tool, but we primarily use it because we can easily make and share lists with one another. Lists automatically update on all devices in real time as we add and check off things. You can also upload photos or files so anyone with access to your list can see measurements and detailed descriptions or better understand what the item should look like.

      I’ve never been so organized before, and it’s frankly weird to see our household running so smoothly. Now we no longer end up with like 3 boxes of the same kind of cereal, an incorrectly sized air filter that needs returning or have to make extra trips to stores for things because we aren’t constantly forgetting handwritten lists at home or in the car.

      Also great for planning events, projects or vacations. Not that I get to go on any vacations, but I keep a growing wunderlist full of ideas, should I ever win a lottery or something. ;)

  13. Elaine says:

    I guessed some … love that egg scale! I never knew 😳 there was such a thing! Your candelabras are stunning and I hope you get money back. They remind me of a silver candelabra I bought at an antique place for $5! It was absolutely covered in red wax and took days to clean it off. I eventually gave it away when packing up to move here and while it’s gone to a good friend, I sometimes want it back. Did I see you downtown yesterday, Karen, looking lovely in a red dress? If not, you have a double! The shops on the south side were closed due to a power outage; I’m not sure about the other side as I was on my way home.

  14. Bonnie Gutierrez says:

    I guessed some but love all, especially the ironstone pitcher and the egg crate.
    Karen, what is the date for the next sale or where to find the specifics?

  15. Idaho Girl says:

    Did anyone else have to immediately go online to buy a used copy of the bug book after seeing the illustrations?!?! And I’m really glad you didn’t buy that headless mannequin in the background of the egg crate photo…

  16. Cathy Reeves says:

    You’ve curated your stuff well over the years. The breadbox made me weep and I want to live in it. Now that my Fella and I landed in Arizona it’s going to take decades to get this place from ‘early animal house’ to something I’m happy/proud of. We have very different ideas and I’m going to have to carve out a tiny space of my own, probably outside under a cholla. If I can’t find a decent breadbox.

  17. Kippy says:

    Great stuff! I guessed right 90% and would have bought all but the candleabras (too big for this place). By the way, you cleaned the candleabra up beautifully!

  18. Eileen says:

    The candelabras are just gorgeous and will be more so when you get half of your money back!! Unfortunate. I have an egg crate just like that one that my mother used when we lived on a farm. You did really well.

  19. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Love the bench! It makes me wonder how many bums have sat on it in service to our country? I get sentimental about stuff like that. Old photos especially….
    I would love to know how it goes with the candlestick vendor. They took advantage of you in your antique buying “high”imho!

  20. Josephine says:

    I am so jealous of your egg scale! I have been wanting one of those – that exact style/design – for several years now, ever since I first got chickens. I never see them around auctions or antique stores here in SD… I tried to buy one on Ebay or Craigslist but I was so poor at the time I couldn’t afford the $50 or whatever the guy wanted. So it wasn’t meant to be. I will keep looking but know that at least one person in the world envies your egg scale.

  21. Marilyn Meagher says:

    Karen check out the stick flower on the physio place in hatt st beside the municipal lot. It’s made of sticks and I want one ! I will have to get some sticks and get s better look at it. Just food for thought oh and I have three caterpillars 🐛!

  22. Laura Bee says:

    Great finds! I especially love the bench. I wish I had my old bench. It was ancient, thick old board. Got it for a steal. I left it with a friend when we moved.

  23. Eileen says:

    well, I am finally a little bit Karen cool – I have that bug book! Bought it at a library book sale several years ago for about a buck. My cover is a bit more beat up, though.

  24. linda in illinois says:

    The bug book and egg scale.. so jealous.. great job on all items..

  25. Sarah says:

    I would SOOO use those cutlery pouches to carry cutlery to and from a picnic.
    Now I plan to make my own and cross stitch the cutlery names on it.
    And now than I plan to make these, I need to plan some picnics!

  26. Ina says:

    Yes! I just knew you would buy the bundle of wood!

  27. Lisa says:

    Great scores!!! Good work.

  28. I love Margaret. I covet Margaret. What size canvas is she? Maybe 5′ X 3′? I may have to try painting me a Margaret. Your stuff is so cool. And so are you.

  29. The egg scale is beautiful, and so useful, but the stop light caught my eye.

  30. Jenny W says:

    Those candelabras!!! Swoon Worthy, and in my opinion, worth $65 a piece. They make your table complete :)

  31. judy says:

    The view I had of the Candelabra and the ornate gilt mirror showed The Lady gazing out from her lovely frame. I had the distinct impression that she was pleased her realm was improving in splendor to match her elegant pose and lovely formal dress. Do you ever find yourself talking to her? I think I would-I am so curious about her-how could such a portrait lose its place of honor with her family? Did everyone pass on or were they unable to accommodate such a large painting?

  32. Su says:

    Love them all but that breadbox! Love it 😊

  33. Wilma, like your great aunt! says:

    You really wanted the LV suitcase too! Of your found treasures, what might you have traded that for?

    I am new to your blog—love your humor, sensibilities and, the magnetic gate latch! Still trying to get it to work just right but the concept is the best!

  34. Cool stuff!
    Sooooo jealous….
    I want to go next year!

  35. Paula says:

    I love egg scale! Nice score.

  36. Alena says:

    I always look at rugs – though I am not sure if I visited your vendor – but I always find them unreasonably overpriced at Christie’s. I was offered a nice rug that I really liked (although I had not planned to buy any rugs) and I thought that the price was, exceptionally, not that bad until I found several holes. So I quickly changed my opinion of the price and I walked away.

    And as usual, I didn’t see you anywhere – not even at the stand with the french fries.

    • Karen says:

      This guys rugs are always priced well. They’re not giving them away but for 100% wool rugs from Turkey they’re good. I’ve never found any holes but his rugs are all new. They aren’t vintage. ~ k!

  37. Mary W says:

    The Bug Book and egg scale were too easy! The set of candelabras looks PERFECT on your table! So glad you got the bread box, also. I guessed the black ironstone urns and one of the rugs but not the one you chose. This is a fun annual event for me – you spend and I play.

  38. Jody says:

    I love them all, but especially the candelabras. I guessed them and the egg crate.

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