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The 10 most common dreams and what they mean.

In the great tradition of people who bore other people by recounting  their dreams, I … am going to recount my dreams to you. Don’t worry. You’re gonna get the chance to bore everyone else, including me, later. Since I was […]

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How to store plastic bags.

I have spent the past 2 days looking at every possible way to store plastic bags on the Internet. Pinterest, for example, has about 10 really cool looking ways to store them that are linked to over and over again. […]

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Long term produce storage.
How well does it work?

  5 or 6 months ago I  stuck my hands in a patch of dirt and pulled out all of my vegetables.  Today I’m doing the same thing. Last September I wrote a post on How to store Carrots and […]

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10 Valentine gifts, ideas and affirmations.

      I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day person as I’ve mentioned here before.  BUT there are some things about Valentine’s Day that I really love.  I like red,  arrows, candy hearts, chocolate, kitschy decorations,  cinnamon hearts, vintage […]

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DIY Warming Neck Pillow.
A Dollar Store DIY

Since becoming a blogger my health has gone to crap. CRAP I say. Within months of working at a desk all day I got migraines, my shoulders became knotted like a macrame plant holder and my neck got so stiff […]

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Making a Gallery Wall

Life is full of compromises.  You want to get more sleep but don’t have the time. So you allow yourself to nod off whenever possible; during a movie, standing in line at the grocery store, in the middle of anyone talking […]

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Washing your Canada Goose (or down) Coat

One of my earliest memories, although I have no idea how old I was, is of me standing in the front hall of the house I grew up in getting bundled up to go outside on a cold winter day. Standing […]

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How to Fit twice as much into your freezer.
Organizing week continues!

    People are always asking me how I get so much done.  Part of it is because doing things is literally my job, but mainly it’s because I’m a doer.  I like to start, do and finish things.  That […]

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Throw Away 50 Things!

It is time, yet again, to grab a drawer, closet, refrigerator or medicine cabinet and start chucking stuff.  You may think we just finished the most magical season of the year, but the truth is … it has just arrived. […]

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Add Some Spring to your Winter Salad.
Grow Fresh Pea Sprouts.

I think I made a pretty good point the other day about how, even if we know better, we can make absolute pigs of ourselves over the holidays. Yeah sure, we hear the advice “Don’t overindulge. Don’t wake up in […]

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Bacon Wraps, a belly ache & The Pork Council

I told you Monday about all the new things I got over the holidays but I totally forgot about the most spectacular. This big black tongue.       You were expecting a photo of Idris Elba weren’t you? Let […]

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Christmas. What I got. What you got. Hope it wasn’t herpes.

Yes I know. Christmas is about family and friends and good food and charity and peace on earth. I understand and acknowledge that. But I love the presents. I know a lot of families cut out the presents once everyone […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.