One Two Lash review


I stand before you, a clear lashed woman, who wants two simple things in life.  To be able to do the splits (either direction) and to be able to have luxurious eyelashes. I know. It makes no sense. I don’t even stretch on a regular basis.  I’ll never be able to do the splits.

But eyelashes?  That one’s doable. Magazine pages, CNN commentators, grocery store cashiers … everyone has some sort of fake lash apparatus on now.  You can’t walk down the street without almost being knocked to the ground by someone’s enormous set of eyelashes.

So I decided.  I wanted to try wearing some kind of fake eyelashes. I have friends who have semi-permanent eyelashes that have to be touched up every few weeks.  No.  NO.  I have enough to maintain in my life without having to maintain eyelashes.  If anything’s going to be maintained around here it’s gonna be my roof.

One Two Lash review

Then I remembered hearing about magnetic eyelashes. I think it was Betty who told me about them.  I did a bit of research and discovered that magnetic eyelashes are very expensive.  About the same price as a new roof as a matter of fact.  For 2 sets of One Two Lash (which is the original inventor of the magnetic eyelashes) the price is $69 American.  Once you convert that, add in shipping and duty, the One Two Lashes were going to set me back over $100.

But I was doing this for science so it was worth it.

And yet, there were also cheaper options on Amazon.  I could get a set of magnetic eyelashes from China for about the price of a few roofing shingles.   $10.

So I ordered both and committed to an eyelash experiment for you.  My blogging friends who might want to get into the eyelash market.

Before you get all worked up into a lather, I’ve done as much research as I could possibly do and have not found any harmful effects about having magnets around your eyes, let alone magnets the size of a grain of rice.  So no, magnetic eyelashes aren’t bad for your eyes.

One Two Lash review

The double set of magnetic eyelashes from One Two Lash came in a Chanel inspired box that makes that incredibly satisfying “click” sound when you close it.

The Chinese eyelashes came in this.

chinese magnetic lash review

Like this.  This is how they arrived.  I felt like a Princess.

I went with trying the One Two Lashes first.

The premise behind magnetic lashes is you wear two sets of eyelashes on each eye. Each row of lashes has a small magnet in the centre of them.  One sits on top of your real lashes and the other one sits below.  Once they get near each other, the magnets click together.


You start by grabbing the top set of lashes and resting it on your own lashes.

One Two Lash review

You can see the magnet in the centre. The magnet is very, very thin.

One Two Lash review magnetic eyelashes

You just rest it on there as close to your lash line as you can get it.

One Two Lash review magnetic eyelashes

Then let it fall off.  Repeat this sequence approximately 72 million times.  Break to practice the splits then do it another 72 million times.

One Two Lash review magnetic eyelashes

Finally you’ll get the hang of resting the lashes on your own lashes.  Then comes the hard part.  Bringing the lower set of lashes up underneath until they click into the right place.  “Right place” being the operative words here.

You will hate these eyelashes at this point.  You will say they’re stupid and it’s impossible and you hate everyone and everything.

Then you’ll have a drink.  An alcoholic one. And the process will start all over again over the next few days. Until one day, it’ll happen.  Just like riding a bike, all of a sudden you’ll find your balance and all will be right with the world.

One Two Lash review magnetic eyelashes

You will be SO thrilled that you finally figured out how to put these stupid things on that you will be willing to overlook some of their idiosyncrasies. At least for the first few minutes.  Then you’ll start to notice a few problems.

One Two Lash review magnetic eyelashes

Like the fact that these eyelashes are completely straight for some reason.  STRAIGHT.  Eyeballs are not straight.  They’re curved.

I don’t know why the makers decided straight was the way to go for eyelashes, but for some reason they did.  The concept is genius, and these eyelashes are SO close to being brilliant but they’re not.

They’re also awfully glamorous for someone who just wants a bit of a lift.  They’re long and luxurious which is perfect for Dino’s girlfriend Sassy, not so perfect for me.


Maybe I’d get lucky and I’d discover that the cheap, Chinese eyelashes were fantastic and I’d be able to recommend these $10 beauties to you.

The packaging was promising. Anything that looked this horrific to begin with surely had nowhere to go on the scale of 1-10 other than up.

Chinese magnetic eyelash review

I specifically ordered these lashes because they had 2 magnets on each lash which I saw as a bonus.  It was a bonus magnet.

I tried to keep that upbeat attitude whilst hefting them out of their Pepto-Bismol pink case.

Chinese magnetic eyelash review

If I thought attaching one magnet was difficult, attaching two in the right place was harder than doing the splits in both directions at the same time.

Chinese magnetic eyelash review

The magnets on the cheap Chinese lashes were the elegant size of bricks.

Chinese magnetic eyelash review

Buy at least they looked good.  I found the massive space in between the upper and lower lashes made a perfect spot for holding pens, knives or any other metal object that happened to be attracted to the brick magnets.

In conclusion I cannot at this point recommend either the One Two magnetic lash or the hilariously ridiculous Chinese lashes.

But it’s killing me. The One Two Lashes are SO close to being great. The actual lashes look great.  If only they’d curved the strip. If only they weren’t $100.

If only I could do the splits.




  1. Wendy says:

    I literally Laughed Out Loud at this post! I had seen magnetic lashes at the Showcase store and wondered if/how they worked. Now I know! Still laughing my arse off! You da best!

  2. Jani Wolfe says:

    Had seen an info commercial on these and wondered how they really worked! You are the best! I was in tears looking at your selfies with your best effort to get them on. I like you would have lost my patience very quickly. Probably would have put them on one of my Yorkie’s for Halloween!!

  3. Robert says:

    I normally laugh with your post at some point but you are killing right now with this one.
    You’re totally ready to take the beauty blogin business by surprise.
    Maybe the cheap pair for an artsy theme Halloween costume this year?

  4. Susan Hollier says:

    Maybe you could curl the expensive lashes with a regular eyelash curler?

  5. Karen says:

    That’s not the portion that isn’t curled Susan. The lashes themselves have a curl. It’s the base of them. The thing all the lashes are attached to that’s straight. There’s no curve to it. Upon further inspection I’ve discovered it’s basically a piece of clear fishing line. ~ karen!

  6. Karen says:

    I don’t even remember this post being funny, I’ll have to go back and re-read it. I wrote it a few days ago. Maybe I was drunk. Do you think I was drunk? I don’t really drink, but I wouldn’t really remember if I was a drinker or not if I drank a lot. omg, how do drunk people ever remember anything? And no wonder they never think they have a drinking problem. They don’t remember drinking. ~ karen!

  7. Lynn says:

    Really magnetic eye lashes who thinks up this stuff…. what was my first thought . Then I started to laugh as you explained just how hard it is or was to apply them . I wish to thank you Karen for your adventuress nature.

  8. Karen says:

    I’m not giving up on them. They were a) too expensive and b) there’s too much potential! ~ karen!

  9. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh! I keep picture a cat trying to attack your lashes. In my house they’d probably get thumped by a thong – as someone mistook them for a weird bug. Fabulous!

  10. Kathleen Aberley says:

    I never even knew these things existed. Where have I been? However, now that I know and have read your hilarious post on applying them, I doubt I’m going to rush out and buy them!

    I read with great sadness that Gord Downie has passed away. You introduced me to the Hip’s music recently and have been an avid fan since then. I am truly saddened by his passing. It feels to me as if Canada has lost a son and the world has lost a magnificent musician and wonderful person.

  11. Paula says:

    Very, very funny! lol Bricks and gaps for pens and knives, the exact choice of words to associate with eyelashes!

  12. Tina says:

    I have very short, very skimpy, very pale lashes. I also have a friend who (professionally) puts on the individual “lash extensions”. They’re not too expensive but I agree, way too much maintainence! She keeps trying to persuade me but honestly, if someone is going to judge me by my insignificant lashes, screw them! Thanks for trying out the magnetic lashes, saves me wasting my time and money!

  13. Tina says:

    LOL!!! I read your comment about 4 times before I understood the lashes being beat on by a flip-flop! I thought you meant a g-string type thing!

  14. Valerie says:

    Your post Karen was so very funny as well as revealing about the things we woman play at.
    I don’t really understand how these eye lashes you procured work. Magnets normally have to attach to metal do they not? If so how can they possibly attach to one’s eyelid? Can you please explain this Karen?
    I have read Latesse lotion (sp.?) is effective but expensive and one must continue using this product to have the nice long lash result.
    And more news on the eye lash front – some poor woman somewhere in the USA tattooed her eye lids and has negatively effected her vision.
    Many years ago I purchased a box of false eyelashes and tried determinedly for 20 minutes to stick them to the correct place on my upper lids. In the end they just looked goofy. I solved this problem though as I put them down the toilet and never looked (no pun intended) back.

  15. Carole says:

    “…a perfect spot for holding pens, knives or any other metal objects”… great! Now you’ve destroyed my relaxing melatonin slumber! Full outsnorting does that you know.
    Oh Karen!

  16. Dawn says:


    You just get better and better I swear! LMFAO here…..I fell for this mesmerizing concept and shelled out the big bucks about 2 years ago…….two years and many, many alcoholic drinks later, there is no way these things don’t look like a spine caterpillar about to cocoon on my face…..it was a brilliant concept, but I don’t feel nearly as bad now about my ineptitude; I mean, if someone who does as much from scratch as you with ZERO trepidation (including removing flystrike from hens butts) and whose own mum has a doormat that says “Oh, shit not you again” (HAVE to get one of these myself)…..

  17. Lisa says:

    OK that made me splurt my coffee…”image of g-string beating off a magnetic eyelash”…I’d be driven to drink.

  18. Elaine says:

    I know I speak for all of us readers, Karen, when I say a big “thank you” for the in-depth research you do for us and thanks for the laughs. Your blog is like the box of chocolates in Forest Gump! I never know what interesting or funny or weird subject each post will bring me … but they are all great!

    I have a “beauty” problem and wonder if others have the same issue. I’m fair skinned, my legs never tan so I resort to faux tanner from the local drugstore. With age, I now have darker spots of pigment here and there so when I apply the self tanner, it nicely colors the “normal” parts of my legs BUT darkens the already pigmented areas. I’m wondering if (when you get bored with your magnetic lashes), you’d care to do some research on faux tanner for us poor souls with uneven skin. You look as though you have lovely even skin so I may have to wait another 35 or more years when you reach my age … which may mean you’re going to be too late! 😉

  19. Mama Toto says:

    I saw a picture on Facebook the other day of the latest trend …….using fake eyelashes for nose hair !!! Don’t know if the magnets would work though!

  20. Gayle M says:

    Yeah, I have enough problems dealing with straight hair, so straight lashes would push me over into the abyss…

    Thank you for, in the name of science, keeping us out of the abyss.

  21. Gayle M says:

    Valerie, there is a magnet on the top and bottom lashes, which attract (well, are supposed to anyway) each other, pinning your natural leashes between them. So you can see why it takes 72 million times to position them. On TV, it looks so simple. Key word: looks. lol

  22. Lori Colleran says:

    I love it!! You’re so funny!

  23. TucsonPatty says:

    A girl friend years ago told me she painted over her “spots”with clear nail polish before applying the self-tanner. Maybe she picked the polish off later? Maybe she used matte polish instead of shiny so it didn’t matter? My legs are too freckled for this to work..everyone will just have to put on their sunglasses to look at my legs!

  24. Louise says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I’m sure I would have been tempted to buy these and I can’t afford to spend that much money unless it’s going to be a huge success. Can you return the expensive ones? I think you should! And tell them why!

  25. Jenny W says:

    1-Thank you, you just saved me some $$$!
    2- I have been using a mascara that has fibres in it to lengthen and thicken my eyelashes.
    One swipe of the mascara, followed by one swipe of the ‘fibre’ tube, then finished with another coat of the mascara. As much or as little as you like, where you like – and it’s Great! Legendary Lashes $19 at a good drug store near you.
    3- It seems that you have a strange person, standing in your doorway with a canoe paddle, ready to strike- the eyes don’t lie!
    4- Happy Weekend 🙂

  26. Thandi says:

    Would heat work? We can’t just give up! This is for science dammit!
    Obviously too much heat and they’d melt, or the magnet would fall off. A hot coffee cup maybe? No, that would just be a temporary fix.
    You realise I’m going to be waking up at 2am with “but what if you just…” moments for the next few weeks.

  27. Jo-Ann says:

    And yet – in the little thumbnail picture you/they look good! It gave me a little thrill of hope that you might have solved The Lash Problem. After a solid 20 or so years of curling and mascara-ing, and another 10+ of giving up while parenting and aging ungracefully, my lashes are well nigh undetectable. Certainly not enhancing in any way. So lately I’ve been trying the lash goo. It’s a product called Plume, and it’s made in Canada (in Alberta I think), that I saw promoted on the Marilyn Denis show I think with a 50% off code. Still not cheap but reasonable I thought compared to other ones I’d heard of like Latisse. I’ve yet to see any appreciable difference, perhaps because I haven’t used in the morning and night religiously for 3 months yet because it’s a bit oily and gets into my eyes and I loathe that smudgy vision thing (esp. added to the same from my supposed-to-work-but-don’t-quite-for-me progressive lenses).

    What I want is long-er somewhat full-er lashes that Look natural-ish. False lashes Always look false. Am right put off by all those TV hosts who look like they have great bit black strips of fur on their eyes. Don’t want to put on mascara (and I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t clump or have little gritty bits no matter what the company or anyone says to the contrary). And I think that the lash curlers are a big part of what damaged my lashes in the first place. Apart from the aging bit.

    The best ‘solution’ I’ve seen is on a local young woman who works at the grocery store. I had to ask because they were so long, lovely and natural looking: “are you naturally blessed or are they ‘enhanced'” I asked in as non-creepy a way as I could. She was very kind and told me they were extensions. So I had resolved to save up for these wonders. But now I read here that extensions require somewhat more ‘maintenance’ than I was thinking? Does that mean going back again and again to redo them Frequently (and so $$-$)? That you cannot sleep with your face mashed into a pillow (as I do)?

    Am so wishing our notions of beauty (well, maybe just ordinary attractiveness) returned to the days of yore where those sometimes strange looking women-with-undetectable lashes confined their enhancements to their cheeks and lips. I’ll skip the beauty marks, the lead paint, and the piled up hair though.

    But thanks for this foray into the imperfect world of lash options for us. The close-ups showing the non-lash-line conforming ends do look truly strange, but the thumbnail looks great. So maybe we should just keep everyone we want to Think we have lush lashes at 2 or 3+ arm lengths distance? Or reserve their use for talk-show gigs.

  28. Lisette says:

    OMG, words can’t express how much I enjoyed reading this this morning!!
    Even funnier because I have a pair of “full lashes” with 2 magnets on their way…
    Oh, the hilarity that will ensue… but at least I’m prepared? 😁

  29. Chris White says:

    You crazy, hysterical nut!!! Loved this! Thanks for a great start to the day!

  30. Debbie D says:

    I saw these things on an infomercial for the first time the other night. Wondered about them and if they were heavy and how the hell I would ever get them near my eyes to put them on. I have a great flinch reflex much to the dismay of my eye doctor.
    Thanks for researching this for the rest of us. I too wondered about them being straight.
    Yup. Just like 99% of most things on late night TV. Not worth the investment. But wait! If you act right now….you can get double the product for the same low price!!!! I know these are not $19.99, but research has shown that most people won’t return something bought at that price, so these “carny” hawkers keep getting away with selling “stuff” that makes you wonder how much it cost to produce in the first place since you know they are making a nice profit on the “stuff.”
    Yes, the word “thong” has quite a different meaning in the US than elsewhere. I remember when flip flops became big in the 50’s and 60’s, they were called thongs. Now that word is for a garment in a very different part of the body (at least in the US).

  31. cary says:

    hilarious. what were they thinking? have you ever heard of rodan and fields lash boost? i’ve been using it for several months and have noticed a big difference. it’s not cheap, but it works.

  32. Ella says:

    Omg!! Can you not bend the strip with a little bit of steam to shape it into a curve? At this point what do you have to lose? If not, try either Latisse or Eye Envy. Latisse is ~$120 for a 9 month supply available through spas and doctors. Eye Envy is about half that for about half as much. After 3 months with either used nightly you will have your own lashes — just longer and thicker. Promise. Been using it for years.

  33. Carswell says:

    Good lord. Since when does anyone WANT visible nose hair???

    The mind boggles.

  34. Shirley says:

    Okay, Karen, you can relax, I’ve got this! Jo-Ann, I’m calling this the “Comment of the Day.” My gosh, you write well, and at 6:26 AM, no less. Brava! (P.S. I have one final word for you: Bifocals)

  35. Nicole says:

    OMG, I had to scroll back up to take a look at what you are talking about. It totally looks like there’s a paddle-wielding something-or-other there, you’re right! Check the reflections in Karen’s eyes!

  36. Mary W says:

    Your nails looked great! My opinion (which I suppose is one obvious use for the comment section) is that your eyes look larger without a lot of color around them. They are sparkling, laughing eyes that make me smile. Adding a dark line of color around them tends to make the whole area appear larger BUT the eyes stay the same and then don’t have character shining through. I guess what I’m saying is eyeballs appear larger when unadorned. But eye sockets look larger with all the makeup on. Just look at any guy that you find attractive and his eyes are really attractive on their own – no make-up required much less longer, colorful lashes. I see your eyes in the picture below the article where you are donating blood and they are positively larger – probably from trauma but hey, it works! I love your face without the movie star make-up since I see you – not make-up. Signed, Old and not-with-it, Mary

  37. Elaine says:

    Nail polish?! 😳. Wow! After I stopped laughing while drinking my morning mug of tea, I thought to myself “why not”! I may just try this ….. maybe! Thanks so much TucsonPatty! Maybe it’s time to reveal my “other use” for clear nail polish at the age of 14/15. I loved Audrey Hepburn’s pointed little “pieces” of bangs in the movie Sabrina. My hair was blonde, wispier, fluffier and just didn’t form those little “points” so I dabbed clear nail polish on the very tips. It worked like a charm. I think there was a gel product out there called, Dippity-Do that would have also done the job but I was unaware at the time. The things we do for beauty!!

  38. Elaine says:

    Oh gosh … I laughed at that word “thong” too! I thought to myself “well, that won’t hurt” then realized she meant “flip flop”!

  39. Marilyn says:

    Thank you. !!! I have been wondering about these for ages. Asked and answered. Xo

  40. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Karen!!! I was going to get myself these for my Christmas present. I did the same research you did – found the originals and the Chinese “fakes” on Amazon and have been holding off for months on either purchase. However, last summer my two daughters and I all went to have eyelash extensions put on. We went for the real mink hair extensions and the lady used a very good type of glue (I am allergic to acrylates and was very nervous that it’d make me blind or itch like crazy – but for want of my gorgeous eyelashes back that I used to own I went for it). At first they were great – but I maybe should have listened to her recommendation and went with a shorter, less full set (but still maybe would have ended up with the same problem). As I (we?) age, I have shorter and less full lashes and since they glue the extensions to each of your own lashes individually, the shorter and sparser your lashes, the more pull down the fakes will have on them. You also can’t get them wet or apply mascara to them (not that you’d have to) = fun in the shower NOT. Every morning after the first couple days, I’d wake up and find one hanging into my eye or wandering off to space straight out. The glue is STRONG, so not only would you lose the fake eyelash when you tried to remove it, you lose your own in the process. HOWEVER, both my daughters sets turned out wonderful. They have nice full long-ish lashes to begin with, but like all late teens, they want those hairy long caterpillar things on their faces. Theirs lasted 5-6 weeks before they were in need of a touch-up. My younger one went a couple more times for touch-ups, but my older one couldn’t bother to find the time – a new set with a good person who knows what she is doing takes 2.5 – 3 hours to put them on you.
    So, if you figure out the curl, please post asap so I can maybe have beautiful lashes for Christmas! Thanks as always Karen for your research!

  41. Melissa says:

    I did not know one could buy magnetic lashes. Man, if you can think it up, the product probably exists. On your facebook page, I am going to post a picture of a product that a) you didn’t know existed, and that b) I really, really need you to “review” as a product.

  42. Monique says:

    GREAT shots..I have looked at these lol..now I won’t..I don’t really want the Insta Pot either though..
    even though a small one is $79 at CDn Tire..
    I love your funny honest reviews..
    You really are one of a kind in a great way.
    Betty must be so proud of her girl.
    I adore when my girls make me laugh and I bet you have yours in stitches every day.

  43. Monique says:

    PS I hate maintenance..I leave my streak girl (I love her) w/ wet hair..hated nails..not for me appts and maintenance.I have enough with other appts;)

  44. Jessica Benson says:

    LOL! I tried the One Two lashes too. You’re right about them being SO close to brilliant. They need to be curved for sure! Maybe they’ll hear us and make the change.

  45. Leah says:

    This was hilarious!

    The brick eye lashes with bonus storage space. They should charge more for that feature!

  46. Patricia says:

    Thank you for a huge laugh first thing this morning! I look at the lashes on others in amazement. The Chinese packaging made my coffee go into my nose just a bit. (I’ve been to China).

    I intend to try an oil from MONAT, a company that is known for hair regrowth in U.S. and I have had success with the shampoo. I’ll let you know!

  47. Karen says:

    Thanks Kathleen. It’s hard to describe the feeling in the country now. None of us can explain what Gord Downie was to Canada and I think we’re all surprised at how important he was to us. He was just an extraordinary, ordinary man. 🙂 ~ karen

  48. Tracy says:

    Oh my goodness! So funny. I have the eyelash extensions that you have to get touched up every few weeks and I LOVE them. My lashes are blond so you can’t even see them if I don’t have mascara on. It saves so much time in the mornings when getting ready and I always have dark lashes no matter what. Thank for the review. I was actually wondering about the magnetic ones. I guess I will stay with the extensions.

  49. Karen says:

    Why not have those spots removed at a dermatologists office? I’m not sure what laser or sandpaper or machine they’d use but I’m sure it could be done. 🙂 Either that or just use a Q tip to remove the self tanner from the dark spots on your legs as soon as you’ve applied it. Those would be my suggestions. ~ karen!

  50. Trish says:

    So glad you cleared this up. I was wondering why anyone would kill a bug with their underwear!!

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