The Product I’ve Recommended More Than Any Other. The Wagner Paint Sprayer.

Paint a shed in less time than it takes to make a batch of cookies.  Paint a section of fence in seconds.  Chairs in minutes.  Nope, it’s not a dream world, or delusional. It’s my prized tool.  A Wagner paint sprayer.

Two white wicker chairs sitting on lawn with forest of maple trees in background.

This post is sponsored by Wagner SprayTech.  A product I love and have used for YEARS.

I am on my third paint sprayer. Not because they keep breaking. Not because they don’t work as well as I would like so I keep trying new ones.  Nope.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I’m on my third paint sprayer from Wagner because I keep letting them know how much I like them and they keep sending me new ones.

It all started a few years ago when I bought a Wagner paint sprayer from Home Depot to paint my picket fence. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to paint a picket fence but it isn’t easy. There are approximately 742 sides to a picket fence.  Just when you think you’ve got them all covered, you discover another side to it.  It’s like painting a rhombicosidodecahedron.  Google it.

So I bought a paint sprayer thinking it would make the job faster and it did.  Faster and easier.  The model I bought was whichever Wagner was the cheapest. I think it was around $70 or $80. It was powered by a garden hose which still doesn’t make sense to me but it worked.

In fact I liked it so much I contacted the company to tell them how much I liked it. That’s something people don’t do enough of.  Everyone is quick to call a company to complain about products they don’t like but people rarely make the same sort of call when they are impressed with something.

They were so happy I liked their sprayer they said WAIT’LL YOU TRY THIS ONE. And they promptly sent me the Wagner FLEXiO 890.  A sprayer that comes with a compressor so there’s no garden hose.

In the past 3 years I have used that sprayer to paint the interior shutters I made (you can click here to see them and learn how to make the yourself), my potting shed, my front porch, my picket fence (again), my wicker chairs and a very small portion of my cat.

Again, this summer I told them how much I loved it and how many times I used it.  Again – they sent me a new one. ( I should probably consider letting Volvo know how much I like my S60.  )

Allow me to introduce all you painting geeks to – The Wagner FLEXiO 3000.

Wagner Flexio 3000 in box sitting on lawn with white wicker chairs in background.

O.K.  the last machine they sent me got rid of the garden hose.  THIS machine gets rid of the compressor. I don’t have any idea how they do it but basically it’s the size of a hair dryer.  There’s no garden hose, no compressor, no nothing.

Just a hand nozzle and a power cord.  It really is like a hairdryer that spews out paint.

Since I’ve sprayed pretty much everything in my house already I carried it over to my mother’s house to spray her two wicker chairs for her.


It took 1 quart of paint to do 2 coats on 2 wicker chairs, with paint left over.

Two white wicker chairs sitting on grass beyond pool.

They’re plain white wicker chairs and Betty isn’t a plain white person. She’s a colour person.  We’re very different Betty and I.

Unpacking of Wagner Flexio 3000 on lawn.

This is a picture of me pretending to carefully read the instructions.  I did glance at them.

Pouring paint into paint container of Wagner Flexio 3000.


It’s pretty easy. In fact it’s way easier than painting with a brush or roller.  You fill the container with paint, screw it onto the spraying handle and point it at whatever it is you’re painting.

The FLEXiO 3000 comes with 2 nozzles. One for finer, detail work and one for bigger work.  For these outdoor chairs the bigger nozzle is the one I chose.



There are 3 settings to pay attention to. The air flow, the paint flow and the paint width.

Wagner Flexio 3000 air flow adjustment.

  1.  Set the red dial on top to between 1 and 8.   Setting it to 1 provides the least amount of air flow, setting it to 8 provides the strongest air flow.  There’s a handy chart with a picture of a chair on it right on the gun, so I decided that was probably the right setting to choose. Between 3 and 4.

Wagner Flexio 3000 material flow adjustment.

2. Adjust your material flow rate on the red dial around the neck of the spray gun.  1 for the least amount of paint to come out, higher for more.  (so 1 gives a very thin coating of paint, 10 would give a mammoth amount of paint and you’d run out of paint faster)

Wagner Flexio 3000 width adjustment.

3. Adjust how wide you want the spray to be.  If you’re doing the side of a house you’d want a side spray. If you’re doing a table, you’d want it to be less wide.

That’s it. Now that the 3 adjustments are made you just need to plug it in and start spraying.

There is NO ON BUTTON on this thing.  When you squeeze the spray handle to start spraying, it automatically engages and turns on. 

Plugging in Wagner Flexio 3000 spray gun.

To make things fun and interesting I made it a race.  I wanted to time exactly how long it took to paint 2 coats on 2 wicker chairs.

Set your timer …

iPhone with stopwatch function about to start.


Spraying 2 wicker chairs first coat with green paint on lawn. Cardboard under chairs.

Every once in a while, while you’re spraying you need to check the nozzle of the machine to make sure it isn’t getting clogged up.  Just keep a paper towel or rag with you and wipe it off.

Clogged nozzle of Wagner 3000 paint spray gun.

This, much like not doing laundry until literally everyone in your house is out of underwear,  is totally normal.

The paint builds up around the nozzle as you spray. Just wipe it every once in a while.

Nozzle of Wagner 3000 paint spray gun.

The time it took you to read this post so far is approximately how long it took to spray my mother’s wicker chairs 2 coats.  Depending on how fast a reader you are of course and whether you were interrupted by a husband, child or dog.

2 Chairs, 2 Coats in 15 Minutes.


iPhone stopwatch in foreground with almost completed painting project in background.

In 15 minutes both chairs were done 2 coats.  That includes the extra dry time in between coats.

Green wicker chair sitting on lush lawn.

If you’ve ever painted wicker you know it’s a PAIN.  It’s almost impossible to get into each crack and crevice. With a spray gun nothing goes untouched.  Every bit is painted.

Close up shot of intricate wicker weaving, painted green.

It makes painting fun.  I mean, the kind of fun that an adult has. Adult fun.  Like waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have 5 hours to sleep.

Green painted wicker chair on lawn with red cushion.

I do have a few tips that I’ve learned through years of using  various models of these sprayers.

Wagner paint sprayer tube with small air hole that needs to be cleaned out.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Tips


  1. The hole.

Last spring I was trying to spray something and it just WOULD not spray.  I checked everything and couldn’t figure it out.  Finally I discovered this tiny air hole on the underside of the spray tube.  It was clogged with a bit of dry paint.  And that was all it took to stop the sprayer from working.

If your Wagner spray gun stops spraying check to make sure this air hole isn’t blocked.

(it’s entirely possible there are entire write ups about this in the instructions but … )

2. Paint straining.

The instructions DO say you need to strain your paint to make sure nothing clogs the nozzle.  I don’t do this. I shouldn’t tell you I don’t do this, but I don’t. I NEVER strain my paint.  I haven’t had the nozzle clog up once, but I’m also probably always using brand new paint that isn’t likely to have any contaminants or bits of guck in it.  This is not an endorsement and Wagner advises you absolutely DO strain your paint before pouring it into the paint container.  I just don’t.

3.  Thinning paint.

If your paint is too thick it can also clog the nozzle, but for this project I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura line of paint which is thicker than most paints and it sprayed perfectly without thinning.

4.  Clean your sprayer as soon as you’re finished using it.  It’s a much faster cleanup job to spray out wet paint than scrape out dried paint.

Wanna see it in action?


Green wicker chairs sitting on lawn beyond blue pool.

The things I noticed that were improved on this, the FLEXiO 3000 model over my last model, the FLEXiO 890.

  • The “big nozzle” of the FLEXiO 3000 has a finer spray that’s less splattery than that of the FLEXiO 890.
  • It’s easier to move around and maneuver since there’s no exterior compressor or hose.
  • It packs back into its case PERFECTLY.  The FLEXiO 890 is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to get back into its case.

You don’t have to believe me about how great these sprayers are.  You can ask my neighbour who bought one 3 days after seeing me paint my picket fence with one this spring.  You can ask my friend Stephanie who bought one a day after seeing me paint my porch with it this spring.  Or my niece who borrowed mine to paint her shed.  Or my mother’s neighbour who saw me painting these chairs and couldn’t believe it.  Really.  Ask any of them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do a lot of sponsored posts and when I do I make sure they’re for products I genuinely love and use.

I genuinely love and use Wagner spray guns.

And Volvos. ;)


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I\'ve been using this paint sprayer for years to paint everything around my house. My shed, picket fence, porch, wicker furniture, tables ... and every time I use it someone stops me to ask what kind it is and where to get one. Here are all the answers.


  1. Angela Eaton says:

    Hi – so Im dying to buy this wagner 3000 – do you have any suggestions within Canada where I can order it? I have looked at HD, Amazon, Cdn tire and it doesn’t appear to be available:(
    thanks for your help!

  2. Alicia says:

    Just bought my first house and this will probably be the first house thing i buy for it!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    (If Wagner wants to throw one my way as a housewarming present i would NOT be opposed)

  3. Shannon says:

    I’m so glad you review products that you actually like and use. Let me ask you this: How would the finish be for furniture (think a table or something smoother than wicker) or cabinets? I have heard that some paint sprayers leave a stippled (orange peel) finish rather than a very smooth finish. What’s your opinion on this one?

    • Karen says:

      It’s a nice finish, but I wouldn’t say it’s like the super smooth finish you get if you were buying brand new kitchen cabinets from Ikea or something like that. Although, that’s with the Wagner FLEXiO 890. I haven’t tried the 3000 on cabinets. The 890 I did use to paint all the interior shutters that I made for my house. If you click on that link you can see them and the finish although I’m not sure how much the finish shows in the photos. ~ karen!

  4. Patricia says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m sold. We have some metal seating on the south side of our house that get painted “Firefly” every year or they fade to more like “Vanilla Ice Cream”. Definitely going to try the sprayer.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Karen,

    I read your blog all the time and was inspired reading your review of the paint sprayer because you know what you are talking about. So, I went to the Wagner website and looked at all the different models. All are well priced so the first thing I thought was that this was a base model and a more expensive one would be even better but how do you know which one is best? I would like to paint furniture (outside), cabinetry (inside), and maybe interior walls. I read some comments that this model was heavy to operate when filled with paint. I have never used a paint sprayer so it is a bit intimidating. What made Wagner send this particular model?

  6. Louise says:

    I have been wanting one for years. I am sold. Thank you for all your input and insight. always read the comments and yours was perfect.

  7. Alena says:

    I have been wanting one sinceyou painted your garden shed.

  8. Jill Farmar says:

    Wow! The chairs and pool look great! I’ve wanted one of these sprayers for a while. I just need a sprayer and a small chainsaw. I keep asking for them for my birthday, anniversary, etc but apparently family thinks I may be dangerous with both! Will have to buy them myself…

  9. Lin N says:

    I have an old Wagner. I have used it once. There was some issue with consistency, dripping, etc. Being an older one, it had all sorts of pieces to clean after use, so cleaning became a royal pain. I think I’ll revist it as I think spraying the stain on my deck will be much easier and it might be this old sprayers last job and then maybe a 3000 will find it’s way into my workshop.

  10. Sharon says:

    I bought the last Wagner spray gun that you recommended, took down five doors and quickly had them all painted, both sides. Here’s my problem. Maybe you can give me advice. I held the sprayer the recommended distance from the doors, held it straight, and sprayed with a smooth back and forth (or up and down on some doors). But I always ended up with a “stripe” look. Not from color, or the previous color showing through, but from what I can only guess is the fine spray on the edges of the middle of the spray. What happened, and how can I do better next time? I want to do my kitchen cabinets.
    And me too. I love your writing and your wit.

  11. Beverly Barna says:

    Hi! My cousin used a Wagner sprayer to paint her basement. She said it worked great! She also said that she had to wear a mask and even then had some difficulty breathing while painting. She said there was a lot of fine paint spray in the air? Is this normal when painting inside or is there something she should have done differently?


  12. Marilyn says:

    Can I just say that you have such a wonderful array of topics to discuss on the blog. I love it.

  13. Jody says:

    Lattice fencing. Kitchen cupboards. My toenails. I want one!!!
    But how heavy is it? Is your arm tired after holding it for a few minutes?

    • Karen says:

      I did fine the Flexio 890 to be a bit heavy to begin with but the great thing is, it gets lighter and lighter as the paint in the canister goes down. ~ karen!

  14. Janie says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words…your video is worth a million. I’ve never used a paint sprayer…just spray cans. I had no idea how it would work. I have lots of exterior doors I want to paint, but dreaded the job.
    After seeing your video and photo instructions, I can’t wait to buy a sprayer. Thanks so much for another excellent blog post.

  15. Lisa says:

    Your timing is impeccable. We are painting our large shop this weekend. It is a pale yellow and sticks out like a sore thumb next to our old barnwood barn. Brown/black it will become so it can ‘disappear’. We have a sprayer but I hate it – you have to water down the paint and even then it gets clogged all the time. NOT a Wagner. We were going to rent an airless sprayer, but if this does what you say it can do, I would much rather invest in the sprayer. So many other things I can paint! Do you think it could handle a large project like a shop? Think really large shed. Maybe I’ll call Wagner and get their opinion! I’ll let them know you recommended it :-)

    • Karen says:

      Please do, lol. A friend of mine is actually painting her HUGE garage right now (inside and out) with it and I believe it’s working just fine. It’s probably around the size of a shop. Much larger than a shed but smaller than a barn. :) ~ karen!

  16. Grace says:

    Could I use it to paint my small brick house? Lately I feel like I could do anything if I only had the right tool.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! Well, I’m sure you could but I’m not sure it’s the ideal tool for the job. Although … it technically it would work. It’d just take longer than with an industrial sprayer. ~ karen!

  17. Kristina says:

    We’ve got one on the ranch for spraying equipment, and that sucker is a beeeyatch to clean, like I avoid using it unless I’ve got a lot of things to spray the same color, because often the cleaning takes longer than the job itself. After reading your post, I’m gonna look into getting myself something like the sprayer you show here, because that looks way easier to clean. I’m sure all of the macho farmer types around here will ridicule my girly non-industrial sprayer, but they can just go ahead an yuk it up while they’re cleaning that stupid contraption they use.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kristina! I thought cleaning it was going to be a nightmare and the first time you do it, it is, lol. Just because you’re not sure what you’re doing. But once you figure it out, it’s easy. ~ karen!

  18. Laurie says:

    Where can I get this model in Canada or be able to buy online?

    • Karen says:

      Hi laurie! I’m just looking into that right now. It’s *brand* new and not even available on yet. I’ll check with Wagner to see how to get one in Canada. ~ karen!

  19. KimS says:

    Ooh! I hope you get a Volvo!
    The chairs are beautiful!

  20. Marilyn says:

    Looking for one for my daughter’s late August birthday. Tried to find one in Canada, but no luck so far.

    • Karen says:

      The Flexio 890 used to be available at Home Depot and I believe but I can’t find it at either place now. Perhaps it’s being phased out. The Flexio 3000 is *brand* new and only available through the Wagner website at the moment. I’m going to check with them for you to see if they will/can ship to Canada. ~ karen!

      • Marilyn says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I chatted with Wagner today. They said the Flexio 3000 will be shipped into Canada after retailers have sold out of the 890 and other higher end models.

  21. Stephanie Orasi-Fitzpatrick says:

    Love the painted wicker….what color is that? It’s really nice…our Flexio 890 is doing well…showed Neil where that little spot can get blocked & since doing better. How much is the Wagner 3000?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Steph! Hahahaha! You’re one of the ones who bought the sprayer after seeing it in my yard, lol! One of the stars of the post. So the colour is Benjamin Moore’s 21345-30, (Brookside Moss). But things always look different on a computer screen. I think the Wagner 3000 is around the same price as the 890. But only available in the States from the Wagner website for now I think. It’s brand new. ~ karen!

  22. Shelagh says:

    This might sound like a dumb question….can you use it for tinted wood stain? Which is a lot thinner than paint?
    I have a board and batten fence that needs restaining

    • Karen says:

      According to the instructions, yes you can. Also, I did my potting shed with wood stain (black) and it worked just fine. ~ karen!

  23. Sabina says:

    Sold! I have a pair of shutters and a stockade fence to paint!

  24. canadamsel says:

    You WILL let us know if you get that new Volvo, eh?

  25. Christine Eklund says:

    Straight up serendipity! I was just recalling to myself to go look up your old post about the paint sprayer because I was finally ready to purchase….well then, I think I will be upgrading!
    Thanks for your tired-less and honest reviews.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Dang it, I bought the Flexio 890 with your last post on sprayers and now you’re telling me how great the new one is. I had good success with the old one (painted my living room, an entire unfinished basement, and a set of kitchen cabinet doors) but the compressor was a bit of an annoyance and I did get “splatters” on the wide setting. Now I have to figure out how to justify buying the slick new one…hmm.

  27. whitequeen96 says:

    This looks really good! I have a huge living room that I would love to use a paint sprayer on, but I was nervous about using one indoors. This sounds like just the ticket. And I love that it doesn’t need a compressor or a hose. Thanks for this info – I’m seriously thinking of getting one!

  28. Brenda says:

    Loved this! You take the time to explain things so they don’t seem quite so intimidating. I just might tackle our garden shed next spring. I so admire your “get ‘er done” approach. Thanks! :)

  29. Megan Leigh Geiger says:

    Now you got me thinking if I buy one my husband will actually get the house painted. I hope they have sales for these guys!

  30. JodyG says:

    Marvelous post. I am going to buy a Wagner 3000. I have several uses of it and I am sure I will find many more.

  31. Kim in MN says:

    Karen, I read your posts with interest and occasionally with a few eye rolls for diy things I know I will NEVER contemplate. This post made me sit up and read thoroughly. I followed the link to Wagner and saw the pics of nicely dressed users spraying their interior walls. I am working up the gumption to completely paint my interior rooms before the bitter Minnesota winter descends upon us, possibly in mere weeks. My question is, and I didn’t see anything in the previous comments; can this actually be used on interior walls without the overspray completely painting everything else in sight? A sprayer I borrowed from my dad 40 years ago, did just that. Not an experience I want to repeat! And ceilings…really? I am hopeful.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim. They can be used indoors, but I’ve never done it because interior painting with a roller doesn’t bother me that much. But there would be overspray. It’s not like you could just leave everything out in the room and spray round it. You’d have to put down drop cloths etc. ~ karen!

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I have been trying to get motivated to paint and a tool highly recommended by Karen would be helpful.

  32. Katharine McEwen says:

    Hi Karen. I love the green you used for the wicker chairs. What colour is it?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine – The colour is Benjamin Moore’s 21345-30, (Brookside Moss). But keep in mind that by the time they pass through the sunlight, a camera and a computer screen, colours are very different than they are in real life. ~ karen!

  33. Carswell says:

    This is SUCH a timely post Karen. I’ve been procrastinating about repainting my kitchen cabinets for a while now. I’ve always done them with a sponge roller – and although they have turned out well I’m just dreading the job again.

    You have me thinking about how much easier and faster the whole process would be with a sprayer…

  34. Jeff says:

    I hope Wagner has improved since I bought one quite a while ago. When nothing came out of the gun I discovered that the trigger just unclamped a hose inside the gun. The squeezed hose had developed a permanant pinch and did not open up when you pulled the trigger. A really crude setup. I returned it.

  35. Kaitlin says:

    Realizing as I read this that I have absolutely no interest in buying a spray gun atm but your writing is so magical. Honestly, if you wrote it, I would probably read an article about pulling maggots out of a chicken bum. Crazy right?

  36. Mary W says:

    My daughter began painting my wicker rocker two months ago. It is still half done sitting out in the back shed. Summer is almost gone. I really appreciate her doing this but —–. This sprayer sounds like a great investment for my son-in-law. At least it would be done but I sure won’t let him pick out the color. She picked light grey to go with our light green house but I love your Mom’s color so much. I also love your commentors – you attract the best people! I don’t mean to sound/read conceited.

  37. Leisa says:

    I bought a Wagner after your last post recommending the product. It is absolutely amazing…I painted a 16 x 20 shed in a morning, including cleanup. Incredible product!

    A big part of choosing to buy it, is because you give honest reviews when you try something – sponsored or not. Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻

  38. Annie says:

    I’m facing painting my barn and shed and I’m seriously considering a sprayer. My husband has the pricey kind that need an air compressor. I was dreading trying to use that but after reading your story I just may go buy a Wagnor 3000! Thanks for your great articles. Annie

  39. Joyce says:

    Honestly, we just bought one at HD this past week, while on our monthly trip to civilization. We have a new….picket fence, and, yes, I do cuss a lot. This seemed like a no brainer.
    We have not used it yet as we bought a lot of stuff for repairs. But, soon, if it ever stops raining here.

  40. Love this! I always wondered if these things were worth the money…now I know! Then I’ll need to go shop for some wicker furniture at a a garage sale so I can play with a paint sprayer! (I’ll try not to paint my cat.)

  41. Laura Lee says:

    Ohhh thanks…NOW you tell me! I just 2 days ago painted 14 miniature garden picket fences!!! Lots of cussing involved…and yes, there are angles and edges on the fence that just “appear” once you think you are done. Thanks for the article though….I was considering painting more outdoor furniture before the cuss fest, but now maybe I will get one of those handy dandy sprayers and do it without any foul language this time! :-)

  42. Jules McShera says:

    Rhombicosidodecahedron is my new favourite thing!

  43. Yyz says:

    I got nothing to add but wanted to subscribe to the comments. Is there a way to do this without actually commenting ?

    Sorry for the non-comment.

    Oh, just thought of something: does the sprayer work with oil based stains? I spent a few days with a roller and brush on a not very big fence.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Yyz. You’ll only get notifications of comments left on your comments, as opposed to getting a notification of allll comments left on a post. Yes, you can use a Wagner Flexio with oil based paints. I suspect it would be harder to clean the painter gun after though. ~ karen!

  44. Paula says:

    I think I am going to spray paint my wicker sofa…a soft green :)

  45. Lynn says:

    We had one years ago , I don’t remember the model number… just like you we found it was a great time saver. We used it to do the ceilings first of all, then we took it out side and did 16 eight foot sections of 6 foot fencing. Which really showed how much time it saved . Instead of taking several weekends it took if I remember correctly one day to do all the fence. Needless to say we were impressed.
    Ours needed to be attached to a hose that I remember, that was the unfun part of the job.
    Glad you enjoy yours.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, that’s like the one I first bought. And I was impressed with that, lol! Now that I’ve tried the ones without the hose I’m really impressed. ~ karen!

  46. Tracy says:

    Hi Karen – would these work to spray stain on a privacy fence? Thinking about one of the new stains that has the primer/sealer built in. Thanks!! :)

    • Lohi Karhu says:

      In answer to the previous two questions, for those who have not yet looked at Wagner’s page, that Karen linked to, above:
      “Best Used On:

      Furniture, Small Fence/Deck, Cabinets & Trim, Large Fence/Deck, Interior Room, and Exterior House/Shed
      Optimal For

      Exterior Latex, Interior Latex, Wood Sealers, Chalk/Milk Paints, Lacquers / Urethanes, and Solid Stain”

    • Karen says:

      I think so but I’m not *positive*. The thing with paints that have primer built in is they’re sometimes thicker which is more difficult to spray so it might need to be watered down slightly. Having said that, I used Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint which is thicker than most and it sprayed perfectly. ~ karen!

  47. Looks good!

    Can you use it to spray walls inside a house, or is it only for outside?


    • Catherine says:

      I had the same thought! I need to paint the inside of the whole house and I’ve been putting it off. This might actually make it fun! Or, less of a hellish chore……..

    • Karen says:

      It’s for inside too! Although I’ve never been brave enough to try it. Also, I’m pretty comfortable with painting and cutting in so I just never think to use it. But I need to paint my bedroom soon so I’d love to try it! ~ karen

      • Sandi Remedios says:

        I bought my Wagner this spring at Lowe’s when it was on sale. And the only reason I bought one is because you painted your shed with one and I thought, hmmmm gotta get me one of those!
        And the last two weekends I painted the front of my house, took down the shutters and painted them, replaced the railings on my porch and painted them, painted my mailbox and house letters.
        Then I took the little detail guy inside and painted the inside of a couple of my kitchen cabinets, just to see if I could, and I can and now I am going to paint the entire freaking kitchen!
        And Karen Bertelson, it’s all your fault!

  48. K says:

    I have a picket fence. I have not been excited about the prospect of it needing to be painted AGAIN. So I am going to think really hard about it and then buy this paint sprayer.

    • Karen says:

      Yup. I’ve painted my picket fence multiple times with sprayers. I’ve also painted it by hand. I definitely recommend a sprayer. People have NO idea what a pain a picket fence is to paint!! ~ karen

  49. TucsonPatty says:

    I want one. I’ve wanted one for a long time. You have sold me on this one. This chairs look awesome and I’m so jealous of Betty’s perfectly blue pool. Mine is a greenish icky color right now. Blech. : (

  50. G B Chapman says:

    a few years ago, I had a half dozen six panels doors that needed a good coat of gloss paint to keep grubby hand prints at bay. Not looking forward to an entire day of brushing it on, I buckled down and bought a sprayer. Yes, a Vagner (German pronunciation). Made quick work of it and no brush strokes too! ;-)

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