The Best Christmas Gift Guide with Ideas for Everyone on Your List.

It is time for my annual Holiday Gift Guide.  Unique, interesting, pretty, fun and useful gift ideas for anyone on your list this holiday season. Also some weird stuff of course.

An old fashioned Christmas tree with dried orange slices and antique balls withs in a room with worn wood floors and white walls.

If you’ve been following along with The Christmas Pledge you have no need for this post because all of your presents are purchased and you’re positively berserk on an accomplishment high. You people can just spend the next 10 minutes staring blankly at the computer screen. Or you could make use of this time and do something important like scroll through the list I’ve composed and pick out a perfect gift to give yourself.  

Before we get into it I have some guidelines on buying presents:

Christmas Present Buying Tips

  • If someone lives in a small space DON’T buy them a large present that’ll cause them stress and eye bleeds trying to find a place to put it.
  • Check to see where something is being delivered or supplied from. This is especially important on Amazon. If it’s being delivered from China then it’s going to be a month to get to you if you’re in North America. If it says “supplied and shipped by Amazon”, then you’re good. You’ll get it in a few days normally.
  • If you’re having trouble thinking of a gift for someone think of their hobbies, and then get them something for that, that they wouldn’t buy themselves. Very expensive knitting needles for a knitter for example. Or a signed copy of a book by a favourite author for a reader. That sort of thing. Hobbies are always the best place for inspiration.
  • Want to cut down on shipping costs if you’re shipping presents out of town? Change the shipping address in Amazon to ship directly to the recipient’s house and choose the gift wrap option.  The present will be gift wrapped with a personalized card and gift receipt inside the standard brown Amazon shipping box.

And to reiterate as I’ve said before: If you can shop local SHOP LOCAL.  Set yourself a goal like buying 100%, 50% or 25% of your presents locally.

Ready?  Here we go, this year’s gift list. 

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The items on this list contain affiliate links. That means when you buy a present for someone else, you give a present to me as well in the form of a commission from what you buy. The best part is it doesn’t cost you or the individual sellers a penny.  Amazon, Etsy and other stores pay the commissions.

If you’re in Canada and you’re having trouble with the right items coming up, just click here and search for the item on Amazon Canada. All other links should work fine for you.

This & That Presents

Because combo gifts are the best.

BUY IT – Grill Press

BUY IT – Serial Griller

BUY IT – Picnic Blanket

BUY IT – A Year of Picnics

Ice Cream Maker and Organic old school, styrofoamy ice cream cones.

BUY IT – Ice Cream Maker

BUY IT – Cones

NON disposable razor and stand. I’ve wanted one of these for years and years and years. As luck would have it I just found it at one of my local stores (who happen to offer online shopping and shipping).

BUY IT – Rockwell Safety Razor

BUY IT – Razor Stand

Gifts They Can Wear


This would be too clunky for a lot of people but if you know someone who likes masculine pieces or things with heft, this Robocop meets the Matrix look is really cool and useful. Your phone is always *right* there and your hands are always free.


Military Green Sweatsuit Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit made of sweatsuit material. There is nothing else that needs to be said.


Vintage Look Denim Apron

I love an apron. I love denim. If you know someone who does too, you have your gift buying for them done.


Traditional Irish Wool Sweater

This guy’s thinking your guy would like an Irish fisherman knit sweater.


Hand beaded earrings (Indigenous owned shop) 🇨🇦

Simple hoop earrings from Indigenous maker Jillanna Hannah


Handmade Wool/Cashmere Trousers

This Etsy shop is in Romania so if you are interested, order soon! They have beautiful classic pieces – there’s a pleated skirt that’s really beautiful.

Gifts for the Cook



BEAUTIFUL ceramic nonstick cookware. I love the colours, but would probably go with the ivory or black for myself.


Water carbonator

I’ve featured this a couple of times before but I still love it so I’ve added it again. People are CRAZY for their Soda Stream water carbonators, but if you know someone with a newly renovated kitchen – this could be the highlight of it. They’ll be super-pissed they spent $50,000 on a reno when they really just needed a fancy water carbonator to make the room look great.


An anti-fatigue mat with an attitude. GREAT for standing on, these padded cushion mats ease pressure on your back while you’re cookin’ and choppin’.


Canadian Made/Owned

Whipped Honey & Solid Beeswax Bar 🇨🇦

From my own friend Russel’s Eastern Ontario beehives. Russell is a 3rd generation beekeeper and his products are exceptionally high quality. I recommend his WHIPPED honey and home pressed block of beeswax.


WHOOSH! Electronic Screen wipes 🇨🇦

TV, phone, laptop, tablet … Great stocking stuffer from a Canadian company.


Lucky Iron Supplement Fish 🇨🇦

You add this fish to the pot or pan you’re cooking any liquid in and BOOM you have your iron! *This is only for people who need iron supplements.


Miss Your Face Candle 🇨🇦

I mean, I’m thinking stick with the under 30 crowd for this one but you know best. You should probably also be under 30. Or know someone under 30.


Cat Card 🇨🇦

O.k., probably not a gift for someone but you HAVE to know someone who’d love this card.


Vintage Look Luggage 🇨🇦

Canadian company Champs has a colourful collection of luggage but the classic white and saddle leather is beautiful.


Cocktail Box 🇨🇦

These cocktails in a box are described as not just a drink, but an experience. These beautiful, well thought out boxes could tempt a a teetotaler to try them. FUN FACT, teetotaler has *nothing* to do with drinking tea. It’s a turn of phrase from the 1800’s referencing someone who “totally” abstains from alcohol. The “tee” was used as an emphasis on the word, similar to how we would nowadays say “Tired with a capital T.”


Cork Yoga Mat 🇨🇦

Sustainable and eco-friendly, cork yoga mat.


Tech Gifts

Camera Cover

Place this stick on sliding cover over your phone, tablet or laptop camera. Slide open for camera access, slide closed to ensure it’s blocked.

Now if there was a way to cover up Google’s ears.


Wireless Charging Station

For iPhone, watch and ear buds. (to be clear, the station itself has to be plugged in but everything on it charges wirelessly)


Mini Projector with Wifi

A low priced but well reviewed projector that can not only play from USB but can stream YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more.


Google Mesh

Similar to a router but more coverage. I got this set myself in the summer because of how many dead spots there are around my house. My Internet speed increased immediately and I have no more dead spots in my house or on my property. Plus they look cool.


Pet Gifts

Dog Life Jacket

Comes in different colours and sizes.



Dog Puzzles

Hide the treats, set the puzzle down, let the dog sniff ’em out. Good mental exercise for the dog, allowing the owner to get 15 minutes or so of their own mental rest.


Car harness

This Clickit Sport by Sleepypod is one of VERY few car harnesses that actually passed crash tests. Other cheaper harnesses broke instantly, sending the (dummy) dog flying.


Gifts for Kids

Pretty much the cutest dolls I’ve seen.




There’s a reason they’re an enduring classic. If the girl or boy on your list doesn’t like dolls – they might like this. I know I would.


Sidewalk Flowers 🇨🇦

An innovative and award winning book from children’s author and poet JonArno Lawson. Side note – I went to school with JonArno so I’m thrilled to be able to include his incredible book here.


I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle this?



Any STEM kid would love this.


Firetruck fork & spoon

Comes in other colours and styles


NYC Skyline Lego

I am seriously considering getting this for myself.


Just for Fun Gifts


For when you’re a grown up and looking for a way to avoid doing laundry for another hour.


It’s a book, it’s a screaming goat. All in one!


Personalized leather toiletry bag

Good, knocked around looking leather bag just like dad used to use. And yes, it comes personally monogrammed.


Beginner Embroidery Kit

A modern take on embroidery for your crafty cousin. Or dandy dad. Or maker mom.


This is either the stupidest or smartest thing ever. I haven’t decided yet.


This 2′ high bag is calling me for some reason. I’d stuff it with a big pillow and use it on the couch. But under the tree is what it’s meant for.


Before you say it, I know.  Christmas shouldn’t be about the presents.  It should be about having sweat that smells like gingerbread and stealing chocolates on your way out from holiday parties.

But I like getting presents once a year.  Don’t you? Don’t lie. You know who is listening.


I mean Google.

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The Best Christmas Gift Guide with Ideas for Everyone on Your List.


  1. Karen from Maine says:

    I bought the hats with the lights in them a couple of years ago – USB rechargeable and invaluable for working on the snowblower in the dark when you need both hands free and you’re a long way from the garage in the snowy Maine woods! Also, super for walking the dog in the dark, or getting the mail, etc. I gave a couple out as presents and everyone loved them. Another one of those, “why didn’t I think of THAT!” things. Thank you for the list – saw a couple of good ideas for the future (yup, I’m done with the shopping like a bunch of your followers). Happy Holidays, Everyone! Let the fun begin…or continue…or whatever ;^)

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks for an entertaining list with some unique selections. My Christmas shopping is done, but I noted several items for next year’s list.

  3. Kim says:

    Hey I’ve been looking for a good budget projector! Thanks! Last year I bought the sourdough starter you recommended and my husband LOVES it. Like still using it, still tending that “very needy houseplant”.

    Anyway. Just saying. Your list never disappoints. Thank you !

  4. TONI says:

    The fatigue mat is terrific looking. Have been scouting around for one this past week.
    Good timing ! Canadian price on your link ??? Got bitten a couple of times when there was no indication ………… just checking. Thanks for doing the legwork on these lists of yours.

  5. SabinaM says:

    Boo, the links are not working at all for me, just across the pond from you. I’ll have to dig around the old-fashioned way.

  6. Robin Willoughby says:

    I bought myself a present! The birthstone ring with a garnet for each of my boys and a pearl in the middle for me.
    I’ve always wanted one and seems my sons have never gotten the hint…😊

  7. PegMinn says:

    Love your list, Karen! I ordered hair pins for my daughters with their long heavy hair and am thinking about a couple of other things.
    What do you all do with the dehydrators that makes them worth while? I don’t get it. :~?

    • Jane Woodman says:

      We grow tons of tomatoes, and once I learned that dehydrated, powdered tomato skins deliver deep flavor, I bought a dehydrator and stopped composting them. Since I don’t can, I’m also dehydrating potatoes for storage. And the dark tops of leeks, etc. oranges and apples to hang for the birds and squirrels…..

    • Petra says:

      I have a pear tree that produces more than I can use fresh. I dehydrate pear slices that I acidulate in a mild ascorbic acid solution. Keeps them bright and light. My grandaughter has declared the pear slices better than candy….

  8. Mary W says:

    I got my Eat Here sign in the mail yesterday! So glad as it is perfect for my daughter. Every Christmas Eve, we play Bingo with prizes. I try to find really odd but cheap things to add to the pile of ‘pick or take someone else’s’ prizes. Now it seems I need Toot Pads! I gave a dried flower wall vase one time that was made from a bull’s bag. No one knew what it was for the longest time. I sure do enjoy Bingo.

  9. Jane says:

    I purchased one of the space heaters after your first post and hubby kept taking it to his office. Today I saw your post again and decided that we each needed one. The next one should arrive this week. Thanks for the great list!

  10. Cindy Courtney says:

    In 2016 my sister and I learned for the first time that we had a half sister born in 1944—9 years older than me. We never had a chance to meet her but we get together with her kids all the time. Niece Marleen found the Kicking Horse Three Sisters and sent me some for obvious reasons-/we are three sisters, not two. I love it that this is on your list.

  11. Beverly says:

    Oh man, I was all over that kindling chopper gizmo, thought hubby would love it. But it’s $282! Not to sound like a cheap bitch but that’s a bit too much $$ for me. It would be awesome though…..

    • Linda Robbins says:

      What?!? There are loads of these on line (Northern Tool, Amazon and more) for less than $100. We bought a couple from Amazon that were about $80. Maybe more in Canada, but surely not that much more.

      They’re great, incidentally.

    • Linda J Howes-Smyth says:

      You’d probably spend that on a good axe, that’s my reasoning. Can’t decide myself if I want it that badly or not. Do I even need a new axe? How big a piece can I fit in there?What if the piece has knots, will it just get all knotted up in there and impossible to split or get out of the whole contraption. Could end up being just one more thing to add to the pile of stuff. Then again, could be a big time saver. Hmmm, wonder what the 92 year old David thinks about this item?

    • Karen says:

      Uch. It must be a glitch with the link converting from American to Canadian. You can look at this one on I tried to find local smaller Canadian stores (even independently owned like Canadian Tire or Home Hardware) that carry something similar but didn’t have any luck. ~ karen!

  12. Michele says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for this list! Did you tell David about the kindling cracker or did he tell you bout it?😉

  13. Jan in Waterdown says:

    My heart bear faster when I saw that Fire and Wine cowl neck thingie! Alas, just a tad too much $$ but it sure is putty!

    • Jan in Waterdown says:

      Ok 🙄. That would be “beat” not “bear” and “purty” not “putty”! Shoulda checked before hittin’ the send button but why start now eh?

  14. Steve Denvir says:

    New guy here. Loving the blog/site/whatever.

    Here’s a great local source for masks. (Local meaning Rockwood, ON)

    3 layer masks with separate polypropylene inserts. Apparently as effective as N95 masks.

    And literally hundreds of patterns/fabrics.

    • Karen says:

      Wow, they’re great (I haven’t even got to looking at the masks yet, just the leather goods, lol) how have I not known about them all my life?! ~ karen

  15. scott says:

    I bought an Eufy on your recommendation, I love her so I bought two. Thank you!

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