5 uses for Coffee Grounds



Coffee is one of the simple pleasures in life.  I love it so much I don’t even know how to explain it without making myself sound like someone you’d warn your children about.  I will talk about coffee, drink coffee, go to bed early just so I can wake up and drink coffee.

Sometimes I even have a little shot of coffee before I go to bed to tide me over before I can have more coffee.  I am suspicious of people who do not love coffee as much as I do.  I’m REALLY suspicious of tea drinkers.  Why stop at tea?  Why not be one of those weirdos who drinks hot water with lemon?

So it comes as no surprise that this house produces a lot of coffee grounds.  I usually throw them in the compost bin, occasionally I actually (gasp) throw them in the garbage like a regular person and other times I just roll around in them. A few months ago I realized people react weirdly if you smell of pure coffee so I thought I’d try to figure out a few other things I could do with my spent grounds.

From me to you …. 5 uses for coffee grounds.


1. Make a pincushion! (I’m getting the stupid/weird/least useful tip out of the way first)


Apparently dried, used coffee grounds make the perfect pincushion filling because they prevent the pins from getting rusty. I’ve never had a problem with rusty pins, but if you have then I’ve just saved the day for you.  And that is why I chose to include this weird little tip.

2.  Use it in the fridge to absorb smells instead of using baking soda.

This really and truly works. I’ve tried it and was amazed. Just fill a bowl with old coffee grounds and set it in the refrigerator like you would a box or bowl of baking soda.  The other added bonus is when need baking soda it’ll be in the cupboard not sitting in the fridge absorbing 2 years worth of smells.  This in turn means you won’t have to stare at the smell filled bowl of baking soda and contemplate whether you could get away with using it in your cookies.



3.  Turn pink hydrangeas blue.

Boost the blue in your hydrangeas by amending the soil with coffee grounds. A lot of sites throw this tip around. What they don’t tell you is you need to add a LOT of coffee grounds to turn the soil acidic enough to grow blue hydrangeas. So if that’s what you want, every time you make coffee, put your grounds on the hydrangea.  Crushed egg shells will help too. But if you really want to change the colour of your hydrangeas use aluminum sulphate like I show you here. 


4.  Clean your pots and pans.

Out of abrasive scrubbing pads? Coffee grounds in the pan will scrub off most messes.



5.  Exfoliate your skin.


This is easily my favourite coffee grounds use and I use it all the time. Mix up some coffee grounds with olive oil until it’s like a paste. Keep it near the sink to clean up after gardening, painting or anything else that gets your hands a mess. It’s also reportedly a great face mask. I’ve never tried it but I don’t doubt it for a second. The coffee grounds exfoliate your skin while the olive oil leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturized. I’ve always thought salt scrubs were pointless because salt extracts moisture which is the exact opposite of what you want to do for your skin. Coffee grounds also have the added bonus of making your hands smell like coffee.

But not your whole body.  That’s just weird.  Apparently.



  1. Shundra says:

    Just found your blog..love it..love your straight from the hip dialogue! Im NOT a coffee drinker…lol..but I love how it smells. Id like to add another few great tips for coffee..coffee beans to be exact. Fill a votive cup with coffee beans and add a tealight, the warmth from the tealight candle creates this fresh brewed coffee aroma! The coffee addicts will love how the tealight burns itself out..so you can enjoy while you sleep. I once had water damage in my car..coffee beans under the seat..helped a lot! Great article!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Shundra! I’m still slightly suspicious of you, but not quite as much as the others because you at least like the smell of coffee. So you get a reprieve for now. Love the candle tip. My sister does that all the time but with a HUGE pillar candle in a big vase. There’s so much coffee in there her house smells like you’re walking into roastery. ~ karen!

  2. SusanR says:

    Heather, thanks. I have looked at the Aeropress. But I don’t trust plastic for anything hot or acidic.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I worked as a barista for years. My daughter gives me a hard time about me being difficult in coffee shops. But I like good coffee! Starbucks makes so much coffee the give the used grounds away for free! I used to use them for my flowers and bald spots in my lawn. Also I mix used grounds with coconut oil as a scrub, I don’t know about the cellulite but I have really soft skin!!

  4. Mindy says:

    I like my coffee like I like my coffee. Strong and black. Clearly a key word was edited to say coffee. Did I mention coffee? Our grounds go in the compost pile. The first photo made me cringe. It’s super cute, but I immediately imagined having to clean it up. That is the single bad thing about coffee. Spilled grounds.

    • Karen says:

      And THAT is the beauty of cutting a hole in the middle of your countertop. Just wipe everything straight into it. Now I’m going to your webpage to see if your husband is black. ~ karen!

  5. Jess says:

    This is great! I’m always like “yay!” when I meet someone new and they are in fact coffee lovers♥My husband thinks that tea is for the sick and dying……I put coffee grounds on my roses, my pelargonies and some of the houseplants and they love it. Once I got myself smeared in with motor oil but with coffee and a squirt of washing up liquid it all came out! Dreamjob; working in a tea and coffee shop where one buys by the half pound♥

  6. Mike says:

    Ok, I’ve read enough of these whiners that are upset about tea. Hey, you want to drink tea, go ahead, but don’t expect me to think it’s better than coffee. It’s like drinking real, fresh squeezed orange juice or Orange Koolaid. There just ain’t no comparison. I know there is coffee and then there is just brown water, but, come on! Get off this tea is better delusion. I drink tea occasionally. OCCASIONALLY!! But it will NEVER replace coffee as my preferred drink. EVERYTHING tastes better with a good cup of Joe. The reason that some people don’t like coffee is that they have never had a good cup of coffee. They’re drinking stuff that should never even be called coffee. They have probably tried to buy the least expensive brand they could find (and SANKA is NOT coffee!) or they buy decaf instead and that is just some horrid substitute for people who want to look like they are drinking coffee. You fakers!! Grow up and drink the real stuff!! Or just go back to water. Sorry if I came on a little strong, but I had enough of the tea moaners. Besides, wasn’t this originally about want to do with coffee grounds? Who cares what to do with tea bags? I’m probably banned from the comments page now. ( hope not LOL)

  7. Nancy S in Winnipeg says:

    Coffee grounds apparently deter carrot fly which are attracted by the smell of carrots. After you seed your carrots you should sprinkle the row with coffee grounds. Coffee masks the carrot smell.
    I’ve never had carrot fly in my garden. Is it because the coffee works? Or are there no carrot flies in my neighbourhood?

  8. Catherine says:

    I believe your local Starbucks still gives away bags of used grounds for just these kinds of purposes. So even if you aren’t a coffee drinker you can still help recycle grounds. I’m an omni-drinker so I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I wonder if we can do the same things with tea leaves.

  9. Shauna says:

    So, I’m a tea drinker, but only because I’m the A-number 1 most snobby coffee drinker. Basically, unless I’m in Italy or France, the coffee is crap. There have been exceptions to this rule – like when coffee is made by honest to goodness Italians or French people with the fancy shmancy coffee maker and the good beans that have been roasted correctly.

    As for coffee grounds, I take the grounds from husband’s coffee and made a body scrub using olive and/or almond oil and a few essential oils. Rumor has it that the caffeine in them can reduce the appearance of cellulite for a short period of time, so whether that true or not, I always smell like coffee when I’m wearing a bathing suit.

  10. Karol says:

    I grew up in a household that had a percolator going all day everyday. You’d think I would drink coffee myself, but truthfully, the smell of coffee brewing or even the beans themselves is repulsive to me. I even have to hold my nose going past a Starbucks. Yeah, I know. I’m in the minority, but that’s what makes the world go ’round.
    I love tea though, but the Southern version which is iced and sweet.

  11. Bob La Bonte says:

    If you are a smoker of pipes you might try coffee grounds (dry) a mild smoke and better for you tobacco.

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Wait a minute Kelli..I thought she was talking about used coffee grounds….I think I will mix up some oil/grounds to try..need to get rid of left over dry skin from Winter…

  13. Kelli says:

    Mmmm COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE! I agree that it’s one of the world’s best…uh, BEST. Love the smell of brewing coffee…add to that some frying bacon, maybe some browning onions and some baking bread and you’ve got yourself a veritable olfactory-o-gasm. I do on occasion drink tea, even hot water with lemon, and I have a lovely teapot collection. BUT I simply cannot abide those who drink DECAF coffee! http://tinyurl.com/qaxw8wz I mean, why even bother at that point, right? Isn’t coffee ALL about the caffeine anyway? Just drink water, fer cryin out loud. Dip a brown crayon in it if you need color.

    I must admit that the price of baking soda is about 1/10th that of coffee, so cost-wise, baking soda is deffo a bargain, tho it doesn’t smell as yummy.

    But what about used coffee grounds? Do any of those ideas work well with used grounds rather than dry/semi-fresh? I thought I remember a friend telling me that used grounds were great fertilizer…

  14. Sakura S. says:

    Listen, girlie. I turned the other cheek when you exalted the “virtues” of carrot cake – a miserable fraud of a dessert if ever there was one. I could have bitten back, saying things like, “If I wanted freakin’ vegetables in my dessert, I’d eat a salad first!” or “Know why the cream cheese frosting is so critical? Because that’s the only thing that makes carrot cake even remotely palatable!”. But I love you, so I kept my mouth shut. Then with the brussel sprout hatefest. I had to delicately, nicely, try to steer you in the right direction, explaining that they need to be fresh, and that they are delicious when roasted. But TEA??? Really? Tea is everything. Tea makes anything better. I have no less than 27 teas in my cupboard right now. I have a teapot collection. It’s who I AM, girl. So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit hurt. I thought we were pals. I thought our mutual hatred of house centipedes was a bonding moment. I looked up to you and would point out the latest thing you were doing on your blog to my friends. But now, I just don’t know. I’m going to go sulk for awhile…maybe have a cup of tea…sniff…

    • JMC says:

      Haha and today’s comment thread prize goes to Sakura S.! Hope the tea was good.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I think I love you.
      I mean I like coffee occasionally but I LOVE tea. Nothing weird about it. Watch all those coffee drinkers WITHOUT coffee – weird and downright dangerous. Don’t mind carrot cake, tho’….

    • Karen says:

      Sakura S. Well now I feel bad. In fact I went to bed last night almost in tears which hasn’t happened since the fella ran away from home. But I think this may have been even more painful for me. To think … a comment that was more entertaining than my post. This did nothing to improve my opinion of tea drinkers. You’re a mean, mean bunch. ~ karen!

  15. Mary W says:

    My favorite ice cream treat is plain coffee ice-cream – no chocolate bits, syrup or nothing – just coffee. So I found a great way to enjoy my treat with the stupid little 1/2 cup whipped so called ice cream that I can have with Type 2 diabetes. Taa Daa – coffee ice cream by – 1/8 teaspoon instant coffee granules smooshed in the palm of my hand into powder then sprinkled on top of the aforementioned faux ice-cream. This is a VERY important new use for coffee for me. (When I make real coffee I, of course, use the hot brew over the stupid ice-cream but don’t make it often.) Does anyone have a recipe for making chocolate covered coffee beans? That is also a great treat that has Little to No Carbs.

    • Mary W says:

      Forgot to mention I put used grounds in a box in each drawer of my chest of drawers. Nothing smells better when opening those drawers unless I hide dark chocolate inside.

  16. ellen says:

    Coffee grounds spread under your delicious hostas will kill slugs and will not harm the birds and toads you want in your garden. Works a treat.

  17. Roxy says:

    Another great use for used coffee grounds …
    Use the grounds to fill that ugly dirt/mud rut in the grass beside the driveway created by that driver in the household who has difficulty keeping ALL the tires on the driveway. The deep coffee ground color does not fade and the grounds do not wash away – not even in rain or melting snow.

  18. Laura Bee says:

    I walk into walls without my coffee.
    All great tips & I will use each & every one. Once I get a hydrangea.

  19. Kari says:

    I just read about this tip recently. Apparently Cleopatra used it to help keep her dark locks dark & shiny?
    Might have to it this morning. Camping, sitting by the fire enjoying my cup of joe & today is shower day!

  20. Jane says:

    Coffee grounds are great to wash your hands with too. If I’ve been working in the kitchen with garlic, fish or another stinky food I will grab a small handful of grounds and mix it with my foaming soap to wash off my hands. Smells all go away! I also take a big whiff of coffee beans or grounds to clean my “sniff palette” when working with essential oils. After mixing a few oils everything starts to smell the same, one big whiff of the coffee beans and I can smell the different scents again. Lastly, instead of olive oil I use coconut oil to make a face, and body scrub. I take a small canning jar and add a few heaping tablespoons of coconut oil and then microwave them just enough to easily mix in some coffee grounds. The mixture will harden back up at room temperature and is great for scooping out in the shower. Great to exfoliate!

  21. Christie says:

    How about a use for those of us addicted to Nespresso? That’s a latte (haha) pods going to waste!!

    • Mary W says:

      Well I guess that settles it LOL. (Sewer may be completely different from septic.) Anyway, I use mine for mulch mostly and don’t put it down the drain since I use the baking soda. Maybe that is why mine have never clogged up. The one thing I never do is just throw it away in the garbage.

  22. sheila says:

    Doesn’t having the coffee grounds go down the drain clog up the plumbing eventually??

    • Mary W says:

      My father was some kind of certified sewage/chemical person and he told me coffee grounds were excellent for the drain if you use plenty of water while dumping them as they help clean it – same as the used baking soda from the fridge. He also said the WORST thing for septic tanks was extra soft toilet paper that turns to paper pulp and forms giant sludge pools..

      • Bols says:

        I remember my father never allowed dumping of coffee grounds into the sink. After reading on some other sites the claim the coffee grounds are “excellent cleaner” for the plumbing, I asked my neighbour who is a plumber. He says coffee grounds are the worst thing you can do to your plumbing.

  23. Connie says:

    I will not even date a non-coffee drinker! Right off the bat you know they’re not trustworthy and weird! They probably don’t like ice cream either.

    In restaurants, this is how I request coffee: “Is your coffee…..fresh? If so, I’ll have a cup”. (Try and say it with dramatic pauses and a fake British accent. Or real one if you happen to be British.) If the waiter/waitress hesitates or stutters, just say no thank you. The response you want is, “I’ll check, if it’s not fresh I’ll make a fresh pot”. Then say, “Very good.”

    And Karen, stay out of my head! I know you were rooting around in there and used all my thoughts about baking soda in the fridge. Or at least give me the credit!

  24. Robin Fishback says:

    Wonderfull post! I’ve not used coffee grounds and olive oil but I use coffee grounds and coconut oil and it feels wonderful after a hard day putting coffee grounds in the garden. Yeah. We drink a lot of coffee. Our Jura Capressa grinds the beans and stores the used grounds to make that part very easy of us.

  25. Nancy says:

    If you ever spill milk on the carpet of your car or have a refrigerator go out and not discovered until all meat, fish, poulry etc has rotted, coffee grounds and crushed newspapers will take out the smell.

  26. Barbara Balkin says:

    @sonja – We use the already made coffee instead of watercolor. It’s a great lesson in ‘values’. I brought a variety of empty mugs to class and they used those for reference to paint their monochromatic ‘watercolor’. My site has lots more on my blog, http://www.myartkin.com

  27. Barb says:

    My best use for coffee grounds is in the garden. Those nasty bright red lily beetles that left my asiatic lilies nothing but sad little sticks last year HATE coffee. Thisyear I heavily sprinkled coffe grounds around the lilies and almost all of the beetles went away (probably to my neighbours’ gardens) but my lilies look great. They also seems to deter the rabbits from eating my bellflowers. That is still in testing trials, but early results look good ;) I hear hair clippings will work on rabbits, but I need a source…

    • Laura Bee says:

      Wish I’d know that tip years ago. My Nana’s tiger lilies bloomed once for me. I could never keep those bugs away. Our new house has a load of lilies -not sure what kind, but I’ll try this! Thanks!

  28. Connie S. says:

    Enjoyed the tips Karen. I luv, luv, luv coffee and always start my day with it in my favourite mug of ccourse ;) and the bonus is it smells almost better than it tastes as its brewing. I’ve been dumping the grounds on the garden beds with the hydrangeas for a couple years now and they seem to like it.
    There is also a rhododendrum in there with them so i like to think it will benefit from it too. It had its first blooms a couple of weeks ago.
    I’m definitely going to try the grounds it in the fridge – always thought it was a waste of a perfectly good box of baking soda.

  29. RosieW says:

    I use grounds in the garden. The brewed grounds are NOT acidic, according to a ton of reading I’ve done. Get big bagfuls at Starbucks, spread fairly thin on the soil. If too thick, will dry with a crust that isn’t permeable. Test in your gardens: promise you’ll love the results.

    • Karen says:

      Hi RosieW. Used coffee grounds are definitely acidic, they just aren’t very acidic. And definitely not as acidic as grounds that haven’t been brewed. (By acidic that means anything below a ph of 7.) Coffee grounds are around 6. In fact, I just tested mine and that’s exactly what they came out to. And very true about the “coffee crust”, lol. ~ karen!

      • Julie says:

        Hi Karen

        What is the PH of your soil? I’ve read that in areas that get their moisture from rain the soil would be slightly acidic. This proved to be true in my area of New Brunswick. So…if I was using coffee grounds at a PH of 6, I would be making my soil LESS acidic.

        • Julie says:

          Meant to say, when I tested my soil it came in at 5.5…so a bit more acidic than coffee grounds!

      • Susan says:

        Egg shells are alkaline, so those would be for pinker hydrangea, though almost no one wants them pink, they want them blue. I hate the taste of coffee though I don’t mind the smell when it’s brewing. I’m a tea drinker, has been since I was, like seven. But I’m very particular. I like a certain China cup, evaporated milk and two teaspoons of sugar. No artificial sweeteners ever. And a mug warmer hot plate because I like my tea very, very hot to the last mouthful. And I linger over my tea with a pile of mail, catalogs or magazines. Love it!

  30. A guy says:

    My Irish mother always had a kettle on the stove, so I have been a tea drinker and obviously untrustworthy since 5 or 6. Believe me (or maybe you shouldn’t)….

    If you want to freak out people, go into a Dunkin’ Donuts and ask for a cup of tea. The whole place gets really quiet.

  31. Susannah says:

    We save our grounds in a one gal. bucket and about 3 or 4 times a year I spread them under my blueberry bushes. A grower friend gave me this tip. My blueberry bushes are happy!

  32. Mike says:

    Agree with your statements about coffee drinkers. Non-coffee drinkers definitely have a problem. And if visiting a someone who is not a coffee drinker, and they offer you a cup, never, no never, drink it. Whatever it is, it will most definitely NOT be coffee. That’s why when they bring it out, it will come with a gallon of creamer and as much sugar. (Since they don’t drink it, they always buy the “bargin” brand, and they’ve had it for about 4 years. Up in the cabinet. Behind the brown sugar) Enjoyed the post!

    • Erin says:

      So true! I’ve been offered instant coffee and (gasp!) a coffee “teabag” so I can brew my own cup.
      These homes are the ones where I always ask for tea.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. That is VERY true. I was actually served instant coffee recently by one of them. But if was coffeeish. So I drank it. ~ karen!

      • Andrea says:

        When I visit my best friend who is not a coffee drinker, we always go to Starbucks the night before and get a cup of coffee and put it in the fridge so I can have coffee! (I was unpacking a couple of boxes from storage the other day and had unearthed my espresso machine and my giant party pot. I looked at my kitchen that now had 5 coffee pots in play n sight and two more in a cabinet and thought – I am one weird-ass Mormon.)

  33. jainegayer says:

    Always try to start the day with a pot of french press Starbucks House blend. I’m really good for nothing until I have my coffee, then the grounds go in my compost bin. I’m actually getting a little nervous right now because I just remembered I needed to stop yesterday and pick up a bag in case I didn’t have enough for this morning’s coffee fix. S#/?

  34. Sally says:

    I have spied that Jura Una in your kitchen and am incredibly jealous! My current favourite roast, other than a small local place that roasts beans, is the Organica stuff you can get at costco. I always end up coming back to it!

    • Karen says:

      I love my coffee maker with all of my heart. As a second best my vote is for a small stovetop percolator. ~ karen!

  35. Tim says:

    Your local purveyor of all things bath and body just made a brand new coffee scrub this past week. Coincidence? Must be something in the water (Coffee perhaps!).

    • Karen says:

      Ha! That’d be Noelle from Art of Doing Stuff advertiser Ellenoire Tim is referring to everyone. :) ~ karen!

  36. Ann says:

    Love my one and only large cup of coffee in the morning first thing. But alas, I am quite sensitive to caffeine and can only have that one cup. And no decaf for me, as I don’t care for the process they use to make it. My fav coffee right now is the New Orleans style, half coffee, half chicory. Allows me to have a bigger cup and still keep the jitters away.

    I make my coffee with the cold brew method. And then heat up my one big cup each morning. Then the grounds go right out and under my baby evergreens. The slow speed at which they break down and acidify the soil works out perfectly.

    I would love to try the coffee/olive oil scrub. But alas, since I produce such little quantities of grounds I can’t. But sugar and olive oil work quite well and doesn’t pull moisture out of the skin the way salt does.

  37. Jacquie says:

    I hate the smell and taste of both coffee and tea – my British mum nearly disowned me when I gave tea up aged 6. Struggled on with one cup of coffee a week whilst watching the Sunday afternoon film with my mum but that went when I was about 9. Now I drink hot ribena as my hot drink but wouldn’t dream of drinking it cold! I’m such a freak when I think about it. But I can be trusted I assure you even though I hate coffee with a passion.

  38. Alexandra says:

    I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, but I did have a basic espresso maker for years (now upgraded to one of those fancy pants big ass coffee machines that do it all, thanks to my best friend who herself has upgraded to a better model!).
    I’ve always used coffee grounds to catch lingering smells in the fridge, and it works great. I also used it to fertilized my potted rose, which was absolutely thriving on it until it froze to death a few years ago. :(
    My favourite use by far for used coffee grounds is for exfoliating my whole body. I like mixing it with orange-scented shower gel, and I end up smelling like an Italian bakery. The coffee grounds are the BEST SCRUB EVER. They are effective, yet gentle, and I’m hoping they won’t kill marine animals like the little plastic bits do.

    But you have to be really really diligent when rinsing off, because the grounds like to hide in nooks and crannies where you might not enjoy them hiding, unless you are in an intimate relationship with a true coffee lover, if you catch my drift.

  39. Karen says:

    They also contain nitrogen so put some in the bottom of your paper pots for seedlings. I add some warm water to the used grounds and soak white paper to make aged looking paper. Good for Halloween signs and invitations. And fake Victorian love letters. When you have to clean fireplace ashes, first add damp grounds so the dust is less.

  40. SusanR says:

    I opened a 5 pound bag of French Roast from Costco last week and tossed the bag into the recycling bin. The next morning the kitchen smelled wonderful. So, I took some of the beans and put them into each of my house plant pots. Wow! Better than chemical air fresheners.
    Top that for weird!
    I have two coffee makers, two espresso machines, two stove top espresso makers, a French press and a Chemex coffee pot. I have yet to find an electric coffee pot that makes decent coffee. Recommendations, anyone? It has to be STRONG.
    My favorite coffees are Peet’s and Whiting’s. Do you have Peet’s in Canada?

  41. trish says:

    O.K. I feel better having read your “5 uses for coffee” post because I too will think of my morning coffee moment as I hit the hay. It is so important to me to start my morning engines running smoothly…especially after reading a study confirming caffeine to be beneficial before a workout. LOVE that !
    I may try #2 and #5 but even though I have experienced rusty pins I doubt I would make a coffee pin cushion.
    Thanks for making coffee a priority !

  42. Berry says:

    Let me second the soap suggestion. Grounds make a lovely exfoliating soap.

    You can also sniff coffee grounds in between tasting sessions of alcohol or cheeses to reset your taste buds and nose a bit.

    • Carol says:

      or you could just sniff coffee grounds in between tasting sessions of alcohol…

    • Debbie says:

      A makeup/perfume store chain leaves out small bowls of coffee beans to sniff to clear the senses between smelling perfumes. It works.

  43. Cynthia Jones says:

    We put a couple of tablespoons in the ashtray of our car, before we use it. so we can smell coffee all day.

  44. Barbara Balkin says:

    Great ideas! I’m curious about #2. I’m switching out my baking soda tomorrow. I hate having to have two boxes of it–one for fridge and one for baking. I’m just not sure you’re being serious though. ;) Oh, oh ( see me raising my hand annoyingly?). I have one more to add: painting with extra coffee. Only EXTRA though–don’t waste it! We did this a couple weeks ago in an art class I teach–should have seen the looks on their faces.

    • Sonja Donnelly says:

      How did you paint with coffee? Did you add it to the paint for texture? Or did you use it like crushed charcoal?

      • Barbara Balkin says:

        We use the already made coffee instead of watercolor. It’s a great lesson in ‘values’. I brought a variety of empty mugs to class and they used those for reference to paint their monochromatic ‘watercolor’. My site has lots more on my blog, http://www.myartkin.com

  45. Hazel says:

    I’m drinking *ahem* hot water with lemon and ginger as I read this, but only to stop myself drinking so much coffee in the morning it was making me twitchy…

    I water my blueberries with the dregs of my coffee pots to try to keep the soil acidic (all my hydrangeas are white) and Cindy Crawford was supposed to use coffee grounds to exfoliate her whole body- it’s alleged to help reduce cellulite. No idea if it does.

    • cheryl seals says:

      HAHAHA exfoliate your whole body with coffee grounds for cellulite !!! I think i shall embrace my cellulite rather then plug the drain with coffee grounds my long hair is enough of a problem as it is…SO Here we all rejoice our cellulitus !!

    • Tina Jeffrey says:

      I always have a dab of coffee left in the morning, I’ll add it to my hydrangea tips!

  46. brenda says:

    I just found out about the one where you can wash your face with it and I even brought a bit upstairs last night to do that for the first time but then I forgot to so it’s still up there … for tonight (I now need to bring up some olive oil it looks like) …

    I knew about the smell thing because I once got a really really inexpensive art studio (that used to be part of the experimental animal farms in Guelph – that smelled like horse poop) and my friend told me no problem – once someone died in an apartment his Mom owned and she got coffee and it took the smell away … he told me to just buy gallons of coffee. I built a subfloor and put all the coffee between the 2×4’s to absorb smelly-poos forever and screwed on the plywood and it worked! I was hoping it would smell like coffee but it kind of just smelled like nothing … didn’t complain.

  47. Beth says:

    I make coffee soap. And, yes, I use the soap on my entire body. So, there.

    It actually smells really good, and gets your hands soft and clean.

    • cheryl seals says:

      BETH, Cool i can see where they soap an coffee grounds would be great for a gardener..Alas my soap making skills are mute ! Decided to stop trying to make any…Do you share or sell it ??? hint hint

  48. Muff says:

    Tea drinker exclusively, but I understand the allure of coffee (I have strong bitter receptors and can’t handle either beer or coffee, sadly) and wish that it tasted like it smells.

    My husband, however, is a coffee drinker – my favourite use of coffee grounds is to rid my house of ants – sprinkle some used coffee grounds at the place where the ants enter the house (or wherever you see them emerging from) and they will take the grounds home to the ant hill and OD on caffeine. Doesn’t harm your pets or babies and it makes the house smell nice. I’m going to try your tip for freshening the fridge – I wonder if it affects the milk?

    • Debbie says:

      Muff – Wow, I think you just explained why I can only drink mild coffee and abhor beer! I love tea and have an wall of tea in the kitchen closet – literally. The back of the door is a floor to ceiling wire rack with teas from all over the world (my husband traveled extensively for work).

      Thank you – and let me know if the coffee in the fridge make the fridge smell like coffee.

      • Muff says:

        Debbie – once I realized it was an issue of bitter receptors I felt much better about not drinking coffee. I am a very boring tea drinker – my preferred tea is a plain old orange pekoe – very dull. I’ll let you know about the coffee as deodorizer thing.

      • Muff says:

        tried the coffee in the fridge trick this morning – so far, so good – it just smells fresh which is what we are looking for here. The milk in the uncovered milk jug didn’t pick up any flavour.

    • cheryl seals says:

      COOL, never heard of the ant thing will be trying this with the coffee grounds ! An as far as making your milk taste like coffee i think that’s probably better then having curds in it an Karen drinking it, see one of her posts for that issue ! hehe I also read that coffee grounds an egg shells were good for your tomato plants in the garden….

  49. Robin C. says:

    Great post! I agree with you about not quite trusting a non-coffee drinker! Love the tips too – who knew about amending soil and using to exfoliate?!

  50. maggie van sickle says:

    I guess I am a wierdo cause I like coffee especially a Timmies Latte (large please), Tea but only herbal tea and hot water and lemon. Yum. Just sayin but I agree on coffee ground uses although I have never used them for much except the trash. Maybe my house plants could use a shot of Java grounds.

    • Della says:

      Coffee is also a great accelerator for new plants that you’re trying to get started.the caffeine gives them energy just as much as it does us humans…=)

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