A Twig Tree for Tiny Spaces.

Whichever camp you’re in; the I have NO room for a tree in my home or the I’m sure I can shove ONE more tree in my home, this tiny Christmas twig tree will do what you need.  It takes up no space at all. Not on a table, the floor or a counter. It’s the ultimate skinny tree.

Twig tree with vintage glass ornaments on a white wall in a living room with a roaring fire.

Now you’ll probably think I’m exaggerating, but leading up to making this tree I had the best day of my life. Here’s what happened,  I FOUND SOME STICKS!

Not just *any* sticks!  I found 2 bundles of perfectly straight sticks out behind the kitchen store I shop at.  The sticks were in the garbage pile, covered in muck and discarded coffee cups. Since the area is also near a bar it’s entirely possible there was a bit of urine and vomit around them.   I’m lucky I spotted them!

I brought those twigs home and I made myself a twig tree for the wall. Is it a lush, romantic, over the top Christmas tree?  No.  Definitely no.  It’s a little bit Dr. Seuss, a little bit Charlie Brown. 

To do it yourself all you need are some twigs, Command strips (or any removable two way tape) and a few Christmas balls. I feel stupid for telling you that you need twigs to make something out of twigs. But you do.

How to Make a Wall Tree for Christmas!

Wall mounted twig tree with colourful Christmas ornaments.


The Twig Tree is similar to the Wall Web I did for Halloween, only this time around instead of using 2 sided tape, I used the Command removable tape tabs because they’re stronger than two way tape and come off completely clean.  

Nope. Not a sponsored post. They just work better than two way tape for this project.

Command strips laying on white countertop.

  1. Arrange your twigs on the floor from the shortest length to the longest. If they’re all the same lengths then trim some so they lengths are graduated.
  2. Tape your twigs to the wall to form the trunk first. You can go straight up, or a bit curved.
  3. Starting from the bottom, now do your branches. The longest twigs will be the bottom branches and the shortest ones the top.
  4.  Lay your branches on the wall and roll them until they’re in a position where they lay flattest on the wall.  Then just stick em up.
  5. Use several Command strips for each twig to make sure they’re attached to the wall well.  Use a minimum of 3 strips. You can cut the strips if they’re wider than your twigs.
  6. Once all the branches are done you can hang your ornaments off of them. Use LIGHTWEIGHT ornaments so the weight doesn’t  pull the branches off the wall. 

A tree made of twigs, flat against a wall from floor to ceiling complete with ornaments.

I did my tree using the antique ornaments I got years ago at the Christie’s Antique Show & Sale so they’re genuine vintage glass ornaments. The safer (smarter, wiser, less stupid) thing to do would be to use plastic ornaments that won’t make you cry if they fall and break.

This is a Christmas wall tree, not a Christmas floor tree.  But accidents do happen.

A wall Christmas tree with a star on top with wrapped presents underneath.

That’s all there is to it. 


I also sprayed a bit of fake snow on the branches the night before I did this to give the twigs a bit more depth.  More zing.  And zip.  And plus I love spraying that snow.

Tree twigs sprayed with fake snow.


Total cost for the Twig Tree?  $2 for the Command tape tabs.  If you yourself, don’t happen to have the luck that I did with finding dirt covered, worm infested, peed upon sticks, you can buy them just about anywhere this time of year.  Garden Centres, Ikea, Dollar Stores even.


It’s a great option for someone who has a wall but doesn’t have the space to put up an actual tree.   Like people in jail maybe.  Or a home for the criminally insane.  Or rehab.  Those people need trees too.  It’s the Charlie Brown Incarceration tree.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

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A Twig Tree for Tiny Spaces.


  1. Kat - the other 1 says:

    Blood bones and butter.
    Um, a broth recipe cookbook?

  2. Lily says:

    hey, I saw your tree on another site! No credit, so not cool.

  3. Cindy Groce says:

    Lol you’re so funny …

  4. Jacquie Gariano says:

    What a great idea for apartment people and “others”. I read the book you have on the coffee table, “Blood, Bones & Butter” loved it too.

  5. J says:

    Karen-Love the way you think and how you are always finding new and positive ways to bring joy! Have enjoyed your thoughts for years now, and I expect I am ready for my masters degree of thinking Canadian via Karen University

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