I Bought Latisse Lash Growing Serum.

Sick of fillers, falsies or puny eyelashes?  GROW YOUR OWN.  I grew my own and they’re officially long enough to sweep crumbs off of tables. 

You may remember a couple of years ago I tried out magnetic eyelashes.  They’re great for anyone going for the completely unnatural and borderline psychotic look.  With a touch of refrigerator magnet.

A few months after THAT particular life debacle I invested in genuine eye lash serum, which I figured was yet another kind of snake oil. You put a drop of it on a tiny brush and then swipe it across your lash line every night before bed. Just the upper lashes.

You then wake up with feathery, luxurious, almost unappealingly long eyelashes – 3 months later.

I went with Latisse because in Canada it’s the only option that’s medically approved for use on eyelashes for growth. Because of that, you need to get it from a doctor.  Most dermatologist or plastic surgery offices carry it along with medispas.

There are a TON of other eyelash serums, most of them completely ineffective.  However I’ve heard  nothing but good feedback about the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost which you can get without a prescription (you can actually get it on Amazon), plus it’s a tiny bit cheaper. BUT not medically approved (in Canada) for lash growth.

Latisse was the first lash growth product on the market.

It was originally developed for use in glaucoma patients. Then all of a sudden all the test subjects started growing crazy long eyelashes and eye lash Latisse was born.  The active ingredient is a form of prostaglandin, which is also what’s in Rodan & Fields lash serum.

The problem is, Latisse admits to having that medical ingredient in it which is why it’s labelled as a drug and needs to be prescribed.

Rodan & Fields also uses the drug, but doesn’t “admit” to it and therefore isn’t listed as a drug. This is me dumbing down the lingo and circumstances because I’m basically dumb.

What I am sure of is that because of their use of this ingredient but not selling it as a “drug” Rodan & Fields is currently facing a couple of federal class action lawsuits.  Mainly because they didn’t acknowledge this ingredient or the side effects.

I’m so pretty.

The difference in my face between wearing mascara and not wearing mascara is unsettling. I look as though I’ve just crawled my way out of Chernobyl.

Latisse takes at least 3 months to work enough that you see the results. Rodan & Fields apparently only takes 8 weeks.

Latisse made my eyes quite dry when I first started using it but that seems to have levelled out. What do I mean by quite dry?  Do you remember when I took a woodworking course with my mother, Betty, a couple of winters ago?  We were using wood lathes to make pepper mills.  At one point she grabbed my elbow and pulled me to the side to whisper something to me.  Being a wood working shop there was a lot of machinery running so she ended up screaming at the top of her lungs  “I THINK YOU HAVE PINK EYE.”

That is how red and dry my eyes were. The forever floating sawdust in the shop wasn’t helping.

Side Effects of Latisse

Which is one of the side effects. 

Eye redness – Sometimes using the serum will cause your eyes to dry out a bit which makes them red. In my case they got really red. But now, after having used it for a couple of years on an off, I don’t notice any redness.

Eye colour change – Another side effect that people are worried about is that Latisse will change the colored part of your eye (the iris).  Although it’s technically a side effect for the drug there hasn’t been a single case of this happening in Latisse users.  Ever.  (as of this post)

Eye colour change only happens (and even then only in 1-2% of patients) with people using this as an actual glaucoma medication where their entire eye is doused with it in the form of an eye dropper.

Eyelid darkening –  This is a side effect that I didn’t experience either. Some people can however experience eyelid skin darkening which may or may not go away when you discontinue use.


So if that’s been your fear about using these products, then fear no more.

Yes. I’m sure there are rare cases where people have unwanted side effects, but they are very rare and also will reverse once you stop using the product.

Now back to me and my broom-like eyelashes that just batted their way out of Chernobyl.

Being the worst blogger in the world I don’t have a very good before picture of me and my natural (un-Latissed) eyelashes.

This picture is from my review of the magnetic eyelashes post, which is worth reading if you’re ever considering clamping spiders to your eyes with magnets.

The eye on the right is my natural eyelashes. The one on the left is the magnetic lashes.  Trust me. It’s a GOOD shot of the magnetic lashes. The kind they’d use in promotional materials because it would almost make you believe these things are wearable.

magnetic lashes on left —- real lashes PRE Latisse, on right

As you can see my natural lashes (on the right) are puny.

Now what they look like after using Latisse (with my favourite Loreal Voluminous mascara).

Closed eyes. ( In case you weren’t familiar with the look of someone sleeping, deep in prayer or watching a horror movie. )

Opening up like a lash covered drawbridge.


BAM.  Terrifying. Those are terrifying lashes right there.

Latisse Eyelash Tips

  • Cost? Around $150 per 5 ml bottle.
  • The little bottle of Latisse goes much further than they say it will.  A bottle is supposed to last 1 month. I’ve found it lasts closer to 3-4 months.
  • You’ll go through the most amount of Latisse in your first 3 months while you’re wearing it every day.
  • Try very hard to remember to apply Latisse every single night.
  • After 3 months of continuous use you’ll have camel eyelashes but you’ll notice growth in the first month.
  • Once your initial 3 months of use are up you can slow the Latisse application down to 2 or 3 times a week.
  • I did not notice my lashes growing in any darker. They’re still invisible without mascara.
  • To help prevent dry eyes be careful not to use too much product. You only need a tiny bit. If you use too much it can seep down into your eyes which is what causes the red eyes and dryness.
  • The box recommends using a new brush for each eye every night. However this wastes product.  I use one brush for both eyes every night (and then throw it out and use a new brush the next night).  Doing this allows you to use just ONE drop of Latisse instead of two.  Which is how you can make your serum lasts months longer than they say.
  • Latisse will also work on eyebrows the same way it works on eyelashes.
  • If you STOP using Latisse your eyelashes will go back to the way they were.  I know this because I stopped once thinking they seemed long enough then just sort of randomly used it once every few weeks or so.  One day I looked in the mirror and realized all my lashes were back to normal and I had to start the whole 3 month every night process all over again.

All of these points would apply to the Rodan & Fields product as well.


If you have any questions ask away below.  I’ll just be over here doing a handstand, sweeping the floor by blinking my eyes.


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I Bought Latisse Lash Growing Serum.


  1. Tia Rendle says:

    This post is likely old but be aware. I ended up with periorbital fat loss. Which means I now have sunken wrinkly eyes from latisse. Do not use this product.

  2. Stacy says:

    You are doing amazing work ❤️! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts.!. I like long lashes but can’t use falsies. So happy 😀 I googled “Getlash24″ and got careprost (same as Latisse, but it’s a way cheaper, thanks girls). I have had phenomenal results with it. It is well worth the money for me. After trying it, I will never be without it! My lashes are twice as long and thick and I am already being asked if they’re natural, to which I can happily respond ”Yes”!

  3. Ellen Shook says:

    I am just now seeing this, so I suppose I am way behind the times. Just wanted to say that I have been a Latisse user for several years now, and my dermatologist recommends 1 drop each morning. It lasts 5 to 6 months this way. I never thought about trying an eyeliner brush, but I might now. I do continue to use it each morning, because as my doctor said, when I tried cutting back to every other day, I started losing lashes. I have had no discoloration or other problem with it. My once long thick lashes got thinner due to (1) ageing (2) thyroid deficiency and (3) cataract laser surgery where the dumbass doc cut them off with the equipment as well as almost blinding me. At any rate, the Latisse grew them back, and I will do without food before I go without it. Mine are not really darker either, but mascara fixes that.

    • Karen says:

      Ha! I”m not sure I could choose Latisse over cheese if forced into it but I do like it. I ran out during Covid and need to get back to the dr. to get some more! ~ karen!

  4. victoria says:

    Love the results it looks aazing, I will try for sure could I ask where did you get it pls

  5. Here’s one for you to try. False eyelashes from your own hair on Instructables. Yes, you read that correctly. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Lashes-From-Own-Hair/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

  6. PMMK says:

    Karen, thanks for reviewing these lash serums. My manicurist has tried to get me to try Eye Envy. She definitely has long, thick lashes. She says she has had to stop wearing mascara to work because the acrylic from the nails gets stuck in it. Yuk.

    I recently tried L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. It’s a two-step mascara with a white primer and a black mascara. It’s a lot of eye bling. The only thing I don’t like is the brush is too big so I scrape most of the product off the brash back into the edge of the tube before applying. No point wasting it. It really does extend and thicken the lashes and stays put too. I wore it to two funerals in one month and can attest that it’s tear proof. I have worn it from 6:00 am to midnight and, even then, no raccoon eyes. I don’t put it on the bottom lashes to avoid that startled look.

    To get it off, use a warm wet compress, say, a sodden wash cloth to get them wet and and then just slide the tiny tubes off with a downward motion of the wet cloth. Your cheeks will look like they are covered in the legs of flies but no removers, no scrubbing, no traumatizing your eyes, no anything. Easy peasy.

    I love this stuff but I still might give in and try one of these growth potions.

  7. Jacquie Gariano says:

    Thanks, everyone for all the great input. I have always wanted “great” lashes and have tried the lue on ones, the ones put on by my hairdresser that take an hour to set. She quit doing them as women complained about the pain in taking them off. I just waited till they fell Off LOL. But with all this great info I’m ready to try a serum type. I have a hair appt this Friday, so I’m taking all these names and see what she think of them. Thanks again.

  8. Idaho Girl says:

    I have used Careprost for over 5 years with very noticeable results, and have had no problems with dry eyes, color change, etc. The only issue I have is when I get lazy and quit using it for a few months and have to start all over like I am right now! I order my Careprost online and have to pay shipping, so I usually order several bottles at a time with my sisters so we can split the shipping (which is around $25, no matter the quantity). Ordering this way, we usually spend around $13-$15 a bottle (which includes shipping) and each bottle also comes with a small brush that can be washed after each use. The brushes we get are more tapered than the one you’re showing, so they work great for targeting just the lash line. The Careprost bottle looks very similar to the one you’re showing. And like you, I’m happy to have the choice, and love the way my eyes look when my lashes are longer. I’m going to try the castor oil for my eyebrows though, which have always been sparse (I blame that on my thyroid issues). Thanks ladies for sharing!

    • Carol says:

      I would love to know where you order online. I did years ago and can no longer find the seller. It really does work! Thanks

  9. TucsonPatty says:

    I absolutely second the advice for going to a salon for eyelash tinting! I am a cosmetologist and I tint eyelashes (and eyebrows) quite often. It takes only a few minutes, and the cost is minimal. (I’m pretty OCD about prep and rinsing, so 1/2 hour, with the product on your lashes for 10 minutes, and I charge $20. It lasts 4-5 weeks or longer. Bizarre to see new growth on your eyelashes.) As you can see from Karen’s photos, there are lashes that you did not know were there until mascara or color has been applied. It is awesome to wake up in the morning and see your lashes before you put on any makeup.
    I personally have used Jan Marini, NuLash, Grande Lash, LiLash, and am currently using nuvega lash. (I absolutely cannot believe this tube of product – it’s like it is magic and won’t run out. I actually have no idea how long it has lasted – months and months!)
    I usually use whichever serum the salon is selling at the moment, and lilash seems to be the winner for now. Grande Lash was a close second. I do have one client that did a “Scientific Study” using one of our serums (can’t remember which) in one eye, and Latisse on the other. The winner was Latisse because of the darkening of the lashes. She still has me tint her lashes regularly – every 6 weeks along with her hair color,- and her lashes are spectacular!
    Wonderful post, Karen. You wierdo. Lol.

  10. Helen Whaley says:

    I’ve been using Grande Lash MD (I’m in the US) and have terrific, long lashes. I didn’t notice any discomfort unless I sloshed too much on.
    The Grande Lash comes with its own skinny brush applicator inside like a mascara.

  11. CK says:

    Your eyelashes look fab!!! And as a science-y person who uses Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, I think your assessment of the ingredients is reasonable. (Technically the prostaglandins in the RF version are slightly different, and the claims made are not about /structure/ but rather /appearance/, hence distinguishing between cosmetic and medical claims. Anyway, we’ll see how those claims play out legally). I experiences redness/irritation the first couple weeks when I was using too much and it got into my eyes, but no issues since I learned to apply more lightly (which, bonus–as you noted–makes it last longer). It sounds like Latisse is very similar to Lash Boost.

    You’re right that it’s pricy, but I absolutely love the simple joy that having longer-looking, my-very-own lashes brings to my life. (Which I never thought I would be into, but now I can’t imagine going without it. And I’m a pretty frugal, minimal-makeup person in almost every other way).

    If anyone’s curious about Lash Boost ingredients, usage, pricing, etc. feel free to email me (I’m a Rodan and Fields consultant–mostly for the discount–please know I’m not trying to “troll for customers” on here!)

    I love your blog. Thank you for sharing such an interesting mix of DIY home, garden, and life stuff! Your hinged hoop houses are top on my to-do list for when this snow finally melts.

  12. whitequeen96 says:

    Wow! Your eyelashes in your new photos are even longer than when you tried the magnetic fakes! You really COULD sweep up crumbs with them!

  13. Danni McLaughlin says:

    So I have a few things to add. My husband got glaucoma young and used the drops. His eyes were already blue and they became movie-star blue, bordering at the end on White-Walker blue. (He eventually had a gross surgery to fix it and doesn’t use it anymore.) He had INSANE lashes, but only on the one eye, which was weird and he had to trim them. Hahahahaahhaaha! Fast forward to me buying Latisse. It works great, but my eyes itched like crazy and you have to be careful to really let it dry before going to bed, bc I think when I slept it sort of oozed backwards all over my eyes which looked in the am like I’d been punched while suffering from pink eye. After a few days, AND you get used to it while starting to see growth and then you don’t care bc omg, you have growth. I agree, a bottle lasts forever, and you can get it from your eye doc or your dermatologist. I also get the taller bottle which is a little bit more but lasts six or seven months. It’s probably shady, but I’m old and vain and I like eyelashes. Also if you quit using it, it’s a weirdly immediate punishment, your lashes seem to shrink super fast. Not sure why.

  14. Ann C. says:

    How long before the redness/eye sensitivity stops?

    • Pamela says:

      I had no redness. Thanks for sharing this wonderful posts.!. I like long lashes but can’t use falsies. So happy I googled ‘getlash24’ and got careprost (same as Latisse). I have had phenomenal results with it. It is well worth the money for me. After trying it, I will never be without it! My lashes are twice as long and thick and I am already being asked if they’re natural, to which I can happily respond ”Yes”!

  15. Susan says:

    Ok- as a person with glaucoma I had to respond. The dry eye is not the only concern here…. and the color change from blue eyes to brown. That would totally suck ( my Dad’s blue eyes?) Prostaglandins are what helps us lady folks go into labor. My ophthalmologist warned me to wash my hands after using the eye drops and before touching my male partner. He is not interested in growing boobs or delivering a baby. Just saying. And I didn’t even get eyelash growth tho I take 2 drops in the eyes daily.

  16. judy says:

    Scary- folks,take it from an old lady-eye lashes are the least element of your charms,but are the protective curtain over your ability to see. The blue of your eyes Karen doesn’t need this tiny enhancement and nobody sees this like you do up close staring into a mirror. These products may be as safe as they claim but it reminds me of all the drugs that are miracle workers until the horrible side effects are revealed years later.

    • Tracey says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I would be very cautious of using these drugs/ingredients especially on my eyes. Whenever I get in a beauty slump, I constantly remind myself: “Don’t like your legs? Be thankful you have legs. Hate your hair? Be grateful you have hair. Teeth aren’t white enough? Be glad you are able to smile.” Karen, you are enough without the long lashes!

      • Karen says:

        Here is what I think about that. I am thankful I have the choice. ;) ~ karen!

      • Joy Pottage says:

        Yes, I rejoice that we live now, when we can choose how we live, we are so lucky compared to women from any other time.

      • Pearl says:

        That’s my cop-out too, I have square wide feet, high arch blah blah on and on and cannot wear any cute shoes ever. But thank God I have feet, not everyone does. But I do want nice eye lashes, might be better than cute shoes.

    • c says:

      i used a similar product on my already long dark lashes.it was nice that they got longer.however,i have green eyes and started to get brown spots.. which i didn’t like at all. i stopped and 12 years later i still have those spots. so i went back to “dior show”mascara;)

  17. Kim Kline says:

    I don’t often leave comments, but it’s time. I feel like the girl in the audience who isn’t clapping with the rest of the group, but just sitting there, really enjoying the show without showing due consideration. Every time I read your writing, I am clapping loudly inside my reading mind.
    I have followed you since the very beginning and have remained in awe of your continued writing brilliance. Truly.
    Thank you for generously sharing your very meaningful experiences, your take on life and your amazing talent.
    Bravo, Karen!

  18. Mary W says:

    I hate spiders and this may frighten me when I blink or look sideways. You do look great but I would rather not be known as the crazy, screaming woman that constantly slaps at her eyes. As a kid I used to think that hell would be an especially picked destination and God would choose a pit full of spiders for me.

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