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How to fix a broken computer/phone charger.

Here is my general routine. Wake up, make a coffee. Immediately start working (this usually beings with going through all the comments and emails that came in throughout the night.  It also gets me out of doing the dishes from dinner […]

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Baking Bread in the cob oven

Because the pizza party from a few weeks ago didn’t exactly prove to you how much fun a cob oven is, when I was making bread in it the other day I decided to video the process. And in fact today I’m […]

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Grow a Monarch Butterfly.

I saw my first Monarch butterfly of the year 2 weeks ago.  One lone Monarch butterfly. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been raising Monarch butterflies for fun.  WHO knows fun?   This girl!  The one with the calloused […]

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The Coop Cam is BACK

Like children and husbands chickens are cutest when they’re sleeping. They aren’t pecking at you, fighting, making a mess or getting on your nerves in any way. They’re just sleeping. And pooping. (husbands only do this if they  have the […]

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Then & Now.
Your DREAM car.

I remember sitting in my University cafeteria day dreaming about the money filled future ahead of me.  My friend Sam and I would talk about what we’d be, where we’d live and most importantly what car we’d drive when we […]

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The Food Issue

  There are 480 meals left in this year.  160 dinners, 160  lunches and 160 breakfasts.  That’s a lot of food to deal with.  You shop for the ingredients, make it, eat it, clean up after it, and then at […]

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Moving Day.
The chicks get sent to the big house.

I remember years ago Martha Stewart had an episode where she was cooking something with eggs.  It was her original show where she was standoffish and quite scary (the way I like her) not the newer Martha show where she […]

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Saving Lettuce Seeds

I’m so very tired.   The kind of exhausted where all day long the only thing you can think about is going back to bed and when your office is only 6 feet away from your bed it makes getting […]

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Emjoi Foot Sander
Product Review

My feet have been described by everyone around me as cartoon like. I mainly took this as a compliment and in fact strutted a little bit at the thought of it, showing off my feet every chance I got. At […]

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Just for FUN Friday

Oh hi. Fancy meeting you here. A lot of bloggers use Friday’s post to link to other things they’ve found around the Internet. Interesting, fun things. I never do that. I’m not sure why, but one of the reasons is […]

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Fun way to slice a cucumber!

It’s cucumber season! At least it is for everyone else. For me it’s currently cucumber vine season. Soon to be followed by the much anticipated cucumber season I hope. So far from the garden I’ve been picking zucchini, broccoli, lettuces […]

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Sex the chicks!
Guess the sex

Dear everyone who got here by Googling “sex” and “chicks”, a) You’re never going to meet a real girl with real boobs over Google. O.K. you might but she won’t be a quality girl. and b)  Maybe what you really […]

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Disclaimer and Stuff:

Although I have remained unscathed, I am not responsible if you hurt yourself while cleaning your gutters or trying to tame a chipmunk.