Will They Eat It? Episode 3.

I have chickens. Chickens eat anything. Yet, I continue to post the series “Will They Eat It”? And you keep falling for it. Of course they’ll eat it. They’re chickens.

Over the course of the year I’ve owned these chickens they’ve eaten everything from live crickets to one of those pedicure toe separators. And the toe that was in it.

I assume you just like to watch chickens eat and that’s why you’re so wild for these videos. Plus there is always that very remote, yet entirely possible possibility, that they will NOT eat it.

So back by popular demand is Will They Eat It? Episode 3.



The end.


Special thanks to The Fella for his talent and convincing voice work. His natural delivery and soothing, soulful voice make these videos the success that they are. I am forever indebted. ย ย 



  1. Diane says:

    Urban chickens. Sheesh.

  2. Cassie says:

    never gets old. NEVER. Can’t believe they were picky enough to eat the cheese off the top. Guess they are just like their mama, eh? Er… I mean YOU.

    • Karen says:

      No. You were right the first time Cassie. I’m their mama, LOL. At least they follow me around like I am. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ karen

  3. Marti says:

    I was surprised they picked the cheese off… like 12 year old boys going after shrimp cocktail at a buffet. Sheesh.

    Extra attention to story line and production values today. It shows. When do we vote for webbies video awards?

  4. Becky says:

    Note to self. Self, when you get your chickens make sure you try feeding them corn meal… perhaps corn bread will be palatable to them.

  5. Jenn says:

    I love the girls. Throw some mealworms in there and watch them devour it. YUM!

  6. I have never understood what those toe separators are for – toes are separate anyway.

    • Barry says:

      You have obviously never seen the feet of someone who has been shoving their feet into high heels day in and day out for years. Or the feet of really old people. Their toes are not only NOT separate, they OVERLAP. And do really weird things your bones should just not do. Then there are all the people with webbed toes. More than you would think. I’ve been a massage therapist in Texas for the last 10 years. I’ve seen some things that can’t be unseen.

  7. Gerean says:

    I laughed, then watched it again and laughed the second time through. Fun post !

  8. Kel M says:

    I hate to say this…but I am kind of addicted to these…I rush to open your e-mails to see if it is a new episode of Will The Eat It (WTEI)….it just makes me happy. I love how they selected the parmesan only.

  9. Susan says:

    Fussy farts!

  10. Deborah says:

    LMAO! ok…now I am pissed I missed the first two episodes, I will have to go and hunt them down. I had a horse for a number of years on a good friends farm, she raised chickens as well, when she threw in a goat, you could literally waste an entire day easily watching their antics ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Deborah – Just click on “Videos” on the right hand sidebar under the picture of me holding a fish. All my videos are there. ~ karen

  11. Mary says:

    Maybe the girls would prefer popcorn instead, you know, to go with their movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Brenda says:

    I love when they peck food of their sister’s beak…cracks me up every time.

  13. Darlene says:

    Thank you so much for the laugh!

  14. Susan Sutherland says:

    I was shocked, well maybe not shocked, that they wouldn’t eat cornmeal. Didn’t you show how they loved polenta? Maybe they just have exotic tastes and cornmeal even with cheese, is too common. Keep those videos coming.

  15. Angela N says:

    God these are so funny!! Love them!!

  16. Amy says:

    I won’t lie. I watch mainly because the way the fella says “will they eat it” makes me laugh every time. It’s great.

  17. Kipley Herr says:

    My chickens will not eat slugs! Other than the fact that they are hilarious yard ornaments, this is one of the main reasons I got them. They will eat grubs though. They will eat forsythia blossoms and spaghetti, or anything green.

  18. Barbie says:

    Ya know what? I can ALWAYS count on you for a good 5am chuckle! I do so LOVE your posts! The “bird in the hand” part probably woke my entire family up this morning with my laughing!

  19. I loved the video this morning! I think I’d go with them and just eat the cheese off the top too! Smart chickies!

  20. susan w says:

    Does the ax looming in the background affect their motivation? Naahh, they’re chickens.

  21. Jessica says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  22. gloria says:

    Perhaps they are put off by the axe in the background? I know if I were at dinner and some guy wearing a black hood with eye holes cut out and slapping the handle of a broadaxe in the palm of his meaty hand was standing near the salad bar, I’d be a bit put off myself.

    Can’t blame you, girls.

  23. Melissa Leach says:

    Nice job, Fella. I only have one thing to say about these chicken episodes…don’t stop!

  24. Wendy says:

    I love this series! I found it curious that corn products are a lot of what is fed to chickens in factory farms, yet yours did not like it. They even chose cheese over corn which obviously is not a regular food for chickens. Keep ’em coming!

    • Langela says:

      We have quite a few hens and they love corn, whole or cracked. We have one girl that waits at the corn bin to see if we will be handing out her favorite snack or not. She has been known to even jump in the bin when the lid is off. I have never tried cornmeal, though. I wonder if it’s the consistency? Now I’m gonna have to go see if my girls will eat cornmeal.

  25. Shannon V. says:

    Love that they picked the cheese off and ate that.

  26. Kim says:

    Best one yet! I didn’t think they’d go for the shaved parmesan. Wow!

    Looks like those girls are turning into divas. Next thing you know they’ll be demanding fine china and linen.

  27. Melody Madden says:

    Who would have thought chickens had such refined palates. Parmesan cheese?

  28. Kim says:

    Mine catch and eat mice. Sounds gross but is true.

  29. Sally says:

    Too funny. Gotta love it.

  30. marilyn says:

    lmao, the music just puts it over the top!

  31. Gayla T says:

    Spoiled Rotten Brats. That’s what they are! As I have mentioned before, caring for the chickens on the farm was my forte’. We had a corn sheller and a grinder and I can’t tell you how many years of corn I ran through them so the chickens could eat the corn. It was not ground fine like meal but was kind of chunked into pieces and farm chickens thought it was food of the gods. I can assure you ours never tasted cheese on top either. Have you ever thought, really, that they do have a wonderful life, for chickens? The ones who are professonal egg producers don’t get to get out of their cages and walk around having fun. Eat and lay eggs in a very small wire crate is their entire egg-sistance. Pretty dismal, really. God smiled on your girls. That’s for sure.

  32. Kim says:

    I really look forward to your posts…guaranteed holy sh&@ moments and belly laughs with a few snorts slipped in!!!!!!

  33. Paula says:

    Hmmmm…I thought cornmeal would’ve been a dead lock. Shows you how much I know about chickens. Still, it never fails to amuse!

  34. Lori says:

    The “special thanks” at the end is classic. I like the delivery of that voiceover as much as the videos. It is hilarious!!!

  35. Pam says:

    Now THAT surprises meโ€ฆ Of all things, I would think they would mow-down the corn mealโ€ฆ Wow!!! Donโ€™t they know chickens in Africa are starving?


  36. Julie says:

    My chickens will eat most anything, but they go especially crazy for grapes& blueberries: they’ll grab one and run away from the others like they’ve found treasure! Oh…their other absolute favorite? Meat. Esp. chicken.

  37. Jake says:

    Oh god, this is pathetic, I have just figured out why you call them your girls. City girl here, plastic bag, no feathers, what can I say. Love the vid. who would thing they were so picky.

  38. Auntiepatch says:

    Is there a reason there is an AX in the background??? Huh? Huh?

  39. taria says:

    i don’t know much about chickens but the cat in my lap ran away to the chicken music on your new video. she is a picky eater too. how many eggs are you getting a day?

  40. Jane says:

    Surprising results – though not about the cheese (I think all animals love cheese – even cats). I wonder if they would like sweet corn?
    I read on Fredsfinefowl.com that “Chickens have a magnificent sense of taste, terrible sense of smell. Their taste buds are designed to inform the bird of the minerals and nutrition content of what they are passing through their beaks. This is why they often snatch something only to drop it… they are sampling with taste.”

  41. turk says:

    Oh Canada! It wasn’t that they didn’t like it, that shizz just doubled in size in their chicken stomachs….they were full!! (Not to full to eat the parmesan though, were they?)

  42. Trissi V. says:

    So your chickens will eat polenta, but they won’t eat cornmeal…you do have stuck up foodie chickens. ;-p

  43. Tess says:

    I just love how they come ‘a-runnin.

  44. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I also thought..Karen..that’s too easy..it’s corn..of course they will eat it..Well..they just fooled us on this one didn’t they..Thanks for sharing Karen and keep them coming..You have a new hit series here..Maybe a new HGTV show for you..and the Fella doing the voice overs of course!!!

  45. Spokangela says:

    I just crack up every time they eat off eachother’s beaks. I hope mine do that too ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Keith says:

    OK, “Will They Eat It?” could be an entire website. I could watch this over and over. LOVE it!

  47. BGrigg says:

    With that AXE looming in the background, I BET they eat everything!

  48. Carol S says:

    Best one yet. Love the music. I’m sure the other apartment dwelling neighbors think I am losing my mind when they hear me LOL!! Make that COL! CacklingOL! Thanks, Karen!

  49. Holly says:

    Man oh Man! For the third time……Pickles!!! Do Pickles!!!! I need to know if they will eat those. I don’t have my own chickens to try this on and it is kind of your responsibility to let us know what we need to know.

  50. Debbie from Illinois says:

    Bravo!!!! As I was watching this, I laughed out loud and scared my dog!

  51. Brenda j says:

    Do they like bananas? I was surprised that the squirrels ate in my yard at them. They wouldn’t eat berries though. Weird.

    So…how is it in the store the labels on chicken say…”only corn fed chicken”…they don’t love the stuff!

  52. Susan says:

    It really surprised me they wouldn’t eat it. Our cockatiel steals the cornmeal off my husband’s tamales, and gets all excited when we’re having corn muffins. She plants herself right next to the muffin plate to get some. Maybe they just don’t like cornmeal raw. Or maybe you just have chickens with discriminating taste.

  53. Elissa says:

    this is amazing. our chickens wouldn’t eat anything either! I served them steaming bowls or rice on rainy days, yogurt for their digestive systems and LOADS of fresh fruits and veggies. They would shake their little beaks at me and be all, “look lady, we want lettuce and our crack (corn of course) ONLY.” Glad to know i’m not alone!

  54. Shauna says:

    I will watch this when I am home and not blocked but I must say, I think I have ‘foodie’ chickens. Perhaps I should rename them Gail & Padma (Top Chef) because they DON’T eat everything. Broccoli – nope, snubbed their little beaks at it. Banana – nope, wouldn’t go near it. Yesterday, I took a watermelon out for them thinking it would be a melon massacre. They took a couple seeds, then walked away. I urged them on some more and thankfully by the end of the day, they had clearly pecked at it, but not with the vengeance that I had anticipated.

    My son doesn’t eat either. Apparently, my children are all foodies or are on some celebrity diet that I don’t know anything about. Except my cats, they devour their food. And probably the food left for the chickens too.

  55. Beth says:

    Hysterical! Had to share this on Facebook – hope you don’t mind!! I have a neighbor who raises cage free organic chickens, I know she will laugh like crazy at the fact that I laughed!!! And yes, I am going to hunt down the other videos and watch them too because I didn’t get them first!! You crack me up!!! Might have to get some fowl myself!!!! Do they coexist with dogs??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Bobbi says:


    What is their usual food ?
    Wondering if they would prefer candy corn ?

    • Karen says:

      ๐Ÿ™‚ Their usual food is organic grain. Corn, little seedy things, ya know … that type of stuff. Also dinner leftovers and fridge remnants like rice, mashed potatoes, salad etc. ~ karen

  57. Langela says:

    We grind corn for our girls in a wood chipper. It works great. Then the dog cleans up all the corn “dust” on the ground.

  58. Fi says:

    Hi Karen, as a fellow chook owner in NZ your hilarious videos always make me laugh out loud – I LOVE them! However, have to ask … why is there no poop whatsoever in your courtyard. Even if they are not regular visitors (having a very beautiful home of their own), I know chooks just love to poop everywhere, all the time. I am suspicious that they are robotic chooks which may explain their dislike of polenta … go on admit it, ROBOTIC chickens.

    • Karen says:

      Fi – When I let then out of their coop/run they head straight for the raised beds. I’m sure there’s plenty of poop in there. Plus I stepped in some in the backyard just today so, I can guarantee that it’s there. They do happen to be robotic chickens but … I’ve trained them to poop. Realism and all. ~ karen

  59. Pat says:

    Ha, ha. Went to NZ in 1988. Fell in love with the country, the people and the comic strip Footrot Flats. That was my first introduction to the word chook; chooks = chickens.

  60. J9 says:

    Honestly, the chickens never get old. I mean…they will, age-wise but…whatever, you know what I mean.

  61. Sue H says:

    The Fella’s voice scared my cat! Your chickens remind me of my 12-year-old son. Picky, picky. Sometimes he even pecks at his little brother like that . . .

  62. I thought this may interest you!
    Town to change laws on Chickens!



  63. Lauren says:

    These are my favorite posts! I originally found your blog about four weeks ago because I was searching for stuff about chickens. I told my boyfriend that your coop looks like the coop that Restoration Hardware would sell–if they sold coops. I live in NYC and don’t have *quite* enough room for birds now, but one day I’m moving to the Midwest to have a shit-ton of chickens.

    As a fellow DIY-er, I was delighted to find so much more than just chickens here! Way to put some *real* knowledge into the blogging world, Karen. Thanks!

  64. Nicole2 says:

    Chickens are hilarious. They could do anything and they would be funny. I loooove how they pick food off each other. It’s like they’re saying: “Hold on, you have a little something here. Let me get it. There. It’s gone.”


  65. Marion says:

    This just made my day! Thanks!!!

  66. Love it…I know his soothing voice is coming, but it makes me just everytime!!!
    I can’t believe they didn’t eat it!!!!


  67. amy mills says:

    completely stunned to see something scavengers WON’T scavenge!

  68. ev says:

    OMG! I so needed a laugh today! Thanks Karen, your wit is good. These are some spoiled chickens, for sure. Music was inspired.

  69. Maggie Cooper says:

    Since they ate the Polenta, I just figured they’d eat the cornmeal. Hmmmm!!

  70. Heidi says:

    In awe of your filming skills. Behind and between the legs of a chicken?! Wow, just wow.

  71. Danielle m. says:

    Oh my word! The volume on my computer was up on high and I almost dropped what was in my hands when I heard the fella. Very convincing.

  72. Barbara Catanzaro says:

    Grapes! My friends chickers went coo-coo for grapes, yeah we get too bored for our own good! Love your site,thxs!

  73. Anne-Marieke says:

    I think that axe in the background looks kinda disturbing..
    Nice chicks though!
    Cheers from the Netherlands.

  74. Regina says:

    Love these videos!!! keep them coming! my chicken’s crack me up all the time. this inspires me to see what my girls will eat. thanks for making my day!

  75. Margaret says:

    Just wondering. How cold does it get where you are? Would like a couple of urban hens, but it gets pretty cold where we are.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Margaret – Well … this year wasn’t bad but it often gets really cold here. Below zero cold. Not for long periods usually but it does happen. You need birds that are cold weather tolerant like Rhode Island Reds. Plus heat lamps in the coop so they don’t get frostbite. ~ karen!

  76. Janet says:

    I have to say, I love the ax in the background of this video. Yes, they will eat it, or ELSE!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  77. Tigersmom says:

    I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this one until now!

    While I love the fella’s voiceover (makes me laugh every time, never gets old) I also really love you using your soft and gentle presenter voice.

    It’s time for a new episode, right?

    Don’t you think you’ve made us wait long enough?

    And seriously, I’m dying of curiosity about your fridge situation and why you are keeping it such a deep dark secret. Did you by the expensive Italian beauty and won’t tell because it will alienate your readers who can’t run out and get one just like it? Are you secretly and suddenly rich? Does crime really pay?

    I need answers!


    • Karen says:

      Tigersmom – No fridge yet. There’s been a change of plans … details to come. ~ karen

      • Tigersmom says:

        Well that’s not cryptic or anything!

        What plans new or old could possibly involve NOT having a fridge!?!

        Unllleeeeeeeesssssssss……….this has something to do with the work on the basement!

        That’s it! You’re turning the entire basement into a giant walk in refrigerator! Boy, that Nancy Drew’s got nuthin’ on me.

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