All the things you should do for fall but never remember to do.  A complete list of the tasks you need to do to get ready for fall.  Like replacing your weather stripping and eating pie!

The first day that I wear flannel pyjamas to bed marks the official start of fall for me. The next day the fluffy blanket for the sofa comes out, I stop shaving my legs and I start my annual thumbs exercises so in a couple of weeks I’m can quickly scroll past all the perfect-families-in-matching-plaid-picking-apples photos on Instagram.

The shadows are longer, the streets are quieter and I’m hankering for anything made with cheese and potatoes. Last year there aren’t gaggles of kids walking to school, there was just the odd child standing on the street in a mask looking forlorn.

This year things are a bit livelier.

Since I just lit a pumpkin spice candle I’m going to assume it is indeed fall.  YAY FALL!!  Every season is my favourite season when I’m at the start of it.  So hello fall … you’re my favourite.

I even like the home maintenance tasks associated with autumn like raking leaves and stacking firewood. I like them for exactly half an hour and then I want to set the leaves, the firewood and my hair on fire with a pumpkin spice candle. Getting ready for winter can be both gross and exciting so I’ve comprised a list of all the things that you should do to get ready to fall.  Both the fun and the not so fun.

Things To Do To Get Ready for Fall

  1. Clean the gutters.
  2. Wash the windows inside and out.
  3. Order Firewood.
  4. Clean Chimney
  5. Make a batch of chili.
  6. Buy spicy scented candles. Pumpkin spice, apple spice, smoky spice, you know … any of the spices.
  7. Replace or clean furnace filter.
  8. Haul out the blankets for the couch.
  9. Check foundation for places mice can get in.
  10. Lumber. Jack. Plaid.
  11. Replace beer in fridge with whiskey in liquor cabinet.
  12. Put outdoor cushions away while they’re dry.
  13. Make a list of the indoor jobs you want to get done before spring.  Like binge watching Downton Abbey.  Again.
  14. Good bye ferns, hello mums.
  15. Pull out the big, fluffy duvet.
  16. Surround every inch around your house with yard bags and watch as the leaves fall right into them.
  17. Throw away your razors. It’s hairy season.
  18. Cover up your outdoor air conditioning unit.
  19. Empty any ceramic or clay pots outside that are too large to bring indoors. If you don’t they’ll freeze and crack.
  20. Book an appointment to have your winter tires put on.
  21. Sign up for a fall class.  I’m leaning towards yodelling.
  22. Make some healthy delicious baked apples, then feed them to someone else and eat an entire pumpkin pie with whipped cream yourself.
  23. Plant your spring bulbs like tulips, crocus and daffodils.
  24. Wanna be the hit of the street for Halloween?  You’d better start figuring that shit out now. Here’s inspiration.
  25. Throw away those 3 dead plants you bought in the spring and never planted.
  26. Can, can, can.  Tomatoes, peaches, chili sauce, hot peppers, pickles.
  27. Ask an elderly or single neighbour if they need help with anything.
  28. Kids preventing you from getting stuff done?  Send them out to play and tell them not to come home until they have at least one bruise.
  29. Clean out your fridge to make room for the winter cheeses.
  30. Buy a puzzle. Or do a puzzle online – I use Jigidi.
  31. Cozy up your porch or front door.  This post (photo below) has some inspiration …
     Fall porch decorated with a huge wheat sheaf, pale peach dahlias in an antique crock and a basket of apples.
  32. Read all of the classic Charlie Brown football cartoons.
  33. Haul out the flannel pajamas that have been in hiding for 4 months and now smell like drawer.
  34. Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.
  35. Sweep, roll and store outdoor carpets.
  36. Blow out sprinkler lines.
  37. Rake, rake, rake. Curse the neighbours tree.  Rake again.
  38. Drain and store hoses
  39. Divide hostas, lilies, peonies, rhubarb and other overgrown perennials.
  40. Check and install weather stripping.
  41. Apply nematodes to lawn for grub control in October.
  42. Then relax.

All tasks guaranteed to be enjoyable for at least half an hour.

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  1. Patti Kears says:

    Thank you God….I am not the only one who has to complete # 21.

  2. Sabina Missana says:

    But I’m still waiting for summer to start!!!

  3. Mary W says:

    Your chili looks like a porn queen with softly lit background, enticing! I have always wanted to learn to yodel – we even have a plastic yodeling pickle that we play when things are really intense and we need to it break up. You missed one fall duty that we in Florida appear to have become too well practiced at doing. I’m packing everything up in plastic garbage bags to lay in the floor, putting the most valuable (to me) things in plastic in my car, collecting medical records for me and the animals, and drinking my last cup before I commence again this morning with these duties. I hope to read you again very soon but planning on no electricity for a number of days. There is no gas, water or bread, the highway through town is bumper to bumper as lower FL drives through and I’m tired already. Wishing everyone well and thanks to all the people that will be doing way beyond work at the shelters where I will be headed.

    • Noreen Mckechnie says:

      Oh no you ot the pickle in before I could. It is available on amazon, I just got the one I ordered. It is going to be a Christmas present. Karen you need to get one of these for practice help!

    • Petra says:

      Wishing all you folks in the way of extreme weather a safe exit and a quick recovery. I’m so relieved that fire season here will soon be over and we’ll be able to get on with fall chores (anything related to spark- creating power tools like chainsaws and lawn mowers which have been prohibited for months). We’ll have a brief respite and then we’ll be into storm season and all that comes with that. Otherwise it’s all Brigadoon and Shangri -la.
      And pumpkin pie….


    I love your comment about throwing away the razors!!!!!!!!!

    I also can throw away plants I bought in May/June that I didn’t plant, glad I am not the only one!

  5. Jenni says:

    Thanks. That was funny. And motivating.

  6. Julie says:

    Smells like drawer.
    I thought I was the only one who ever noticed that about the seasonal clothes change over.

    • KimS says:

      Me too! Number 33 Haul out the flannel pajamas that have been in hiding for 4 months and now smell like drawer. Cracked me up!

  7. Jenny says:

    This reminds me that I need to switch out my summery yellow wreath on the front door for my burlap and fall foliage wreath!

  8. Jenifer says:

    Also, put away hammock…only used twice this summer and start regimen of antidepressants to get through the winter.

  9. Christie Cokely says:

    Those are all so brutally true and I love them all! Happy Fall!

  10. danni says:

    Throw away razor made me laugh. My husband would beg me in the winter months to either keep my legs shaved or let it grow out and leave it alone! In my younger days I had very aggressive stubble!

  11. leisa says:

    Excellent List!

  12. Fonda says:

    Keep the bird feeders filled, even the hummingbird feeder until you finally noticed they’ve moved further south, then retire it until spring.

  13. susan says:

    Give the lawn one final cut and put gas stabilizer in both lawnmowers. The rains are finally coming and it’s still hot so the grass will need to be cut right up until Christmas. (It’s been so hot and sunny here in PEI all summer I think I only had to cut it 3 times!) Run out of gas, get more, give the lawn one final cut and put gas stabilizer in both mowers. Repeat.
    The chili is made and in the freezer but the leaves don’t seem to fall off the trees into my gutters until it’s cold enough to make it truly miserable trying to scoop them out.

  14. Sandra Lea says:

    I’m off to a good start, I’ve already completed # 26.

  15. Carrie says:

    Karen, I am shocked! A house isn’t a home unless it contains beer and whiskey! I mean who doesn’t like a whiskey chaser?? Lol 🍺🍺

    Ya know, I think I’ll throw caution to the wind and toss my razors,though i may be divorced or sleeping alone. (Another reason for the whiskey😳)

    Also great minds think alike. Yesterday I was thinking about making slow cooker pumpkin chili. Definite sign of fall! Not a fan of the season, hate the idea of saying goodbye to my pool but I live in NY so……
    Let us know how the yodeling goes! I think you’ll be great!👍👍
    Have a great weekend😀

  16. Marna says:

    Cool! I did about 10 of the things you listed! Even though in Texas it is still close to or in the 90s. At least I am not in the south where clean up is still taking place, poor Florida and islands are getting it now.

    • Karen says:

      Yikes! I’ve been thinking about my Texas readers and how many of them have been affected. And I’m constantly thinking about the Floridians. At least it seems like they’re getting a way better heads up to get OUT. :( ~ karen!

      • In FL I think we are all affected. We are staying at my husband’s office 30 ft above sea level. Pitching a tent inside for the grands. Our home is on the water. I am not motivated to clean today. I have hurricane headache. Yuck.
        I hope everyone stays safe!

      • Karen says:

        Good luck Cathleen. Know that everyone in Canada is thinking of everyone in Florida. ~ karen!

  17. MrsChrisSA says:

    Sorry to you all………………….here it is spring and I am over the moon happy she has arrived.
    I am so not a winter person – leaving home in the dark, coming home in the dark…all makes my mood dark for the winter months!!

    On the other hand, chores include lots of spring cleaning and refreshing!!!

    • Karen says:

      I think we in the Northern Hemisphere should get a do over. This spring and summer SUCKED. ~ karen!

      • Kmarie says:

        It did kind of jip us didn’t it? I feel I had a few days between winter/cold seasons. Boooo. Ok so if I broke up with Telus and had to change my email addy – do I just re subscribe on here or do I have to unsubscribe first? Also with the drawer bit- I put a fresh bounce in my seasonal and switch it out once a month… usually I end up washing them anyway as I feel itchy in old clothes and smells bother me but it’s nice to open a drawer and smell toxic bounce 😉

  18. chloe crofton says:

    …a lot of your suggestions I need to do, here are a few more I plan to do
    repair poultry pen so you don’t have to bend wire when your hands are too cold and gloves only make the job harder
    prepare or try to plan for impending branches that may fall from autumn storms by trimming those near any roof- shed, house, coop etc
    look at the garden hose every time you walk past it sprawled all over the yard and remind yourself to pack it up soon before it freezes- there will be a first time!
    make lots of plans to eat healthy this season with full meal plans, recipes and commendable ingredients in your pantry, then reward yourself with a twix or a snickers or even a kit kat for making all the lists:)
    fix car while you can, before the icy driveway will make it a circus performance to go under it I will not personally be doing this but will be watching and helping and its always worse for me as standing still being actively helpful while doing nothing gets you cold fast,
    look at the snow shovels and fix the broken ones, understand that snow will come and there is nothing you can do but cry or stay in bed, you don’t need to shovel if you asleep right?
    throw a ball in the air in slow motion then catch it while it is still warm enough outside and you can pretend it is still spring or mid summer
    try and get excited for the caffeine boost required at several intervals in the day especially in the fall winter days, even though you gave up creamer last week and you meant it
    gaze at the one of many calenders you have laying around in sheer disbelief another summer is waning and soon it will Christmas and the New Year
    attempt to get into a fall and winter mindset of being focused and an active and motivated indoor person- by doing absolutely nothing of significance all day then feeling immense guilt and rushing to get chores and errands done when it is already dark and everywhere is shut
    keep checking email for the next art of doing stuff post to give extra positive pep ups through the next forever months!

  19. Tina says:

    This is my first fall without a secondary, large freezer. I’m surviving on only the freezer attached to my fridge. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen but still not enough. But it was rainy and cold tonight so I made steak and barley soup with garlic bread. Yum!

  20. Phylicia Mann says:

    Yes I will be starting with chili and lava cake…then washing the windows and ….wait what???? I have no fireplace in my house?????first time in ten years and I JUST noticed…😩
    Ok….well I guess that strikes a few things off my list.

  21. TucsonPatty says:

    I’m just binge watching anything to stay out of the stinking heat! The kids are back in school, but it is still summer here! Yeesh. I’m just glad I’m not having to do a majot remodeling job in the tropical heat and moldy humidity of Houston or Florida! I have first world problems and I know it. Cheers to chili!

  22. Valerie says:

    Add to list:
    * re:# 9 – acquire coarse steel wool for this project or expanding insulating foam
    * take up mats at outside doorways so they aren’t solidified and frozen in place
    * watch for snow tire sales/replace worn wind shield wipers front and back
    * make blackberry jam as they are coming into season
    * if you live rurally and have lots of apple trees that attract bears take your pitching wedge out and drive the apples away from your house into the wild blue yonder
    * plant lots of bulbs/collect poppy seeds and rebroadcast these in a month for next year bloom

  23. Kate says:

    Made your Pumpkin Spice Latte mixture yesterday, I’m all ready for Fall!

  24. Robert says:

    “or single neighbour if they need help with anything.”??? Karen! 😏

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