Will They Eat It? Episode 3.

I have chickens. Chickens eat anything. Yet, I continue to post the series “Will They Eat It”? And you keep falling for it. Of course they’ll eat it. They’re chickens.

Over the course of the year I’ve owned these chickens they’ve eaten everything from live crickets to one of those pedicure toe separators. And the toe that was in it.

I assume you just like to watch chickens eat and that’s why you’re so wild for these videos. Plus there is always that very remote, yet entirely possible possibility, that they will NOT eat it.

So back by popular demand is Will They Eat It? Episode 3.


Will they eat it Cornmeal

Will my chickens eat a bowl of cornmeal?


The end.


Special thanks to The Fella for his talent and convincing voice work. His natural delivery and soothing, soulful voice make these videos the success that they are. I am forever indebted.