A Step by Step Guide to Getting Medical Marijuana.

I navigated the winding road to acquiring medical cannabis in Canada. Whoever paved the road may have been drunk.  This is my simplified guide to getting CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana.

So you’re thinking about getting CBD Oil are you?  No?  Well, maybe you’re just curious about this component of cannabis that’s having a trendy moment right now. Luckily Keto and celery juice have been kind enough to make room for it.

CBD Oil if you don’t know is a component of cannabis that has no psychoactive properties.  In other words you don’t get high. It’s shown promise in treating a variety of ailments including epilepsy, anxiety and osteoporosis.

I was curious about CBD oil for treating my Generalized Anxiety for two reasons. 1) Because I’m a skeptic and I like to prove things true or false and 2) because at the height of my anxiety I was willing to try anything that didn’t involve paying to join a sex cult (free would have been fine.)

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a component of marijuana that has no psychoactive properties.  In other words you don’t get high.

The best article I’ve read comparing the hype and hope of CBD oil is this article from The New York Times.  If you only read one article about CBD oil, it’s the one you should read.

O.K., so I decide I’m going to try CBD oil to see if it does anything for my anxiety.  I’ve made the decision.  I have decided.

Now what?

I had NO idea how to get it.  I’m in Canada where both medical and recreational marijuana is legal across the country yet I don’t have a clue about how to get any.  For real, I could probably find pot through a friend or neighbour in about half an hour but it took me days to figure out how to get CBD oil legally.

Did I need a prescription?  Could I just go to a pot shop and say Hey, load me up with some of that CBD stuff.  I have no idea how much I need so maybe just give me a bucket of it.

In a panic (on top of the panic) I called my friend Leslie who a bit of a CBD expert. She’s been taking it and giving it to her children to stop tics (associated with PANDAS) for years.  Leslie is a regular mom, yoga instructor, bee keeper and CBD advocate. I was surprised when she said she gets calls from confused CBD curious Canadians all the time.

In 5 minutes she explained everything and described the different routes I could go to getting CBD oil.  This is the process in a nutshell.

How to Get CBD Oil

(the short version)

  1. Get authorized for medical marijuana by either your family doctor or a medical marijuana clinic.
  2. Register with a licensed producer of cannabis and cannabis products that’s been authorized by the government. (your clinic or doctor will help with this)
  3. Order your product online from your licensed producer and get it delivered to your door.

That is how it works on its most basic level.   Here’s how the winding road went for me.

How to Get CBD Oil

(the long version)

  1.  I went to see my family doctor and told her I wanted CBD oil for anxiety.  She told me she has never authorized medical marijuana because she doesn’t know enough about it to feel comfortable doing so. However she was happy to refer me to one of my two area clinics.

Right after my doctor appointment, I headed straight to my local Kentucky Fried Chicken location, now … a marijuana clinic.  Hello Cannabissssss.

TIP:  If you’re embarrassed or shy or don’t want to talk to your family doctor about medical marijuana you can bypass them altogether and go straight to a clinic.  You do not need a doctor’s referral to go to a medical marijuana clinic.

2. Walking into the clinic I was greeted by gaggle of women who welcomed me and asked what they could do for me.  I HAVE ANXIETY AND I’M SCREAMING IN MY HEAD, SO I WANT TO TRY CBD OIL RIGHT NOWWWWW is what went through my mind.  Out loud what I said was, I’ll take a snack pack.  No I didn’t. I said I wanted to get authorized for medical marijuana so I could have access to CBD Oil.

I was guided to a leather sofa and asked for my email address and phone number. Within seconds I had been sent a form to fill out when I got home and sent on my way.

Once I had filled out the form (which asked about prescriptions I was taking, a brief medical history and various ailments I may or may not have) I submitted it and waited for a call from them. Within a couple of days I was called back and an appointment was booked for that week for me to see the clinic’s nurse practitioner.  Nurse practitioners are also allowed to authorize medical marijuana use and some clinics use them as opposed to doctors.

TIP:  If there isn’t a clinic near you, you can contact almost any clinic in your province or state and they’ll arrange a Skype meeting with their doctor.  So you don’t even need to leave your house.

3.  I went in for my appointment a couple of days later and was reminded at how un-pothead this place was like.  It was very pretty.

After being offered a glass of water I was ushered into a private room to speak with the nurse practitioner for about half an hour. She went over some of my complaints (anxiety, migraines, not sleeping) and asked what I was currently doing for these things.  I told her about the prescriptions I take for anxiety and migraines and how effective they are. Truthfully my anxiety medication worked perfectly until this whole episode and my migraine medication works 80% of the time.  She said she believed CBD oil could help with my anxiety, migraines and even my recently fitful sleep. I was authorized to use medical marijuana.

4. I was ushered into another room to speak with the patient advisor who would go over how CBD oil works and how to figure out what dose you should take. That’s the thing.  There is no rule. It’s not like Oh, for anxiety we give you 30 mg of anxiety a day, morning and night.  You have to take a tiny bit and see how you do that day. You keep increasing your daily under tongue squirt of oil until you feel like your symptoms are gone.

My patient advisor, Ashley.

5. Once the dosing was explained to me, my patient advisor Ashley sent my medical marijuana authorization to an LP (a government licensed producer of cannabis).  That’s the only way a licensed producer will let you buy any cannabis products from them.  They need to be sent your authorization from a doctor or nurser practitioner.  Otherwise you can’t order from them.  I was actually registered with two different LPs (Green Relief and CannTrust) because CBD oil is in such high demand that producers often run of stock.  Being registered with 2 producers means if one is out of oil and you need it, you can get it from the other producer.

Tip: There are several Oils, each one very different.

CBD Oil (which I’m taking) contains a high percentage of CBD and only trace amounts of THC. The THC is typically less than 1%.  You get no high.

1:1 Oil contains equal parts of CBD and THC.  You get a buzz.

THC Oil contains a higher percentage of THC and less of CBD. You get high.

Each oil can vary in their strength so read the label and about the product. It will all be clearly marked on the bottle or website.

6. It was another few days before I received an email from my LPs saying they had received my documents and I was free to purchase their cannabis products.

7. The first LP to authorize my use was CannTrust so I ordered from them on a Thursday and had my CBD oil by Monday.


Tip: Cannabis Oil comes in a variety of strengths with a common strength being 24-26 mg per ml. Green Relief has a CBD Oil that contains 42.9 mg per ml. That’s the highest there is right now. The higher the strength the less of it you have to take, but the more it costs.

8. Once you get your oil you just pop a plastic cap into the top of it, insert the dropper into it (more of a syringe really), turn the bottle upside down,  pull out your dosage and you’re done.

The oil can be anything from clear to golden.

9. Stick the syringe under your tongue and squirt the oil under there, then just let it kind of dissolve/mix with your spit.  Eventually you’ll have to swallow it, but letting it sit under your tongue helps to absorb it into your system. It tastes like flowers and grass. I found it kindda gross, but you get used to it.

That’s me super-casually squirting CBD under my tongue from the comfort of my foyer.


It can take 60 – 90 minutes for the CBD to get into your system.

So.  I’ve been taking it for over a week now and you want to know if it works.

I don’t know.  My anxiety level is way lower, yes, but it’s not completely gone.  It could be that time is all I needed to ditch my bitch, anxiety.  Or it could be that CBD works but I haven’t figured out the right dose just yet.

According to the one really good scientific study on CBD and anxiety you actually need 300 mg of CBD to reduce anxiety.  Not the 20-50 mg a day that most people take.

300 mg  is about 1/3rd of my $90 one month supply.

I wish I could either say Yes CBD cured my anxiety, or Nope, don’t waste your money.  But at this point I can’t tell you either of those things. I’ll keep taking it for a few months and reassess.

As far as downsides to it go, I have to admit to having developed a constant craving for fried chicken.

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A Step by Step Guide to Getting Medical Marijuana.


  1. Jan in Waterdown says:

    I’m a little late to the comments here but wondering about how your use and online purchases of CBD oil might affect crossing the border from Canada to the USA? The CBC ran articles a while back about folks being denied entry, not necessarily for “possession” but for investing in marijuana companies or buying online. Customs and Immigration officials in both countries have very extensive authority, surpassing local or provincial/state law enforcement. Any thoughts?

  2. Skeptical says:

    I’ve heard that even the low concentrations of THC in CBD oil can cause you to pop positive on a drug test. Do any of the companies offer a guarantee that you will not test positive? I can not afford to lose my career.

    • Karen says:

      I have no idea since it doesn’t apply to me. If it were me I’d talk to a supplier you’re interested in (most have very good customer service) and I’d bring the issue to my employer and talk to them about it. Depending on your employer you might not be comfortable with that though. The one I take has 0.07 mg per ml of THC in it and right now I’m taking a total of 1 ml a day. I can’t imagine that would show as a positive on a drug test, but who knows. ~ karen!

  3. Christina B says:

    Thankful, here in Newfoundland we can walk into Loblaws to purchase. Not medical grade obviously! I find the very High CBC with little to no TCH strains help instantly with migraines. I don’t get them that often anymore, but when the splotchy vision and dizziness starts taking some stops it in its track.

  4. Jamie Green says:

    Hi Everyone!

    In Canada one of the only places I have found that still carry cannabis distillates (CBD or THC) is mmjdirect.ca I have seen them mentioned on this site before on a different article and decided to give them a try. I got my order the same day although I can’t imagine that is the usual.

    Anyhow, when I signed up they gave me $20 in store credit (everyone gets that I think) right away and I talked to a young man named Brian on the phone who was extremely helpful and recommended me products for my anxiety. If your anxiety keeps you from going outdoors like mine does I highly recommend them.

  5. Heidi Corning says:

    Wow, the US and Canada seem to have very different rigamarols from each other (and each of our states is different), but they are rigamarols nonetheless. For a plant.

  6. Melissa Keyser says:

    The process sounds so complicated! Here in California, you can just get it at the grocery store (or the pet store, if shopping for pets).

  7. Janelle says:

    Glad it worked and glad you’re going through a licensed producer and nurse practitioner – not that there’s anything wrong with purveyors of recreational product, but if you’re new to it and using it for medical reasons, it seems wise to get a suitable dose and CBD/THC ratio. Recreational use is a whole different ball of weed.

  8. Beth says:

    The larger market for CDB is when it is derived from Industrial Hemp not marijuana. I get my softgels from Hemp Farm Colorado. I prefer the pills to the tinctures, no gross taste. They have a great price per gram & mail it right to my house.

  9. Carol says:

    Very interesting to find out the information on cbd as I been looking into it but so scared to try new as to think it would cause a panic attack! Thanks for the information Karen and please keep us posted to whether it works or not I would be very interested to know

  10. Cussot says:

    I don’t suppose they’re going to have Toonie Tuesdays (remember those at KFC?) …

    Great information, Karen. Thanks for ploughing ahead with this.

  11. Vikki says:

    I live in Oregon (whose state motto is: DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!) and I just walk into any one of 15 local pot shops and say….gimme some CBD 500mg. Done, and done. Kind of like ordering a Big Mac at McDonalds. It’s not even considered to be marijuana. I’ve not even told my doctor as he’s a Fudd. Hint though–all hemp oil does not contain CBD so you have to read the fine print. About it tasting bad….come on people. Life gets harder than that. Just put on those big girl panties and do it if you need it.

    • Lauren says:

      I’m also in Oregon and was thinking the same thing reading this. We also have CBD only shops in addition to the dispensaries, and you just go in and either consult with a nice, informed person behind the counter about which products best suit your needs, or you point and say “I’ll take some of that,” pay them and be on your way. Or, you can be really adventurous about doing stuff and grow your own hemp plant! Local restrictions apply to this, but I live outside of city limits and can grow up to 4 plants outside…we’ll see how that experiment goes come October :-)

      • Karen says:

        Yes, everyone in Canada is allowed 4 marijuana (as opposed to hemp) plants. Our pot shops haven’t fully rolled out yet and even when they do, they won’t have the selection of CBD that you can get with a prescription. But the main reason to buy through a prescription (authorization) is because of quality. All of the CBD is regulated and tested the same way an actual drug would be. The CBD is derived from marijuana plants as opposed to hemp seeds. ~ karen!

        • Lauren from Winnipeg says:

          Actually, no. Federally, you are allowed to have 4 plants, but each province is entitled to determine whether or not they will allow individuals growing plants. Which is inane, if you ask me. Manitoba, where I am, is not allowing us to grow plants. You also have to be 19 here to buy cannabis although you can get totally shitfaced on a bottle of vodka at 18. Sometimes (lol) government makes no sense.

  12. judy says:

    I wish this was treated as a possible medical solution. My Husbands whole family passed away from Alzheimer’s and John has been a victim for 11 years,the last 2 incontinent and bedridden. I have read that Marijuana might have a positive or delaying effect on the progress of Alzheimer’s. Our sons 54 and 58 live in dread of also suffering this awful malady. America seems to have been captured by the bottom line-if it doesn’t create profit – ie our prisons,schools,health care, etc. It is socialism and socialism (promoting the general welfare) has become anathema in this most Christian Nation. Billions sold illegally,millions sold legally?

  13. Jenny Durling says:

    It’s frustrating that there is no dosage information and the ‘flavored’ stuff is just awful. If anyone has a link to a suggested dosing table, please share it. I get that we all need to find what works for us individually but knowing where to start and what has been found to be the dosage range for different ailments would be great. There are a TON of places to get CBD oil online. If anyone has done the research and can recommend one with organic, high grade CBD, please share!!

    • Karen says:

      In Canada CBD is not allowed be to flavoured. There are no dosing recommendations because everyone is different. Part of the reason I recommend going to a doctor or clinic is exactly because of the things that are frustrating to you. If you’re taking CBD as a medication you should treat it like a medication. With doctors recommendations and follow ups. Also licensed producers are the only way to guarantee that the CBD is high grade. I’m not saying there aren’t other producers with high grade product, it’s just that the licensed ones are the ones who are regularly tested and monitored. ~ karen!

  14. Dave R says:

    I went the same route and went to the same clinic. They only set me up with one LP, and after my initial order, they were constantly out of stock of one or the other (both CBD and THC). I wound up going to a well-known “illegal” shop in the area. Sadly, they were recently raided and shut down, though they do have an online presence. The pot shop in Burlington opened on Monday, but apparently they don’t have oils yet. Not sure how long their supply will last. I heard they served over 100 people in their first hour of business.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Dave! They set you up with two providers now exactly because of what you said. The producers run out of stock. If you call they’ll set you up with another I would guess. ~ k!

  15. Marilyn from Alberta says:

    Message for Canadians:

    I highly suggest you get a prescription from a medical cannabis clinic. Along with your prescription, you are given a schedule for dosage increases, starting low and moving upwards to the max dosage for your condition. It takes up to 3 months to get to maximum benefit. Contact your physician if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime. Occasionally, your product and/or dosage has to be altered.

    You will get the best results when monitored by a physician specializing in cannabis.
    These doctors know the best products and dosages for your particular condition(s), and what suppliers to use. Most med products are in liquid or gel cap form.

    Prescription cannabis costs less than what you would pay for the same product in a cannabis shop. Some medical cannabis suppliers don’t even supply the street shops. If you are a senior and/or low income most medical cannabis suppliers give additional discounts.

  16. Ti says:

    My NP referred me to Bodystream. They made me pee in a cup, I talked via Skype to a doctor. She sent my scrip to canntrust. Because of my low income I was approved for assistance which reduced the price to $63/bottle. Canntrust called me the next day to say all was in order and mine should arrive on Friday. However the license is only good for 4 months. I have to return every 3 months for another chat with the doctor for the first year. I have 2 different blends one for frequent use during day as pain requires and one for night to also help with sleep. Was amazed to see one can buy a gram for cooking with or vaping for only $9.00/gram.

    With the no smoking ban everywhere now I was surprised to see new no smoking signs on stores only now they also say no vaping!

  17. Suz. says:

    With CBD now legal without a medical requirement, what is the advantage of going through a clinic? Prices are cheaper for non medical CBD and wait times are much shorter. If you do the research, it seems to be fairly clear what amounts are recommended for specific issues. Serious question, not flaming. My dr ok’d using CBD for pain relief. But I haven’t gone that route, yet. And have been quietly exploring the products avail online.

    • Karen says:

      There are no shops open in Ontario yet. Actually I think one opened a couple of days ago. I also wanted the advice of a doctor or a nurse. Anyone working in a pot shop will be knowledgeable about pot, but not necessarily about CBD oil or medical issues. I go online for a lot of information, like … a LOT, lol. But I prefer my medical advice to come from actual doctors most of the time. Also it’s easy. You go to the website, click a button and it’s at your door in a couple of days. ~ karen!

  18. Jody says:

    Karen I love that Hello Cannabis utilizes the knowledge, skills, and abilites of an NP. Once the pot shop opens across the parking lot, can you get the CBD oil directly from them?
    And for readers in the know I think it is too funny you are going between KFC and the Beer Store.

  19. p says:

    a snack pack LOLOLOLOL :D!!

    go away anxiety… we have NO time or place for you…

  20. Lori Hope says:

    I’m wondering about the dosage for migraines? Do they recommend that you take it consistently for prevention, or do you take it when you get a migraine?

    • Karen says:

      For me it was a daily dose that I was given but honestly it’s all kind of based on you and some people do take it at the onset of a migraine so you’d have to speak to a doctor about what’s best for you. ~ karen!

  21. Darlene Meyers says:

    you can buy this in some gift shops in Maryland

    • Ann Roberts says:

      Do not buy the stuff off shelves of gift stores, gas stations. 90% of commercially sold CBD oils are crap. Have almost no CBD. May have industrial waste chemicals in it. You might as well throw away your money. In the US there are some good products but you have to do your research and buy from a reputable buyer

  22. BEE says:

    So funny. Very helpful. Thank you. You did all the leg work and now have made it so easy for me to purchase. So no real food cravings?
    Colonel is tossing in his grave.
    Also can i fry chicken in CBD oil?

  23. danni says:

    Do not question the benefits of pot! Got me through the last stages of chemo, (when I finally got sick enough that I would do anything to feel better,) and it was a miracle!
    I too would prefer no THC, but I make my own cannaoil (very easy to do,) and only take it at night before bed, I don’t want the high, but I do looooovvvveee the sleep.

    • charlotte tataryn says:

      Hi Danni. I’m not asking you to tell me what YOU do to make your cannaoil, but if you could refer me to a/the website where you got the instruction, I would sure appreciate it. There is/are so many/so much information, and it’s all different, it’s difficult to figure out, and I’m finding it overwhelmning, which is something I don’t need another dose of. Thank you . charlotte T.

  24. Jenny W says:

    Thank you for your research Karen. As always, you tell it like it is.
    I had a huge bout of anxiety back in the fall, that was almost crippling, and I thought about trying CBD oil but there are no clinics around me and our “Pot Store” doesn’t carry it.
    I truly believe that this product has to be made more accessible to the general public, but BigPharma is never going to allow that! (My son said ordering online could be an option, but I think that could get dicey, not knowing who you are purchasing from.) I had no idea how expensive it was! Another drawback considering that a higher dose would probably help the most.
    Funny how our country now makes it easy and legal to get high, but not to get healthy :/

    • Lauren from Winnipeg says:

      Big Pharma has nothing to do with cannabis.

      You don’t need to worry about quality when you are ordering from a licensed cannabis producer. Cannabis is legal in Canada but that doesn’t mean quality and efficacy isn’t very highly regulated.

    • Martina says:

      Another option is to grow your own, the initial start up kit is around $100, but if you’re handy…hmmm….maybe we can talk Karen into growing some. I’m going to plant one or two outside this spring and see what happens.

  25. brenda says:

    I just ordered some here online https://hyperionhemp.com/ and got it a few days later … I took some after dinner and woke up at 2pm the next day ;0) TWO TIMES (except the next time I woke up at 1:35pm). That’s a waste of a whole day – right. Don’t tell anyone.

    • Karen says:

      I’m not sure what you took Brenda, but it wasn’t CBD oil. The bottle doesn’t even say what percentage of CBD is in the product. That’s why if you’re looking to get this stuff you should really only get it from a licensed producer. Otherwise you have no idea what you’re really getting. ~ karen!

      • Lauren from Winnipeg says:

        As well, CBD derived from hemp is not the same as CBD derived from cannabis. CBD derived from hemp doesn’t contain the beneficial terpenes found in cannabis.

        We have many stores open in Winnipeg and while some are more informed than others, most personnel are able to help with whatever your needs are. High (ignore pun) % CBD is still hard to get because of growing demand but it is getting better. I prefer to vaping CBD flower to ingesting the oil.

  26. Why did you have to go to all that trouble??? Do you not have pot shops there that sell all the things to all the people???

    • K says:

      Yes. I was wondering this too. I just go to the store and buy it here in BC 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Michelle says:

      You should be able to claim it on insurance if you go through a doctor.

    • Karen says:

      Because pot shops haven’t opened yet in Ontario. Actually one of them has, but the rest are slated to open in the next week or so. But the main reason is because going to a doctor or a clinic allows you to talk to someone who actually knows something about CBD oil and how it works medically. If you go to a pot shop they’re pretty much only interested in the highs. They aren’t familiar with the medical aspects of CBD and can’t give any kind of advice about it or recommendations. ~ karen!

  27. Laurinda says:

    I tried it too, & have to agree-it tastes really gross. It tastes…green. I hope your anxiety improves {{HUGS}}

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